I Can’t Get Enough


I love sex – can’t get enough of it. My husband knows of my insatiable appetite for other men and accepts it; so long as I share my encounters with him — he finds it a real turn on … he says my escapades really enhance our sex life.

I’m over forty; but I work out, watch what I eat, and was lucky enough to be endowed with rather nice boobs. Not giant breasts; but ample, with hardly any sag over the years. Oh, and I’ve been told by men and women alike, that I have great legs.

I sell real estate in a beach / resort market. Occasionally, I have an opportunity to take men out to view properties without their wives, or significant others. Like last summer, for example.

I had a call from Carl; he’d seen some beach properties on my web site and called to say that he was in town for a business meeting, and he wanted to see some beach homes while in the area. We made an appointment to meet at my office Wednesday afternoon. I always like to get to know my clients a bit since it helps me find just the right house for them, in most cases. I usually spend a half an hour or so interviewing before I select properties for them to see.

Wednesday came and I meet with Carl. I learned he’s a twenty-something successful entrepreneur in a high tech field that has made him more money than he’ll ever figure out how to spend. He has a wife but no children, yet. After the interview, I went to the computer and ran off a half dozen, or so, beach homes I was sure Carl would like. Then, we took off in my “beamer.”

Knowing I ahead of time that would be meeting Carl that afternoon, I dressed appropriately (for what I had in mind) — a very short tight skirt, that from past experience I knew tended to ride high up on my thighs if I wasn’t careful. For a top, I had selected a silk wraparound blouse that was very low cut and the way it draped my breasts it was apt to give nice exposure to one of my best assets. I wore no bra; but I did wear panties, a black lace g-string — sometimes I can be very naughty. My outfit was completed by beige sandals, with modest two and a half inch heels, and a big sun hat.

As we drove down the coast highway to the first listing I was aware that my skirt had worked itself rather high up on my thighs, as planned. When I glanced down I could even see just the tiniest bit of black lace. I noticed as I engaged Carl in conversation while I drove that his eyes were frequently diverted downward to my lap. I smiled inwardly, knowing I’d gotten the young man’s attention.

I pulled up to the first property and parked the car. I twisted around to the back seat to collect my briefcase which contained the folder I’d prepared with the printouts on all the listings we were to visit that afternoon. While I retrieved my briefcase, Carl got out and came around the driver’s side to open the door for me. How nice, I thought, a real gentleman.

I extracted my car keys and swung my legs around to exit the car. I made sure my shapely legs were not completely together so Carl would have an even better glimpse of black lace. He offered his hand to assist me, which I took. His touch sent a little shiver through my body and I felt a tingle between my legs as I stood.

“Thank you Carl.” I said as he closed the car door. I pressed the button on my key fob and the car beeped in response.

“Now, this first house is new construction. It hasn’t been on the market long but there has been so much building in the past few years that I really think it’s over priced.” Carl just nodded as we walked up the short concrete driveway.

“Are all the homes built on stilts like this?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s the local building code. Everything must be at least twelve feet above grade to qualify for flood insurance since we’re in a hurricane prone area.” I replied. “The front door is up there.” I indicated the top of the wooden steps that ascended to a large deck that completely surrounded the beach house.

Again the gentleman, Carl motioned for me to go up the steps first. I had hoped he would; I knew my miniskirt would give him a nice view of my tight buns and with the tiny thong’s string buried between my cheeks, my bottom would appear naked from behind.

When we reached the door, I bent over to work the combination of the “lock box” in order to extract the key to the front door. I couldn’t help notice a bulge in the young man’s khaki slacks.

We entered and toured the house. It was stark and bare; no furniture, neutral colors chosen by the contractor, but otherwise a nice spacious beach house and a good prospect as a summer rental.

I saved the best for last as I always try to do when showing a property. “Check out the view from the deck, Carl.”

I took him out to the ocean side. The stilts gave the house enough elevation to see over the barrier sand dunes that are covered primarily with hardy sea grasses and the occasional scrubby bush. It was a bright sunny day, and hot too, but the sea breeze made it feel almost comfortable.

“Wow.” escort He said.

I leaned on the deck railing, slightly bent over with my arms supporting me. I glanced down and saw my wraparound blouse ballooning out thanks to the stiff breeze. This will give Carl a really good look at my breasts, I thought, if I can just get his attention.

He stood beside me gazing out over the ocean.

“Down that way you’ve got a long fishing pier, if you like to fish.” I indicated the pier off to my left — Carl stood to my right. I hoped Carl’s attention would be directed towards my billowing blouse. He turned his head to see the pier. After I pointed out the pier I turned my head back in his direction and caught him starring. His eyes were fixed on my chest. It was pretty obvious that he could see my left breast, and very likely the nipple, too.

“Do you like the view?” I asked in my sexiest voice.

“Delightful. Absolutely stunning.” He said, directing his gaze back to my face. I just smiled.

“Why don’t we head over to the next property then?” I said, breaking the tension that had been building between us as we stood there, silently taking each other in.

“Sure.” So, we returned to my car. Carl held my door open again and had an even better look at my lace covered pussy as I sat, then swung my legs into the car.

As I pulled out of the drive, Carl gave me a little thrill. “You know, Eve, you are a very beautiful woman … if I weren’t married …”

I patted his leg and said, “Why thank you Carl.” I’ve always been a touchy feely person, especially with men; I left my hand on his leg and give it a little squeeze. “It’s not often that a woman my age gets compliments from gorgeous young men like yourself. So what did you think of the first property?”

“Oh … ah, yeah … the house. Well, I think I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen a few more, if that’s OK?”

My hand stayed on his leg until I needed to shift gears. I could feel a certain tension in him and that heightened my sense of excitement. I could not help but be aware of my own exhilaration, as well; between my legs — I was getting wet. I hoped that when I stepped out the car at the next listing he wouldn’t see a wet spot on the leather seat as I stood. But then, I thought, it might just be that much more exciting if he does. Oh I am so naughty at times — most of the time, that is.

When we arrived at the next house, Carl once again opened my door for me, and sure enough, as I glanced back at my car seat there was shiny spot of moisture where my bottom had been. I turned to Carl and saw him starring at the seat too and I was sure he’d seen it. I wondered if he had put two and two together.

“Shall we go?” I said. He did a little double take – like his mind had been elsewhere.

“Oh … ah, yeah … sure.”

As we walked up the drive he put his hand on my waist as a gentleman often does when walking with a lady. His touch felt so good.

“This place is four years old and I just love the way it’s been decorated. The owners plan to convey all of the appliances and furnishings at no cost to the buyer.”

We ascended the wooden stairs to another large deck. I bent to retrieve the key and noticed that Carl’s bulge was substantially larger than it had been at the first property.

I took Carl though the living quarters, which had an open kitchen layout with a large food preparation island. We toured the upstairs — the loft overlooking the living room, three smaller, but still spacious, bedrooms and last, the master bedroom which featured its own deck overlooking the ocean. We stepped out though the sliding glass doors onto the deck. Carl stood at the rail and I stood next to him, a half step behind.

“Great view again.” He said over the sound of the stiff ocean breeze and the waves breaking in the surf below. I stepped up and took Carl’s arm in both hands and pressed my right breast firmly against his bare arm.

“Yes, it is very exhilarating, isn’t it?” He turned his head toward mine as I spoke. “Is there anything more that you would like me to show you?” The sexual tension between us was palpable.

Thinking that another such intimate moment might not soon present itself, I stood on tip toes and pressed my lips to his. He responded immediately and turned, taking me in his strong arms. Our lips were hungry for each other. I pressed my tongue between his lips and invaded his mouth. He responded in kind and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as our ardor blossomed.

Carl’s hands roamed over my back taking in the feel of my body. One hand slipped under my blouse and moved up and over my back; the warmth of his bare flesh on mine felt so exciting. His other hand ventured lower; down over my firm bottom. My short skirt rode higher and higher as his hand caressed and explored the curves of my ass cheeks. His finger tips discovered the hem of my skirt and he pulled it even higher so his fingers could squeeze my bare izmit escort bayan flesh. I moaned with delight as he pulled my hips firmly against his.

I moaned because his bulge pressed against my belly just above my mound. This sent shivers up my spine; I moved my hips from side to side pressing into him and grinding my mound over the hard lump in his slacks.

His lips left mine and traveled to my neck. I felt his hot breath just below my ear lob; an electric shiver ran down my spine when his teeth nipped at my earlobe. He quickly followed by swirling his tongue around, and into, my ear. My knees were weak; my breath came in quick shallow gasps.

“I want you, Carl.” I whispered in his ear. I took one hand from around his neck and reached down between us and found his stiff erection. When I squeezed him and began to rub him up and down; he groaned.

Lost, as we were, in our spontaneous passion we were oblivious to passersby walking along the beach until one small group of college aged guys began to make a fuss. We both looked down. They were pointing and making, what surely must have been lewd remarks; though we were too far away to hear clearly. Their rude behavior was doubtless sparked by the fact that Carl had managed to work my skirt up around my hips. They surely saw him fondling my naked bottom.

“Oh my.” I said. I am sure I must have been blushing horribly, but at the same time, my naughty nature relished the boys seeing my bare ass and what Carl had been doing with it. Someday, I thought as we looked at the frat guys, I want to take on about a half dozen college guys and give them all a thrill they’ll never forget.

“Perhaps we should move inside.” Carl suggested.

He quickly pulled my skirt down for me, put his arm around my waist and guided me back into the master bedroom. One thing I like about showing beach houses is that often they are furnished for summer rentals, and thus, afford a comfortable venue for many of my liaisons.

Once inside, I pulled my blouse over my head and let flutter to the carpet. I reached behind me with both hands and unzipped my skirt; when it fell I kicked it behind me and stood naked, save my g-string, before Carl.

“You are absolutely stunning.” He said in a soft gentle voice. I smiled, then knelt in front of him and unzipped his slacks. My fingers deftly unfastened his belt and pulled his slacks and jockeys down in one swift motion. His cock sprang up and bobbed slightly in front of my face. I seized him at the base of his shaft with both hands and leaned in; a clear bead of liquid oozed from the tiny slit on the head of his masculinity. I extended my tongue and sensually ran it up from the bottom of his meat to collect his nectar just before my cherry red lips enveloped his pink flesh. I heard him gasp. I felt his prick jump as my warm wet mouth engulfed him.

I brought him fully into my mouth and suckled his long shift much like a baby sucks a mother’s nipple. As I did, I worked my tongue over and around his sensitive hood. I squeezed his muscular ass checks and drew his hips toward me; his cock sank deeper into my mouth. Slowly, I moved my head up and down and continued sucking hard on his stiff flesh.

He tried to speak but only deep guttural sounds escaped his throat. I could tell he liked me.

I removed one hand from his luscious bottom, then, ever so lightly, ran my finger tips over the sack hanging between his legs. I felt him shudder as my fingers explored him there. I felt hands on the back of my head as he took control; no doubt wanting, no, needing release.

Carl held my head firmly and began to fuck my face. His hips drove his cock deeper into my wanton mouth. I felt the tip of his cock touch the back of my throat briefly, then withdraw before it plunged in again … and again … and again.

I almost came without even touching myself when I felt and tasted the first of his salty-sweet seed as it erupted into my mouth over and over. It quickly filled my mouth. I did not swallow as I longed to savor the heady taste and texture of his issue. When his thrusting slowed, and finally stopped, his member slipped from my mouth as he crumpled to his knees before me.

His thick white juices dripped from my chin; several drops splattered my breasts. My mouth was still full of his cum; I pulled his face to mine and placed my lips on his. I forced his lips apart with my tongue and shared with him that which I adore. Our tongues met and we kissed again passionately as his mouth was invaded by some of his own seed.

“Do you like the taste, honey?” I asked after breaking off the kiss. “I just adore it … can never get enough of it. Have you ever tasted cum before, love?”

“Well, no … ah, I mean I haven’t tasted it before. I guess … I mean it wasn’t bad. A little salty … sort of odd flavor, reminds me a bit of olives.”

“Did you like it … sharing it with me?”

“Yes, actually … it as very hot … very, izmit sınırsız escort ah … sensual. Yes, I liked it … thank you.” He admitted.

As he spoke I wrapped my fingers around his semi-erect member and slowly stroked him. It was my turn for release, and I needed him hard again.

“Know what I think is a tremendous turn on?” I asked, as I continued fondling him.

“Hmmm … what? Oh my … that really feels good, you know.” He responded to my question and to my stroking him.

“I hope it feels good … I want you hard again.” I said and kissed him again. “What I think is really hot is to have a guy fill my pussy with cum and then have him lick it up as it oozes out of me, and then to have the guy share it with me. I get to taste our juices mixed together … and so does he.”

“Wow. I never did that. Maybe we can …”

“Exactly what I was think …” His lips were on my mouth before I could finish.

I gasped as I felt his fingers press against the sheer material of my panties. I knew my panties had to be dripping, in fact, I could tell my thighs were damp and slippery as his fingers glided in between my legs. I spread my thighs to grant him access and felt fingers work underneath my panties. His finger tips spread my lips gently and probed my wet crease looking for that little nub that would make me wild with lust. When he found it, I yelped with delight.

I stroked his stiff penis while he stroked my miniature appendage. My body shuddered over and over. Chills ran though my entire being; my hips moved of their own accord trying to heighten the already excruciatingly exquisite sensations his finger tips were producing. Then he stopped.

“Oh no .. don’t …” I began to plead. He stood and took my hands and pulled me to my feet. Then he guided me to the edge of the bed and gently urged me to lay back. As I did, he pulled the thong down over my hips and legs, spread my thighs and knelt to continue administering pleasure; only this time with his mouth.

His tongue touched my sensitive button; I shuddered and buried my fingers in his thick hair and held on for dear life as my hips thrust against his face. The stubble of his beard rasped against my thighs as something penetrated me — his fingers — he worked them in and out stroking the slick velvet walls of my womanhood. His fingers searched for my magic spots to make me insane with yearning. My head trashed from side to side; pressure built — I felt like I would explode. And then I did, in a mystical frenzy of bliss. My pussy throbbed and little contractions squeezed the fingers still inside me. I wanted more; I wanted his thick cock inside my wanton cunt.

As I came down from the heights of my ecstasy, I told him, “Oh fuck! I need you inside me … please … now!”

He stood and lifted my legs, placing them so that my heels rested on his shoulders. He shifted position and I could feel his warm cock resting on my pussy lips. With one hand he took his hard shaft and pressed the head between my red and engorged pussy lips until the head of his meat pressed my sensitive clit. My whole body quivered as he moved his cock over my pink nub.

“Oh Carl … don’t tease me … baby, I need you … put it in … please fuck me baby … please!”

The pressure of his cock against my slit moved down; sliding through the slick crevice of my cunt until I felt his cock at the entrance to my deepest desires. Slowly, I felt his warmth enter me; I felt him filling me, stretching me … deeper and deeper … my pussy squeezed his hard shaft and he began to stroke me from within.

“Oh fuck … you feel so good inside me baby!” Heat and shivers simultaneously spread though my body. I felt his powerful hands grip my hips as his long shaft disappeared inside me over and over. My breasts shifted with every thrust as his hips slammed against my bottom; I cupped my breasts and pinched my own nipples, squeezing and pulling them. I squealed with delight.

“Uh … uh … uh … oh yes … uh … uh … that’s it … harder … oh yes … fuck me baby … just like that … like that … ooooooh YES!”

My climax took me somewhere else … to a realm of perfect bliss, of fuzzy images and pure sensation — to him, my body tensed, went rigid and convulsed, my head thrashed, my hands griped the bedspread, knuckles white … but I wasn’t there … for an instant … I as in a perfect place, a place of fulfillment, of feeling whole … and then it was gone.

“Oh shit … that was soooooooooo good baby … oh don’t stop … I want more … don’t stop … please.”

But he did.

“Roll over, honey.” He said. So I did. I love being fucked from behind; it’s my favorite position, so I complied in a heartbeat. “On you knees, baby.”

He was inside again; no teasing, just instant pounding, instant penetration, and instant delight. I felt his cock touch my cervix. Few men have ever reached so far inside me.

I lunged against his cock as he thrust over and over. My breasts swung wildly and I felt his strong hands squeeze my hips. Then one hand took a handful of my long blond hair and jerked my head back as he continued to slam into my burning cunt. I felt and heard his balls slapping against my mound.

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