If Life Was Easy Ch. 02


I just want to start off saying thank you to all of you that gave me so much love and support to continue to write this story.

Gavin Reid

This day wasn’t starting out as he had planned. Gavin woke up hearing Lavender ask him if she wasn’t going to school today. He had no idea what she was talking about. Why wouldn’t she be going to school? In his sleep haze, he looked at the clock on his night stand and it read 7:45 AM? Oh shit! They were going to be late. He jumped out of bed so fast that he scared Lavender a little bit.

He apologized to her and set off to tell her that they were late and needed to hurry. So she can go to school and him to work.

He told her to hurry and brush her teeth and wash up while he picked out her clothes put them on her bed. Then he would come in and put her hair in a ponytail.

Lavender ran to the second bathroom they had in the hall. Gavin lived in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house that he had purchased with Elle 7 yrs ago. There was his master bedroom, Lavenders room the 2 other rooms were his fitness slash home office and the last was the guest bedroom. Even though, they had plenty of space. He and Lavender never really had many visitors; Gavin wasn’t really close to his family. He didn’t really know why but they weren’t all lovey dovey like most families he had seen. His family was always emotionally detached. His mother was never really concerned with the makings of really raising a child.

Gavin’s mother got pregnant at 17 and had wanted to get and abortion but when she told Gavin’s father he convinced her that they could be a family. But his mother had a dream of being a doctor but after only getting to graduate high school when she was already 6 months pregnant with Gavin she had to put her dream on the back burner. But after 25 years of marriage and 2 kids later his mother never ended up becoming a doctor and therefore blamed or regretted having Gavin and his brother Chris. Don’t get him wrong, when it came to weddings and funerals and family reunions, they would all band together for the occasion to pretend they were a normal happy family not filled with resentment and distain.

He spoke to his parent’s maybe twice a month. His mother would ask how he and Lavender were doing. Ask to speak to her for a little bit and that would be the end of the conversation. He didn’t mind because he knew who Lavender really thought was her grandmother and that was Mrs. Roman he would second her on that the old woman was a better and more then a grandmother to her then her actually parental grandmother was.

Don’t get him started on Elle’s side of the family because after she left, they did too. He hadn’t heard from them since Lavender turned 1 year old and had invited them to her birthday party. Elle’s mother tried to be involved in Lavenders life for a while but after she started drinking again, she stopped caring for anything else. One day she called him to tell him that she’d no longer be stopping by to visit. She claimed that it was too hard to see Lavender; all she saw was her own little girl, lost to the world. Gavin at least had to give it to her for being honest with him. He knew that the night Elle left them, it would be just him and Lavender and if anyone didn’t want to be apart of their little family, so be it.

He wasn’t Betturkey mad at all. He had all the family he needed with Lavender and Mrs. Roman.

After he lay out her clothes and her bed he hurried and got to his room and took care of his own personal hygiene. When he got out of the shower he knew that he didn’t have time to dry his hair and he hated when his hair was air dried. His hair will be part poodle part shaggy dog. He knew he would look a mess at the end of the day. So he put some product in it and hoped for the best. Gavin rushed to his closet took out his gray pin stripe suit with a salmon colored button down; he didn’t have time to be bothered with a tie. Once he was dressed he slipped on his Dolce & Gabbana loafers and went to see how Lavender was doing.

By the time Gavin made it to her room, she was dressed and was putting on her skecher twinkle toes with the velcro straps. Gavin looked at her Dora the Explorer clock that was on her wall and it was 8 o clock. They were running on time. He grabbed a brush and a ponytail holder from her dresser. As a single dad, all he knew how to do was a ponytail but you better believe he was the best ponytail stylist in town.

When he was done, he told her to get her coat and backpack and put them on and wait for him at the front door. Gavin got ready to do the same he grabbing his briefcase, a light jacket and keys. He rushes out the door. When they got outside, he realized that Lavender’s school was 6 blocks away. On any given day it wouldn’t be a problem but today wasn’t the day it was already 8:10.He had 15 minutes to get lavender to school on time.. They would have to take Gavin’s 2010 Q7 Audi, if they wanted to make it on time. Gavin didn’t really drive much. There was times when he was ready to just sell the damn thing but days like today, he was happy that he hadn’t. He walked to his car and opened the back door, strapped Lavender into her booster seat then got in himself.

Gavin sped and got Lavender to school in record time. He unbuckled her and asked the crossing guard if she would walk her to her class because he didn’t have time to. She accepted and he watched her walk Lavender inside the building. Once the door closed, Gavin sped off. He still had time to make it work on time. Or so he had hope when he came across some traffic ahead. He decided to call his receptionist. He took his phone out and dialed the extension to his office.

“Hello, Idle Tech Industries. I’m Kimberly. How may I help you?

“Hey, Kim! It’s me, Gavin. I’m going to be a little late this morning so if you could take messages of all my calls and if anyone stops by the office, tell them I stepped out unless it’s really important”.

“Sure Mr. Reid, no problem. How long do you think it will take you to get here?”

“I don’t know. 20 minutes tops. Why? Did something happen?”

“No, just wanted to know how long to stall if anyone stops by”.

“Okay, thanks! You’re a life saver, Kim”.

“Aww, Mr. Reid, I had no idea you valued me so much. I’m flattered.”

“Uhh ummm, Kim. I have to go traffic started moving again”.

“Okay, well I’ll just see you in the office and we can continue our conversation then.”

Gavin hung up his phone before he heard the rest of what she had to say. Kim was starting to make Betturkey Giriş him feel uncomfortable. It all started 10 months ago when she had started making comments like that or asking him out after hours for a drink or two. He had accepted and had gotten drunk with her it was a moment of weakness on his part He hadn’t been out in years just to have a good time. His life was just Lavender and work 24/7 for the last 4 and half years. He forgot what it was actually like to be free of stress for a while to forget his troubles. So he kissed her they had made out for a few. But Gavin just didn’t feel right he knew that nothing could happen between him and Kim. He was over the one night stands and casual hook ups with women. He had promised himself that the next time he got involved with a woman it would be with a woman he saw as his next wife. He stopped the kiss immediately. But after the incident she had been coming to work wearing low cut tops and tight skirts but she was getting hard to resist and she was constantly flirting with him. He would admit he had a weak moment he wasn’t really looking to be one of those cliché men that hooked up with their assistants it just made things really complicated. But after the kiss 10 months ago .As it was now with Kim acting the way she was, he was leaning towards firing her. He really didn’t want to as she was an excellent assistant. After the kiss she took advantage of the situation and thought it was okay to flirt and wear revealing clothing to work. Gavin knew nothing was going to happen beyond the kiss. He wasn’t going to lead her on. Soon after the incident, he bought her to his office and told her straight up that they were and would never be a couple/ They would maintain their professional relationship with integrity. He thought she understood. For a while, she stopped dressing in revealing clothes and stopped flirting with him. But after a few months, she went back to doing it all over again. He had no idea what to do with her.

While stuck in traffic, he looked to his right and there it was – Rose’s Garden Dance Studio. The sign was big and very charming.

Now that he knew where it was, he would head here straight from work and enroll Lavender.

Finally, 20 minutes later, he made it to work and before he got off the elevator, Kim was telling him he had 3 meetings and 10 calls to return. As he walked to his office, she informed him that there were a few setbacks with one of the projects and Mr.Woodson was about to explode if they weren’t any improvement.

What happened to the good feeling he had last night about today being a good day? Gavin took a deep breath and set out to do some major damage control around the office.

Many hours later, Gavin was free from work. He was so tired he couldn’t see straight; work really kicked his butt. He just wanted to head home and relax, but first things first, Lavender and getting her enrolled. He thought if she got into the school, he would be able to relax after work and then pick her up. The more he thought about it the school, the more he thought it was a great idea. Getting into his car, he took off for the studio.

When he got to the studio, he took the chance to take a closer look at it. All the buildings were very close together, which gave the illusion of being Betturkey Güncel Giriş stuck together. They were all townhouses. The large bricks with tints of red mix with brown made her building look unique, unlike the other ones on the block. There was a large staircase with about 10 stairs that led up to the front doors. The neon lights sign that read Rose’s Garden with cute digital flowers popping up now and then with falling leaves.

Opening the door to step inside, he was attacked with tiny skeletons that were hanging from the ceiling. Gavin gave a little chuckle; the Halloween decorations were cute. He reminded himself to buy Lavender’s costume this weekend and get some decorations for the house.

When he stepped inside, he noticed that he was stepping in water. What happened here, he thought? As he got closer, he saw a door that read STUDIO on it. He entered cautiously and saw two young adults with heavy duty mops and towels, try to dry every corner of the room.

“Umm, excuse me, but could either of you point me in the direction of Clementine Rose, the owner?”

Darren was the first to respond.

“Sir, I don’t think now is the right time. As you can see, we’ve had a little problem occur today. One of our neighbor buildings had a major pipe break and water leaked into the studio. It would be better to come back tomorrow.”

Gavin looked at the man. He looked to be 22 years of age, a lean muscular body about 5’9 in height and a caramel like complexion. Gavin didn’t like him or his rude way of talking and dismissing him like he wasn’t important.

Before he could put the young man in his place, the cute young girl next to him spoke first.

“Darren, what’s wrong with you? Don’t talk to him like that! Clem would have your head if she heard you.”

Stacy turned to him to give her full attention…”I’m so sorry. Sir, we’ve just had a really long, tiring day. By the way I’m Stacy and that over there is Darren. We’re Miss Rose’s student teachers. How can we help you? “

Gavin looked at the young man once more and saw the look of shame on his face after the scolding Stacy gave him. Gavin knew he liked Stacy immensely.

“Thank you, Stacy. I can understand having a hard day. I’ve had my share. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with the pipes. Though, it still doesn’t give you the right to talk to people anyway you chose. Gavin said, while looking at Darren.

“My apologies, Sir.”

“I was looking for your boss, Ms. Rose. I would like to enroll my daughter into the school.”

“Sure, she’s in the back in her office. Just head straight down the corridor and it’s on your left. You can’t miss it.”

Gavin thanked her and headed down the corridor she told him to take.

Gavin walked down the corridor that was covered with little Halloween décor, just like the entrance was.

As he reached the door, he looked at it in amazement. It was so busy with posters of dancer to cute kittens and star stickers to hello kitty ones to drawings that must be from her students. The door was so colorful, bright and happy looking. There was no way he could have missed it.

When reaching the door Gavin took a deep breath he hoped this wouldn’t take long. He was bone tired. He wouldn’t be cooking tonight he would pick up a pizza on the way home before he got Lavender.

He reached out and knocked.

Gavin had no idea that in a few seconds his life was going to change for the better.

Thanks for reading sorry if it was a little short to some. Been very busy with work and school.


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