I Call on Kimiko


Kimiko was born and raised in Japan but when she was a young woman she married an equally young member of the United States Air Force. He was the first person to eat her pussy and hers was the first pussy he ever ate. They both enjoyed the experience so much they got married right afterward. After he came back stateside and was discharged, he realized that there is more to marriage than eating pussy, and he dumped his bride in favor of an old high school sweetheart. She went to work for an importer and lives in a nice apartment in town.

Kimiko met me at the door wearing a Japanese style kimono as she always does when I come to call. I removed my shoes at the door and hugged her and kissed her. Then I undid the sash at the front of the kimono. I reached my hands under her garment and caressed the soft skin of her hips and ass, while kissing her some more. As I had expected, she was naked under the kimono. We strolled to her bedroom and she dropped the garment to the floor. I quickly removed my clothing and we climbed naked into bed. Kimoko has a really beautiful face with long black hair and a slender figure. She has small but perfectly formed breasts. She is sometimes concerned that she is not as bosomy as most American women but I tell her that this is foolish because quality is more important than quantity. Besides the perfect shape, the large, very sensitive dark brown nipples more than make up for any lack of size.

I began licking those delectable nipples and Kimiko smiled in pleasure. With either of my hands gently holding one of her small, perfect globes, I alternated licking her beautiful nipples. She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and started breathing through her mouth. Her breathing became harder and faster as I clamped my lips around one pleasure globe and traced her areola and caressed her nipple with my tongue. After a few minutes of concentrating on one of Kimiko’s splendid titties I switched to the other, and repeated the sucking and licking. I switched back and forth, enjoying every minute my lips and tongue were in contact with her beautiful mounds. Kimiko was enjoying it too. Her pussy was writhing; I could smell the fresh lubricating juices and I could hear her breathing hard through her teeth. Much as we both enjoyed pleasuring ourselves with her succulent mammaries and my mouth, we enjoyed it even more when I ate her lovely pussy. Kimiko pushed me gently in that direction, and I put up no resistance.

I slid a pillow under her slender hips so her pussy was presented perfectly to my mouth for our mutual pleasure. Kimiko’s legs were over my shoulders and I wrapped my arms around her slender thighs, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and feasted on the delicious nectar that had been collecting in her adorable love hole. After my taste buds had enjoyed every drop, I looked up at Kimiko’s face. Her eyes were rolled back, she was breathing hard through her mouth and her arms were sprawled at her side. She was totally loving what my mouth was doing to her pussy.

I was totally loving it also. I began nibbling with my lips on one of her outer labia. My tongue was tracing the edge of her love hole, partly to catch any stray juices that had escaped me before but mostly because Kimiko’s pussy has so many sweet spots that I was almost certain to hit some of them. I continued to nibble, stopping short of her clit then I moved my attentions to the other side of her pussy. Again I planted nibbly butterfly kisses on the outer lip and traced her love hole with my tongue. I nibbled and kissed my way up her outer lip but stopped short of her clit again. Kimiko’s thigh muscles were jerking spasmodically, thrusting her delectable pussy into my face and I knew she was on the verge of cumming. This was rather quick and I thought she must be unusually horny.

I moved my mouth back to the pair of lips where I had started and this time I concentrated on her inner lip. I caressed it with my tongue, not forgetting to harvest the nectar that was flowing freely. Kimiko is one of the few women I know who can cum without direct stimulation of her clit, and she started cumming now. I held on tightly to her thighs, plastered my mouth against her love hole and thrust my tongue in as far as it would go. Her thighs squeezed my head and her hands pressed my face against her pussy, which was where it wanted to be anyhow. I savored the taste of Kimiko’s fresh cum juices, one of the most delicious treats I have ever had the pleasure of swallowing. Kimiko climaxed with a strong squeeze of her shapely thighs, Bostancı Grup Escort and a last strong push on the back of my head, then sank back into the mattress, while I licked up all the juices that were left.

Kimiko loves having her pussy eaten so much that she wanted me to visit her and eat her out twice a week. I told her I had other commitments but that on those times when I did come over, I would eat her pussy at least three times and that is what I do. Sometimes when she is really horny I eat her pussy as many as five times, and she cums every time. I don’t mind spending hours with my head between her legs. There are very few things in life that are as pleasurable as eating Kimiko’s delightful pussy and feasting on her juices.

When she was ready for the next session, Kimiko got on her hands and knees on the bed and I approached her from behind, as if to eat her pussy doggy style. I don’t really like this position because I can’t take her clit in my mouth and I have only limited access to her love hole but there are some advantages. I thoroughly licked Kimiko’s crotch, being careful not to get too close to her cute rosebud. Some time I would like to give her a good licking there but so far she has not allowed it. I applied my tongue vigorously to the bottom rim of her love hole and the lower part of her pussy lips. I could hear Kimiko breathing hard already so I turned over onto my back and slid under her pussy. My head was resting on the pillow that I had set in place earlier. I like this position because it is very restful for me because Kimiko moves her pussy around so I have to lick and suck where she wants me to lick and suck.

This time she wanted me to concentrate on her love hole. She sat on my face so her pussy was tight against my mouth. I put my hands on her thighs because I would be able to tell when she was starting to cum by the flexing of her muscles. With my tongue I separated her pussy lips and then I pushed my tongue as far as I could into the place where she wanted it to be. Kimiko gave a squeal of delight and began bouncing up and down, fucking herself on my face. I thrust my tongue deep into her love hole, curling the tip toward the upper edge so I could massage the underside of her clit with both the instroke and the outstroke. Kimiko was moaning with pleasure and her pussy juices were flooding down into my mouth, a treat for my taste buds.

My ears were partially blocked by Kimiko’s thighs so I couldn’t hear her breathing but I could tell from her thigh muscles when she was just starting to cum. She pressed her pussy tightly against my mouth and ceased bouncing. Instead, she was rocking back and forth, keeping as much contact with me as possible. I continued darting my tongue in and out, massaging the underside of her clit at every stroke. I could taste Kimiko’s cum juices, which are the best of all, especially when they are fresh from the source. I knew that she would continue the rocking motion until she climaxed, so I continued with my tongue action and kept my hands on her thighs. The fact that she had cum so quickly the first time and again the second time, both times without any direct contact with her sensitive clit, meant that Kimiko was really horny. I would probably eat her pussy five times before we were through. I rejoiced at the thought.

With a last jerk of her thigh muscles, Kimiko climaxed and sprawled forward. My tongue was pulled from its very pleasant home in her love hole and her clit was now in my mouth. I took advantage of the opportunity and clamped my lips around that adorable little love button. I wanted to start eating her pussy again immediately, with no time to rest. As much as she loved having me eat her pussy, I didn’t think Kimiko would object. I held her adorable clit tightly, using my lips only. I sucked gently while my tongue wrestled with the man in the boat. I could already hear Kimiko breathing through her teeth, and her breathing was getting faster. I did not want her to cum as fast this time as she had the first two times, so I decided to move my mouth around a little. Her clit was one of the nicest things I had ever had in my mouth and it would be back there in a little while, but I thought that some variety was in order.

My hands were holding to Kimiko’s hips, more to steady her than anything else. She could still control where I licked and sucked if she wanted to but sometimes she let me have my own way. This time, my way, after I released her delectable clit, was to first squirm my tongue into Bostancı Manken Escort Kimiko’s adorable love hole and lick out whatever of her juices were still there. After devouring everything available, I started licking her inner pussy lips. Applying considerable pressure with my tongue, I licked the left and then the right inner lip, going from the end by her love hole to the end by her clit and back again. Then I traced the seam between inner and outer lips, going from left to right and back and forth again. Kimiko was breathing raggedly, panting and sighing.

Her pussy was humping down into my face and her pussy juices were running freely. She was ready to cum again so I clamped my lips onto her clit again and applied gentle suction. As I applied that suction my tongue was probing and licking everything it could reach. Kimiko started her third orgasm with a cry of joy and started humping my face even harder, squashing her pussy against me. Her arms were flopping on the bed until she climaxed, and then all her limbs and her whole body gave a spasm and she collapsed. I pushed my mouth down on her pussy to catch the incredibly delicious juices that were running freely, and swallowed what I could.

After cumming three times, Kimiko needed a little rest but I was sure she would want more. She lay face down for a few minutes, catching her breath and regaining control of her limbs. Then she rolled over on her back, and lay sprawled out naked before me, her lovely pussy covered with my saliva and her juices. She told me how much she loved it when I ate her pussy, and then she asked me if I would mind doing it again. Well, of course I wouldn’t mind. I didn’t know of anything I would rather do just then than to eat Kimiko’s beautiful pussy.

This time she lay on her back, a pillow under her ass like she had done the first time. I was on my knees again, with my arms curled under her slender hips. Like I always do, I started by licking up any of the delicious juices that were still in her adorable love hole. I knew that, after cumming three times, the edge was off Kimiko’s horniness and I expected to have to suck and lick her sweet clit to bring her to orgasm again. The thought of having her delightful love button in my mouth filled me with joyful lust. I proceeded to caress her pussy lips with my tongue. Kimiko was already breathing hard through her teeth. My tongue applied more pressure on her labia than I had before. I kept my lips in one place and moved my tongue around her pussy, not spending much time in any one place but not in any hurry to leave any place either. I even licked her lovely clit, but just with my tongue. I didn’t suck on it just yet.

As Kimiko started breathing harder, almost panting, I stopped the aimless licking of her pussy and established a pattern again. My tongue probed her outer pussy lips and the more sensitive inner ones. Her juices were flowing now, and I was careful to lick up all the delightful nectar, not letting any of it go to waste. Kimiko’s pussy was slowly humping into my face now, and her climax was building. Soon I would be sucking on her adorable clit but not just yet. I probed her inner pussy lips with my tongue, using more force than I had been.

I could feel Kimiko’s thigh muscles flex outward, presenting her beautiful pussy completely to my face, and she started humping it even stronger. I knew it was time to take her clit in my mouth and I wasted no time in doing just that. I clamped my lips around the base and sucked on her delightful love button, while flicking it with my tongue. Kimiko started cumming then, squeezing my head between her thighs while her hands pressed my face even more tightly into her pussy. Her cumming lasted longer this time until, with an extra squeeze of her thighs and a bounce of her ass almost off the bed, she climaxed. Then she sprawled back on the bed, totally relaxed. I licked the fresh juices out of her love hole and lay down next to her.

After cumming four times, I figured Kimiko must be tired. I was right, but she wasn’t ready to call if a day. I didn’t want her to. After hours of having her beautiful pussy plastered to my face, and smelling and devouring her pussy juices and her natural, musky perfume, I had a raging hard-on and I needed something for it. Kimiko knew what I needed and she reached down and started to fondle my cock. Then she sat up, took my cock head lightly in her lips and started licking it.

When Kimiko sucks my cock she doesn’t include a lot of refinements, basically Bostancı Masöz Escort taking it all the way into her warm, wet mouth and slowly pumping it in and out until I cum, although her tongue gets involved with the part of my cock in her mouth. That was what she did that day, slowly lowering her head to engulf my cock, with her tongue caressing it as it entered her mouth, then slowly raising her head until only the tip was surrounded by her lips. That was fine with me because I enjoy the feeling of my cock in Kimiko’s mouth and I was in no hurry to ejaculate.

After a few slow strokes with her mouth, she had established her rhythm and she slung her legs around into the 69 position. I wrapped my arms around her slim but sexy thighs, adjusted my head on the pillow, and settled down to another turn of eating Kimiko’s beautiful pussy. This would be the fifth and last time and I wanted her to take a long time before cumming just as I wanted her to take a long time sucking me off. I started by kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, first the right then the left. I stopped right at both sides of her pussy lips. All of Kimiko’s body that is close to her pussy is erogenous, including where I had just been licking her. Already I could smell the fragrance of her juices lubricating her love hole. I wanted her to cum right after I ejaculated into her mouth and I knew that would still be quite a while.

As I pleasured Kimiko with my mouth, she was pleasuring me with hers, bobbing her head on my cock, with her tongue carressing it. Waves of pleasure flowed over me. She wanted me to cum into her mouth eventually, but she was in no hurry, nor was I. Kimiko’s warm soft lips and tongue caressing my cock was one of the greatest pleasures I have ever experienced, comparable to the taste and feel of my tongue licking and probing her beautiful pussy. To have both going on at once was almost indescribable. Eating Kimiko’s pussy was a treat for all my senses. There were the aroma and the flavor of her pussy juices, the textures that I felt with my tongue and lips, the sight of her womanly parts available to be licked, kissed and nuzzled and the sound of her expressions of delight at those times when she removed her mouth from my cock to concentrate on the pleasures I was giving to her pussy.

And, as I gave her pleasure, I derived pleasure. My tongue probed Kimiko’s sensitive inner pussy lips, switching back and forth from left to right. I squirmed my tongue into her adorable love hole because we both loved the feel of my tongue in there and because I loved the taste of the juices she was producing, especially when they were fresh from the source. With my fingers and with the sides of my face I could feel Kimiko’s thigh muscles vibrating as she pressed her pussy tighter against my face. I could feel her pussy humping against my mouth and I knew she was getting closer to cumming.

Kimiko knew she was getting closer to cumming too, and she also wanted me to cum before her. She loves the feel of my cock spurting into her mouth and she loves the taste of my juice, almost as much as I love the taste of hers. She increased the speed of her strokes and her lips started applying extra suction. My tongue continued to probe her pussy lips until I felt myself starting to cum. I stopped my oral action to better enjoy my own cumming. I grunted and then moaned my pleasure as I ejaculated onto Kimiko’s palate. She started slightly as my cum spurted into the back of her warm and welcoming mouth, then she held tightly with her lips while she milked all the juice from my cock. After swallowing all my cum, she kept my cock in her mouth for a while, rolling it around with her tongue and the insides of her cheeks, then she removed it.

At that, I resumed strongly probing her pussy lips for a few minutes. Her pussy was humping harder into my face now, and I knew it was time to start sucking her adorable clit. I clamped my lips on her sweet love button and started sucking, while my tongue probed and flicked and caressed everything that was inside my mouth. Kimiko gave a howl of pure pleasure and started cumming bigger than any other time that day. Her pussy was slamming into my mouth, and the tops of her thighs were pounding the sides of my head. Her torso ecstatically rocked back and forth on top of mine. She climaxed with a spasm of her entire body, then lay quietly on top of me. I removed my lips from around her lovely clit and concentrated on the feast of cum juices that awaited me. After devouring all the nectar, I leaned back, sighed ecstatically and let all my muscles relax.

After a few minutes Kimiko rolled off me and we cuddled together in affectionate contentment. Kimiko had cum five times and we had spent all afternoon with her pussy plastered to my face. We both considered the day to be well and enjoyably sent.

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