It was a Warm Fall Day


It was a nice warm day in September, and I wanted to take advantage of some time off and enjoy the sun, so I decided to head out to Strathcona Science Park, an area I tan regularly in my thongs. When I arrived in the usual area of the park that I often tan at, a gentleman was at a picnic table with a drone. He seemed nice and not too creepy, but I don’t really want my naked butt or any activities to appear on the news, so I decided to drive back to a different area of the park, closer to the old abandoned buildings. After parking in the lot, I grabbed my large blanket, my bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Oil, and a couple suits to decide which one to slip into, and locked up the car. I walked to a clearing that was still well within view of the parking lot loop, and laid down my towel.

I decided that I would not expose everything at once, and start with a skimpy bikini suit, a bright orange Rainbow bikini brief from Pistol Pete that I had bought earlier this summer. The suit is about a 3/4″ waistband with a Rio back. Under my shorts, I had been wearing a pair of bright pink boy short underwear, which often can be worn as a swimsuit, but I wanted more of a tan today. I discretely slipped off the pink shorts and into this orange suit while sitting on the blanket, then laid out on my stomach to enjoy what I was hoping would not be the last day of summer. I relaxed the entire time as a gentleman watched me from his car. I rubbed some sunscreen on my back and enjoyed the rays, watching him eventually get out of his car and go for a walk around the path, until he got closer to me. He left the path and started to walk towards me. I stayed on my front, until he came over to me.

“I couldn’t help seeing you out here enjoying the sunshine. I was getting jealous of you,” he said to me.

“It is beautiful, and probably not many of these left,” I replied.

“I’m not disturbing your quiet time, am I?” he asked. “Do you mind if I just stand here a couple of minutes and enjoy the temperatures?”

“Of course not,” I said, as I rolled over onto my side to expose most of my front, “my blanket is big enough that you could even join me on the ground, and catch some sunshine yourself.”

He sat down on the blanket, as I rolled over completely onto my back, giving him a great view of the front of my suit.

We talked for a while about the sun, and about sun tanning in the park here. He commented about my suit, and how much he liked the colour and the brief cut of it. By this time, he had removed his shirt, and was lying on his back beside me, wearing his cargo shorts down to his knees.

“I like it, as I can wear it most places and not offend too many people since it still has most of a backside on it. If I can find a quieter place in the park here, I usually tan in less. But today, there is a guy up there with a drone, and I think a camera.”

“How can you get much less than that suit?” he quipped.

I reached into the pocket of my shorts that I originally had on, and pulled out a red Gregg Homme Charged thong. I held it up by each side of the waistband, first showing the small front pouch, and then the thong back. “Do you want to see how much smaller?” I joked as I was feeling very flirty.

“Would I ever,” he replied. I stood up, dropped the thong to the ground, and checked around to make sure that no one else was watching us. While standing up, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my bikini, and slowly pulled it down over my package and then down my thighs, leaving myself standing in the middle of a park, completely nude. I let him look at my smooth package for a moment, and then reached down and grabbed my thong, stepped into it, and slid it up my legs, adjusting my package into the small pouch as I completely pulled it up into place. “So how’s that for smaller?” as I twirled before lying down on my back.

After lying down, I sprayed some more suntan oil on the newly exposed areas.

“That is tiny,” he said. “It doesn’t Gaziantep Oral Escort cover a lot.”

“I’m not huge, but that was mean to say about my size,” I joked. “At least compliment me on having the balls to show off my balls.”

“I didn’t mean that,” he stammered. “You look great. I think you are a perfect size.”

We laid out for a few minutes, with him enjoying the view. Finally I said, “You just look over dressed beside me in those long shorts. You should slip into my orange swimsuit and really start on getting your tan.”

“I couldn’t do that. It’s way too skimpy for me. I wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

“Come on, it’s probably only a little bit smaller than the tighty whities that you probably have on under those shorts. Anyways, with me lying beside you in this little number, I would get in trouble first.”

“I’m not sure if I could. It’s so small. Not as small as the one you are wearing now, but much smaller than I am used to.”

“Didn’t you ever wear Speedos when you were a kid?” I asked. “You seem just a little older than me, and I had to wear those in gym class when I was little.”

With some urging, I finally got him to agree. He sat down and quickly pulled down his shorts and underwear, and I passed him my orange swimsuit. He quickly pulled it up over his large package, which must have been 7 or 8 inches soft. I grabbed his shorts and laid them on the other side of the blanket, so he could not quickly grab them to cover up. He laid on his stomach on the blanket, and I adjusted the back of his suit, in order to cover half of his butt, just like they are supposed to cover.

“Now that looks wonderful on you. I am surprised it fits over a big piece of equipment like you have. Can I put some sunscreen on you before you burn?” I rubbed suntan oil over his back, and then we laid out with him on his stomach and me on my back for almost 15 minutes. I reached over every once in a while, just to play with the strap on his leg. “We should turn over now, before we get uneven tans,” I said.

“I’m not sure if I am ready to show off my front yet,” he replied.

“Why would you be embarrassed to show off your stuff? It would make most guys jealous.”

“I’m just used to being in something so small,” he replied. “Sun tanning with a guy is just very new to me.”

“Is it making you excited, and you just didn’t think you could be turned on by a guy? Don’t be nervous. Nothing wrong with being bi curious. Come on, and show the sky your wonderful front. Don’t worry. You can flip back over quickly if someone comes.”

After he rolled over onto his back, I grabbed the suntan oil and started with his legs, and then did his arms. When I was at his crotch, I made sure that I occasionally brushed against his suit. When I got to his torso, I sprayed some on, and then climbed up onto him. I placed my ass right onto his package, and slowly rubbed with my ass crack as I slowly rubbed the oil onto his chest and nipples. We both moaned as we enjoyed my teasing. I could feel the large head of his mushroom shaped cock rubbing up against the thin fabric of the orange suit and the thin strip of fabric of my thong between my ass cheeks, covering my pucker hole. As I continued my rocking on his cock, I tried to nibble on his neck and then down his chest to his nipples. I could just feel his cock continue to grow near my back entrance and I was getting so horny that I wanted to be entered. His ever growing mushroom head was just millimetres from my horny ass, trapped by two thin pieces of material. Just then I saw two ladies walking along the path getting closer to us. I rolled off him and onto my back, and he flipped over onto his stomach. He saw that I was not going to let him grab his shorts. My erection was evident in my tiny thong, but I was too horny to hide it, so I didn’t want to roll over.

We didn’t scare off the ladies, instead, they walked over towards us.

“See, I told you at least one of them was a guy,” one said to the other.

“With all of the skin you guys have showing, I had just figured it was two girls sun tanning in skimpy bikinis,” commented the other.

“What a wonderful day to get a tan, boys,” one of them said. “And you two are definitely dressed to get a tan.”

“I hope these suits are not too small for here. If we are offending you, we could cover up,” I said.

“NO, NO. They are wonderful. You gay guys have great fashion sense. I wish I could get my husband to even wear a regular Speedo when we go to Mexico. My husband always expects me to wear a bikini when we go on trips, but he always wears shorts to his knees. Double standards, I say.”

“Is that a thong?” the other woman asked. “Can I see your other side?”

I got up and did a little twirl for the two ladies, now knowing that I was not offending them.

“If my husband even had the courage to wear something like your orange bikini, I would let him choose a super skimpy bikini for me.”

“Can we see some of your tan lines, as I just love smooth guys.”

“Yeah, my husband wouldn’t even think of man-scaping.”

I hooked my thumb in the waistband, and pulled the thin red strip of fabric out from between my ass checks, to reveal a thin white band of tan line.

“How about a little show of the front?” the eldest of the ladies asked.

I pulled the red thong down at the front, slowly at first just revealing the smooth skin above my shaft, and then pulling it right down to show off my completely smooth crotch area.

“Wow. Now that is man-scaping.”

“I found out that I like the smooth look better, and it is a definite turn on during sex,” I said.

“I could see how flushed your boyfriend was as we approached. You flipped over just as I saw the size of you. You also look great in that skimpy swimsuit,” she said to the other guy, “even though you don’t look as though you wear one often, by those tanlines.”

“Gay guys always seem to be so well hung, and your friend seemed to be enjoying himself sitting on top of you. Mind you, I would have a smile on my face while rubbing in that sunscreen the way you were doing, too.”

“We should let you two get back to what you were doing before we rudely interrupted you though.”

“Or should we say ‘whoever’ who were doing,” the second lady joked.

“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, boys. Don’t get anything burned.”

They left us alone, and I quickly put my hand back onto the ass of my new friend.

“I’m not gay, or at least I don’t think I am,” he said. “But seeing you out here in these skimpy suits, and then you letting me tan with you has made me feel something a little weird. I was starting to get horny with you rubbing and touching me. “

“I hope I wasn’t being too forward,” I replied to him.

“I just haven’t ever touched a guy, or been touched by a guy. But you were making me feel a way that I have never felt with my wife or any other girl before.”

I gently rolled him back over to his front and grabbed the suntan oil bottle one more time. I started by spraying some on my back, and gave an extra squirt onto my ass checks. The sun had warmed the oil in the bottle, so the feel of the oil running down between my checks was a huge turn on. I started back again on his chest, and climbed back onto his lap. As I nibbled on his neck, I could feel his monster starting to grow again in the skimpy orange swimsuit. It started to push itself back up against the swimsuits separating my glory hole from him. I reached back behind me, pulled the strap out of my crack and gave myself one last big spray of oil to lube up my back entrance. I started to rock more with my naked hole up against the tip of his cock that was stretching the orange swimsuit to its maximum.

“Why don’t I just pull down the front of that bikini and you can slide inside of me?” I whispered in his ear.

“I’ve never done this with a guy before. I’m nervous. I have never even had anal sex with my wife.”

“Don’t worry. Just think of it as a tight pussy. I will do most of the work.” I was so horny, I just needed to have him up inside me. The size of his dick, the warmth of the sun, the exhibitionism of the whole situation was just driving me wild.

I reached down and pulled the front of my orange swimsuit down off of him, freeing his huge monster from the fabric. It instantly sprang up into the air, showing off his enormousness. I aimed my rosebud at the tip, and lowered down until his tip was lined up and touching my hole.

“Enjoy your first guy’s ass. I will try to be gentle with your first fuck,” I said, as I started to push down and let him enter me. I slowly pushed until his tip was inside, pushing against my sphincter. I could see his smile emerge, as he felt my initial tightness on his penis. “Ready for some more?” I pushed down further until he was completely inside of me, and the backs of my legs came to rest on his thighs. I was in heaven due to his length and girth. “See, just like a tight pussy, right?”

“Wow, it feels so good,” he moaned.

I raised up, almost pulling my ass off his rock hard rod, and then dropped down slowly again. We both moaned as I went back down. I started to quicken up my rising and falling. I don’t normally do strangers bareback, but this did feel amazing. I could feel every ridge and vein in his penis, giving me a wonderful feel as we humped like animals in the warm sunshine in the park. Once all the way back down again, I could feel my scrotum brushing against his penis, making me rock hard under my thong that was still on in the front. I started to rock back and forth, giving him a new feeling of my ass. I was not sure who was enjoying it more, so we rocked for about 5 more minutes, until he started to get a satisfied look on his face. He was actually doing fairly well for any virgin that I had taken before.

“I’m sorry, but I think I am about to cum. Should I pull out of you?”

“No, just keep on going, and shoot your load into my ass. I want to feel your warmness up there.” I quickened my rocking and felt him suddenly cum in me. The warm cum felt so good, farther up my insides than I think I have ever had. I kept rocking to milk him dry. When he was done and his cock had started to soften, I raised myself off of him, and laid out on the towel, pulling the back of my thong back over my rosebud.

“How was that? So would you consider yourself bi at least now?” I asked him.

“That was so amazing,” he said. He seemed awkward, as though he didn’t know what to do. “But I hate to run, but I’m afraid that I need to get going home and shower before my wife gets home. She might wonder why I am all sweaty and smell like sex.”

He was about to slip off the orange bikini, when I told him to keep it as a memory of his first time, but that if I saw him again here, that I would be expecting him to wear it again, and this time not have any tan lines showing other than from the suit.

I laid out for a little while longer, feeling the warm cum still up my cavern. When it was time to go, I got up, pulled off the thong, and slipped up the pink boyshorts. I grabbed my shorts and t-shirt, but didn’t put them on, and then rolled up my towel with my thong and suntan oil, and then started to make my way across the grass park to my car. I probably short of got more dressed, but I was still hot from the pounding I had been given. As I walked, I could feel some of his cum starting to leak out of my ass, and start to come down my leg. When I got to the parking lot, I saw that I had to walk past a van to get to my car, and in the van were the two women.

“I can see by your smile that you two had a great time sun tanning,” one of the women said out of the window.

“We had a good time,” I said and winked back at them as I turned to get in.

“I can tell by the leaking out the back,” the other lady said.

I laid down my towel on the seat, pulled on my shirt, and drove back to my place, hoping for another day like this nice day in the sun.

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