I am


I am a slut.

Inside I’ve always known there is nowhere I would rather be than on my knees sucking cock and doing what he tells me. I also know how lucky I am when he allows me to be tied as its one of my favorite things!

Today is my lucky day….

I have painstakingly prepared myself the way he prefers, ensuring all of the little details are completed. All items he could possibly want laid out for him to inspect and use as he sees fit. Once those tasks are complete I tend to my body. I clean and shave everywhere that needs to be. I oil my skin just enough to make it soft yet not enough to make me slippery. Once my preparation is complete I slip to my knees with anticipation, clasp my hands behind my neck, extend my elbows out wide and cast my eyes down. A quiver of lust shakes my body as I settle myself. I feel his presence in the room long before he utters a word. I know if I were to glance up to look I would get something that would make me miserable instead of the exquisite pleasure I’ve been told is coming. I manage to control my urge as my desire to obey his wishes is great, and my need to know what bebek escort happens next about on par with it.

He speaks softly, yet his voice is strong, “Are you ready, my pet?”

“Yes Master, I am ready.”

“Well, my pet, let me see how well you got everything ready.” I wait, anticipating him finding something wrong or not up to par. “It would appear that you have done well my pet. It seems you will indeed get your little treat.”

As he steps in front of me I try to prepare myself as I am loath to give up full control. It is something I struggle with something he has been more than happy to assist me in losing.

It is then that I realize he is getting ready to place a blindfold on me…relax…breath…

“Are you ok, my pet? You seem a bit jumpy.”

“Yes Master, I am just unsettled by the blindfold.”

“Aww” he growls out, “My sweet little slut, you just wait for what I have in store for you.”

Mmm, that change in tone, deeper, stronger, more commanding voice coming out…I feel my cunt clench and begin to swell as the juices begin to mecidiyeköy escort flow.

“Open your mouth, slut.”

I don’t even opt to say, “Yes Master”. The tone used indicates that would displease and be seen as a delay. A delay he would not like. I feel him place the gag in my mouth then ensure I can’t move or displace it as he tightens the leather straps up. I can’t see or talk, a woman’s worst nightmare…my greatest desire. Just this little bit has me so excited. I hear your comments about it. I feel your hand tighten on my collar.

“When I jerk, you better stand.”

I mutter, “Yes Master,” into the gag.

You chuckle, “Oh my pet, it’s so tight I can’t hear my favorite words come out of your mouth.”

“How will you beg me to cum?”

“How will you ask for permission to let my cunt release its sweet nectar?”

“Poor, sweet pet, what were you thinking by asking for this?”

I moan against the gag, half protesting, knowing how bad I want this to happen. He knows it’s just for show as I begged for it, pleaded, and he consented. I will get it and then some.

I florya escort feel his hand tighten at my collar anticipating his command I spring to my feet.

“Feeling a bit anxious slut? I could make you sit here long anticipating…but I don’t think you would behave…you’re going to need your hands for this part.”

I move my hands in front and feel the side of the wood surface…oh how I’ve waited to be attached to this table he constructed!

First, waiting for the leather gear to arrive. Second, locating and purchasing the correct lumber he wanted. Smiling, thinking of while I watched him sweat and toil, building something that I knew I would be strapped to it for his pleasure. It makes this even better as tonight is about pleasure alright, torturous pleasure!

I feel the hardness of the sides and the soft padded covered top just enough to protect my knees or back whichever end may be down or up. I step up and climb on as I feel him tug my leash I scoot closer to the edge.

“A little more, pet, I must connect your collar to this lovely chin rest…”

I don’t recall what you’re talking about as there has never been one on this…yet I feel the D-ring clip my neck to the padded rest sitting at the perfect height.

Again, I try to mumble against the gag, “Thank you Master” only to hear him chuckle an evil laugh…”You won’t be thanking me soon, My pet.”

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