I Meet You For The First Time



You have come to Mumbai. We decide to meet and go for a long drive to the Borivali National Park. We catch up on small talks about the weather, your journey my work etc. Suddenly we fall silent in the car listening to the music.


I am driving the car with eyes riveted on the road. Your eyes however are fixed on me. Best chance to see me closely without me being conscious because I am concentrating on the driving. I glance at you. The shocking pink painted lips. They are so inviting. I notice that a strand of hair is disturbing you, keeps coming on your face. You nudge the head to put it place and run your fingers in your hair.


Again the strand has come back. Before it can go on your face i stop it with my long fingers. This makes my palm gently touch your chubby cheek. They are so warm. You turn your face sideways to look at me. Your lips brush my palm. I take my palm away because it has the marks of your shocking pink lipstick. And when you’re not looking I kiss the very place in my palm where the mark of the lipstick is. For the first time i get the taste of your lips indirectly and the fragrance lingers.

The first feel

We park the car, purchase the entry tickets and we enter the gate of the Forest. You walk-sometimes at a distant sometimes close to me. I am trying to match my steps with yours. I notice the four rings on your hands, on the thumb, the moon stone ring. You try to walk over a stone in the path, a slight imbalance, and you lean sideways on me. The breasts have touched my arm. I want them to stay that way. But you straighten up since it is our first meeting. Now we have come to a hillock. While walking, i ask you about the rings. You show them to me and make small talk about why you wear them. And while showing i catch your hand and keep on holding it.Your soft hand with two rings in the thumb and little finger is secure in my large hand. Also while climbing, due to the stony path, you lean and your bust rubs against my muscular arm. It feels warm. My right arm is buried in your breasts. I can even feel the strap of the inner wear through your dress.


We reach a stream. You want to wet your feet and play in the water like a child. You take off your shoes and now are Escort bayan standing in the water. I say cheese..and click your photograph- your smiling face.

You arch your body when you pose. This makes your boobs more prominent and they jut out. The stream water is washing your feet. Your hair is swaying in the air. It is carrying your fragrance to me. I go and sit on a rock nearby, with my legs dangling in water. I beckon you. You come near the rock on which I am sitting walking through the stream.

Fish Nibbles

When you reach the rock, just then a fish nibbles at your feet as they are still in water. You jump in surprise. Loose your balance. Swiftly I move like a bullet. Catch you and prevent you from falling. You are now in my arms. Breathing heavily. I hold you close to me. Your breasts are heaving. I look in your eyes. You want to say thank you but there is a better way of saying thanks and before i can even suggest, you seal your lips with mine uttering thank you which gets miffed in the chuckle of our lips.

The 1st. times

My first kiss, it’s mushy. The taste of the lipstick, the wet quivering lips. They don’t stop. I take the upper lip and nibble at it. Your tongue is probing. I take your tongue in my mouth. Its warm and wet. I suck on it. I can breathe your fragrance now. My hands meanwhile move and come to rest on your breasts. You push your hair back. I help you. Then my hand wanders and comes to caress the breast over your dress. You shiver. Your top is now disarranged, showing you mid-belly. My other hand is out of control. It goes below your dress and touches your inner wear. I can feel the silky bra and the soft skin below the bra. My fingers probe. They dig inside and for the first time come to touch your nipple. It becomes pointed. My index finger and thumb started to rub it. Your kiss has now become deep.

The Nameless perfume

We break the kiss for fresh air. My head comes to rest near your armpit. Its sweating. Wet. But the nameless perfume is overpowering. It makes me horny the mixture of sweat, body odour & perfume. You allow me to snuggle my nose into the armpit. I am on fire now.

I remove your top. The creamy breasts jump in view caged by the silk bra. I go crazy looking at them. Slowly I nibble Bayan Escort at your neck, pecking, giving it small love bites..till my tongue comes to the cleavage. It digs in the cleavage. Again the same sweaty aroma. But its the nipple that need attention. I slowly touch them with the tip of my tongue. I roll it round them. They become taut and they grow. I decide to take the nipple and as much breast as possible in my mouth. You press my head. You want me to suckle on them.

You remove my T shirt and run your hands over my chest, my abs. You trace my abs with your fingers. I go to your armpit. I start licking your armpit and you stretch your arm. There is a horny smell mix of fragrance, body sweat, nervousness but its a lovely smell I say!.

The Tongue’s magic

I now tug at your shorts. You don’t want me to struggle. So u help me to remove them. The

silky pantie is now in full view. I don’t waste time. I trace the path from your breast to the pantie with my tongue. Licking along. I quickly place both my t-shirt and your top on the rock and lay you down gently. Remove your pantie. Your legs dangling from the rock. Now for the first time I am in full view of your womanhood. I pull up your leg from the water. I start by touching the toes and kiss my way up the calf, the thighs, and finally come to the pussy. Taking the hint you spread your legs wide. I part your pussy lips and plant a kiss on your pussy kneeling down with my knees in the water. You moan as I touch the tip of my tongue to the magic button of your pussy.


Not fair you say…i need to kiss you too..I get up. Come near your face. Your still lying down. You turn your head. You struggle to undo my jeans. I help you to unbuckle it as fast as a rocket. And there like a tent-pole in my boxers is what you desire now : my penny.

You tug the boxers away. And just for a moment I can see your eyes-they are unbelieving..as the monster is staring at you. You decide to feel it with your hands. I come near your face. You wet your lips. I bring the head near you. And while still holding the rest of the penny, you kiss it. The feeling is heavenly as you slowly roll your tongue on the head. And then you decide to open the mouth and take the head inside. Penny feels like it Escort is in a sauna bath actually its your mouth, warm and humid. Meanwhile my fingers are busy touching you. Touching your clit. Rubbing it. Playing with it.

You also start to fist my penny while taking half of it in the mouth. A little more and it would choke you. Your mouth is now full while a part of the penny remains outside in your fist.

Number 69

I want to eat your pussy at the same time so we adjust. I stand with my legs on either side of the rock, you are lying down with face up, playing with my balls and holding my penny like a lolly pop in your mouth.

Since I am tall, I bend over and I reach your pussy. I bury my head. My nose gets the first flavor of the flowery, sweaty body perfume. I part the pink pussy lips wide, and touch the tip of my tongue to your brown clit. It comes alive. I decide to dig inside with my tongue. In out, in out i can feel that your mouth is doing the same with my penny, because of its length, you are fisting half of it and the other half is in your mouth, in out in time with my tongue.

Our tempos are now rhythmic. The speed is now increasing. My tongue can feel the heat, the nose can feel the humidity, and the lips are full with your pussy lips.

I am in heaven i feel. This is the result of love. My emotions rise. They come to a crescendo. My penny stiffens as if it will burst and quivers, while I find that your body is now warmer than before and your muscles are taut, your body arched. Your pussy is dripping wet.

Like a thunder shower i cum. The load is shot while the dick is still in the mouth. Here my tongue gets your nectar on it. You moan and moan like a wounded tigress. Since your nectar is on my tongue, there is no option but to taste your nectar.

How did it taste????

What did you do when my nectar flowed in your mouth??


We lie down next to each other on the rock. Clung together. Holding each other. One with each other. Love can be so beautiful I never knew.

Suddenly a cloud comes and covers the sun. Its become grey and quiet. The only sound is that of the running stream and our heartbeats.

A red wattled lap wing comes in view on the bank of the stream on the other end. It looks at us, the clothes strewn on the rock, the bodies mingled and entwined.

It breaks into a song…DID HE DO IT DID HE DO IT…

Well I have to DO IT I mumble to myself..and start planning how, when and where….

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