I Saw What I Wanted

Female Ejaculation

I want to thank my co-conspirator Rayvn for the inspiration for this story.

I saw her sitting there alone, with her friends just off to the side. She wasn’t paying much attention to them, she seemed to be watching me more. She was sitting in the corner, shielded from seemingly everyone but me.

I almost spit out my beer as I watched her spread her legs, showing me that she was not wearing any panties. Even across the room, I could see that she was getting turned on.

I had to reach down, discretely, and adjust myself. She looked so sexy sitting there, exposing herself to me, that the blood started to rush to my cock. She smiled as she saw my bulge, and unconsciously licked her lips.

She spread her legs even wider and slowly started to stroke her clit, still never taking her eyes off of me.

I felt my cock jump as I watched her start to slide her finger into her pussy, and I could see her try to stifle a moan in pleasure.

I was trying to be discreet as I squeezed and stroked my hard shaft through my jeans, hoping that no one can see what I was doing.

I watched her as she slid down further in her chair and slid her finger even deeper into her wet pussy. I could see the moisture shine in the dim light, as her finger slowly slid in and out of her pretty hole.

I could see her moan, and I wondered what she would sound like moaning in my ear. As I watched, I wished that it was my finger sliding in and out, or better yet, my thick, hard cock, which right now was begging for release, and relief.

I could see her juices dripping down her slit, and I knew that some of them were reaching her ass, and the rest had to be pooling on her chair. Even from across the room, I could see her stiff nipples poking through her blouse, making her big tits look even better. Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she pinched her nipple, and sighed.

I could see her eyes get big for a brief second, and then relax, and I could tell that she was close to bringing herself to an orgasm. She started to finger herself faster, and I could tell that she was breathing heavier.

At this point, she had no idea how badly I wanted her, how badly I wanted to slide my cock deep inside her pussy and bring us both to an incredible orgasm.

I had to stop teasing my cock, afraid that I would cum in my pants as I watched her. She started to rub her clit hard and slid her fingers in and out even faster, and I knew that she was about to cum.

She looked into my eyes as her orgasm built, and her hips started to move in rhythm with her finger, thrusting in and out.

She tilted her head back, still maintaining eye contact, and I watched as her body started to shake subtly. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her cum hard, knowing that I had at least something to do with causing all of this.

As her orgasm slowed and her breathing came back to normal, I watched as she slid her fingers out of her pussy, shiny with her juices, and brought them up to her lips.

I almost exploded in my pants, without even touching myself, as I watched her lick her juices from her fingers. Unconsciously, I licked my lips, wishing that I was tasting her.

At this point, I started to wonder how her friends had not noticed what has been going on, although I did see one of them, a petite redhead with a short skirt, glance over at her a couple of times.

I decided escort bursa that I couldn’t let this all go without doing something, so I walked over to her. The redhead looked down at my bulge, and then looked quickly at her. I took her hand, that one that had been sliding in and out of her pussy, and brought her out to the dance floor. I didn’t bother to ask, I just took her.

As if by fate, a slow song starts playing, and we danced close and tight. Neither of us said a word as we swayed to the music, and I knew that she could feel my still hard cock pressing against the top of her mound.

I could feel her exhale as she sighed while my hard shaft rubbed against her belly, and my hand slid down to her ass. As I glided my fingertips over her asscheeks, she swayed her hips, getting even closer to me.

As we moved around on the dance floor, I threw a glance over to her friends. A couple of them looked at us and then went back to their conversations, but the redhead was watching us intently, a look of jealousy on her pretty face.

As the song ended, we looked at each other and she said softly, “Thank you,” the first words spoken between us. I was not about to let her get away already, so I took her by the hand again, and I led her out of the bar.

I took her to my truck, parked in the corner of the lot. I placed her up against the passenger side door and, gently taking her face in my hands, I kissed her. We started out in a soft, tentative kiss, but soon escalated into a mad, passionate tongue-wrestle.

She moaned as our hands slid over each other’s backs, each of us reaching down and grabbing the other’s ass and pulling it in tight.

I started to pull her skirt up and slid my hands to her bare ass. I gave her cheek a soft, gentle squeeze, and then slid my hand towards her crack.

As I squeezed her ass, she pulled mine in closer, grinding her crotch against my hard cock. I could feel you moan.

Inspired by the mounting passion, I moved my hands to her hips and lifted her onto the seat of the truck. I started to unbutton her blouse, exposing her thin, lacy bra.

To my surprise, she was wearing a stretch lace bra, which somehow held her large breasts in place. I pulled her bra down, pushing her breasts up, exposing her stiff nipples along with her tits.

Bending down, I wrapped my lips around one nipple and started to suck on it, as my hand went to the other nipple and started to pinch and pull on that one.

I switched my lips to the other nipple, and started to kiss and suck on that one as my hand went to the abandoned, wet nipple and tweaked and pulled on that one.

She moaned and pulled my head in tight as I continued to switch back and forth between her nipples with both my lips and hand. Then, I pulled my head back just a little and pushed her big tits together, causing her nipples to touch.

As I held her tits together and licked and sucked on both nipples at the same time, she gasped and leaned back, placing her hands behind her on the seat for support.

She gasped again and moaned as I started to kiss my way down her belly, lifted her skirt and bunched it up on top of her belly, and licked my way towards her hot and steamy pussy.

I could smell her musky scent as my tongue slowly descended down towards her wet slit, and I could tell that she was even more excited than I thought.

I pushed her bursa merkez escort knees up to her chest, resting her legs over my shoulders, and leaned in to her pussy. Slowly, I slid my tongue along the length of her wet slit, from her seeping hole up to her stiff little clit.

She gasped, and her hips jumped, as my tongue quickly flicked over the tip of her clit. “Oh, yes!” she moaned as I started to tease her hard little bud, stiff and begging for attention.

She started to move her hips as I flicked my tongue all across her clit, down to her hot, wet pussy, and back up. When I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to suck on it gently, she reached down with her hands and held my head tightly as she groaned loudly.

“Oh my god! That feels so nice!” she gasped as my lips and tongue bring her closer to her orgasm.

She spread her legs as wide as she could in the confines of the truck as I slid a finger into her steamy wet pussy.

Soon, her breathing got heavy, and she started to moan louder. “Oh, yes!” she gasped. “That’s it! Right there! Oh, god, don’t stop!”

Knowing that she was getting closer, I slipped a second finger into her and started to slide them in and out of her pussy, paying attention to her top wall.

Suddenly, she reached back down and pulled my face in tight and moaned, “Oh my god! I’m gonna cum! Oh, god, yesss!”

Seconds later, her hips were bouncing on the seat, and I could feel her pussy grasping at my fingers, seemingly trying to pull them in even deeper. I could feel her juices flowing out and soaking my fingers.

“Oh, my god,” she soon gasped. “You’ve got to stop! I’m too sensitive!”

I pulled away from her, spread out across the seat of my truck, and looked at her pussy juices gleaming in the parking lot lights.

After a couple of seconds, she slid off of the seat and crouched down in front of me. She reached up and opened up my pants, and then slid them down around my ankles.

I heard her moan and gasp as she reached up and grasped my hard cock. “Oh my god!” she whispered. “You have a beautiful cock! So nice and thick and long!”

Grabbing a hold of my ass, she pulled me in towards her and took my cock in deep. I tried to maintain my composure as her head started to bob up and down on my shaft, her tongue dancing across the underside of the hard pole.

She took me in as deep as she could, and I held your head, moaning, “Oh, yeah! That’s good!”

After a couple of minutes, I knew that if I didn’t stop her, soon, I was not going to last long enough to finish the way that I wanted to, so, reluctantly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood her up, turning her into the cab of the truck.

Bending her over, I flipped her skirt back up and spread her legs as I stepped in behind her. I took my cock, now shiny with her saliva, and slid the head up and down her slit. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I placed the head at the wet opening of her pussy and started to slowly slide it in.

I grabbed onto her hips as I felt the velvety warmth of her wet pussy hugging my shaft as I slid my cock all the way in. She moaned as I bottomed out, and whimpered, “Oh yes! That feels SO good!”

I started to slide my shaft in and out, holding on to her hips. Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed movement at my driver’s side window, and I chuckled to bursa yabancı escort myself, knowing that the redhead must have followed us out of the bar.

I pushed her a little further onto the seat and started to fuck her hot pussy a bit faster. She was getting so wet, I could hear her juices sloshing around as I continued to pick up speed.

Soon, she was moaning louder, and pushing back at me. “Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” she moaned as her hand slid underneath her body and started to flick over her clit.

I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as she started to gasp. “Oh, god, you fill me so good!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Make me cum again!”

I buried my cock deep in her pussy, my pubes crushed against her ass cheeks, and I could feel her hand reaching down to my balls. I started to buck my hips against her, and she yelped loudly.

“Oh my god! Yes!” she whimpered. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum! Oh, fuck me!”

She brought her hand back up to the seat and started to grasp at it as her orgasmic waves flowed over her, and I could feel her juices flow over my balls. She whimpered and moaned softly, “Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhhh!”

I slowed down my movements as I let her come down from her high, and then I pulled my wet cock out of her still spasming pussy.

I stood he up and turned her around, holding her up on her weak, shaky legs. Backing her into the truck, I lifted her back onto the seat, with her ass hanging off.

I told her to lock her ankles around my neck, and I placed the head of my cock back at her wet pussy hole. Taking hold of her hips, I slid my cock in deep, bottoming out and rubbing my pubes against hers.

At this angle, I could feel my cock hitting her cervix, and she yelped and gasped every time it did. I started to slide the entire length of my shaft in and out of her, and I knew that I was hitting her most sensitive spots every time.

As I increased my speed and power, I was enjoying watching her big tits bounce on her chest with every thrust.

“Oh, damn!” she gasped as I started to stroke faster. “Ohh! Oh, god, I’m gonna cum again! Fuck me!”

I knew that I was not going to last much longer, so I slowed down, trying to reach orgasm at the same time that she did.

Her breath was getting shorter, and her moaning increased. I knew that she was quickly closing in on her next orgasm, so I sped up again, knowing that I was right behind you.

“Oh, my god! I’m cumming again!” she moaned as her body started to shake. I was starting to have a hard time holding her, and my knees were getting weak because my own orgasm was starting to hit me.

“Oh, damn! Yes!” I groaned as I slammed my cock deep inside her clasping pussy, shooting my heavy load against her cervix.

“Oh, god! I can feel it! Oh yes!” she yelled, a mini-orgasm hitting her before her last one ended. “I can feel you spurt inside me!”

Losing my strength, I leaned into her and laid my head on her heaving chest. Soon, we both felt my softening cock slide out of her now soaking wet pussy, and she moaned her disappointment.

After a couple of minutes, we both caught our breath and started to put ourselves back together. After she checked her make up in the side-view mirror, she turned to me and kissed me. “Thank you,” she whispered. “That was amazing. I really needed that.”

“Thank YOU,” I responded. “YOU are amazing.”

We walked back to the bar, and before we stepped in, I pulled her aside and told her, “When you get back to your friends, ask the redhead if she had a good enough view from the driver’s window.”

She gasped, wide-eyed, and I smiled and nodded. “Ok, I will,” she responded, smiling.

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