It Happened One Summer Ch. 02


Well folks, here it is. Chapter 2 in the “saga” of David and Shauna. I will ask you all to excuse me if this chapter runs in odd directions at times. Just laying groundwork for future ‘adventures’ I must also thank you for your patience. I confess to be a painfully slow writer, due mostly in part to my constant re-reading and changing the plot and the story as I write it. Before going any further, I also want to say thanks for all the positive feedback I’ve received thus far. Chapter one was more of a success than I ever dared hope for.

One other thing. For you who may have liked my BDSM writing, there will soon be a chapter four for Dawn: A Tale of Submission. I let that one wait far too long.


Shauna awoke. The bright sun light came though her window in her bedroom, even through the closed blinds. She was totally exhausted. She then felt the heat coming off David’s body. Shauna smiled contentedly. So, last night wasn’t a dream, thank God. She snuggled closer to him. She felt so exhausted and worn out. Moreover, she loved it. She looked up to see David watching her.

“G’mornin’ my darlin’.” He spoke softly. “How are you feeling this fine morning?” holding her close, he smiled.

“Last night was so incredibly awesome, I can’t begin to…. You leave me so worn out, but still wanting more.” She spoke barely above a whisper.

David grinned and looked down. They were lying naked on the sheets. The rest of the covers seemed to have vanished during the night. They both found the contrast of their skin coloring even more appealing in the light of day. David’s white yet tanned skin appeared even lighter next to Shauna’s dark mocha hue.

Shauna followed his gaze downward. Then stopped when she reached his groin. She stared and grinned. David’s cock was swelling and stiffening rapidly.

“Tell me Babe, what are your thoughts on ‘morning after’ sex?” David asked quietly.

She grasped his shaft firmly as she positioned herself over him. “How about I show you instead of telling you?” She then lowered herself quickly until she was fully impaled on his throbbing member. It did hurt a little for a brief moment, then that wonderful erotic sexual feeling consumed her once again. She came within moments. Although her juices did not flow as much as the night before, the intensity of her orgasm was equal to or maybe even more than last evening’s.

Shauna’s heart soared. She was in love. Not lust, though that was there too, truly in love. She knew in her heart that David was the man that she was meant to be with…. always.

They made love slowly and savored one another. Their newfound adoration for one another, for indeed they were both deeply in love. This only intensified their need to please each other. She felt yet another orgasm building inside her. Whatever problem she had been experiencing in that part of her life was a nearly forgotten memory now.

“David, I love you so much.” she whispered huskily. Shauna was the most blissfully happy woman in the world at this moment, as far as she was concerned. Again, Shauna felt an inexplicable need to be submissive to David. It was as if it were an actual necessity for her to serve him. To be as if she were owned by him. The pull she felt was well beyond her comprehension. All she knew was that, in her mind, she was his, in every way.

Shauna began cumming again. It took her almost entirely by surprise, even though she knew it was coming. Her entire body trembled and a warm, beautiful heat consumed every fiber of her being. Her eyes locked with his, trying to convey the love, and yes, the lust, she felt for him at that moment. She could have sworn that every last molecule in her body was vibrating, ready to explode. She then noticed a change in David’s eyes. He began to thrust himself up into her harder and faster…. Then she felt his cock swelling inside her, becoming larger and harder. Shauna knew he was about to cum.

David then shot his first spurt of his seed into her. It felt like wondrous molten magma to her. His second spurt caught the well-known “sweet spot” within her. Instantly, she hit her peak again for the third time just this morning. It seemed as if her heart, mind and body began disintegrating wonderfully all at once. His sperm magically started fire after fire after fire in her soul and a dreamy weightlessness seem to envelope her. It was as though everything that was Shauna, was floating and melting from within her all at once. She kissed David fiercely, then let her head drop to his chest and rested it there in a semiconscious state.

“Wow!” was all she could manage to say. She was as emotionally and as sexually content as she had ever been in her life. After her breathing returned to a somewhat normal state, Shauna lifted her head enough to see the clock on her bedside table. It was ten twenty-two. “It seems we slept in a little bit later than I meant to.”

“Do you have plans for today?” David asked quietly.

“Other than work Kadıköy Yabancı Escort tonight, not really.” She said tiredly. She rolled herself off David. “If I’m able to get myself motivated and out of bed.”

David got up from the bed and smiled down at Shauna. “Do you mind if I grab a quick shower?”

“No, go right ahead. Do you need any help?” Shauna asked with a mischievous gleam in her eye. Oh God! She thought. Nearly nine hours of sex last night and I still want more? “Go ahead. I’ll be in to join you in a moment.”

David padded off to the bathroom, which was rather easy to find as nearly all the apartments in the complex had essentially the same floor plan. The water was a little hotter than he would normally get and he let it just rain down on his head and shoulders and relaxed. After what seemed only a moment, he heard the shower door open, then close. He opened his eyes to see two slender brown arms wrap themselves around him. He felt her kiss him on his back, then rest her head between his shoulder blades, pressing her whole body against him. Shauna’s naked body pressed to his caused him to consider taking her once again, right there in the shower.

“David…. I’m terrified.” she said to him.

“Of what, Darlin’?” he asked.

“I’m afraid that I’ll suddenly wake up find all of this…. Here. Now. You and me last night….” she hesitated, “All of this will only have been a dream.” David was sure he could hear a little fear in her voice.

“Shauna….?” David twisted his body so they were now facing one another. He took her head in his hands and tilted it back to look her straight in the eyes. “….Babe, if you want to get rid of me, you’re going to have to come up with something a lot better than that bullshit.”

As she looked up at him with moist eyes and single teardrop sliding down her left cheek. She said “David, I know it’s been less than a day…. and I can’t begin to understand how I’ve fallen so deeply in love with you…, but I have, David. I know it sounds like a silly girl’s dream. Never in my life have I fallen so much in love….so very quickly and completely as I have with you. Even something as simple as your touch makes me feel complete.” She stopped then and kissed his chest lightly. “I love you David.”

“Shauna, I love you too. I don’t understand any of this either, but I’m not going to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. As far as I’m concerned, you and I are together. And I do not see that changing anytime soon.” David said earnestly. He kissed her, a very light one, which soon became more intimate. She responded in kind and their kissing became more urgent. Her hand slipped down and wrapped around his iron hard shaft….

Finally at a little after noon, David left Shauna’s apartment. She walked him to the front door wearing only a very short kimono that was nearly transparent. She reached her arms around his neck not caring if the kimono rose up high to show she was nothing beneath it.

“See you later?” she asked him seductively.

“Yeah Babe. I’ll come by before closing time for a drink before I take you home” David told her.

They had agreed on a plan for David to pick Shauna up at Cheers after it closed, then they would spend the night at his apartment. With perhaps a late dinner at Lenny’s, the local twenty-four hour coffee shop. Shauna didn’t really care as long as they ended up in bed together later tonight.

Shauna spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get into something resembling her normal routine. She straightened up the apartment. It was always important to her for the place to look neat, yet lived in. All through the day, memories and images of the previous night ran unchecked in her mind. This continued for the better than an hour.

When Shauna got to her room to change the sheets and make the bed, she could smell her essence and his scent, she became overwhelmed. Without even knowing it, her fingers untied the sash of her kimono. With a slight shrug of her shoulders, the garment fell to the floor. Shauna walked to the bed, pausing just long enough to remove her favorite vibrator from a drawer in the bedside table. She smiled a little noting that her ‘toy’ was a light tan in color. Almost identical to David’s magnificent cock. She lay on the bed where David had slept…. His scent was strongest there. Shauna was already very wet and jammed the vibrator into herself deeply, probing for her ‘g-spot’ while two fingers of her left hand were rubbing her clitoris furiously. Thoughts of sex and sex with David seemed to dominate her mind. Just a quick orgasm to get me though ’til tonight, She thought. Shauna fucked herself with the vibrator. Memories of the previous night brought her very close to cumming, but it was the memory of him telling her that he was in love with her that sent Shauna over the edge.

Twenty minutes and five nearly perfect orgasms later, Shauna lay on the bed almost totally spend. Her smooth dark skin covered Kadıköy Yeni Escort with a light sheen of perspiration. After catching her breath, she got out of bed, made the bed with clean sheets and headed to the bathroom to take another shower. After which, she called a co-worker of her and asked if she could pick her up for work.

At five-thirty Sheila, her co-worker knocked at her door. At first glance, Sheila looked to be a stereotypical dumb California blonde. In reality, she was a very bright woman. At 5′ 2″ and 110 lbs, she was indeed something to look at. She had very long white-blonde hair and eyes that were such an incredibly light blue that people couldn’t help but stare. Her rather large 38D ‘man made’ breasts were more than a little conspicuous. That was probably the main reason she brought in far more tips than the other girls were. Not that Shauna minded as she always had done well in the tip department herself.

Sheila took one look at Shauna and said “C’mon girl, who was he and is he still here.” She then looked toward the bedroom. “A blind person could tell you got fucked really good last night.” She said grinning. If Sheila had a fault, it was that she tended to speak a bit crudely at times. It fit the ‘dumb blonde’ persona she adopted. She looked at Shauna “Tell me everything. I want all the juicy details.”

“Well…, Shauna started smiling “…between last night and this morning I came fifteen times.”

“Fifteen?!” asked Sheila incredulously.

“Yep! By far, the best night of sex I’ve ever had.” Shauna said dreamily.

“C’mon girl…. Details, details.”

“Believe it or not, we’re in love. And I’ve always had a little thing for bikers. He’s twenty years older than me and he about wore me out.”

“He’s over 50?” Sheila asked still not sure if Shauna was leveling with her.

“55 and makes love like he was 25. He rides with the ‘Defenders’. I’ve never heard anything bad about them. He’s name is David, and I am so-o-o in love.”

“The ‘Defenders’? He’s white?” Sheila questioned her, not believing it. “What about Keyshawn?” Shauna had broken up with Keyshawn because of his inability to maintain a monogamous relationship with her. “You know he’s not gonna like you dating a white guy.”

“He’s not my boyfriend anymore. Why should I care whether he likes it or not? David and I are in love.”

“David? I don’t know which one that is. They all have those strange nicknames. There’s a really big fellow they call ‘Tiny’ and a terribly skinny guy they call ‘Skeletor’ And there’s their leader. A real mean looking guy named Maniac.

“They call them handles, not nicknames. I met Tiny and Skeletor last night. David’s is Dead-eye” said Shauna, feeling a little defensive as Sheila apparently didn’t like them.

“Oh, him. He and his ol’ lady broke up about a year ago. She was a very dark skinned Asian woman. I know him. He’s not my type at all. What do you see in him?”

“I’ve kind of had a crush on him for a while now. There’s not any one thing that attracts me to him. I guess it’s the whole package, so to speak. Hell, at first, all the grey in his facial hair put me off him. Once I learned to see past that, I was his” Shauna told her friend.

A few minutes later, they left to go to work. They arrived at Cheers about ten minutes early and began shift change with the ‘daytime’ girls.

It was a Thursday night, traditionally the slowest night of the week. One girl could probably manage things on her own without trouble, but the owner insisted on at least two every night. Within minutes, shift change was complete. Shauna and Sheila settled in for what they knew would be a long slow night.

They were still only a few minutes into the shift when Shauna looked up and found Bo-Bo, Wanzta and two other women looking directly at her. Bo-Bo motioned her closer and when Shauna stood before her behind the bar, Bo-Bo stood, leaned completely over the bar and hugged Shauna so hard that all the air was forced from her lungs. Then Bo-Bo kissed Shauna firmly on both checks and on her forehead as well.

Bo-Bo said, “I don’t know what you did to Dead-eye last night, but we….” Bo-Bo indicated herself and her friends “…but, we love you for it.”

Shauna was a little overwhelmed. “What did he say?” she asked.

“Not enough.” Wanzta said “I wanted all the kinky details, but he would only say that he’d fallen in love with you.”

Bo-Bo interrupted. “He’s like his old self again. As happy as I can ever remember seeing him.” She patted Shauna’s hand. “He’s practically been a hermit since ‘The Mouth’. I’m so damn glad she’s gone.” She beamed at Shauna.

The four women sat at the bar and ordered draft beers. Introductions were made. The other two women that Shauna didn’t know were ‘Duckie’, a rather stocky mannish looking woman with very short curly red hair and green eyes. The other was a short, thin extremely attractive woman of mixed Asian blood with jet-black Kadıköy Masaj Salonu hair and dark eyes named ‘Cutie’. Shauna was a little confused when Wanzta introduced her as ‘Hershey Kiss’.

After Shauna got the beers for the four, Wanzta winked at her and said. “You know you’re going to have to become a ‘Lady Defender’ now, don’t you?”

“What’s that?” Shauna asked

“If you’re going to have any kind of serious relationship with a Defender, it goes with the turf. We’re sort of an auxiliary group for the Defenders” explained Bo-Bo.

“There aren’t any women members in the Defenders?” Shauna inquired.

Duckie raised her hand. “I am. Gender has nothing to do with it. One has to have been in the military and served in an actual combat zone.”

Shauna asked “So, what do I have to do? I love David and I will do whatever it takes.”

“You what!?” Bo-Bo asked sounding surprised.

“I’m in love with David. I don’t know why, but I do. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. We are meant, destined to be together” Shauna declared.

Bo-Bo looked at her momentarily stunned. “Hmmm. His words, almost exactly.”

Wanzta leaned way over the bar, grabbing Shauna in a tight hug and kissed her square on the lips. “Welcome to the family honey!” she screeched joyously. Then she turned to Bo-Bo and the others saying “She’s gonna be one of us!”

“If she can pass ‘The Test’, she will” Bo-Bo said quietly.

“I have faith in her” Wanzta remarked.

At that moment, two Asian men entered Cheers. They were attired as bikers, though their vests were made of blue denim instead of the usual black leather. The patches on their backs depicted Mongol warriors on horseback holding sabers over their heads. The rocker portion of the patch used Chinese characters, not the normal English lettering. Neither was much over five feet in height and both had black hair and extremely dark eyes. They both wore long, thin Fu Man Chu mustaches of fine hair. And tiny goatees. They walked in conversing rather loudly in what sounded Chinese to Shauna. As they walked past heading to the far end of the bar, they looked lewdly at all five of the girls.

“Oh shit.” muttered Bo-Bo. “Warriors of the Khan.” She got out her cell phone and began dialing.

“What is….” Shauna started to say.

Bo-Bo, Wanzta and the others shushed Shauna quickly. She got a warning look from all.

The taller of the two ‘Warriors’ leered at Shauna “Heya baby, you wanna a real cock? C’mere…. You’ll never be satisfied by a ‘brutha’ again.”

Shauna was instantly furious. She opened her mouth to tell him where to get off when Bo-Bo whispered urgently to her.

“Shhh, wait sweetie, help is coming.”

Shauna looked at her.

“Tiny, Dead-eye and the others are on their way here now.”

Sheila, at the other end of the bar served the two and so distracting them for a while, hopefully.

“David’s coming?” Shauna suddenly brightened, smiling hugely.

Bo-Bo looked at Shauna. “You got it bad girl. Exactly what did that man do to you?

Shauna smiled. “He just stole my heart and made it his.”

Bo-Bo rolled her eyes and chuckled “Is it really love or just lust?” she asked Shauna. Bo-Bo could do the cute biker babe bimbo thing with the best of them. Many thought she was just another dumb blonde. In reality, Bo-Bo was an incredibly intelligent woman. She knew the signs. There was no doubt in her mind that Shauna was most definitely in love. Bo-Bo was very happy about that. Her and Dead-eye, David would always be ‘Dead-Eye’ to her had been close friends for a very long time, and even had been lovers for a very brief time long ago. To her, Dead-Eye was her big brother. Ever since that half Filipina bitch walked out on him, Dead-Eye had seemed to have lost his zest for life and seemed miserable and there was nothing would really make him happy. Then today, the ol’ Dead-Eye was back! Bo-Bo felt grateful to this pretty dark skinned woman behind the bar.

For the next few minutes, things in Cheers seemed to have calmed down. Duckie was discreetly keeping an eye on the ‘Warriors’. Wanzta, being her typical self was checking Sheila out.

Shauna leaned closer to Bo-Bo, speaking softly “Bo-Bo, I know it seems to you as though I fallen in love with too quickly, but I have and in equally short time, I’m come to feel I can trust you.”

Bo-Bo looked back at her. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Actually…,” Shauna said. “…I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask you. It’s kind of embarrassing and I really have no one to confide in.”

Bo-Bo nodded. “Go ahead.”

Shauna lowered her voice even more. “Last night…. While David and I were…. You know…. Doing it? I was overwhelmed by a-a-a need, I guess…. I really wanted him to dominate me. I’ve felt this before, but never as much as last night. Am I goin’ nuts?” She was worried for a moment that Bo-Bo would laugh at her, but she needn’t have bothered.

Bo-Bo looked at her seriously. “You mean like a D/s, Domination/submission sorta thing?”

“Yeah. Like that, but more” Shauna told her. “A lot more. I wanted him to ravage me, even to force me to serve his will. I will very literally do anything for him. Be his sex toy, his….”

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