How I First Became A Piss Freak


How I First Became A Piss FreakMaybe this is not as much a story, as it is an introduction. See, I’ve been into piss play for as long as I can remember. It all began as a result of my first, being, a bed-wetter, and then having experienced piss play as in integral part of my very first initial sexual experiences, coupled too, with my first experiencing sex with a man, and then with a man and a woman together for my first two initial encounters. In other words, plain old, straight ,missionary position, suckie-fuckie-sex, just doesn’t quite do it for me. I can, but I really like multiple partners and I like it really, really, fucking wet. I do hope that it’s okay to describe things like water sports, golden showers, and piss play on here. I’ll leave of with whom and when it was. Let’s just say that I was way back when I first introduced to sex, and piss play. In other word since I also got turned onto piss play as well as piss drinking, the first time I had sex, for me….sex is just okay without piss. If you’re into piss like I am, then you know what I mean. Suffice it to say, that from way, way, back I’ve enjoyed both dick and pussy. I enjoy izmir escort sucking dick & eating pussy both, equally as much, (both at same time is the ultimate) and I absolutely love being drenched in piss and cum. Really I love all hot, wet, sucking and fucking. If it’s anything hot, nasty, kinky, & wet as fuck. I’m into it all. I love to take pussy squirt and cum both in my mouth, then have it mixed with loads and loads of hot, sweet, piss, (I’d really love to get it in my ass, haven’t done it yet), love it from either one, men or a women and I swallow. My absolute favorite though, is to have both a man and woman, piss on me and in my mouth together (simultaneously) both at the same fucking time. My dream would be to have my tongue and mouth serve as a dick & pussy pleaser while I’m also being used full service “piss-pot” for all. And at least two, maybe three, or even four….real kinky couples. That would be hot as fuck! The more the merrier! Anyway, as a result of my early introduction to both bi-sex and piss -lay, I’m convinced that it’s for this reason, that I’ve always been, kinky as fuck, a total bisexual and a piss drinking motherfucker izmir escort bayanlar my entire fucking life. And, of course since piss, piss play, and piss drinking were directly connected to my very first introduction to sexuality, it jnaturally stands to reason, doesn’t it…that I’d always associate piss with sex, as well as bi-sex and piss play. It’s become inextricably woven into my sexuality for my entire life, and it continues on right up to this day. If you really want to know all the juicy details of how I got started as a piss freak, just get in touch with me and I’ll tell all. I think too, that once I explain it, you’ll see then why it’s resulted in my becoming the (nearly insatiable) piss, cum, and squirt freak that I am today! Believe me, I really do LOVE PISS! And I am very for real, when it comes to meeting up, making play arrangements, and drinking piss. I’m for sure not just a lot of talk. I like to meet people, suck dick, eat pussy, rim a nice clean, piss-soaked ass, and drink just as much golden sweetness as I fucking can. haven’t turned anyone away yet that still had piss or cum to give. I am absolutely down izmir bayan escort with heavy cummers, multiple cummers & multi-orgasmic squirters. I also really dig plus sized people too, like big guys and especially BBW’s. Most of the people that I have played with, (a skinny guy or girl, now and then) have all been full figured and I really do prefer plus sized women and men and I am really, really, into pubic hair. Love to lick piss off of a big hairy guy,The largest number of people that I have previously had a piss-play encounter with, at one time so far, has been three people at the same time, myself, a retired couple and another guy that they knew, whom they were fucking at the time.  I met them on the old Sprinkles Pissy Personals Website  and went to meet them. It was fucking hot! I had both the husband, the wife, and their friend, all three of them together, drench me in their piss and fill me with their hot piss. Played with them a few times. That was the exception though. Mostly it’s been with single guys, single women, or two guys at once. I’m always on the search for real kinky couples though, that really like to push the boundaries. And just to put it out there….I would really like to be challenged….when it comes to finding out how much piss I can drink at one time…any takers out there that want to try and fill me up? I am just what I say, a total piss freak!

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