In Asia, In French


Hey everyone, this is my first submission. Any feedback is very welcome. Hope you enjoy!

We opened the hotel room and flopped down on its bed. Sweat from the bike ride plastered our clothes to our bodies. The cool of the room quickly took my mind off the heat outside and allowed it to wander towards the girl next to me. Amelie laid back with her eyes closed, absently stroking her stomach. I took the opportunity to study her curvaceous body uncensored.

We had been travelling together for a week now. We’d met crossing over the Thai-Laos border in the north. At first I thought she was much older than my 20 year old self, and perhaps English. While crammed into a small boat crossing the Mekong River to the Lao shore I started conversation asking her if she knew the name of the town we were heading to, fully knowing the answer. She replied in a French accent, turning in her seat and looking straight into my eyes. Immediately I was turned on by her confidence, beautiful emerald eyes and…well….her being French!

After a few days of heading in the same direction and on the spurious justification of cost saving we shared a room. Later that night after drinks and a few joints I asked her point blank if she had taken my offer of sharing because she wanted to fuck me. With out saying a word her sexy mouth smiled and she pushed me on to the bed. Ever since, in between sight seeing and trekking around Laos, we’d spent many hours fucking each other to delight.

Now my eyes drifted from her firm legs across her flat stomach and up to her full perky breasts. She was my desire personified – from her pretty, mischievous face crowned by thick curly hair to her fit and extremely fuckable body. I was fast becoming hard thinking about what I wanted to do to her. The hour long bicycle ride we’d just finished – largely spent distracted by Amelie’s round, tight arse squeezed into some very short shorts – did not help matters

Her eyes opened catching me staring at her chest.

‘What are you looking at!?’ she said with a laugh.

‘Mon petite beau!’ I replied with my elementary French, that she found cute in its failures and sincerity.

‘Ma petite belle you mean. I am a girl, beau is masculine. And I’m taking a shower’ she said grabbing her towel and walking to the bathroom with her hips swaying. Through the crack of the open door I watched her shed her shirt and pull down her shorts and Escort bayan panties. Her naked curves intensified the throbbing of my cock.

As the shower started I shed my clothes and stepped inside the bathroom, her back was turned. I quietly stepped under the water and wrapped my arms around her making her jump.

‘What are you doing here?’ she grinned.

‘In Australia we shower together to save water.’

‘Is that right?’

‘Yep, but I just want you.’

I kissed her shoulder, slowly sliding my tongue and lips up her neck as my hands cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples and whispered into her ear.

‘I just want to fuck you bad’

She moaned gently and her hand reached down to grip my cock.

‘Just fuck me? Oh…’ disappointment in her voice. ‘…If that’s all you want I’m leaving…’ she smiled as she took her towel and left me standing alone in the shower with my aching cock – ‘…you can at least eat me as well’ she yelled from the room.

Never one to leave a lady waiting I quickly followed to find her laid back on the bed, legs stretched out towards me, her fingers making circles on her clit. I gripped her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed lifting her legs over my shoulders. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sight and smell of her cunt – the thick curls and puffed red lips spread by my fingers, her hard clit sitting in her wetness. I dived in covering her with my lips, sucking greedily. Her sweet, tangy taste making me more desperate to fuck her to the fullest. I started to use my tongue sliding it from her clit down, then deep as it could reach into her and then sucking back up. Her breathing deepened as I sucked her clit into my mouth to give it the attention it deserved. I held it gingerly between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue.

‘Mon garçon doué’ she moaned as her hips started to buck rhythmically against my mouth.

I wrapped my tongue around her clit and looked up at her smiling face, eyes closed, hands squeezing her tits and nipples. This I knew she would love – so I sucked harder. Yet there was still something in need of attention – I slid two fingers deep into her hot tightness. Her hips started to move faster. I found her spot and rubbed hard and fast.

She was screaming now – ‘Keep sucking – KEEP SUCKING!’ – her hands held my head steady between her thighs as she moved against me though Bayan Escort I definitely didn’t want to go anywhere. Her screams shortened more and more and I was lost in her scent, taste and feel as she came on my tongue and fingers.

Without missing a beat as her orgasm subsided she moved my up on to the bed and straddled my face. She grinded her cunt against my mouth and I stretched my tongue into her. The sight was divine with her wet breasts bouncing and her lust filled eyes looking straight down into mine. I grabbed and squeezed her arse with my hands holding her still so I could use my lips to suck her cunt’s entirety. Her screams built again ‘Don’t stop- I’m … about… to… AGAIN!’ and then a rush of come flowed into my mouth and I drank her into me.

She moved off me but not to lie down wasted. She hopped over to her backpack and returned with a French brand of condoms in her hand. I smiled broadly – this type was ultra thin and when on I could feel nothing but the joys of pussy when I wore them – a nice changed from the raincoat like Australian brand I came with.

‘Only a few left – but you’re worth it…’ she said as she gripped my cock with her hand and pumped it. It was not needed as I was almost in pain from its hardness at that point. ‘…and I really NEED to fuck you now’. I could not agree more. She opened the packet and expertly took my cockhead, covered it and rolled the rubber down onto me.

I pushed her down on the bed and squatted in front of her pumping my shaft as she spread her legs wide before me. I lifted and spread them further up to her shoulders so she was completely open to get fucked hard and deep. She beamed with excitement and anticipation – she knew what was coming. I rubbed the tip of my cock in between her lips and gently, slowly edged half an inch into her and out again – back and forth, back and forth – prying her apart. Amelie was gifted with the tightest cunt I’d ever felt and I knew I was going to enjoy this.

‘Don’t tease me, vous baise délicieuse’ she begged. But with words like that how could I not? As slowly as I could bear I edged centimetres into her with some more thrusts and just when her moans begged achingly I rammed deep into her. She gasped at the shock of finally being filled. I pounded deeply and quickly using my weight to get further and further into her. She gyrated her sweat covered body back against me and kept her Escort legs wide apart so I could keep hitting the right places. I lost all track of time and place as I kept fucking hard and fast trying to keep hitting her spot. She felt hot and fantastic around my cock as we grinded away. It was almost too good to bear, but I enjoyed it to the full.

‘Do you like me fucking you hard like this Amelie?!’ I groaned.

She murmured into my ear as her fingers dug into my back and arse. I don’t know what she said but I think I was doing something right.

At last she yelled ‘I’m about to come!’ and I hammered harder yet into her and kept it up as she started to scream. Her cunt griped me tighter still as she came. I was trying desperately to keep from blowing my load as she clamped around my cock like a strong fist. She kept screaming into my ear in French: ’Vous me baisez si bon! Vous me baisez si bon!!’

Eventually she stopped deafening me and whispered ‘I want you to blow in me’. A-fucking-men I thought.

I pulled out and told her to kneel over against the headboard. She arched her back to show off her perfectly curved arse and looking around with a cheeky look on her face below her tussled curls. She parted her lips with her fingers inviting me in. I quickly slid my cock back into her super tight cunt. No teasing this time as I held her hips and pumped into her quickly. She bucked back against me and we built a rhythm

‘Just there! Baisez-moi! Fuck me FUCK’ she moaned. Her sweat covered body, her sexy voice speaking fuck crazy things and her vice like pussy were all too much and again I was fighting off an orgasm. The pressure was building like a steam train in my balls as I pushed her down on the bed pumped like a piston into her.

‘Tell me when you’re coming so I can come with you!’ I moaned. By the way she moaned back it didn’t seem it would be long. She looked around at me while holding her arse up to get fucked hard. She reached underneath between her thighs and worked her clit as I fucked the back of it.






“Oui! OUI!! I’M..CUMMMING!!”


And from the deepest depths of my balls a tidal wave of come burst into her with thick hot waves as her cunt’s spasms milked my cock. We screamed in unison, fuck knows who heard, but we were past noticing or caring as we pumped and grinded until we fell back to earth.

We collapsed on the bed. Looking at each other’s contented faces.

‘That was sensational,’ I murmured

‘Cela baisait le sensational!’

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