I Will Never Be Loved Ch. 02


Danielle’s Pov:

I wish I could tell you that I got what I wanted. I wish that I could say they all just left me alone so I could live my life the way I had planned. But that is not what happened. It took all of three days for my life to be changed for forever. I hadn’t talked to anyone who came in my path. I was too mad to try to be nice to anyone at the moment. I had my whole life planned out and now my aunt comes and ruins everything. Why couldn’t she have showed up six months from now when I would have been eighteen? Why couldn’t she have not come at all?

As I sat on the plane all I could think about was how everything I had worked so hard for is gone. I was supposed to be going to college in three months and starting my writing career. How could this be happening to me? Everything was supposed to be coming together for me. It’s not enough that I have been the fat girl my whole life, and have been in a foster home since I was born, now I was being taken away from my dreams. Why was life so cruel to me? Why couldn’t I caught one break?

Throughout the whole trip my aunt tried to talk to me. She really was trying to get to know me, and kept apologizing for it taking so long to find me. Part of me wanted to just talk to her and let her know that it was okay, but the other part of me couldn’t give two shits about how sorry she was.

It seemed like the plane ride took forever. Especially since neither one of us was talking. I was so happy when the plan landed. I just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

We got off the plane and went to find all of my bags. “Okay dear follow me, I had a family friend coming to pick us up.” She said to me with a smile. I followed her out of the airport station until we were face to face with a huge truck. My aunt started to put the bags in the back of the truck, so I did the same. I was about to put some more of my bags in when someone took them from my hands.

“Sorry it took me so long to find you Lisa, I searched everywhere for you. Finally I looked out here and saw you guys.” He continued to put the bags in the car. Betturkey I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t look up at him. I really didn’t want to meet new people. “Hi I’m Luke, you must be Danielle?” He said to me as he stuck out his hand to me. I just nodded my head and got into the back seat. I looked into the review mirror to see Lisa talking to Luke. Now that I finally got a good look at him, I honestly didn’t want to stop. He was absolutely gorgeous. It was like he was a god or something. He was really tall, had to be at least 6″2″. He had blonde hair with beautiful bright blue eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, with a white shirt, and a cowboy hat. God I have never seen anyone hotter than him. Not even my crush at my old high school was a hot as he was.

I took my gaze away from the mirror as I saw them walking towards the car. They both got into the front of the car, and buckled up. Luke started the car up and we took off. I kept my gaze towards the window, but I got this feeling that someone was watching me. I looked over and up to see Luke staring at me through the mirror. I quickly turned my head away from him and continued to look outside. He probably was wondering why I was so damn big. Or how me and Lisa could be related, considering I’m mulatto, and she’s white.

I guess my mother was a white as snow, and my father as dark as night. Mix the two together and you get me. Although I am more lighter skinned then dark. Either way Lisa and I really didn’t look alike at all.

I could still feel Luke’s gaze on me and it was starting to make me uncomfortable. I could see it now, him and all his cowboy buddy’s making in front of me with their cheerleader girlfriends. It was high school all over again. Expect this time there would be no escaping them.

“I just know you’re going to love it here Danielle. There is so many different things to do. We have a bundle of animals as well. Once your settled in maybe we could get you to horseback ride. Make you a real cowgirl.” Lisa said breaking me out of my thoughts.

Wow she was truly something else. Betturkey Giriş Did she honestly believe a horse would be able to carry my fat ass. She has to be messing with me, either that or she is crazy. I don’t know why she is always trying to make conversations with me. You would think after me ignoring her for the past three days she would get the hint that I don’t want to talk to her. I wanted nothing to do with her or my family. I wanted to go back to New York and start my life. How could she do this to me. How could she and my family just take me away when this were getting good.

I heard her sigh, I kind of felt bad because I knew she was really trying to make me feel better about this whole situation, but nothing she could say would make me feel better. Unless she suddenly said she was going to let me move back to New York, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. “I don’t know Lisa, I don’t think a city girl like her could do what us cowboys and cowgirls do. She doesn’t have it in her to get down and dirty.” Luke said to her while looking at me through the mirror again.

I looked up to see that he has a huge smile on his face. I knew what he was trying to do. I knew he was trying to challenge me so I would finally talk. It was an old and stupid move. I wasn’t going to talk just because some guy challenged me, even if the guy happened to be hella hot. Plus I honestly had no interest in doing anything they did so there was no point in arguing about it. I just continued to look outside the window. I heard Luke chuckle from the front seat. Great he was already laughing at me.

We finally reached a huge house. When I mean huge I mean huge. For people who lived in the country they were definitely doing well for themselves. Everything around us was huge. The barn was almost as big as the house. I didn’t know this was how houses around here looked. I was definitely in a state of shock looking around at everything. Both Luke and Lisa were already out of the truck and getting my bags from the back of the truck. I just couldn’t bring myself Betturkey Güncel Giriş to get out of the truck just yet, because once I stepped outside of this truck my life would truly be changed. There would be no way that I could go back to the way things were. I was truly throwing away everything I had worked for once I stepped out of this truck.

The door from the side of me of opened, I looked over to see Luke standing there holding his hand out to me. I looked down at his hand then back at him. I thought about being more of a bitch to him, but decided against it. I really didn’t have that much fight left at the moment. I took his hand and he helped me down from the truck. I was about to walk away when he tugged me back to him by my hand. I gasped at the contact, no one, epically a man has ever held me like this. “I will get you to talk to me Love. I love a challenge and your definitely worth the challenge beautiful.” He said to me as he let my hand go.

I was about to tell him that my name was not Love and that I was most definitely not beautiful. But then I remembered I wasn’t going to talk to anyone of them. Not only that but he was already walking to the house with a bunch of my bags in his hands. He was definitely something else. I could still feel the warmth of his hand. God he was so hot, but I knew he was only being nice to me because of my aunt. There was no way he would be talking to me otherwise. I looked at the house thinking there was no way to get past this.

There was only two bags left so I picked them up and made my way into the house. The door was open so I just stepped inside. The minute I did people from all around me screamed “Welcome Home” All I could think was this is my first day at a new place and they throw a damn welcome home party. Could my life get any worse? So much for giving me time to get use to the change.


First of all I won’t change the way I write to please others. If you don’t like my writing, then don’t read what I write. Secondly I have already written this story on another site so yes the chapters will be short but I will update them frequently for you guys. Thirdly there is many chapters to this story, 35 to be exact! Fourthly I want to thank everyone who has been reading this story so far.

Let me know what you think! Please Rate and Comment!! 🙂

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