Introduction to Miss Amy – Finale


I’m lying in complete darkness on the damp mattress that I’ve been left with. The only sounds I hear are the occasional groans of the house, almost as if it’s breathing. I’m physically and mentally exhausted and there isn’t a single spark of energy left in my broken body. Saliva runs out of my mouth into a puddle and I make no effort whatsoever to try and control it.

My asshole spasms a few times every minute followed by an almost nervous twinging of my cock which has been somewhat shrivelled by both the cold and my previous encounter with Miss Claire, Miss Hannah and Miss Amy. I lost track of time a while ago and now I can’t work out if it has been days, weeks or even months since arriving at this house. For a while there had been endless trains of thoughts whizzing through my mind but now…there was silence. My brain feels like the white static that appears on a television when it isn’t receiving a signal!

Out of the corner of my eye I notice the approaching glow of a light from underneath the door. There are no footsteps, no voices, no noises whatsoever that would lead me to believe that anybody was even standing outside my door were it not for the fact that the walls of my small room are now visible to me, something that had not been the case only moments ago.

The familiar sound of a key turning the lock and the sharp clicking noise of the handle aren’t enough to convince me that moving to see who is there would be a smart move. The figure approaches me, their pale, naked skin appearing slightly orange due to the flickering light of the candle. As they place it on the floor in front of my bed and turn around to close the door I notice the same tattoo I had spotted before: ‘ACHE’. The word is written across her leg like some sort of brand but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little relieved by the fact that it was her and not one of the others. I still don’t know what her name is.

She crouches down beside me, clearly understanding that my desire to move is non-existent. I feel her warm hand as it rubs my arm in a comforting manner. “I’ve been where you are. I…” she says in an empathic tone which convinces me that she has genuinely been where I am…perhaps quite literally. Whoever this girl is, she actually sounds like she can relate to what I’m going through. I almost want to nestle into her body as she continues to stroke my arm. “I wish that I could tell you that the worst was over…I wish that I could promise you that it will all be worth it…I wish…” she cuts off again, perhaps taking a moment to find the strength within herself to continue.

Shaking off whatever emotion she had just displayed and removing her hand from my arm, she instead places it on the side of my face. My shivering and cold body is drawn into her like a moth to a flame. “What I can tell you is that Miss Emily isn’t like the other three. She wants to meet you now so I’ve been sent to get you ready.” I almost feel a sense of loss as she stands up, breaking contact between my face and her hand. “I hope that you have the strength to follow me right now! I promise you that coming with me willingly will make the experience easier for both of us!”

My body doesn’t appear willing to follow this woman but my mind realises that the easy road is definitely the smart one to take. I manage to push my body up and eventually stand, the candlelight now revealing how damaged and broken my body looks. I follow the woman through the house, once again ending up in a shower. The warmth of the water as it runs across my body is almost orgasmic, a word and feeling that is rife with negative connotations and experiences now. This woman, who is still little more than a stranger to me, cleans my body as I bask in the water. Just as I’m considering asking her name, she tells me “My name is Seven, by the way. I’m sure you’ll be given your new name soon enough as well!” Seven? Clearly the dehumanising nature of this house and its occupants extends as far as removing even the names of its victims. “Just enjoy your shower” Seven tells me, wiping her soapy hands on a nearby towel, “I’ll be back in a moment”.

The warm water continues to cascade across my face and drip over my body. If somebody gave me the option to never ever leave this shower, I’d take it without as much as a second of hesitation. I hear the door opening behind me and I’m once again staring into the eyes of this stranger: both of us naked, both of us bruised, both of us trapped. She walks over to me and guides my body with her hands. She turns me to face the wall and guides both of my hands so that they are pressed flatly against the surface. “Spread your legs a little” she tells me, “a little more”.

My feet are now shoulder width apart and I almost feel like I’m about to be searched. Instead, she stands behind me with her pelvis pressed firmly against my bare ass and her hands wrapped around me. One is flat against my stomach while the other caresses my face. She leans in and whispers in my ear “close your eyes and relax. You have my word that everything is going to be ok…don’t be scared!” istanbul escort With that she steps back and releases my body.

There is a comfort in her words that I haven’t felt in a long time. I trust her entirely despite knowing absolutely nothing about her. I feel a twitch in my cock but it isn’t so much from arousal but rather from an emotional connection. For the first time since meeting Miss Amy, I feel like I’m more than just a toy to be used. I actually feel…human!

Her hands grasp my shoulders as she begins to dig her thumbs into my shoulder blades, massaging each strand of muscle with precision and dedication. Each wave of pressure offered by her thumbs is simultaneously matched with her fingers. My eyes practically roll back in my head and one of my hands falls from the wall out of sheer relaxation. She grabs my arm and lifts it back up to the wall, indicating that it should stay put. After a few moments her hands work down my back and end up at my waist. She applies less pressure and instead runs her nails along my waistline, teasing the skin in such a hypnotic fashion that my eyelids begin to close and for a moment my head even drops forward.

She lets out a playful giggle, clearly watching me as I practically fall asleep in the shower. Her hands wrap around my body again: one hand on my stomach and the other one on my chest her warm embrace sends shivers through my body. Something feels different but right now, I don’t care what it is. I’m going to enjoy this moment! She whispers in my ear “keep your eyes closed” and then turns my body around so that I’m facing her. As she pulls me in for the embrace, I wrap my hands around her body in the same manner as she is doing to me. If this hug lasted forever, I’d be the happiest person on Earth. I then become aware of the difference…there is a penis pressing against the inside of my leg…and it isn’t mine. Evidently, the person I’m hugging is not Seven.

My eyes are open and I try to pull away to see which of the women I’m embracing but she has a tight grip on my body and I just don’t have the energy to escape. She pulls me in tighter and continues to whisper in my ear, “Relax…” she tells me as she strokes the back of my head with one hand, “I’m not going to hurt you…I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Those words act almost as a trigger and my body goes limp and falls back into the hug. She isn’t here to hurt me? She isn’t going to do anything against my will? I can only assume that this is Miss Emily, the Dominant power Seven mentioned earlier. Nervously, I wrap my hands around her body and fully lean into the embrace once again. In the off chance that this meeting was going to end badly, I figure I may as well enjoy this portion while it lasts. Still whispering she tells me, “You’ve probably guessed by now but I’m Miss Emily. It is lovely to meet you!”

She reaches behind me and turns the shower off and proceeds to release me from the hug. Grabbing my hand instead, she leads me to the door where two plain white bath robes now hang. For the first time I get chance to see Miss Emily…and her body is just as magnificent (if not more) than the others. Her jet black hair is short and hangs only slightly lower than her ears. Her body is slim, pale and smooth. I’m so preoccupied by her body that I barely notice her handing me one of the robes. She smiles, even laughs a little, when she realises that my attention is on her and not the robe. As we wrap ourselves up in matching robes, she takes me by the hand and leads my down the corridor, not speaking a single word to me as we go. I can feel the softness of her hands and each individual finger as it slots almost perfectly into mine.

Miss Emily leads me to a dimly lit room: the curtains are drawn, there are a few lit candles scattered around the room, and the fireplace built into one side of the room boasts a beautiful and flickering fire. The room feels warm and inviting and the dark red sofa that I find myself sitting on feels like the most comfortable sofa ever created. It’s a two-seat sofa but Miss Emily and I are practically sharing one spot. She leans over to a small table and as if by magic, brings back two glasses of champagne.

As she hands me a glass she smiles with such admiration that my mind can’t help but wonder if this is all a set up. Her hand lowers and rests on my leg which is on display due to a gap in the robe. “Cheers!” she says in a voice so soft that I feel like it wraps around my body like a blanket: worming into my mind to offer a comforting energy. She casually lifts the glass to her bare lips and takes a sip, closing her eyes as she does so.

I lift the glass to my lips and savour the sweet taste of the champagne; the bubbles bursting against my lips, tickling them ever so slightly. I can feel the warmth from the fire against the exposed skin on my legs, the flames dancing with one another. “I want you to be able to feel relaxed around me” Miss Emily explains, her fingernails tracing lightly along my thigh. “You can tell me to slow Escort Anadolu Yakası down, you can tell me to stop, you can even ask me to leave if you would like. This evening is yours and I want you to enjoy yourself!” She takes another drink from her glass, appearing to savour the flavour and sensations as much as I do.

Miss Emily shuffles a little closer to me, her hand reaching behind my back as she rests it along the back of the sofa, resting softly on my shoulder. I decide that I should probably say something, tell her that I appreciate everything that has happened this evening already: “I…” Her finger lands on my lips and stops me before I can utter a single other word.

“Ah, ah, ah…hush now!” She drags her finger over my lips, staring me directly in the eyes, not so much as blinking and then lifts her finger slowly to her lips and slides it into her mouth, savouring the taste of my lips as much as she had her champagne. She closes her eyes briefly, sucking on the finger ever so slightly before pulling it out again, returning to her deep and seductive eye contact. I find myself sipping away at my champagne, not entirely sure where to look or what to do.

I can feel Miss Emily’s eyes staring deep into my soul and despite it being intimidating, I can’t help but feel warm and almost fuzzy. As I lower the glass, I hold it in both hands and simply stare into the flames as they jump and leap as if trying to escape the house through the chimney. Another shuffle in my direction has Miss Emily and I sharing one cushion and I can feel each breath as it passes between her lips.

Her nails are still tracing up and down my thigh, reaching a little higher every so often and I begin to wonder whether I would have the courage to actually tell her to stop if it did go beyond my comfort level…and at what point I would want her to stop, if at all. After all, sexual intimacy and activity had been swapped out for abuse over the last few days.

Miss Emily pulls my head slightly towards her with such a tiny amount of force that for a moment I am convinced that the movement was entirely my own doing. Her lips are now so close to my skin that I can actually feel the warmth radiating off of them. Her soft, moist lips slowly near closer and closer at such a speed that each hair on my neck tickles as they part way. She plants a soft, sensual kiss on my lower neck followed immediately by another a little higher up, and another, and another.

As she reaches my ear lobe I feel her lips brush over my skin as she whispers “you’re only going to feel good things while you’re with me…my pleasure is your pleasure” and with that she takes my earlobe into her mouth giving it a nibble that balanced perfectly on the line between hard and soft. My eyes begin to close as shivers roll across my body like waves on a beach. Each nibble pulls me in a little closer and causes the energy in my body to spike a little higher. I’m so lost in the sensations that I barely notice Miss Emily’s hand as it pulls the cord on my robe. At this point there isn’t a single cell in my body that wants this to end!

Miss Emily leans back slightly, letting my earlobe return back to its usual shape. My eyes are barely open but she takes her hand and lays it gently on my face, turning me towards her so that our eyes are locked. As we stare intensely into the depths of each other’s eyes her hand slowly begins to move down my body. As she reaches the top of my robe her hand slides slowly but surely under the robe, separating it down the middle to expose my chest. Still barely touching my skin, her hand rests just above me left nipple, her fingers doing small circles across my skin and she poses a question that I didn’t expect to be asked: “Do you want to kiss me?”

My heartrate quickens and my nerves cause me to momentarily break eye contact. As I look back into those gorgeous brown eyes, she says “Kiss me!”, not in a commanding voice but rather as if she is relaying my own thoughts back to me, thoughts that I was definitely having at this stage, even if my experience was keeping me guarded and wary. Miss Emily’s hand lowers a little further so that her fingers are now circling my nipple and with her thumb and forefinger she gives it a little tweak.

The circling begins again and rather than ending in a tweak, she clamps onto my nipple and pulls it towards her, taking the rest of my body with her. The anticipation and excitement begin to overwhelm me as her lips near mine. Her warm lips make contact with mine and the sparks I feel are electric causing the arousal in my body to shoot through the roof. Our lips continue to merge, combining us in a moment of pure and undeniable passion. Her hand tightens around my neck and the other lowers even further down my body, nearing my cock which I can feel beginning to harden. As Miss Emily’s tongue slowly pushes its way past my lips, I simultaneously feel her hand opening my robe fully, exposing my naked flesh and now rock hard cock which bounces to attention.

Our open mouths allow our tongues Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort to flick, glide and twist against one another, dancing in a manner similar only to the flames mere metres away. Miss Emily effortlessly guides each of my arms out of the robe until I’m sitting completely naked on top of it. Each moment feels like it’s the height of our passion only to be overtaken by the next. She grips the back of my hair in her hand, pulling me back slightly and breaking our oral connection. I want more and if I have to beg to get it I will.

I can feel my cock pulsating with sexual arousal and I stare into her eyes in the hopes that she views it as pleading. She pulls me in closely and says “stroke your cock for me…but slowly!”

Before I have time to register the words that just left her mouth my hand is wrapped tightly around my cock and the precum that is oozing from the tip acts as a lube as I pull my foreskin back, going as slowly as my willpower can possibly allow. Miss Emily moves back a little, edging to the other side of the sofa so that her back is resting against it and her body is facing me. She’s still staring deep into my eyes and I can’t help but increase the speed of my hand, particularly as she pulls the cord of her own robe and lets it fall off her body in one graceful yet swift movement. Her eyes may be fixed on mine but my focus has drifted down her immaculate body: there’s not a single hair below her neck and the firmness of her breasts are matched only by the hardness of her nipples.

As my eyes work further down I can only admire the toned stomach which makes her slightly hard cock appear even more exposed. Like me, her cock is beginning to produce beads of precum which her hand runs across as she grabs her cock. “I want you to copy everything that I do.” She may be sitting right next to me but the softness in which she is speaking sometimes makes her sound far away…but also like her words are playing in my own mind. I turn my body around, placing my back against the opposite end of the sofa and lift one leg up so that it rests next to hers. We’re both exposed, we’re both jerking off and we both seem to be thoroughly enjoying it!

We stare at each other with such a fiery intensity that at times I forget I’m supposed to be copying her. The movements are just happening naturally without so much as a conscious thought. My precum-covered cock allows my hand to glide up and down with little to no friction and as I speed up a little to match Miss Emily I become aware of just how turned on I am right now. In fact, I can begin to feel that familiar sensation beginning to brew deep within me that signals the nearing of an orgasm. As if reading my mind, Miss Emily releases her glorious cock from her hand and licks the palm of her hand.

Once again, without even realising it, I’m copying her every move as if I’m looking into a mirror. The sweet taste of preucm and the smell of cock are hitting my senses and my heart thumps in my chest in response. I can see the sexual energy spreading across Miss Emily’s face as she begins to tease her nipples with her fingers and as I do the same. I practically see the lightbulb form above her head as an idea pops into her mind. She stands up instantly, her cock throbbing just as much if not more than mine.

Her cock isn’t much bigger than mine which makes a change from the rest of the residents of this household. I try to push the thought of them out of my mind completely, knowing all too well that I don’t want to taint this moment with unpleasant thoughts. Miss Emily takes a step towards me, wraps one hand around my head and places the other on my waist. As she pulls me in close to her for a kiss, my cock bounces up and down at the feeling of her wet, warm tongue entering deep into my mouth. I can feel the fireworks going off in my body as I place a hand on each of her hips and pull her in even closer to me. I want her…I want her so bad!

My longing only increases as she breaks the kiss, takes my hand and leads me into a nearby room. The glow of even more candles makes the king-sized bed with its dark red duvet, sheet and pillow seem all the more inviting. On one side of the bed is a small bedside table, on top of which is a bottle of lube. Miss Emily leads me around one side of the bed, climbs onto it and pulls me with her. We’re both sitting with our legs crossed and time seems to freeze as she bites her lips, looking my body up and down while gently tugging her still hard cock. “We’re going to play the same game as before…I want you to copy everything I do” she keeps talking as she reaches across for the bottle of lube, “the only difference this time is that I’m going to be touching your body and you’ll be touching mine…but only if you want to?” I’m somewhat speechless and so I nod my head up and down rapidly.

The choice itself shocks me a little but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is what I want. I want this…I need this. Being able to touch her in the same manner as how she’ll be touching me rules out anything unpleasant and now that I’m faced with the very real possibility of touching her cock, my own begins to return to its twitching, aching state. I’m facing in the direction of the head of the bed while Miss Emily is facing towards the bottom. She lies down onto her back, her knees are bent and her feet pressed up against her ass.

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