I Can Do Better Than That….


Please be kind…this is my first submission


I’m sitting in a Director’s Chair, watching my wife and another woman, Shelley, devour each other’s pussies on a large bed surrounding by lights, cameras, and a funky bass beat pumping out of a medium sized boom box stereo. My wife, Megan, and the other woman are grinding each others pussies into the others’ mouth, moaning in that high pitched tone you hear all the porn stars make when they are nearing orgasm. Megan likes the music because it helps get her into a rhythm when there isn’t a man, namely me, pumping his cock in and out of her. My experienced eye sees her head pushing itself down into the other woman’s pussy with each pulse of the music’s bass line and her thighs grip her partner’s head, forcing her to do the same to her in between the beats.

They are both thoroughly enjoying each other. You can just tell. While they are both playing it up for the camera, taking turns angling the other so the camera gets the best shot, you can see this isn’t just a job for either of them. Shelly, the other woman, is a long time friend of ours. They share a lot of the same physical characteristics except my wife is a blond with highlights and Shelley is a dark chestnut brunette. Both have long hair, past the shoulder. Neither would win a hard body fitness contest, unless it was sexual fitness, however both have curves in all the right places which makes sex a great experience to watch and participate in. When I dig my fingers into my wife’s ass as we are having sex or I am caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples when we are making love, I can definitely tell its a woman I am with.

Megan is on top and I can see her alternating between flicking Shelley’s clit with her tongue and diving head long into Shelley’s very wet and very open pussy. Megan has been spreading Shelley’s pussy lips in order to get complete access to her clit. Shelley on the other hand is straining her neck to lick up and down my wife’s slit and tease the area between her pussy and anus. We all know this drives Megan wild which makes for great watching — both in person and on the screen.

Watching as I am, my wife looks up and gives me a big grin. The grin shoots straight through the camera and hits me. It tells me everything — she is loving what she is doing, she is thankful for this life we have now, and that she is about to have a mind-blowing orgasm. As her waves of pleasure sweep over her, a wave of nostalgia quickly comes over me and I think back to how we got started getting paid to do what we love…


Occasionally my wife and I rent an adult video. Actually I do the renting and she does the hinting that she is in my mood for something along those lines. Being a guy, I am always in the mood — something she takes for granted — but doesn’t like when I instigate the video rental. I’ve never understood this. I guess men and women are just wired differently.

The videos we rent tend to be fairly vanilla as far as that adult videos go. Nothing really exotic, freakish, or hardcore fetish. We both have some minor fetishes we enjoy when we are alone in our room and playing with each other, but our tastes in videos trends towards those with a minor plot, lots of foreplay, plenty of guy-girl sex, and some girl-girl sex. My wife isn’t necessarily bi-sexual. The way she puts it, she loves to have her pussy licked and she doesn’t care if its me or another woman who does it. And if she is getting licked by another woman then she feels the need to reciprocate. Of course I have noticed her a bit wetter after watching those scenes so I don’t know if she is 100% honest about those feelings — at least with me. But then again…I don’t care (I’m just a guy after all).

One Friday evening coming home from work, after a couple days of her dropping hints like “remember that scene with whats-her-face when she has going down on that guy? I’ve had that in my mind all week” and “I loved the cheesy dialog in that video we got a month ago about the female aliens coming to earth and needing men’s cum to survive”, I dropped by the local adult video store and picked up a video I knew she would enjoy. It had bad acting, lots of sex, and plenty for us to try to re-enact ourselves (another favorite activity of ours). I recognized some of the actors from other films we had rented and so that gave me confidence in the choice.

I got home, put the video on the ledge near the fireplace which I knew it would be both out of the way enough to not be the focus of our entire conversation and attention during dinner yet close enough to grab later that evening at the right time. After changing into some jeans and a polo shirt I got a salad going. By then my wife arrived from home from her job. She was a paralegal and while it helped pay the bills, I knew she didn’t like it and would quit in a heartbeat if something better came along. Little did we know where tonight’s actions would lead.

She was dressed in a blue power suit Escort bayan with a skirt. Under the jacket was a thin white see-thru blouse. Of course she never took her jacket off in a professional setting, but you could tell she was definitely covering up something spectacular. The skirt went down to about an inch above her knees. She isn’t one of those “Ally McBeals” who needs to wear extremely revealing clothing to prove she is a woman. She has great legs which could use a bit of toning in the gym, but when she wears the right heels, like today, they lift her calves and butt and I have seen many guys check her out from behind after she’s walked past them. And I’m not complaining.

She unbuttoned her jacket and laid it across a lazy boy chair in the living room as she came into the house. I could tell she wasn’t in the greatest of moods, which made me happy to have picked up the video on the way home.

“One fire drill after another today! You would think the attorneys would learn to be a bit more proactive, think things through, and get things done BEFORE the 11th hour!”, she said as she came into the kitchen.

“I’m starved and I need a back rub”, she stated as she looked at me preparing the salad. “And I don’t think a salad is going to cut it. I need something a lot more substantial”, she said looking me up and down. I grinned, “I think I can swing that” I replied, placing the emphasis on swing and looking down at my crotch. She grinned too, “that would satisfy PART of my hunger”. We laughed. It was a game we often played with each other. She often half-heartedly complained I turn everything she says into a metaphor for sex. Of course when she is in the mood, I never hear those complaints and often hear a few metaphors from her as well.

I said, “You go change and I’ll finish things up here. I can beef up this salad enough to satisfy one of your appetites.” Still grinning she went to our bedroom, changed, and came out in pink light-weight sweat suit which seems to be the fashion du jour. Meanwhile I took some chicken we grilled a couple days ago, cut it up in the salad, and added some feta cheese. She grabbed a bottle of wine, chilled it, and we sat and ate.

After the usual small talk about our days events she mentioned her friend Shelley had finally finalized her divorce to “The Jerk”. I didn’t know him by any other name except “The Jerk” and if even half the stuff she said about him was true, he deserved a 2 by 4 upside his head at the very least. Shelley was another paralegal from Megan’s work. I met her at a Christmas party the past year. The Jerk couldn’t make it. Shelley made some lame excuse from him but afterward Megan told me is was most likely because he was cheating on her.

I have never understood cheating. Sure there are other candies at the Candy Shop. You can get samples of the varieties they offer — which both my wife and I did before committing to each other. But once you make your choice, that’s it. That’s what being a man and being married is all about.

Megan said Shelley won a good alimony settlement and while she wasn’t set for life, she would be ok. I was happy for her I commented while sticking my fork into some lettuce. We had had a good conversation at the party and we even shared a dance at my wife’s insistence. She and my wife had a lot in common from work as well as some of their hobbies and I saw Shelley a few times at our home after that party. I would consider her a good friend of the family. And since Megan and I do not have any children, that makes her our good friend.

Nearing the end of dinner I could feel a foot starting to rub up and down my leg. Megan is a master at this. And it drives me to distraction. She can calmly be eating a meal or conversing with someone and at the same time be driving me wild with her foot caressing my leg. This is one of my little fetishes.

“Will you cut that out!” I half-heartedly said. “You know I can’t concentrate on our conversation when you are doing that”.

“Maybe I don’t want to be talking any more” she coyly replied. And with that she lifted her plate from the table, sat it in the sink, and left toward our bedroom. At the last second before disappearing into the room, she looked back and snaked her tongue across her lips. I took that for my cue to grab the video and get into the bedroom.

I got in there and found her naked already (how did she do that so quickly?), on her stomach, laying on the bed. “You’re right on time to give me that back rub” she stated in an aloof manner. Shrugging, I put the video into the machine, hit play, and got to work taking my clothes off. We always give our back rubs to each other in the nude. The video got started as I got the oil from the cabinet. She looked up and cooed, “what a nice way to entertain me while you take care of that knot in my shoulder”, and promptly laid her head back down.

The video was about a woman P.I. who hunted down men, had sex with them in the process, and then for no Bayan Escort apparent reason locked them up in a jail cell and had sex with them again. During the first couple minutes, before the initial sex scene took place, the PI was going through her poorly memorized lines. My wife stood up on her elbows and commented “I could do better than that”.

“I think just about anyone could dear, except they didn’t hire her for her ability to act” I said.

“Didn’t they?” Megan replied. “Wait till she is cumming and we’ll see how good of an actress she is.”

During the next few minutes the porn star finished up her dialog and went into full vixen mode. She was a very buxom (aka fake tits) woman with medium-length blond hair, a tight stomach and legs that went on forever. She wore, briefly that is, a tight leather pants and jacket combo. And as we quickly found out – nothing else except a negligible thong.

She was definitely hot and as she caught her first ‘perp’ she quickly got caught up in the sex scene while frisking him down. But it was almost mechanical.

“She knows what she is doing”, my wife said, “but she doesn’t look like she is enjoying it, despite the role playing aspect to it. “I could do much better than that” Megan definitively stated.

“See, she is faking that orgasm” Megan pointed to the screen where the PI was riding the ‘perp’ for all she was worth and screaming something unintelligible over and over.

“How can you tell? It looks real enough to me.” I said while rubbing Megan’s lower back.

“Trust me. A woman knows.”

“Have you ever faked one on me?” I asked curiously.

“Honey. You have never given me reason to. And I doubt you ever will.” Megan said as she turned over, reached down, and grabbed my hard dick. “This guy puts me into another world every time I put it in me.” Reaching up to my mouth, “and when little you runs out of energy, your amazing tongue takes me the rest of the way”. She pulled my head down and kissed me passionately. She ran her tongue around my lips and then slipped it into my mouth meeting up with my tongue. They danced for a bit until I broke it off and started to kiss down her chin, to her chest, stomach, and down to her pussy.

Megan shaves all around her pussy but has always been afraid to go completely bare. I think she nicked herself once. So there is an area of hair all around her tight pussy. Her clit stays hidden until she is aroused and then it pokes out just enough to flick with my tongue. This drives her nuts. And usually once she hits a certain point, she is a wild woman in bed.

As I looked up from licking her, I noticed she was playing with her nicely rounded tits. She’s all natural and I love it. I sometimes wonder how it would be to be married to someone who looked like the porn star in the video, but then I realize it wouldn’t be her. As she is though is plenty for me, more than a handful. Megan was starting to pull on her nipples and twist them around while I was using the entire length of my tongue to run up and down her clit and sometimes nibble it a bit.

Megan started to moan and I could tell she was nearing her first orgasm of the night.

“If I could film the look on your face right now, you’d never have to go back to that job again” I said in-between breaths and licks. Her faced lighted up on that and I could tell something was going on in her head.

“My turn” she suddenly said, bring my head up and forcing my on my back. She shimmied down me and quickly engulfed the head of my dick. She is great at cock sucking and often likes to put on a show while doing it.

After a few minutes, I told her I wanted in her and she sucked hard for another 30 seconds and then jumped on top of me. “This is what that porn star should have looked like in the video” she said as she started to furiously ride me with a sort of urgency usually reserved for ambulances and fire trucks.

She put both her hand on my chest, squeezing her breasts together, something I love, closing her eyes and grinding her clit on me while occasionally moving up and down. A smile came across across her face while she enjoyed the ride. That smile slowly turned in clinched lips and she started to squeeze her eyes shut even harder. I could tell she was close. She opened her mouth and at first nothing came out. Then high-pitched gasps follow by some “oh gods”, “oh yeses”, and more high-pitched gasps . She finally arched her back and put her hands on my knees grinding out the last bit of her orgasm.

Since I didn’t come yet, she got off me and laid down. I gave her a couple minutes recovery and then started stroking her breasts down to her pussy. Although she was still and almost appeared asleep, she started meowing like a kitten. Finally she said, “get than big guy in me and lets finish us both off”. I climbed on top of her and a few minutes later we were both grunting out our last orgasms of the night in step with the porn star’s final scene where the tides Escort were turned on her and she was handcuffed by one of the “perps” and forced into some very acrobatic positions. We collapsed and fell asleep together as the last couple minutes of the video rolled by.

The next morning over breakfast my wife said, “Were you serious when you said I could quit my job if we could film the look I had when you were going down on me last night?”.

Taken a bit back by the out-of-nowhere question I replied, “You looked like an angel having an orgasm, if thats not too sacrilegious”.

“Then lets do it” Megan stated.

“Do what?”

“Lets film me, or us, or whatever — so I don’t have to go back to that job anymore.”

Gulping down my eggs I said, “You want to be a porn star?”

“If thats what you want to call it, then yes. But I do have some rules.” said Megan.

“Such as….?” I inquired.

“I will only have sex with you” she said.

“I like that”, I replied grinning like the Cheshire cat. “But what about other women? Almost every video we rent has at least one girl-on-girl scene or a boy-girl-girl scene. And frankly for me having sex with anyone but you would seem like cheating — even with your consent and participation.” I’m just wired like that. I don’t think watching or flirting is cheating but I draw the line at anything beyond that.

“Thank you. And actually I have already thought that through. When you are licking my pussy I mostly have my eyes closed. So what does it matter WHO is doing the licking? And I even though I have never been with another woman, I feel it would be important to reciprocate. I could do that, especially if this is a money making venture.” Megan said with a thoughtful look in her eyes. I was wondering if she was picturing anyone in particular or just women in a general sense.

“Anyway,” Megan went on, snapping back to the conversation at hand, “thats not even worth considering till we film us together and we capture the look on my face you found so appealing. Lets start tonight! I am going to go write up a script, it can’t be very hard, find outfits for us to match the script, and lay out the scenes. You go charge up the camera and see if you can borrow someone else’s camera for a second angle as well.”

I was a bit blown away. Megan is a quick thinker, but this seems more premeditated than usual. “And have you figured out production and distribution models yet?” I joked.

“One thing at a time. Lets fuck each others brains out on the camera and deal with the rest later.”


Well it didn’t happen that day. It took a week. It was a bit harder than Megan thought to put together the script, wardrobe, etc… especially since it was her first time doing so and she was quite excited to ‘get it right’. I was able to get a second camera but I knew it wouldn’t come out as good if we left the cameras stationary. For a professional look we would need someone to operate a camera. I wondered if my wife (and me for that matter) would be fine with that?

On Thursday, I brought it up to her.

“Have you thought about camera angles? Where would like to put the cameras for best effect?” I asked over dinner.

“Hmmm….I’m not sure”, she replied. “Where do you think?” she asked in between bites of pasta.

“Well obviously one over in the corner so as to get a wide view of the bed. But I am not so certain of the other.” I replied taking a sip of water. “And for your solo scene I will actually man the camera myself. That leaves us with the scenes when we are together.”

Seeing where I was going with the conversation Megan said, “Well I do not want any of YOUR friends filming us. No offense, but I don’t trust any of them. And I don’t want a stranger doing the filming either. Also right now we can’t afford a professional.”, she said.

“What about any of your friends?” I asked.

“I think there just might be one person who would. And its someone I would definitely trust” she said with a wicked grin.

“Who?” I asked, very curious as to who she has in mind.

“Well, lets just say its someone I trust, someone who feels the same way I do about their job, and is currently unattached”. With those hints she rose from the table in manner indicating she wouldn’t say anything more about the subject that night.


“So what do you think” Megan asked Shelley over lunch on Friday. “Wow! Is all I can think right now”, Shelley replied over her salad. Megan and Shelley often went out to lunch talked intimately about work, husbands, and personal problems. Occasionally Megan even brought up some of her sexual antics with her husband.

“You’re seriously going to make a porn and you want ME to help film it?!” Shelley said, somewhat under her breath since she did not want the whole restaurant to hear. And at this point she felt like EVERYONE was listening in, even though the next closet seated table was 12 feet away.

“Well, you are the only one I trust to not blab it all over the place for starters. And I know you trust me as well from some of the details you shared with me from your divorce. My husband likes you too, at least he likes you around. So I’m sure he’ll be ok with it.” Megan shared.

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