I Turned Eighteen Yesterday


‘I turned eighteen yesterday!’ I stated proudly as the bouncer checked my ID.

‘So you did.’ He grunted and waved me through.

My best friend Amy was already inside. She turned eighteen months ago, and said that this was a good club for dancing. Judging by the crowd already dancing around the DJ’s stage, she was right.

We made our way to to the bar and bought our first drinks for the night; Long Island Iced Teas. They were delicious and by the time they were drained, we were well loosened up and ready to dance all night long, so we headed to the dance floor.

Amy soon spotted her boyfriend, Josh, entering the club and the two of them went off into the corner to make out, leaving me alone on the dance floor.

‘Dooooooooo we have a Beth E in the house?’ Asked the DJ over the music.

Amy and Josh had made their way to where I was, and started pointing wildly at me.

‘Haaaaappy biiiiirthday, Beth!’ The DJ shouted again, and threw me a glow stick.

‘Ooh, I hate you!’ I yelled at Amy with a grin, as I clipped my pink glow stick on my belly-button ring.

I didn’t mind. I was out to have fun, and soon enough the announcement brought a few offers for a ‘birthday dance’. I’m not totally stupid, and started exchanging dances for drinks.

We had arrived at the club at 10pm, and it was now 11:30. I’d had the Long Island Iced Tea when we arrived, and since then I’d been given one vodka OJ and was accepting my second.

I gulped the drink down and the guy who bought it for me guided me to the floor. It was really really packed now and I had lost sight of Amy.

The guy and I danced tight. He was quite good looking and I could feel him pressing his thigh onto my crotch as we danced; it was making me quite hot there. I think he could feel that too since the hotter I got, the more he moved his thigh against me. Then, he kissed me.

We had danced our way through the crowd, and we were right Escort bayan near one of the back doors. They opened out into a locked gate area with bins and stacks of chairs and stuff. My dance partner quickly ducked us out into the cool air.

The music was still really loud, but we were alone. We continued our dancing in silence, his thigh still rubbing me and his lips caressing my neck. I didn’t notice his hand move in under my skirt and replace his thigh, but it felt really good and I felt myself pressing against it. Thanks to all the alcohol and rubbing, by this point I had the itch.

Still silent, he propped me up on one of the stacks of chairs and pushed my panties to one side before he began flicking my clit. My eyes were closed and I was savouring the sensation he was creating.

I heard the zip of his jeans then felt the firm hot head of his cock trace my valley. It was in flood by this point and served little resistance.

I could feel the hot pressure as he pressed against my parted lips, sliding back and forth seeking my opening. He found it and stopped playing with my nub; instead taking firm hold of my skirt-covered hips.

I couldn’t see our union for the fabric of my skirt, but I felt him inch his way inwards, filling me with that wonderful fullness.

Once in, he pulled out slowly and plowed back in with haste, rocking me back onto the chairs.

The chairs rattled beneath me from the force of his pistoning, in time with my squeals of pleasure.

I soon felt a small tremor within the pit of my abdomen, and my cunt muscles began milking his shaft.

I could feel him growing thicker and suddenly he pressed himself as deep into me as he could. I felt the tip of his tool bottom out as he erupted inside me. He kept himself pressed firm until he finished, then pulled out.

As soon as he was zipped, he turned and left me sitting on the stack of chairs, and returned to the club.

I Bayan Escort opened my eyes as I heard the door close, and felt my crotch. It was sticky from my natural lubrication, but there was no ooze. I figured he’d worn protection.

I repositioned the gusset of my panties over my stretched hole and gingerly got down off the stack of chairs. By some miracle I did not break my ankles in the process.

After readjusting my skirt, I sneake back through the doors and soon reunited with Amy and Josh. I did not mention my encounter.

‘Josh brought you this,’ said Amy, handing me a metal badge emblazoned with the words “Birthday Bitch”. ‘But, we forgot to give it to you earlier.’

I pinned the badge to my shirt and took the drink Josh offered me. It was another Long Island Iced Tea.

By the time I had finished the drink, the lovebirds had disappeared again and I returned to the dance floor.

It was now approaching 1am. I was two Long Island Iced Teas, and two vodka OJs to the wind, and had already been fucked once

The badge Josh gave me was getting me some attention.

‘Happy birthday! Is it today?’ A guy asked me from behind. I spun around.

‘No, I turned eighteen yesterday!’ I grinned back at him.

He was a rather hunky Latino, and definitely moved as smooth as one. After yet another vodka OJ, he practically carried my staggering ass to the dance floor where he danced tight like the guy before.

With the fresh drinks in my system, the moves were having the same effect. He sensed my shallowed breaths and before I realised what was happening, we had migrated out the other back door. There were tables at this end of the storage area and I was quickly laid out on one.

My saturated panties were soon on the table next to me and the Latino was between my splayed legs.

‘You are a hot little thing, aren’t you.’ He stated, roughly thumbing my still slick valley, focusing Escort on my tender lump.

My eyes closed again, as he continued to rub my clit with his thumb. With his other hand, he guided his cock to my hole and pushed his weight onto me, popping the head in and the veined shaft after.

He was a thicker girth than the other guy, and as he pushed into me, I felt the same sensations of fullness as I had earlier.

Once inside me, he began to gently knead my chest with his spare hand, while still attending to my clit, all the while rhythmically pounding my fuck hole. Within minutes I was at full orgasm, unlike the mere tremor I had been granted earlier.

Squealing and bucking, I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer. The walls of my cunt were gripping him tight, sucking him inwards.

I felt him bottom out, just like the other guy did, and he grunted loudly, holding himself as deeply rooted as he could.

I must have passed out from my orgasm because I do not recall him leaving me. When I opened my eyes, he was not there, but my panties were back on.

I checked myself again and while my lips were tender and swollen still, I was not sloppy, so I figured that the Latino had worn a condom like the other guy must have.

I slid off the table and for the second time that night, sneaked back into the club by the back door.

I caught up with Amy and Josh as they were on their way out and caught the taxi back to Amy’s place.


The next day, Amy and I lazed away our hangovers. We dozed in her spa, painted our nails and did other things like that.

I did not think anything more of the two guys who had fucked me the day after my eighteenth birthday. I was inexperienced and had convinced myself that they had worn condoms.

Well, that was until three weeks later, when I realised my period was a week late.

Only then did it dawn on me that those guys had dumped their sticky baby batter into my oven. Their cocks had peeked past my cervix and squirted their hot, sticky loads of come through the opening; trapping it in my fertile, ovulating womb.

Amy has not spoken to me in months, not since I began to show.

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