My name is Peter and I am not a writer. As you are about to discover I am no skillful word-smith, but I do enjoy reveling in a fantasy when one pops into my head.

As I’ve enjoyed reading other peoples here I thought i’d have a go at submitting my own.

It’s not a story, all the romance and back story is implied, I wanted to have a go at describing the hot and sweaty bit.

Its very much a fantastical fantasy, where everything always goes the way you’d hope and everyone has a great time.

I hope it titillates at the very least.


The room is simple and straight forward. Like every other travel inn up and down the country is has all you need for your one night stay. The en suite is walled off creating a corridor from the entrance to the bedroom. The bedroom is perfectly proportioned to contain the five pieces of furniture leaving sufficient floor space to move about the room comfortably. The bed is large and inviting with a thick duvet and fluffy pillows promising a good nights sleep. The bedside table sits between the bed and the bathroom wall and holds a simple lamp and functional alarm clock. In the corner opposite the entrance sits a surprisingly comfortable chair, black leather on wooden legs. Along the wall opposite the bed is a dressing table, it’s not very large but big enough to fit a small chair underneath and the tray of complementary tea and coffee on top with room to spare, a large mirror dominates the wall above it.

You sit in the comfy chair resolutely ignoring your phone and watch, trying to stay calm and patient. You sip occasionally from the mug that came with the room, drinking the cold vodka that did not.

There’s a knock on the door. You are certain it’s Iona she’s early which you take to be a good sign. You get up from your chair and move toward the door, you take your time checking your reflection in the dressing tables mirror as you go. You spent the whole of today fluffing your confidence, flirting with Iona via ever more pornographic text messages, and looking at your self in the mirror now you smile deciding that your look awfully good in this suit. There’s a second knock at the door, more urgent, and you can’t help but smile as you turn the latch and pull the door open.

You’d made a point of talking to Iona about what you’d hope she’d wear this evening, dropping hints and suggestions. It seems she got the message and stands before you now in a simple black halter dress that hangs from a thin strap flowing over her curves perfectly. You drag your eyes from Iona’s legs and back up to her eyes that are twinkling with anticipation, you step to the side and allow her to enter. Her dress is even more stunning from the back, the fabric hanging down low revealing the smooth soft flesh of her back and shoulders.

She stops by the dressing table and drops her small clutch bag onto it looking over her shoulder as you close the door and walk up behind her. As you brush past her on your way back to your chair she looks Antalya Escort up at you, lips slightly apart, breathing quickly. You catch her perfume scent, feel her warmth and glimpse her breasts rising and falling under the loose fabric of her dress. Your desire for her is at a peak, you’ve been thinking of this moment all day and are determined to make it perfect. You force yourself continue past her and slide into the chair, picking up your drink. You take a sip while staring at Iona over the rim of the mug. You drink in the sight of her, her breasts seemingly magically restrained by the dress, the black fabric tightening about her hips and flowing over her thighs toward her knees and those beautiful legs pale and inviting.

Iona loses her patience for this game of teasing and moves toward the dresser. Without taking her eyes from yours she slowly and deliberately pushes the few bits and pieces littering the dresser onto the floor. She hops up onto it and leans back against the mirror resting her left foot on the chair allowing her dress to slide down her thigh. She levels a challenging stare at you and slowly slides her hands up each thigh, pulling the dress higher and higher.

You gulp down the last of your drink and decide enough is enough; you stand and stride toward her. You stand in front of her and she slides her legs open, showing you her naked sex. You gently take each of her hands in yours and raise them above her head where you bring them together and hold them both against the mirror with your left hand. Your right hand begins to undo the zip and fastening on your trousers, freeing your penis which leaps up solid as a rock. Iona looks down at it with a filthy grin on her face then looks back up into your eyes. Her right leg slides behind your left thigh, and she applies pressure, trying to pull you forward. You smile back at her and move your free hand to the inside of her left thigh, she gasps at the touch eager for you to begin. You quickly move your hand down her thigh and under her knee lifting her leg from the chair. You push her leg back toward her a little while simultaneously spreading her legs wider, the movement makes her pelvis roll back a little exposing her naked crotch even more.

You step forward and slide your dick into her; she’s so wet you push in to the hilt with little resistance. Inside she’s incredibly hot and as she gasps she clamps down around you, holding you inside. You slide back out a few inches and then push back in, slowly. Iona arches her back and leans her head against the mirror moaning as you trust in to her, her eyes are closed and her breasts heaving. You keep to a slow rhythm, pulling out slightly further with each thrust concentrating and trying to stay calm. You fix your stare on Iona’s face as you work in and out of her, her cheeks redden and with each thrust she lets out a noise between a gasp and a moan.

You let go of her hands and move your left hand under her right knee. Now gripping each leg you push them up and back Antalya Escort Bayan toward Iona’s chest a little, keeping them spread wide. This allows you incredibly deep penetration and you increase the force of each thrust, pushing hard into her each time. Iona’s mouth is now wide, she pulls in a gulp of air each time your withdraw and squeals each time you push back into her. Her eyes are open now and she stares into your eyes as you fuck her with a steady and relentless pace. Realizing her hands are free she clutches at her breast with her left and reaches down between her legs with the right. She grips the top of your trousers pulling you toward her with each thrust, trying to increase your pace. When this has no effect she slides it around the inside of your clothes to grab a handful of your ass cheek.

Her breaths begin to fall out of sink with your thrusts and become more ragged and urgent. Her moans have become screams and each thrust increases their volume as though you’re driving her toward a crescendo. You focus on your rhythm, concentrating hard and determined to hold off your own orgasm. Her sex burns around your cock and every withdrawal reveals the shaft slick with her wetness. Her left hand has torn her dress open and ferociously massages her now naked breast; her chest glistens with her sweat, her skin hot and reddened. Her face is a mask of rapture, her hair disheveled, her cheeks burning, eyes closed and mouth open.

She digs her nails into your ass cheek the pain a useful distraction from the incredible sensation as her orgasm explodes, her vagina spasms around your dick tightening as through trying to pull it further inside her. You keep the rhythm going for as long as you dare, but you can barely hold back your own on coming orgasm so you slow right down, watching as Iona jerks and writhes beneath you. She gulps huge breaths and moves both hands to her breasts to tweak her nipples shivering with each pinch reveling in the after glow of her orgasm. After a few moments she looks up at you giggling each time she breathes out and reaches up to embrace you, coming in close to kiss your neck.

Deciding that’s long enough you begin to move.

You grab her thigh with your right hand and behind her left knee with your other and jerk her up from the dresser. She instinctively tightens her grip around your neck and shoulders gasping with surprise. You swing around and move the few short steps to the bed quickly before throwing her from you onto the mattress. Your cock pops out from her and she lets out a shriek as she bounces onto the bed, before she has a chance to sit up and get her bearings you grab her left ankle and drag her back toward you, turning her onto her belly as you do so. You pull her legs off the bed so she’s kneeling, bent over it, and you kneel down behind her.

Your cock sticks out in front of you, rock solid knowing what’s coming and straining to begin. With your left hand you grab Iona’s ass cheek, pushing her against the bed and allowing Escort Antalya you a glorious view of her soaking sex. Quickly you suck two fingers on your right hand, soaking them, and swing that hand down toward her.

Iona bucks and squirms as your right hand starts to roughly smear your spit and her own juices around her pussy. She’s eager for you to push into her again, she wants more, and her pleas come between deep breaths through gritted teeth.

You have no intention of giving Iona what she wants; she’s had her fantasy, her climax, and her turn, now to take what you want.

You slide your sodden fingers upward and, after spreading her cheeks wide with your left hand, you slide your right index finger deep into her asshole. Iona lets out a confused squeal, struck suddenly with the joy of penetration and the realization of what has begun.

Without waiting for her to get her breath back you pull your finger from her, you notice with some satisfaction that she pushes her ass back against your hand holding her down as though trying to stop the fingers exit. You slap your right hand down onto her ass and squeeze a fistful of cheek, pushing her ass up and spreading it wide.

Your cock moves straight and true toward her opening and you push the tip against her asshole, you let the pressure build as the opening resists your intrusion, Iona once again surprises you as she pushes back onto you. For a few moments all you hear is your blood rushing in your ears and Iona’s pleading whimpers.

Then you thrust moving into her slowly, but relentlessly, your dick rock solid and straining. It feels as though it has a life of its own, champing at the bit to be let lose, but you hold onto your last threads of control and push you cock into Iona to the hilt. You press your weight against her pushing her against the bed. Iona yelps and moans with every inch, intermittently she calls out to God through gritted teeth.

Iona’s apparent pleasure quickly beats down your last shred of control and the beast in you is released. You start to fuck her asshole, hard and fast. You pull back only a few inches, before plunging back into her pressing her against the bed. Your hands grip her hips and you pull her back onto you with every thrust, desperate for every ounce of power you can manage. Iona’s gasps have devolved to grunts and pornographic curses as your hips slap against her ass over and over.

Soon all you can hear is your own breath coming in gasps, your own voice building into a roar. You feel your orgasm build, tingling in your balls. All feeling in your legs and stomach recedes toward your groin like water before a wave, and then your body explodes with orgasm.

Your futilely try to keep your rhythm as your balls send wave after wave of cum up your shaft, your knees buckle so you plunge into Iona holding yourself inside her, filling her up. Your head rocks back on your neck and your stare, eyes closed, at the ceiling, mouth open in a silent roar. Your aware of Iona pushing back against you, gasping and screaming from her own climax, but all you can focus on is the ripples of pleasure ricocheting about your nervous system making you twitch and spasm.

Quickly you surrender completely and both you and Iona collapse onto the floor, exhausted.

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