H’s Story Pt. 02


Kneeling before him in the room was where she was, where she wanted to be, and where she was meant to be. His smile and his voice melted her insides and given how wet she was that might just be literally true. He had been telling her about the rest of the weekend and, while some parts were a little anxiety inducing, the rest were right out of her fantasies and all those books and online stories she’d read.

He knew that most of this was pretty new to her so he assured her they’d move as slowly as she needed but there were certain expectations to be met. The most immediate was the formal dinner where she’d have to attend to him. He told her that no one expected perfection from them since they were all just starting out and that he could already tell she’d do very well. But SHE expected perfection from herself and was determined to be perfect… for him. She glanced down a bit when he started describing the dinner and he stopped.

“What’s wrong, my little sweet one? You may speak freely.”

“It’s just… in front of all those people… I know there was the auction but…” she felt flustered and silly now.

“But you were blindfolded then. I know, my little sweet one. And we’ll work up to it. I’ve asked a friend to visit us for lunch so you can get a bit more comfortable with it. How does that sound, my little sweet one?”

Was he really asking? Like her opinion mattered? His face said it did which made her blush. All she could manage was a quick nod and averting her eyes downward.

“Excellent. Let’s have some fun before they get here then.”

He reached forward and touched her directly between her legs and she almost jumped. It wasn’t forceful or frightening but it did remind her that she was his to do with as he pleased… all of her.

“Hmmm, you seem to have started without me, my little sweet one.”

She blushed furiously and kept her head down to hide her smile.

He walked over to the dresser and retrieved something, several somethings from the sound of it.

“Arms out, my little sweet one.”

She held out her arms and he fastened a cuff on each. The inside was soft suede and the outside was very expensive looking leather and chrome. Once he was finished with her wrists he fastened matching cuffs on her ankles, waist, and thighs. Then he crouched in front of her with another matching suede and leather piece in his hand and lifted her chin with his finger.

“Now, my little sweet one, I’m going to put a collar on you. I don’t want you to confuse this with me collaring you. The purpose of this is to make it easier to keep you in certain positions. The purpose of the other is to show my possession of you in a very formal and public sense. It is far too early for either of us to even be thinking about that type of collar. Do you understand, my little sweet one?”

She nodded, relieved and thankful that he explained this to her. She had done enough research to know what collars could mean and if he’d just put one on her, she’d probably have been pretty freaked out. Still she almost smiled as he fastened it around her neck, sliding a finger between it and her throat to make sure that it wasn’t too tight.

“I’d like you to see how you look all cuffed up, my little sweet one. Please go to the mirror.”

She crawled to the mirror and looked at herself. The contrast of the dark leather against her pale skin was striking and, well, damned sexy if she was willing to admit it to herself. He called some of the positions to her and she kept looking at herself in the mirror, checking to make sure she was doing them exactly as he had instructed earlier.

“Very good, my little sweet one. Now, up on the bed with you.”

She crawled to the bed and climbed up on it, staying on her hands and knees. He brought some short straps with him and used them to attach her wrists to her ankles, putting her face down on the mattress with her, as he called it, “cute little bottom” sticking up in the air. It was a little embarrassing but that just made it more exciting to her. He caressed and stroked her skin and slipped his hand between her legs for a while in silence and then, quite suddenly, slapped her “cute little bottom” quite hard making her yelp.

He chuckled.

“That was so adorable, let’s see if we can’t make you do that again.”

He spanked her again and, though she tried to keep quiet, she yelped again. He kept at it, obviously very amused with himself when he made her flinch or cry out. She was concentrating so hard on staying still and quiet that it was a while before she realized how hot and sore her ass (in this condition, that’s the name it deserved) had become and, somewhat to her surprise, how much she enjoyed it.

The same, however, could not be said for the wooden paddle or the cane he used on her next. Those HURT. And he made it more difficult for her to keep quiet when he had her count the strokes and thank him after every ten. Still, he did check in with her often, making sure she was still present and remembered her safe words. görükle escort This, and the frequent gentle touches and stroking between her legs made the pain easy to deal with.

“I’m very proud of you, my little sweet one. You took that so well,” he said as he rubbed cool lotion on her reddened flesh. She sighed a very contented sigh both from the lotion and the compliment. He moved the straps from her ankles to the back of her waist and she heard him undoing his pants and felt him climb on the bed behind her.

Thank God, she thought, she had been so wet for so long that it was starting to drip down her thighs. Finally, she’d get some relief. He moved behind her and slid his thick, hard cock between her legs and… no, no, please. He was just sliding it back and forth outside her, slowly, teasing her terribly. She felt so desperate and frustrated that she let out a pathetic little whimper which he, of course, heard.

“You have something to say, my little sweet one?” he asked, continuing the slow motion tormenting.

All she could do was moan and pant in response.

“Feel free to beg, my little sweet one. In fact, I insist that you do.” And he slapped her sore ass one time to emphasize the command.

“Please Sir, please, please, please. I need it. I want it. Sooooo much.”

“What is it that you want so very badly, my little sweet one?”

“I want you to fuck me, Sir. Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard.”

“Oh, you can be more descriptive than that, my little sweet one. Fuck is such a simple and generic word.”

Was he kidding? Her mind could barely put together a sentence at this point and he wanted poetry? But it was clear he wouldn’t give her what she wanted unless he got what he wanted.

“P-p-please Sir. Please, I need your cock in my pussy. I need you to shove it deep inside me. I want sliding in and out of me hard and fast. Please, Sir. Please, please, pleeeeeeaaaassssse!”

“As you wish, my little sweet one.”

He grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her drenched pussy far too slowly but God it felt so good. Once he had filled her completely and his hips pressed against her sore bottom, she heard him moan and he began pumping into her hard and fast, driving her into the mattress with every thrust.

Soon she felt it building inside her. She knew she had to control it and she fought it… oh how she fought it. She gritted her teeth and tried to breathe slowly but it was no use. She’d have to beg again.

“Please Sir. Please. May I please cum, Sir.”

And he stopped.


No movement.

His hard cock still buried inside her. How could he do that? Just stop, right in the middle of fucking her. The only movement was his cock throbbing inside her. She moaned, much more loudly than she intended.

“You must learn control, my little sweet one. Do you understand?”

She moaned again, so very in need she thought she’d pass out.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, what, my little sweet one?”

Was he kidding her again? Rational though again… now!?! She breathed deeply twice, pushing the need down deep inside herself.

“Yes, Sir. I must learn control.”

His voice was so calm, so steady. He wasn’t even breathing hard.

“And what does that mean right now, my little sweet one?”

“That I must not cum, Sir.”

“Until what, my little sweet one?”

“Until you tell me to, Sir.”

“Are you ready to continue then, my little sweet one?”

Was she? Not quite. She needed more time. Would he grant it to her?

“May I have a few moments, Sir?”

“You may, my little sweet one. This time.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

OK, now what? Think of something else. Yeah right. Something other than the thick, hard, throbbing cock filling her so completely right now. Something other than being naked and strapped up in cuffs and helpless. She had to try something though. She tried the alphabet backwards and counting backwards in French from twenty and finally got herself in control.

“I’m ready, Sir.”

“Good girl, my little sweet one.”

His hands gripped her hips more tightly and started moving in tiny little thrusts, pushing his hips into her in a moderate rhythm. She knew he was being kind to her, that if he had just started back up as he had been when he stopped, she’d have lost control immediately. She would fight it, fight the desire, fight the need. He sped up a little, increasing the force with the speed. She distracted herself with anything she could think of: grocery lists, multiplication tables, verb conjugations. He sped up again. God, she couldn’t do this but she must. She balled her hands into fists and squeezed her eyes shut as she concentrated on everything but the cock inside of her. Finally, he spoke.

“Ask for it, my little sweet one… Beg for it.”

Words poured out of her in a torrent of pleadings and promises as her insides clutched trying to keep from happening what she was begging for with everything she had.

“Cum for me, görükle escort bayan my little sweet one. Cum for me now.”

She felt the words more than heard them and she let go. She released every tension she’d ever had and let the sensations flood through her. Over and over again, wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her from her toes to her finger tips to every strand of hair on her head.

When she was conscious again, she was panting heavily and her throat was so raw she must have screamed her head off. She was lying on her side with him as close to her as humanly possible, holding her to him with his arm around her middle. He was breathing slowly and calmly against her and the steady movement of his chest helped her find herself again. When her own breathing matched his, he spoke softly into her ear.

“I’m so very proud of you, my little sweet one. You deserve a reward.”

He rearranged her cuffs so she was spread open on the bed, as exposed and helpless as she could possibly be. He let his fingers trail up from her knee to her chin in a long slow line of gentle but deliberate sensation.

“You may cum at will, my little sweet one. This is a reward. This is for your pleasure. I have one question though. Gentle or rough, my little sweet one? Hmmmm? Your choice… this time.”

There was no question in her mind. She wanted him to take her. Make her feel like something to be used without regard to herself. Rough didn’t even begin to describe what she wanted. There was no question in her mind but could her voice say the word? He knew she was OK with it. They had discussed it but could she admit it out loud. She took a deep breath, then another, then another. Finally…

“Rough, Sir. Please, use me, Sir.”

“At your request, my little sweet one.”

And he plunged his fingers inside her dripping pussy in one thrust up to his knuckles. She cried out in shock and, oh God, in pleasure. As he fucked her with his hand, fucked her mercilessly and relentlessly, he leaned down and bit her nipples, one after the other, harder each time. Her head thrashed back and forth and she moaned and groaned and cried out over and over again and then she felt his hand on her throat. She gasped. This, this was what she craved for so long. The hand on her throat had just reached into her deepest, most hidden place and pulled her most frightening desires out and thrust them into her conscious mind.

“Yes. Oh God yes,” she cried out.

His grip tightened, just a little. She felt controlled and threatened and right at the very edge of panic but not the least bit in real danger. And as every single part of her mind and body sung in ecstasy, his thumb stroked her clit and his teeth closed a little harder and his hand on her throat shifted and she went tumbling over the edge, falling into nothingness as her insides tensed and released in a rolling cycle beyond her imagining.

And again, she came back to the present panting with her mind reeling with him lying against her, this time with his finger gently pushing her hair back off her forehead over and over again. She tried to speak, to thank him but when she opened her mouth, he pushed his fingers into it and she tasted herself on them and, almost instinctively, she hungrily sucked them clean because, somehow, she knew that’s what he wanted. He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear as he sat up.

“You’re welcome, my little sweet one.”

He released her from the cuffs and instructed her to go and clean herself up and come right back mentioning that his friend and her selection from the auction would be here soon.

When she got back he had straightened the room almost to the way it would be right after the maid had visited except, of course, for the collection of kinky toys laid out on the dresser. She knelt beside him, more comfortable now with her nudity than she had ever thought she could be, in front of him anyway. How would she feel when his friend arrived? And there was a knock at the door. Of course. She’d have no time to contemplate that question.

He motioned for her to stay where she was and went to the door. She didn’t know if she was allowed to look so she tried to steal a sideways glance. His friend was a woman, a gorgeous woman with hair like something out of a soap opera and a curvaceous body that she clearly had no issues showing off. She immediately felt small and inadequate and unattractive and, frankly, insanely jealous. She was so fixated on her that she almost forgot to look at her “purchase”. He was a small, thin but muscular young man, naked except for a collar attached to a leash. His eyes caught her looking and she realized, after her she brought her eyes back front that he blushed too at the probable violation of protocol.

He returned to his chair beside her and the woman sat opposite him with the naked young man kneeling directly across from her. God it was hard not to look.

“Mistress Veronica, this is my little sweet one.”

He lifted her chin with his finger bursa escort and she looked into the woman’s eyes and couldn’t breathe or look away. The woman looked into her eyes, no, right through her eyes into her mind, she was sure.

“So very pleased to meet you. This is my precious little slut.”

They stole a glance at one another as their gazes returned to the floor. Ok, so she checked on the way down. Yes, he was… excited and there was a leather strap around both his cock and his balls.

“You look very pleased, Master Gary. I guess it was worth incurring the wrath of that blow hard Diamante then?”

He laughed in response.

“It had nothing to do with him. I knew when she stepped from behind the curtain that she was mine and you know how stubborn I am.”

“Well, it will make for an interesting dinner whatever the reason.”

She was still trying to figure out what they meant when there was a knock at the door and he got up to answer. She heard him thank the waiter and instruct him to leave the tray in the hallway. When he returned, she saw him get something white out of a drawer. It was a… tablecloth? Who brings a tablecloth to a hotel? She watched as he and the woman put it over the small round table the two of them were sitting at and sit back down.

“Well,” she said, “which one is getting the tray?”

She tensed. What if someone “else” was in the hallway? Someone who wasn’t part of their group. She felt his hand on her shoulder. It was a gentle and reassuring touch.

“I’m not sure she’s ready for that,” he said with a smile.

“Well, that’s fine. I think he likes it anyway,” the woman said with a broader one. She uncuffed his hands from behind him.

“Fetch the tray, my precious little slut. You may walk when carrying it. Place it on the dresser.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said (she could hear the capital letter) and crawled to the door.

The other slave did as instructed and then returned to his position where she put the cuffs back on him in front. Sir put a set of cuffs on her fastened in front as well.

For the next hour, the two of them instructed her and the “precious little slut” in serving protocol and etiquette. He reassured her that this was training and they expected mistakes and slips. They set the places, served the food (apparently, the whole “serve from the left, remove from the right” is actually incorrect in most cases), poured the drinks, and were fed from their plates… all while kneeling and cuffed. It was difficult and frustrating but she really did try her best to be as close to perfect as she could. The other slave clearly did as well. There were slight corrections and lots of praise.

When the dessert was finished (a luscious sour cream coffee cake, apparently, a specialty of the hotel), the Mistress and her slave made their exit just as a package was delivered to the door. He kept the door partially closed so the person delivering it couldn’t see her easily but the other slave just shuffled out naked, cuffed, and on his knees without hesitation. Maybe he did like it.

He came back and opened the package and laid out a lovely lingerie outfit all in white lace: a bustier, garter belt, panties, and stockings. It was beautiful and delicate and completely unexpected.

“Well, the concierge did a fine job, I think. I’d like you to put this on, my little sweet one. I think it will be more appropriate for you to be dressed for what I have planned next.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, as he removed the cuffs. She was still a little nervous getting dressed in front of him and she fumbled with the garters as they were unfamiliar. He offered to help and, of course, he attached them quickly and smoothly. Then he stepped back and asked her to turn around for him.

“Mmmm, you are impressively beautiful clothed as well, my little sweet one.”

She blushed furiously, likely even more noticeable in all white as she was. He went to the dresser and pulled out two white boxes and set them on the bed. He asked her to please open them with a devilish smile on his face. She pulled off the tops and found inside one a beautiful flogger in dark shades of soft leather and, inside the other, a wooden paddle which looked to be made from some exotic wood. She so wanted to touch them, to feel the stark difference between two things intended for, essentially, the same purpose.

She looked over to ask if she could and saw him taking off his clothes… all of his clothes. She was, to say the least, confused. He, of course, saw this and smiled.

“Aren’t they beautiful? They ought to be for what I paid. I’m afraid that I’m a bit of a toy whore. You should see my collection at home. These are new, obviously, and I never use anything on anyone that I haven’t had used on myself so, you’re going to help me do that, my little sweet one. If that’s OK?”

She was a bit taken aback. But looking at him naked and at herself in this outfit and at the implements on the bed, she was actually very interested in doing just that. She smiled and nodded her head, blushing a little.

“Excellent, you mentioned you had a little experience in the dominant role but that you prefer the submissive so I’m not sure how much help you’ll need but I’ll give you as much as you ask for. OK, my little sweet one?”

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