Incest is Best…


Incest is Best… Put My Sisters To The Test!

I came home after a 50 mile bike ride one day and found my sisters had come for a visit.

This was no big deal, as they often would come home.

Y’see, Megan and Nora moved out shortly after they graduated from college. This left me alone in the big house with only Mom to talk to. Mom and I have gotten along great, ever since Dad moved out to live with his little chippy girlfriend. Dad always was an asshole!!!

But my sisters are two beautiful girls:

Megan is 5 feet tall and has straight, medium-dark brown hair, which she wears down past her soft, pale shoulders. The part of Meg that most guys’ve always noticed is her bust-line: 34D!!! We always teased Meg about her big boobs when we were growing up. She’s a skinny little kid with these big breasts that just grab a young man’s attention and hold it for hours. She’s also got blue eyes, narrow hips and a really tight ass that has always appealed to the boys, too!

Nora, at 5 foot 1, with her long raven-black hair is also a knock-out! Nora’s got the most beautiful smile in the world! She’s got dark brown eyes and a dark complexion that give her a stunning beauty. Her breasts are perfectly proportioned for her skinny frame. She’s a 34A, which is great because she is a gymnast at college. She’s “the one with the big butt,” as she likes to put it. It’s just that she uses her muscles in her gymnastics so much and her glutes are so well developed that they look a bit big for her slender, little body.

Meg and “No-No” have been my closest friends all my life. I am the oldest kid, at 24. “Meg-o” is the typical middle-child: At 22, Megan has been the peace-maker when Nora and I would fight. And we DID fight! Real tooth-and-nail fights, too! But that was some time ago. Nora, the baby-sister, is 20 and, at times, has been the coolest kid, or the biggest bitch, that I have ever met!!!

“What’s up, Guys?” I asked of my sisters.

“Oh, we just thought you’d like some company…,” Megan said.

“Yeah, we just heard about you breaking up with Suzanne,” Nora said.

Suzanne had been my girlfriend in 7th grade. My lover in college and my fiancee` for the past 3 years. She and I had just had the biggest fight of our young lives; and afterwards, words were exchanged! We called each other things that we shouldn’t have… Now, she was gone.

I was really depressed.

At least I had my family to console me.

“C’mon, big Bubber! Let’s go do something fun,” Nora grinningly said to me. She always called me “Bubber” when she was a kid. And it still elicits a smile from me!

She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then stared at me, still grinning…

I knew she wouldn’t give up or go away until I gave in, so, of course, I said, “OK, already!”

We both got up from the bright red couch in the living room and walked across the plush, sand-yellow carpeting into the dining room, where Meg and Mom were sitting at the table discussing Meg’s current boyfriend, Digger. Apparently, Digger was a dog who was screwing another girl while he was dating my sister. Mom was certainly the one to empathize with THAT problem. She’d stayed married to our dad for almost 25 years. Dad was a dog, too!!!

Well, I had vowed never to do that to a woman I loved! I just hoped Suze would forgive me and be THAT woman…

“OK, where are we going?” I asked my sisters.

“Out!” they both said in reply.

They picked out an appropriate outfit, from my closet, for me to wear. They always had a better fashion sense than I. Heck, I’d just assume wear sweat-pants and t-shirts everywhere I went, but not tonight. No, the girls had something different planned for me…

They’d selected my white, with black spots, “Cartoon Cow” shirt (so named because, while doing a stand-up comedy performance, a heckler, friend of mine commented that the shirt looked like a cartoon cow) and some really cool, pleated, Khaki-green pants with matching suspenders. My red socks and banana-yellow hightops rounded out my ensemble. I must say, I looked snazzy! I figured a dab of my sisters’ favorite cologne would heighten my chances of meeting a babe and getting laid that evening!

The girls looked fabulous, as usual!

Megan was wearing an old, vintage, Flapper’s dress from the 1920’s. It was a peach colored, beaded, short dress, cut just above her knees. She also wore these cute, pink, open-toed sandals with one inch heels that lifted her tight ass up just enough to give me a hard-on!

Nora was wearing a classy LBD (Little Black Dress) with matcing 2-inch, “fuck me” pumps that made her look like Mata Hari in heat. And her red lipstick and long flowing hair pulled to one side, set my baby sister’s look off, as if to say, “Hi, big boy… Wanna fuck, here, on the spot?”

Nora got a whiff of my cologne and swooned. She always gets high when she smells it! And, tonight, I was glad of that fact!!!


The girls would not tell me where we were going. All they said was to relax…the Side escort night was on them! I was also to think of myself as their “pimp” for the night. They were going to be my “hookers!”

Wow, I thought to myself, as I decided to go along with whatever they had planned.

We pulled our car into a really nice restaurant’s parking lot. This place was very ritzy. BIG $$$! Nora had dated the Maitre’D` and the Chef, at different times, of course, so we had no problem getting a great table. Luckily she had ended both relationships on good terms with both guys, or we would NOT have gotten in the parking lot, much less the best table in the house!

The meal was sumptuous. Megan and I watched Nora make google eyes at the Maitre’D` all thru’ the meal, tho’. We would roll our eyes back and forth to each other then break out laffing. Nora would look up and say, “What?” Meg and I would just giggle to each other–until Nora got the hint and gave us her undivided attention.

“So, what’s up for tonight?” I asked. “What’s with dinner? Why are you two being so nice to me? What are you building up to?”

I kept up the interrogation until Megan said, “Can’t we just take our ‘favorite’ brother out to dinner without there being an ulterior motive?”

Then it hit me. “OK, how much money do you need?” I asked as I reached for my wallet.

“No, no, really! We just wanted to take you out for dinner,” Nora said, putting her hand on my arm in a comforting manner.

“Really?” I asked. “You’re not fucking with me?”

“No, honestly…” Megan said, “At least, not yet…”


We left the restaurant, at Midnight, and drove to a nite club for some dancing. Swing music was playing at the club! Megan and I had been dance partners, ever since we took a class in college together. We were actually pretty good at it, too!

The band was really wailin’ that night, boy, let me tell ya’! Meg and I just hopped right onto the floor at the beginning of “Caravan,” by Duke Ellington! The crowd was charged with electricity as we shimmied, shook and strutted across the floor! Nora found a partner and joined us. We all had a great time!!!

Around three in the AM we were still charged with energy that would not calm down! But the club was closing… *Darn!* Which meant we’d have to find another outlet for our hyper-activity! When one of the girls suggested that we go down to the beach, I jumped at the chance to get out of my clothes right away, and started to take off my shoes and socks. Nora’s dance partner said it was a good idea, too, so off we went, as Megan steered the car toward Clearwater Beach and the Gulf of Mexico.

Once we’d parked the car and walked down to the water’s edge, Nora’s new friend excused himself when he saw some friends from his dorm. We bid him good night and continued our walk along the beach. With our shoes off, we walked and talked about our lives, jobs, friends, and just about anything else we could think of.

When the subject of “who we were sleeping with” came up, I started to get a little aroused as my little sisters spared no details of their intimate encounters with the boys in their lives!

They both looked at me, asking what my relationship with Suzanne had been like, before our “falling out.” I hesitated and they could see that it was a sore subject. But I wanted to tell them. Partly, to get it off my chest, and partly to make them a little wet between their legs, because I knew that many of the things that Suze and I did were things that neither of them would ever THINK of, much less DO!

I told the girls of the wild nights Suze and I had had, fucking on the very beach that we were walking on. And of the different positions that we’d tried. When I told them about anal sex, they got really interested. I’d figured that niether of them had ever tried it. Megan said that Digger had approached her with the idea, one night, and she said she’d think about it, but, just as she was ready to try it, she’d caught him in bed with her friend!

I was sorry for her relationship problems and told her so. She just shrugged her shoulders and hugged me around my chest (she’s 8 inches shorter than me) and started crying. I comforted her, like a big brother, and Nora came over to help out, too.

We all had a good cry, standing there, on the beach, then realized it was four o’clock in the morning!

“Enough of this wishy-washy shit,” we said to each other and walked back to the car. Along the way, we hugged, kissed and squeezed each others’ shoulders, necks and whatever else we could playfully grab onto!

We got back to the car, drove home and, quietly entered the house, as we didn’t want to wake up Mom.

We said our “Good Nights” and went to our respective rooms to get ready for bed. We all happened to meet in the bathroom, to brush teeth, wash faces and pee. We said good night again and I went into my room and closed my door.


About 15 minutes later, I heard footsteps walking across the hallway floor. Escort side The house we lived in was very old so anyone could be heard walking around at night because the floors creaked as if the house had arthritis. I figured one of the girls had to go to the bathroom, until I heard a knock on my door.

“Can I come in?” Nora asked, thru’ the door.

“Sure, Kiddo. What’s the matter?” I said, as she came in and closed the door behind her.

“All this talk about sex and stuff, got me itchy,” she said, wiggling her shoulders in her purple “Snoopy” night-shirt.

“OK, I’ll scratch your back,” I said, rubbing her between her shoulder blades.

I could see her skin get goose-bumps as I continued rubbing my fingers across her back.

Then she shocked the hell out of me by saying, “No, that’s not where it itches. It itches down here.” She lifted up her shirt and pointed to her bare pussy!!!

“Nora…” I started to say, but when she put her mouth over mine, trying to kiss me, or quiet me so as not to wake up Mom, I instantly got a hard-on!

Nora said, “C’mon, Bubber, I saw your dick get hard while we talked. I want you to make me cum. I’ve never done it before.” She looked at me, pouting. I have always been a sucker for her pouty little looks! I still can’t say NO to her when she does that…

“Alright, but be quiet. I don’t want to wake up Meg or Mom,” I said, whispering to my, now-naked, baby sister.

She climbed under the covers with me and laying next to me, started to stroke my erect penis. It started to hurt a bit because her hands were dry, so I grabbed some cocoa butter from my nightstand and asked her to rub some on my cock.

“AHHH,” was all I said, then, as she continued her ministrations on my growing meat.

Nora said to me, “I learned how to do this from watching you. I used to love watching you play with yourself. You’d get all nice and hard and it would be so big and smooth and red. And then you’d get so quiet just before you’d shoot your cum all over your chest and belly! I always wanted to run up to you and lick it off your body. I used to get so excited, I’d have to go to my bedroom and put my fingers in my pussy-hole until I felt better! But, I don’t think I’ve ever, actually, cum. Even when I’d do myself. I know none of the boys I’ve been with have made me cum. That’s why I want you to show me how to do it!”

I know I probably shouldn’t have, but she was so sincere and cute. Plus there was that darn pout of hers, again.

I told her I’d help, but she had to be quiet!

I rolled her over, onto her back and told her to hold her knees up to her chest. I then got up to turn a light on…I wanted her to see what I was doing to her, so she could teach her boyfriends how to make her cum.

We started by rubbing her nipples. She’d never had this done to her. I asked her if I could suck on them and she said OK, if I wanted to. I just looked at her firm, little breasts for a minute. God, but she had cute breasts! They were tan with big, rose colored nipples and I knew that I could get a whole one into my mouth! When I did, she almost screamed from the pleasure! I put my hand over her mouth and continued to suck, lick, nibble and kiss her little buds. She started to shake, all over, then. I told her to go with it, that she was having an orgasm!

“Really?” she asked incredulously, gasping for air.

“Uh huh,” I told her, as she looked at me with an amazed look on her pretty face!

I then stroked my finger across her torso, and licked her belly button. This got a squeal from her. She told me to do that again and I did… Same squeal. (She was so cute!)

I moved my lips and tongue further down her body. I could feel the heat emanating from her tight, little, neglected hole and figured that she really didn’t need much more forplay or teasing, so I ran my tongue right over her vaginal folds. When I pulled apart her lips, I could see her little clit sticking out. (Everything about her was cute! Even her little clitoris was the cutest clitoris I’ve ever seen!) I had to taste her…

“MMMMMMMMM, Nora… You’re so sweet! What is it about you that I can’t resist?” I asked, between licks of her flowing pussy.

She just giggled and moaned…and giggled and moaned again, as she started to cum for the second time.

Just then, the door opened and we heard Megan say, “Hey, would you guys be quiet in hee– What the fuck are you two doing in here?”

Nora and I froze! We didn’t know what Megan would think about us fooling around. We needn’t have worried, tho’ because she asked if she could “join in on the party.”

She took her nightgown off, then pulled her panties down and jumped into bed with us, saying, “What’d I miss?”

Nora said, “I just had my first and second cum!”

“Oh, yeah?” Meg asked, “How was it?”

“Really great,” Nora sighed.

“I’ll give you one, if you’ll be quiet,” I quietly yelled at my oldest sister!

“Relax,” Megan continued, “Mom can’t hear us, anyway. She’s such a sound sleeper. Side escort bayan Plus, ever since she went to see David Bowie in concert, she’s been partially deaf. So, I don’t think we could wake her up, without some high explosives, if we wanted to…”

This was true!

But I still wanted to keep it quiet. The sky would be getting light in under an hour, and I had to get to work that morning.

I told Megan to show Nora how to make herself cum. So Megan spread herself out on my twin bed and Nora and I watched as Megan stroked her hairy little slit to a climax!

When she settled down, Megan looked at my erection and asked if I would take her anal cherry! I told her I would, but I still wanted to fuck Nora’s little cunt hole!!!

Nora got on her hands and knees and stuck her little ass up for me to lick. She even had a cute asshole!

I grabbed my hard cock and placed the big, mushroom shaped head at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed it in, just a little bit, until just the head was inside her vagina. It felt so warm and tight and “cute” in there, I almost came right then. Maybe Nora sensed this, because she pushed back enough to get my attention off of my orgasm and back on fucking her twat!

I started to thrust my hips against Nora’s ass, as I plowed into her cunt-flesh! With each thrust my balls would swing and bump into her clit, giving her some extra jolts to her well-fucked body! She started cumming at that point, screaming my name, over and over, again!

Meanwhile, I instructed Megan to grab my swinging balls and rub them, gently. This always makes me cum when Suzanne has done it! It worked this time, too! I grunted and pushed into Nora with all my might, wanting to get as much of myself into my baby sister as physically possible!!

“GNNAAAAHHHHH!!!” I screamed, as I blasted a huge load of love sauce into her warm, wanting hole!

My ejaculation caused her to cum again. The spasms from her vaginal walls were keeping my dick from going soft, so when I pulled out of her pussy and bumped the head of my dick into her clit, she had another orgasm and passed out from sheer pleasure!

Megan had, meanwhile, started to rub the cocoa butter into her anus. I helped her, too, by working one, then two fingers into her hole. Her sphincter began to loosen up as she became accustomed to my fingers in her most private of places!

My cock was still slick from my cum mixed with a thick layer of Nora’s juices. I stuck my dick head against Megan’s puckered hole and told her to push back when she was ready.

“I can’t do it! I’m afraid it’ll hurt…” she whined.

Nora and I started telling her words of encouragement.

“You can do it, Megan.” “C’mon, you’ll like it.” “If I can take his dick in my cunt, you can take it in your big asshole, you asshole!” When we said that last thing, Megan got pissed off and pushed her ass back against my cock.

Once the head popped into and past her sphincter muscle, she said it felt good. “It feels kinda’ full…like it should feel this way all the time!” Then she said, “Push it in, Brother. Push it in, all the way!!”

She wanted me to push it in faster, further, harder, deeper… We started bucking together, in perfect rhythm. Almost like we were dancing back at the club, earlier that night!!!

Because I had cum in Nora’s cunt already, I figured I’d be able to prolong my ejaculation for at least a half hour. What I didn’t count on was Nora, asking if I wanted her to stick her finger in my anus to rub my prostate. When I asked how she knew what that was, she said she saw it on TV. Dr. Ruth had done a segment about “the male G-spot.” I said ok, if she lubed up her finger first!

She grabbed the jar of cocoa butter, got a big glop of the stuff on her fingers and pressed her middle finger into MY anal opening! I tried to relax, when I asked her if she knew what she was looking for.

“Nope. I haven’t a clue! But you’ll be the first to know when I find it, though, won’t you?” she said, like a total smart-ass!!!

Meanwhile, Megan had started cumming when I reached around and started to rub her clitoris!!!

“OHH, God! You feel so big back there,” Megan uttered through clenched teeth!

“If it hurts, Megan, I’ll pull out,” I said, out of concern for her comfort.

“No, no. It feels great just where it is! Leave it there for a bit, please?” Megan begged, between gasps.

I extended both arms and grabbed Megan’s soft breasts. Taking her hard, distended nipples between thumb and forfinger, I pulled them both down and out, away from her body. This caused her to feel a very small bit of pain at first, but then she said to do it again. “I’m so close, please! Pinch my nipples again! That felt so good!!”

So I did just that…and she came!

As I started to pull out of Megan’s ass, Nora had finally found what she’d wanted all along! My prostate!! She rubbed it, very gently, almost not at all, at first. But with increasing pressure, she started really rubbing it. Fast, hard, deep. She rubbed it for a minute and when I couldn’t stand it any more, I shoved my cock into Meg’s ass three more times, as Nora’s finger caused my dick to swell inside Megan’s asshole, even more than before, and I blew my second huge load of semen, deep into Megan’s abdomen!!!

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