I Like Making Him Happy Pt. 02


(In the first part, young Kelli met Roy, a much older black man and fell in love. They began a very sexual relationship. This chapter is VERY different but I hope it’s interesting to read about unusual things that could be.)

The twisted white sheets were glued to Kelli’s long slender legs by a generous amount of their sweat, and other fluids. Kelli had never believed that “fucked till you can’t walk straight” was a real thing, but she now knew better. Roy was absolutely destroying her pussy and she couldn’t love it more. She could smell coffee but there was no way she was leaving this bed for a while.

“Motherfucking piece of shit,” Roy came back into the house and slammed the door behind him.

Kelli propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him, “What’s wrong Baby?”

“That piece of crap truck won’t start. I hate to get you up but I need you to drop me off at work.”

It didn’t surprise Kelli that the truck wouldn’t start. In fact, it surprised her more when it did. It was a rolling pile of dents and rust that coughed and sputtered it’s way around town. The truck would knock and rattle after Roy turned the key off and he would come in the house smelling like smoke.

He made her ride in it a time or two. When she objected and wanted to drive her car, he asked, “Are you too good to ride in my truck?” She quickly assured him she wasn’t and she slid across the cracked vinyl seat to sit next to him. He draped his arm across her shoulders and they drove through the seedy part of town together. Roy would give a friendly wave to people when he saw them, but more than one shook their heads or laughed when they saw Kelli.

The older black ladies hated her. That’s a strong word isn’t it, hate? Trust me, it was accurate. It’s not like they had any intention of being with Roy, he was kind of scrawny, but that doesn’t mean he should do and act the fool with this little white girl.

The men all wanted her. It kind of blew her away. With white guys, a friend of her boyfriend might hit on her a little if he was falling down drunk, but even then, most white guys would stick to the “Bro Code” and leave her alone. With the black guys, every one, and I mean EVERY one, had tried to fuck her. She had stayed true to Roy though and now she spent most of her nights at his place.

“Hey Roy, why don’t you just drive my car? I’ll stay here and sleep, maybe clean a little bit later.”

Roy looked over at her. They had stopped fucking about 3 hours ago. It wasn’t much sleep, especially after the hours of sex they were having. Kelli’s hair was messed up and her makeup smeared but she still looked fine. He should call in sick and spend most of the day working on his truck but he knew she’d have his pants unzipped in no time if he stayed.

“All right. Get some sleep girl.”

Roy Bostancı Sınırsız Escort fished the Mercedes key out of her Birkin and left the house again. The engine roared to life and he was off.

He didn’t need them, but Roy put on Kelli’s sunglasses. Slipping down the highway with the top down and sunglasses on was how a machine like this was meant to be used. Roy felt great.

He pulled the sleek black coupe into the parking lot and strolled into work. He slipped the key fob into the pocket of his coveralls and began doing his janitorial duties.

Roy always looked forward to the end of his shift but tonight was something else. He couldn’t wait to get back behind the wheel of that beast. He took it over 100 for a while just because he could.

He pulled into the gravel driveway of his run-down hovel. He was really ready to fuck Kelli.

“Yo Babe.” Kelli squealed and ran to the sound of his voice.

“I’m so glad you’re home. I’m starving and there’s nothing in your fridge.”

“Well, that may be so, but I don’t have any money to go eat out. ‘Sides, I’m kinda thinking about us stayin’ in and me tearin’ up dat ass.”

Kelli pressed herself closer to him and purred. “I want to do that too, but can’t we do both?” Her voice trailed off a little at the end as she saw Roy’s frown.

“I told you I aint go no money!”

“Well, umm, I can pay…”

“Fine.” The way Roy said it made it sound like things were anything but fine.

Kelli had assumed she would drive so she walked to the driver’s side of her car but was surprised when Roy went there too. “I’ll drive.” he said.

“Oh, uh yeah, that’s fine.” Kelli ran around the car and got in the passenger side.

They chatted a little about where to go but when Roy saw the valet stand at the fancy restaurant he whipped the car into their parking lot. Kelli was excited. Normally Roy would have voted for a cheap and greasy hamburger place so this was a welcome change.

They opened Roy’s door and he swapped the keys for the valet slip. He walked inside a 4 star restaurant for the first time in his life.

Roy looked at the menu and quickly put it down. “Well, that didn’t take long.” Kelli said to him.

“Yeah, I want to try that Wagyu steak. And that.” He pointed at a bottle of Cristal on the wine list. Kelli’s eyes got big but her smile did too. It was so nice to see Roy treating himself like this. It was strange to not be doing this on a special occasion, but she was glad he was happy.

When the waiter arrived, Roy changed his mind. “I want a bottle of the Cristal and a bottle of the Dom Perignon. The waiter nodded his head in approval at Roy’s order. His tip was going to be huge.

Roy drank most of the two bottles himself and started ordering Courvosier. Bostancı Suriyeli Escort By the time they left, he was shitfaced drunk. They had a huge argument in the parking lot but Kelli finally got the keys from him. When he leaned over to puke beside the car, it was easy.

Roy slept most of the way home. Kelli helped him inside. When she turned from locking the door, she saw Roy drop onto his worn couch. Kelli went to sit beside him and watch some TV before bed, but no sooner had she sat down, than he grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her toward his cock.

“Ooh, who’s a naughty boy tonight” she said sweetly. She didn’t need the encouragement to want to suck his big black cock, but she liked it nonetheless. She looked up at him and licked the length of his semi-hard cock through the fabric.

“Get to sucking. I ain’t got no time for all that playin’ around.” Kelli jumped to serve him. She pulled his hot meat from his pants and wrapped her sweet lips around it.

His dickhead was the size of her fist but she tried her best to swallow it. She loved feeling him grow hard and long in her mouth. She started stroking him to get him ready. Umm, she had been looking forward to this fucking all day.

Roy’s fat cock began battering at her throat. Kelli backed away a little to take a gasp of air. Roy wrapped both hands in her hair and pulled her back. His monstrous dick was relentless.

Kelli was surprised when he began to spew cum down her throat. What a fucking turn on. Before this, he always wanted to cum in her pussy. She wasn’t prepared for it so it was a gasping, coughing mess. She managed to choke most of it down but cum was everywhere.

After his cock stopped erupting, he took a few big breaths then told her to “Go fucking clean yourself up.” When she returned, he was asleep. She started to wake him up because she was desperate for an orgasm, but he was so drunk, and so sleepy, she decided to let him rest.

The next morning-

Kelli felt beside her and encountered nothing but the cool empty sheets. Oh, that’s right, Roy slept on the couch. She walked nude into the living room and was surprised to see he was gone. Her car was gone too.

Well, he did need to get to work, and Kelli understood that, but it would have been nice to have him ask, or get her up so she could talk to him. Oh well, he’d be home soon.


Roy came in with a several big paper bags. He sat them down on the counter and Kelli saw the necks of several bottles among the food. “Wow, you must have gotten paid!”

“Nah, I put it on your credit card.” Kelli’s was really surprised at that. That seems kind of weird to take someone’s credit card without asking. But this is Roy. He loves her. She’s just being silly.

Roy told Kelli Bostancı İranlı Escort to make him a sandwich and she got right to it. He grunted a few monosyllabic responses to her many questions about his day while he watched sports and ate. After a while, Kelli settled for wordlessly cuddling up next to him and waiting for bed time.

Kelli woke with a start. “Get up.” Roy said to her. She jumped to her feet and headed to the bedroom.

Roy called her back and told her to bend over the couch. Kelli’s eyes lit up at the kinky thought. Roy roughly pushed her panties to the side and placed a spit-covered hand on her pussy. Kelly jumped a mile when she felt his abrupt fingers part her pussy.

Before Roy could ram his huge penis into her, Kelli turned and said, “What’s the rush? Did I do something wrong?”

Roy looked mad. “You wanna fuck or not?”

“Oh baby yes, yes, yes, you know I want to fuck you. I want you to get all this you want, but it just seems like we’re not, you know, taking much time to get ready?”

“Does this look like it needs more time to get ready?” Roy held out his stiff cock and Kelli watched it like a charmed snake. Her pussy was getting wet just by watching him wave that big pussy destroyer around. Maybe it would be fun to do it kind of rough…

“Fuck me Roy”

And he did.

Roy bent her over the back of the threadbare old couch, and this time pulled her panties down around her ankles. Kelli’s bare pussy and slim rounded ass called to him. He put his cockhead at her pussy and pushed.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Roy. Roy. Roy!” Kelli’s pleas went unanswered save for some vigorous grunts. Her body responded to the rough fucking and contributed it’s share of wetness, easing the way for Roy. Roy returned the favor by flooding her insides with his hot cum soon after.

“I’m so close Roy. Fuck me some more.” Kelli wanted to cum so badly. Roy had fucked her like a whore and it was turning her on. She just needed a little more.

Roy wiped his dick on her ass and pulled his underwear back up. He was done.

Kelli swore he used to fuck her longer than that. It seemed like they would fuck for hours and he would make her cum so many times. She had fallen for him and his magical cock but now she was left wanting.

She thought about it for quite a while before she spoke, but she had to say it. “Baby? I didn’t cum earlier when you were fucking me, and it’s not you, I want you to know that, it’s got to be me, but maybe we could do it a little more?”

Roy mostly ignored her, popping the cap off a beer. “Roy?”

“So you want to feel good?”

“Yes Roy, make me feel good.”

Roy opened a small cabinet by the couch and brought out a small bag. Kelli saw several unfamiliar objects but she recognized the syringe and baggies. Kelli had come a long way in these last few weeks but this is something she never imagined.

She didn’t like wine the first time she tried it. She didn’t like sex the first time she tried it. But this was from Roy. If he says this will make her feel good it has to be true.

Because Roy loves her. Right?

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