In-Flight Sexual Favours Ch. 01


It’s not often I get seduced on a plane. In fact this was the first and unfortunately almost certainly the only time. It was a long haul flight to New Delhi out of Heathrow. I won’t name the airline. I was in business class and she was one of the flight attendants.

This was a regular monthly flight for me. We had boarded as usual, found our private compartment seats, unpacked our bits and pieces, plugged in our phones and such like and settled down for a long, overnight flight. She was there, looking after our group of seats from the start – a dark-haired Asian girl, petite but shapely, with beautiful brown eyes and a beaming red lipstick smile – revealing her perfect white teeth.

“How are you, Sir, is there anything I can do for you?”

Her opening words were already ambiguously suggestive – at least in my imagination, if not in her intent. I looked at her, fixing on those lovely brown eyes and smiled.

“I’m in good shape right now,” I replied innocently.

“I can see you are” she smiled back looking me up and down and raising her eyebrows, “but it’s a long flight – and if you need anything at all, just ask for me, my name is Maria.”

I blushed at her complement and smiled back, wishing I had a better response than “thank you”.

I reclined my seat a little and settled back. It was too early yet to sleep, so I opened my book to read and pass the time. Maria walked past several times, on each occasion with look and a broad smile for me. She had my attention now for sure. As she walked past I checked out her cute peach-like arse which wiggled suggestively, noticed her silky stockings running up to her regulation blue skirt, and I found myself wondering what was underneath. In my fantasy she had lacy topped stockings, suspenders and a tiny pair of thongs, pushing up tightly between her pussy lips and arse. I closed my eyes and felt the inevitable swelling in my pants.

“Anything you want, Sir?”

I opened my eyes and quickly covered my crotch with my hands. A little too obviously, I guess.

“Are you comfortable enough?” she smiled.

At which point she leaned in to remove the empty cup from the arm rest on the other side of my seat. In one carefully executed manoeuvre, she grabbed the cup in her left hand, positioned her breasts within inches of my face and with her right hand gently squeezed the bulge in my pants. At which point she stood up, with a huge smile and walked away.

To say I was stunned was an understatement. My mind was racing. Escort bayan Meanwhile my cock was on a journey of its own, on auto-pilot, stiffening completely to a level of almost painful discomfort. So much for her making me feel comfortable. I looked around to see if anyone was looking, but it was dark in the cabin, the seats were very private and the only person in my line of sight – a middle aged woman across the aisle – had her sleeping mask on. Maria had known exactly what she was doing. My heart was beating madly. My cock was like a steel pole in my pants.

I took a breath and tried to collect my thoughts. Maybe this was just a tease; something she did for all the stiff cocks she spotted amongst the male passengers. But If she was intent on playing some sort of game of sexual dare, I was – literally – up for it. There was only one way to find out.

I pushed the attention button. Maria emerged from behind, stopped by my seat and stood there as if nothing has happened, smiling innocently. This time I didn’t feel the need to cover my crotch – even though my erection was pretty obvious. Which should not surprise her as she had caused it.

“I have a bit of a problem” I offered – watching her eyes as they immediately glanced at the bulge in my pants. It twitched involuntarily. She stared at the outline of my cock.

“So I see, Sir, how can I help?”

“Could you bring me a blanket?” I asked.

“Of course, Sir” she replied.

As she turned around to walk back up the aisle, I very lightly brushed the back of her thigh with the fingers of my left hand. Her stockings felt smooth and warm. She could hardly object given what she had done for me. Rather, she paused for a split second, long enough for my fingers to compete their short, sensuous journey to the top of her stockings. My imagination had been correct. No sooner had I touched the soft flesh just below her buttock than she walked away. I guess now we were even and ready for the next move.

It was several minutes before she returned with the blanket. I had reclined my seat further and put my hands down my pants to reposition my erection the best I could to make it less painful. Of course my cock soaking wet with pre-cum by now, and my fingers sticky. Whilst I was a little more comfortable, the bulge was no less evident.

Maria leaned over and pulled the blanket over my legs and stomach. I could smell her perfume and feel her warmth. As she did this, she took another opportunity to rub her hand across Bayan Escort my swelling – this time more deliberately and firmly. I sighed, there was no pretense now and I stroked her leg again with my right hand. She arranged the blanket for me, helping me undo and redo the seat belt over the top. In the process she brushed and squeezed my cock in my pants several times, whilst I caressed her thigh with my hand. I felt I could cum any moment, my cock aching for release.

“Do you have a tissue?” I asked, showing her my free, but sticky right hand. She raised her eyebrows at me.

“Sure, I will get us one” she teased. “And make yourself comfortable under your blanket, you might want to give that big thing a little more room for manoeuvre.”

I reached my hand further up her thigh and cheekily pulled at the side of her thong as she moved away. Then, I quickly fumbled like a schoolboy under my blanket, undoing my belt, unzipping and pulling my pants down, to free up my throbbing cock and tingling balls. The very act of touching myself and then the brush of the blanket on my bare penis almost made me cum. The tent it made of the blanket was rather obvious. I checked rounds again to make sure nobody was looking. Then I lay back my cock twitching and leaking, trying to think of something else, anything else, until she returned.

It seemed like a lifetime. Finally she came, smiling up the aisle with a handful of tissues. As she came closer I noticed she was now wearing a thin blue latex glove on her left hand. I was paralysed – not daring to move in case I shot my load too early. She crouched down beside me in the aisle, facing me, her skirt riding up her thigh. She looked straight at me and slipped her gloved hand under my blanket.

I was about to close my eyes to enjoy the sensation, when she opened her knees. At the same moment as she showed me a tantalising glimpse of bare skin above her stocking tops, I felt her soft fingers encircle the shaft of my pulsating cock. An electric shock flooded through from my feet, through my balls and into my stomach. She opened her legs a little wider.

I felt the relative cool of the latex on my engorged cock, as she wrapped her fingers around it a little more firmly, for a moment soothing the aching heat. But then, as she started to slide her hand up and down my erection, the climactic sensation began to build up exponentially. The flood of lubricating pre-cum was already making her hand slide easily up and down and when she slid it Escort over my hyper sensitive knob one more time, I gasped with the unbearable intensity. And then she would pause. She was an expert cock wanker for sure. All of the time she fixed me with her eyes and smiled.

Maria was crouching lower now, opening her knees even further, her skirt riding right up her legs as she did so. I could see her suspenders stretched across her lovely white thighs. Now she pulled her skirt right up with her right hand, almost around her waist freeing her legs to open even further. I stared – thrilled to realise that she had removed her thongs. That was why she has taken a while to return.

I caught a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy before her free hand slid between her legs and she slipped her extended middle finger between her lips. She was wet with her own arousal and needed to caress her clit. And then she blatantly fingered her delicious pussy, whilst simultaneously stroking my engorged cock. I pulled the blanket to one side to free it up. I didn’t care who saw me now. It was enormous with arousal and soaking wet.

She fixed my eyes again, smiled and, making a “V” with her fingers, pulled her bare pussy lips wide apart, to show me her moist, glistening pussy hole. I gasped. I wanted to fill that tight little cunt there and then. I imagined my cock opening it up and penetrating her. It was too much.

As her hand eased down for the final stroke, I shot a huge fountain of thick white cum into the air, so high that it practically went over my shoulder. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life. The next shot was just as big – and I pumped out two or three more as she released all of my pent up desire. All the time I stared at her cunt, until I was completely spent and my balls were emptied. I closed my eyes for a second, catching my breath, the blanket splattered with half of my semen, and her gloved hand coated with the rest. My cock was still jerking and throbbing.

Calmly she let go of my cock, closed her legs, smoothed down her skirt and stood up in front of me. She slipped the latex glove off her hand and dropped it in one of those bags you have in the back of every seat and folded it up. She tossed me a couple of serviettes and nonchalantly walked away down the aisle, the task complete, her work done. As if she had just served me coffee and collected the empty cup.

She left me to clean myself up and redress myself to make myself presentable. As she walked away down the aisle, she paused for a second, hitched up her skirt again and cheekily showed me her lovely bare arse, before continuing down to the front of the plane. I doubted that was the end of the matter. After all she had a moist tight cunt to be satisfied. It must be dripping.

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