Hungry Cockwhore

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Author’s Note: A special thanks goes to mysterydrink for helping with inspiration and destination, as well as guinne for providing feedback and editing.


She ran her hands along the hard panes of his chest, her fingers dancing over the surface, her tongue following their trail. She couldn’t help but nibble as she made her way down, closing her teeth playfully over the flesh. She heard his quick intake of breath and smiled as she continued her way down, finally kneeling before him. She traced her fingers over the skin above his boxers before taking a deep breath and pulling them down as he stepped out. His cock never failed to make her mouth water. Just the sight of it made her flush, a sudden reminder of all the things he could make her feel with its touch. She reached for him, gripping his cock, her tiny hand not quite able to wrap around it, her other hand reaching back to cup his balls, fondling them gently. She leaned in and flicked her tongue slowly over the tip, smiling at the precum that had gathered there, the taste reminding her of how much she loved taking him in.

She looked up at him, wide eyed, lips slightly parted. She watched him smirk, one corner of his lip lifting slightly, his green eyes dancing with delightful mischief. He leaned down, his feather light touch moving slowly up her back bone, taking her by surprise when it suddenly became firm, entwining his fingers in her hair and forcing her head back. “I like you in this position, Selena. I like it very much. Seeing your hands and your tongue on my cock, your eyes so wide staring up at me as I take you in…you should be on your knees more often.”

She grinned up at him, moving to his balls, suckling them each gently before flicking her tongue along the underside of it, settling at the tip and sucking gently. Selena knew he wouldn’t give her long before taking control of the situation and she loved having this time to just explore him and enjoy the sensations. She slowly took a bit more of his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head a bit to encourage it a bit deeper. She watched his eyes flutter shut, his jawline tensing as his hand tightened in her hair, beginning to meet her gently with his thrusts. helping her. She felt such a sense of accomplishment as she heard him groan in pleasure…she loved making him feel this way. She knew she didn’t have much time before Escort bayan he took over completely. She focused on softening her mouth, using her tongue to create as much sensation as possible without getting in the way of his thrusts. She worked to relax, to open, waiting so eagerly.

“Fuck…you’re such a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” he growled as he reached down to caress her cheek, his other hand tightening in her hair. “Let’s see just how much you can handle, shall we?” Without further ceremony, his cock about halfway between her lips, he thrust deep. She felt his cock hit the back of her throat and she started to gag, her eyes instantly beginning to tear. She ignored it, placing her hands on the back of his ass, using the additional leverage to encourage him to push harder, pleading him with her eyes to give it all to her.

A curl of satisfaction crossed his lips as he nodded and tightened his grip once more, shoving his cock deep into her throat, feeling it spasm and convulse around his cock. Without giving her time to recover, he began fucking her face, thick ropes of saliva running down her chin and spilling onto her large breasts, her tears spilling from her eyes and mixing with her mascara to paint dark patterns along her cheeks. She could hear him moaning and panting with exertion, but her own grunts and gurgles were more prevalent in her ears. She felt a surge of wetness in her pussy, her panties quickly soaking up the fluid. She could focus on nothing but softening her mouth, accepting all he was offering her, keeping her teeth out of the way. Her body hummed with desire as his brutal fucking of her face continued.

“You like this, don’t you Selena? You’re a little cock hungry slut. You love being a tight wet little hole for me, don’t you?” His voice was a growl with a hint of a man who has clearly conquered. She opened and closed her hands, trying desperately not to push him away, choosing his cock over comfort, over breath. She tried desperately to tell him that yes, she loved it. She nodded over his cock and tried to answer, but all that came out was muffled wet garble. His hands travelled to her throat, massaging it gently, enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding before reaching down and cupping her breasts, flicking his thumbs over the nipples. She cried out in ecstasy, not fully realizing her arousal could Bayan Escort increase so much with such a simple added touch.

He began squeezing, massaging, and finally slapping her tits repeatedly, pinching and pulling . at her nipples. She felt herself widen her legs, her pussy desperate for touch. He continued pounding her face, finally burying the entire length of his cock down her throat, crying out in triumph as his balls settled on her chin, her nose pressed against him, forehead against his abs. Her airway was blocked completely and she felt herself gagging, her body begging for air, but she was desperate to hold here, to keep his cock buried deep. She felt her eyes beginning to roll back, her lungs now aching with desperation for oxygen. He took pity on her and pulled his cock free, smiling down at her as he watched her gulp in large breaths. Her eyes never left his cock and she leaned toward it even as she continued to take in oxygen. She leaned in and nuzzled it, aching to be close even though she wasn’t yet ready to give up the air she was breathing.

He grinned down at her and lightly slapped his cock against her cheeks several times, the wet sound of the impact making her once again desperate. “Thank you for your cock…thank you…I fucking love this cock” she moaned as she continued to rub her face on his cock, worshipping it happily.

“And you’re such a good little whore, how well you love my cock” he paused and delivered a final, firm slap across her cheek “…but don’t you think that your pretty little mouth could be doing something more productive than speaking?”

She nodded eagerly up at him, taking one final breath before opening her mouth to accept his cock inside, working it as deeply as she could, bobbing up and down, loud wet gurgles the evidence of her efforts to force it deep.

He groaned, his cock throbbing in her throat as she worked up and down its length, letting her mouth fuck it at will, simply thrusting his hips rhythmically to give her more momentum. His greedy hands moved down to her tits, squeezing them hard as he traced his thumbs over the hardened pink nipples. “Fuck…” he groaned, his tone making it evident that his control was fading fast.

The sound encouraged her and she redoubled her efforts, softening her mouth, staying out of the way of his thrusting cock, using the Escort momentum to work him deeper with each thrust. She pressed him deeper, finally feeling his balls against her chin once again, her throat again convulsing, her body already making its need for oxygen apparent. Her body was on fire from the torturous teasing of her nipples. She finally pulled off, gasping several deep breaths before pushing right back onto his cock and shoving it deep on the first thrust, holding, determined.

She looked up to him-he was grinning despite the moans, pleasure contorting his face, the pride at how well she swallowed his cock was evident. His hands returned to her hair and he started to fuck her deep, firm, and insistent. Each thrust started with his cock between her soft pink lips and ends with her nose slammed against his hard stomach. “Oh fuck…fuck” he moaned, pulling out. She gasped for air as he removed his cock, but felt empty and desperate without it. Taking his cock in his hand and aiming it at her mouth, he stroked feverishly, spit spraying from his cock all over her face. She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the head, encouraging the cum, begging him, staring up with wide eyes smudged dark with makeup and tears. “Please…please give it to me” she begged “I need your cum.”

His head fell back, every muscle tensing in turn as waves of pleasure surged through his body. He edged on the precipice of orgasm for what seemed an eternity. She gently flicked her tongue over his head, suckled it, continued begging in desperation. His eyes finally returned to hers and he exploded, large streams of hot cum shooting from his cock. She was almost fast enough to react and take it in her mouth, but much ended up on her lips and cheeks, one thick string falling from her chin to her breasts. She kept her eyes wide, struggling to swallow all that he offered, staring up at him and smiling, breathing heavily, thanking him.

He smiled widely, gasping in post orgasmic exhaustion. He gave her a moment of tenderness, reaching and caressing her cheek, his eyes softening as he stroked her. “You’re such a perfect little cock whore. Built to service my cock.” She smiled up at him and turned her head into his touch, closing her eyes as she accepted his praise. “Now, it’s your turn to find out just how well my cock can pleasure you.” He tightened his grip on her neck as he encouraged her to his feet. She rose, unsteady, still in a state of bliss and desperation. His hands slid around her hips and he lifted her off the ground, flinging her over his shoulder and carrying her to the bed to prove his words to her.

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