Inspired by an Xham friend


Inspired by an Xham friendwe had been exchanging some fantasies online to one another. She is an incredibly sexy BBW in my area that has a sex drive to match. We had decided that it would be fun to meet and play together in person. I booked a small hotel room and waited for her to meet me. When she showed up, she was wearing a sort skirt and low cut top to show off her amazing cleavage. I invited her in and we exchanged some coy smiles. Then I asked her to sit on the edge of the bed and I walked up to her and pushed her legs open to me. Standing right in front of her with her lefts open, I slid off my shirt and she slowly reached up and rubbed my hairy chest with her soft hands. My dick was instantly hard from the touch of her. I reached down and started to pull off her top to see that she came with no bra on. Her amazing breasts revealed her erect nipples and all I could do was imagine how warm and wet her pussy was. She then proceeded to unbuckle my belt so my pants could drop down to the floor. She then scooted back to the head of the bed and pulled up her skirt. I saw she also had no panties on and she smiled at me with a devilish grin. I dropped my underwear and hoped on my knees on the bed and began rubbing my dick. She teased me a little by rubbing her legs and sliding her hand between her super sexy thighs with her legs closed türbanlı bingöl escort and began rubbing her clit. Then she opened up and showed me her amazingly wet hairy pussy. It was so hot watching her play with herself moaning a little and relaxing into her pleasure. I sped up my jerking as I had a front row seat to her working herself up. She asked me what I liked and I said I would love to feel her thighs a little. She said it was ok, but asked not to touch her pussy. As I approached her, she slid off her skirt so we were both totally naked. I started at her feet slowly rubbing my hands up her legs and worked up to her inner thighs. They were so soft I could not help but grab my dick again and jerk it some more as she continued playing with her pussy. She again started putting a few fingers in and then rubbing her clit. I could see she was getting more and more comfortable and said she liked the way I looked at her. I asked if it would be ok if I could smell her pussy a little while she rubbed and she said it was ok. I put my face between her thighs and she brought her legs in close on my head. Her warm legs covered my ears and I took in a few deep breaths of her delicious pussy sent. She took both hands and opened up her pussy real wide for me to see and smell here with türbanlı bingöl escort bayan her legs wide open. I kept jerking with one hand and slid the other under one of her ass cheeks and gave it a squeeze. It was so big and soft I let out a huge moan as I was edging my dick close to orgasm. She then sat up and said “let me bend over for you”. So I sat back and watched her drive her fingers into her wet pussy while wiggling her sexy ass. Then she pulled her ass cheeks open and said “smell my asshole”. I leaned forward and took another deep breath exhaling on her asshole and pussy. My dick was so hard I could barley contain myself. She then rolled back over and began to play again for me. Rubbing her big tits and wet pussy, she was moaning louder and louder. I sat back and watched the show as she brought herself nearly to orgasm twice. I could see a little bit of cum start to leak out of her pussy as she was pulling her fingers out ever once and awhile. I then asked if she wanted me to lick her a little and she said nothing and closed her eyes with ecstasy. Then to my delight she said, “ok, you can lick me a little but I dont normally do this”. I leaned down and started kissing her left knee. Then working my way down kissing her thigh real slow, I put my hand on her other türbanlı escort bingöl thigh. Slowly rubbing her leg I pushed up her legs and dove into her pussy. She took both hands and opened up her wet lips for my warm tongue. I licked up and down, up and down. Spinning my tongue on her clit and then back down her pussy hole. She let out a moan obviously enjoying what I was doing to her body. She scooted down a bit and pulled her legs up so I could lick down to her asshole, which I did and she started to shake a little. Then she was rubbing her clit while I ran my tongue back and forth between her pussy and ass giving her the best head I have ever given someone. She started begging me not to stop as she was rubbing her clit real fast. I slid two fingers into her pussy while licking her when she let out a big moan and started squirting on my face. It was the first time I had squirt in my face and I was loving every bit of it. I had cum in my mouth and on my face and I kept on licking as she kept moaning from her orgasm. I looked up and her whole body was laid out with her eyes closed, tits out, legs in the air and shaking from her orgasm. I pulled up, rubbed some of her cum off my face and with my wet hand started jerking my dick real fast. I pulled up close in between her legs and she looked into my eyes. Then I unloaded a huge cum-shot on her sexy belly. She stared rubbing in all over her belly and tits and licked her fingers a little. I instantly fell into her arms with my dick sill pulsing and rubbing up on her wet pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we laid there post orgasm for a minute or two. After a bit, we decided to shower together and clean on another off….

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