IMPREGNATED BY A GHOSTThis story is based on fact. The person involved passed away in 2000 So am using other names in place. I first met Melissa Barnes at school in eastern South Dakota in 1955, Both attending the same schoo. We weren,t great friends though our parents were, her father owned the local service station and lived with Melissa, her mother Janet and brother Allen. Allen was in high school when I first met Melissa and as he as older except for fishing and hunting we had little in common as he was more interested in auto mechanics. Melissa graduated from high school with me in June, 1962; but unlike me went to The University If South Dakota out of Flandreau where I did manual work on a farm then a lumber yard before joining the Army National Guard in January, 1963 Training at Ft Ord, California and Ft Sill, California priorbto,returning home. The active military trigger me, but I elected for four years in the US Air Force instead of three in the Army thinking that with the army I,d be more likely to end up,in that vacation hotnspot Vietnam! I seemed to have avoided Vietnam as my first overseas assignment was near Tokyo, Japan, annoying six months later I was transferred to Okinawa in the middle of the South China Sea and in August, 1964 was on a four month temporary duty stint just outside Ho Chi Minh City(Saigon). I was fortunate being in the Air Force that I Wasn,t directly bahis firmaları in the jungles and fighting like the soldiers and marines, but still got action as the enemy targeted the aircraft that was bombarding them. Just before Christmas we were back in Okinawa and n August, 1965 I was off to Bitburg which was then in West Germany to serve three years. Whilst on my final leave in South Dakota(my late parents and k** brotherbwpuld move to eastern Washington the following year) I met Melissa again who by then was about to start her senior year in college with her fiancé Bruce Hayward who was also attending USD and was looking forward to joining the army. I Didn,t know Bruce very well as his family had only over to South Dakota from Michigan in 1964 though Bruce was a great gridiron football player and hsd distinguished himself as a strong running back both in high school and college. They invited me to have coffee with them and Bruce seemed quite interested in Vietnam as he figured as a second lieutenant that was likely where he,d end up. I hoped for his sake things would improve by the time he got there, but that Wasn,t to be. When stationed in Germany I gave little thought to what happened to either Bruce or Melissa as I was rather busy with my own life. My sister did occasionally send the latest issues of the local newspaper and I noted that Bruce had gone to Ft Leonard Wood, kaçak iddaa Missouri for OTC Officer,s Training in September, 1965. Then in early 1966 there was the photo of Bruce and. Melissa on their wedding day and the announcement that Bruce would be shipping out with his new unit to Vietnam. In 1967 I re-enlisted for a further four years, but despite that found myself returned to the USA in August, 1968 working missile security at Grand Forks, North Dakota, my grandfather and step sister still lived in eastern South Dakota 300 miles way so first chance I got three days off I drove down for a visit staying with my sister. I also visited my old Ho,e town and ran into Melissa my first day. I invited her for a coffee and piece of apple pie and we chatted about old times. “How,s Bruce doing?” I asked. “Very well I guess! He,s on his second tour of Vietnam. He,s a captain now, but doesn,t write home as often as he should. He,s been trying to get home as we want to start a family, but his unit is short officers as they’ve been losing some in combat!” “Apparently according to the news it,s been hell over there!” I agreed.” It Wasn,t so bad as that for me four years ago, but then I Was on an Air Base and not in the”Bush” I sympathised. “Hope he makes it back as he deserves a break!” “ Well his tour finishes next month any way and he promised he won,t volunteer for a third tour for my sake!” kaçak bahis “He,ll be back before you know it!” I told her. I Wasn,t able to get away for a few months and when I did it was December with snowy roads to negotiate. As soon as I reached my home and walked in to the local cafe with sister Anna and my nephew and niece with us Bruce and Melissa were having coffee with Melissa,s father and they called us over. “Are you back in the states now?” I asked Bruce. “Er not quite! I can,t really say where I,m getting stationed right now!” “All hush hush then! I teased. “Yeah.” He laughed nervously.”How,s the baby making going?” I teased Melissa keeping my voice down. “We,re currently working on it.!” She smiled knowingly. “Good Luck.!” I wished them. I Wasn,t able to get back till March, 1969 and as soon as I arrived at my step sisters she called me aside out of earshot of her c***dren.” Sorrynto,have to tell you, but Bruce Hayward was killed in Vietnam!” “ Poor Bruce! He was meant to be coming home for good in January I think!” “I know. Strange thing is the Army says he was killed in action on December 14th, but you were down here on the 16th and 17th and we saw him in the cafe with Melissa and her Dad. Apparently he went back on the 20th saying he had to go back to clear his papers. The next day Melissa got thevtelegram from the Army claiming he was dead before he could take his leave! What,s even stranger is that she just found out she,s pregnant!” Her Baby was Born in September, 1969 so she always claimed daughter Lois was conceived by her husband,s ghost! Strange Things Happen in This World!

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