In the Middle of the Night



Sarah lays awake again staring at the ceiling. She hasn’t been able to sleep properly for a few nights now but can’t place what it is. Was it work? Money? Health? Everything seemed OK but something kept her awake at night.

She rolls over and looks at the face of her boyfriend Steve. They’ve been together 2 years and only moved in a few months ago. She’s getting used to his bad habits but his snoring is getting annoying. Is this what’s keeping her awake? She gives him a kick to the thigh and he wakes up suddenly.

“W-what?!” He splutters, “what’s wrong?”

“You’re snoring again,” replies Sarah tiredly, “roll over so I can get some sleep.”

Steve does that and rolls away from Sarah. He is soon out cold again. Sarah now lays down and closes her eyes.


Sarah wakes up again, this time though it’s Steve moving in for a cuddle. He lines up next to her to spoon and Sarah starts to drift off again. The warmth of his body, his breath on her neck, his hands on her stomach; this is the way to sleep.


“Steve, stop it.”

Sarah has woken up again but this time by a very sleepy hand grabbing her right boob. She’s wearing a T-shirt and thong combination so he’s got the shirt more than her boob but it’s still enough to wake her and now she has the added discomfort of being poked in the back by his cock through his boxers. She grabs his hand, clasps it with herself and waits until his subconscious gets the message. He stops moving aside from his chest raising up and down and Sarah tries to sleep again.


Steve is doing it again, this time though he’s managed to get underneath her t-shirt and has her boob in his hand, squeezing and massaging it. She tries to get his hand off again but this time he’s slipped his other arm underneath her body and his other hand on her other boob. He’s holding on tight and playing with both her 36c tits.

“Steve,” she tries to wake him and is struggling against his strength, “wake up and let go.”

It doesn’t hurt, in fact it feels good but she wants to sleep now right up until she feels him kissing the back of her neck. One of her favourite places to be kissed, she resists less and lets him have his way. He’s more tender now and without Escort bayan saying a word has gone from trying to hold her down to being a soft, gentle teddy bear of a man who fondles her breasts gently and making her nipples hard whilst gently kissing her down her neck and to her shoulders.

Sarah moans slightly and gives in, she can feel herself getting wet and her legs open up slightly. Sensing this, Steve pulls himself closer so she can feel how hard he is.

“OK honey,” she says lustily, “you win.” And with that she reaches down and slides his cock out of his boxers and towards her moist panties. She now moves the thong to one side and guides him in, after all, his hands are still full.

Steve’s 7 inches is long and hard enough to enter her but only the tip from this position. It’s enough to make Sarah moan though as the throbbing head on her g-spot feels amazing. Steve isn’t moving much so Sarah grinds him and tries to get more of him insideher, she manages another inch and uses him to pleasure herself. As she gets faster, he slips out and Sarah tries to put his cock back in but try as she might he keeps slipping out.

“Fuck this,” she says and pushes him onto his back. Throwing the covers off she straddles him and with her thong still moved to one side she guides him inside her wet pussy, enjoying every inch as he enters her.

She closes her eyes and starts to ride him, sliding herself up and down on his cock. He’s still not doing much but that must be because he’s just woken up and can’t believe his luck. Sarah continues to ride but now leans back and lets her hips and legs take the work so she can play with her clit. It’s begging for attention and Steve’s useless at multitasking.

“You just lay there,” she purrs, and let me ride you.”

She leans back and rubs her clit hard. Normally, she likes a slow build but right now she’s so horny thanks to her boyfriend’s nocturnal urges that she just wants to cum so she can go to sleep happy. She moans louder and she gently bobs up and down on his manhood and rubs her clit up and down.

“Oh yeah,” she gasps, “oh fuck, fuck ffffff…ooooohhh!” And she stops as her whole body tenses up and she climaxes on top of Steve.

“Wow,” she says and tries Bayan Escort to ride his cock again but notices it isn’t hard anymore. She climbs off and grabs it with her hand before realizing what has happened. Her hand is now covered in his hot white spunk though most of that is probably inside her now.

“Oh honey,” she says, “never mind, at least I got to cum too.”

Sarah lays down and cuddles up to her boyfriend, after a few seconds she feels his breath once again this time on top of her long brown hair.


Sarah is awake again but this time it’s the sun that’s woken her. It shines through the window and reveals that their bedding now needs changing. There’s white stains everywhere where the cum from the impromptu session has dried and both of them have rolled over in the night.

Steve now faces away from Sarah and is still asleep, wearing his boxers still Sarah notices a bulge. Morning wood. She decides to return the favour only this time it’s all for him. She cuddles up behind him and he grunts a response. Her left hand though quickly slides into his boxers and finds a semi hard and still sticky cock which quickly gets hard as she fondles it.

“Mmm, morning sexy,” Steve moans as he wakes up, “sleep well?”

Sarah decides to play the mute this time, to play Steve’s game like he did a few hours previously. He rolls over to give her better access and she takes advantage by removing his boxers and throwing them across the room. Sarah starts to stroke all 7 inches of now hard and dripping cock as Steve lays there with one arm behind his head, enjoying what he’s seeing.

When he’s hard enough Sarah starts to reposition herself to below his waistline so she can look him right in the eyes as she puts his cock in her mouth.

“Oh yes,” says Steve, “this is how you wake up.”

Sarah sucks on the tip and then strokes faster she licks his balls with the tip of her tongue as she slides her hand up and down.

“Fuck,” moans Steve, “what did I do to deserve this? Don’t stop, oh god.”

Sarah loves to hear Steve moaning with pleasure but he said nothing last night so she’s determined to make him say her name now when he cums. She slows down so she can take his cock in her mouth Escort again. Her tongue is licking the underside of his shaft as she bobs her head up and down and she can feel him tensing up.

“Oh fuck Sarah, I’m going to cum,” says Steve, his voice like his body gets tenser.

Sarah takes her head off his cock and uses both hands now to stroke, making sure every inch is getting treatment. Steve moans louder and his hips rise as he’s about to cum again.

“Oh Sarah!” He shouts, knowing she loves that. His hot white spunk quiets out of the top of his exposed purple head covering Sarah’s hands and Steve’s crotch. She keeps stroking making sure every last drop of this orgasm is taken before he stops her.

Sarah gives Steve a wry smile as he lays out of breath before getting up to have a shower.

“Give me 10 minutes,” she says, “and you can have one too. It looks like you need to clean up.”


Steve comes back into the bedroom and finds Sarah taking the bedding off. Both of them have showered and cleaned themselves of his cum from both sessions, him from the outside and her from the inside.

As she bends over to put the sheet on he lightly smacks her arse, the cheek still exposed by a new clean thong she’s wearing

“Morning beautiful,” says Steve who then turns her sound and kisses her on the lips. It’s not a lust filled deep tongue kiss, more a greeting by two long term partners. Steve helps finish putting the fresh sheet on the bed by tucking in opposite corner to the one Sarah is now tending to.

“So what did I do to deserve such a fantastic wake up this morning,” Steve asks with a grin.

“Come on now,” replies Sarah, “you don’t have to play dumb anymore you know what you did.”

Steve thinks for a moment, “was it me doing the laundry?”

“No,” replies Sarah playfully.

“Cooking dinner?” He guesses.

“No, though I’m appreciative of that too.”

Steve looks genuinely puzzled by what he did, “Sarah, I honestly don’t know then.”

Sarah now looks confused, “what we or more specifically did in the middle of the night?” she tries to hint, “come on Steve I know you’re memory is bad sometimes but surely you remember waking up last night to fuck me?”

“I never woke up in the middle of the night”, he says thoughtfully, “though I did have a very horny dream last night that you rode me.”

Sarah laughs and comes over to put her arms around her boyfriend’s waist.

“That my darling,” she says, “was not a dream.”

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