It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 06


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

At the request of several readers, I have continued the story with the room mate on a trial basis of two parts

It was intentionally written without names. It was initially intended to be a part of a larger project in the works, but didn’t fit and was submitted as an independent story.

This is my first submission along this line, so I would especially appreciate comments from the women, and please identify your selves as such. It was inspired from a series of different events, but extrapolated extensively.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup


So here we are back where we started, sitting here in a daze leaning over looking at a picture of her leaned back with a smile on her face and my cum dripping out of her wondering what the fuck just happened…..

I felt the letter and pictures being taken out of my hands, and look up to see the roommate standing there naked in front of me. Her robe piled around her feet, her nicely shaved pussy and damp landing strip just inches in front of my face. She spreads her legs and kneels over me on the couch with her nice firm B+ cup tits and chewy nipples now inches from my lips, then settles onto my crotch trapping my cock between us and grinding against it trying to get me hard. “Would you stay with me tonight?” and leans over for a nice kiss……….

….I’d like to say we made love for hours, but I would be lying. I’m a guy that just got kicked in the nuts with a ‘Dear John’ letter and all the pictures of what I had just lost. I also had a beautiful naked woman plastered up against me with her arms around my neck. I knew she had a girlfriend….but I didn’t care right now. I wrapped an arm around her back to pull those firm tits to my chest and grabbed a hand full of rock hard ass. My cock grew hard between us as she moaned into my mouth.

She pulled back a bit, “Want to continue this in the bed room?”

I smiled back at her, and tried to lean forward to pick her up. She was a lot heavier than she looked, and I felt hard muscle under that ass. She slid back and reached for my hand to lead me to the bedroom.

She had the bigger of the two bedrooms, but I think she actually had less room. A super king bed, but also a weight bench with a fair amount of accessories taking up a most of the room. I was pulling off my shirt as she was dropping my slacks and boxers. Looking down at her looking up at me smiling and stroking my cock was brining out the animal instincts. I lifted her up to the bed, OK I coaxed her up to the bed. Hell I bet she could have lifted me and tossed me across the room with out breaking a sweat. But when she laid back and spread her pussy that was it.

I sunk my cock into her and took all my frustrations out. Ramming into her with total abandon, thinking of the one that left in the middle of the night and all the good memories she took with her. I know I made noises and said things, and I’m pretty sure she did to, but it was all lost in an animal fucking frenzied fog…..

….. I was laying on a nice soft bed with an arm around me and hard nipples in my back. But it wasn’t my bed….. and then I remembered where I was. I started to jump up out of bed, but she kept her arm around me, holding me in to bed. I started to shake and tremble, remembering what I had done to her. She put her other arm around me, pulling me in even tighter, almost too tight to breath. “Shhhhhh….”

“But I….”

She squeezed me even harder, almost squeezing the breath out of me. “You really think you could hurt me?”

“But I….”

“But we could take it a bit slower next time.” She released me and stood beside the bed with me staring right at her dripping pussy. “But I need a shower, want to help me?” She tried to keep a straight face, then laughed and turned to the shower.

I heard the shower start, and mentally shrugged. I guess if that’s what she wants… She was in the shower soaping her little ball thingy as I came in the door.

I watched her for a bit from the door, and when she held the ball out to me I shook my head and went in to soap her down. For as brutal and animalistic as I would bet I was earlier, I did my best to be gentle and tender. I held her arm out and slowly ran the soap ball up and down, making sure to get every inch before rinsing her off. Holding the other out and repeating the process, while taking a closer inventory of her figure.

In holding her wrist and arm, there was almost nothing between skin and muscle. When she flexed her arm for me I could see her muscles ripple under her skin. She had absolutely no need for a bra. Nice little nipples on cute pink areola…and freckles! I rinsed her arm and moved down to her legs, doing both at once while giving her pussy a closer inspection. My worst fears Antalya Escort were allayed, I was worried she was putting a happy face on when I had done her damage. Now I know it was merely superficial, but no signs of anything, and no flinching as I came up the inside of her thighs.

She rotated her leg out as I rinsed her off, she smiled down at me as I did so I was feeling better. I started working my way up her. Soaping her ass and running my hands over and around several times, and just like her arms there was almost nothing between her skin and muscles. The sheen and ripples in the light from her soapy ass was amazing. Her groaning as I reached up between her legs to soap her pussy made me relax. I ran my fingers just barely in the crease of her pussy, just in case. Her putting her hand over mine and pushing my finger deeper into her lips took my worry away.

Any other time I probably would have done my best to bring her to orgasm, but with what I did to her earlier I was only going to pleasure her. I slid my hand up and down a bit before working my way higher. As I got to her hips I stood behind her and began working my way up her back. She flexed forward a bit, letting me work her entire back over, getting a few nice ‘Mmmmm’s’ from her. As I started back down her back she turned on me to face me.

She put her hands over mine, running my hands over her tight belly, slowly working her way up to her tits. Those nice firm tits and chewy nipples. Once she had me soap her up nicely, she took the soap ball from my hand and put my hand back on her tit, never letting me take the other hand from her other tit. She kicked her head back as she used my hands to squeeze and work her tits with her head kicked back. She slowed like we were about done, but instead of dropping her hands from mine, she slid them down to her waist and started them around her before bringing hers up and around my neck drawing me in for a kiss and body lather.

She slid side to side a bit, working her nipples across my chest. For as bad as I felt about earlier, my cock was starting to rise to the stimulation of this beautiful woman. I held her and kissed her, responding to her needs, but not being the aggressor. Holding and caressing her as best I could. After holding and caressing a bit, she pulled back to rinse off. She gave me her shampoo and turned her back to me with a smile. With such short hair I put a bit in my hand and went to town on her scalp. It was nice to work the lather in and around, giving her a bit of a scalp massage at the same time.

I was about to rinse her off, when she turned to me, took the shampoo, and proceeded to lather me up. I closed my eyes and enjoyed what I could, even with her fu fu shampoo. She had barely stopped with my head and started rinsing me off. When I felt the water off me I turned to see her rinsing herself off, the water cascading down her chest, over her tits and nipples, down her flat hard belly, over her little landing strip, and down her thighs.

I made the same trip back up her body to see her watching me. “Fell better now?”

“Emmm Hmmmm, how about you?”

She reached for the controls to shut the water off, “Much.” She got out and got the towels. She handed me mine, and after drying my face I took my towel to her. Lightly patting and drying her from head to toe while she did her hair. And just because, I gave her shaved her lips a light kiss below her landing strip when I finished. She dried my hair while I was down there, then tossed me the towel with a grin as she scampered out. “I’m hungry!” while I finished drying off.

I came around the corner to the kitchen with my boxers in my hand, but when I saw her naked ass bent over in front of the frig I tossed them back in the bedroom. “You sure you don’t want to go out? My treat!”

She came out of the frig with an unknown bottle of something. “Nope, I’ve got a competition tomorrow.”

“Competition?” She set her bottle down, took a step out from behind the island, and struck a pose. “SON OF A BITCH!” it was like every muscle she had popped out. “WOW!”

She grinned and blushed. “It’s not that good… she says I still need to loose a few pounds.”

“She who?”

“My girlfriend.”

“Well after having my hands over most of you in the shower I can’t see where.” She blushed a bit, “You sure you don’t want to go out and get a bite?” She bit her lip. “It’s not like you’re going to put on fifty pounds over night. Let me treat you to something other than…” I looked at what she was holding in her hand. “Well what ever that is.”

She looked down at her what ever it was and laughed. “OK, what kind of place?”

“It’s up to you. You want to do jeans and a t-shirt and a burger joint or your nice dress and a fancy restaurant. I have a change of clothes in the van either way.”

She looked at me in surprise. “Really?”

“Your choice.”

She looked between me and the glass of whatever in her hand. “Sure.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Lobster?” she Antalya Escort Bayan said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yellow dress?” I said looking down at her nipples.

She smiled, “You’re on!” she put the cap back on what ever it was and put it back in the frig before heading back to the bedroom.

I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on to go get my clothes from the van. I came back in to see her at the bathroom mirror in her lace bra and thong putting on some makeup. Personally I didn’t think she needed any of the three, but it wasn’t my place to say. I watched her finish her makeup as I slipped my shirt and slacks on.

She turned to me with a smile and lifted her dress over her head and shimmied it down her hips then turning to me to zip it up. I kissed the valley between her shoulder blades before zipping it up. She grabbed a small purse and I put my elbow out to her making her giggle as she took it. I took her out to the van and opened her door to put her in, she had a light fresh perfume that actually gave me a slight smile.

She named her restaurant of choice and we were off. We made some idle talk on the way over, avoiding the subject of my taking her earlier or of the woman that left me with a note.

She was all grins getting seated and ordering. “Is there something I should know about the way you’re grinning?”

“She won’t take me here.”

OH SHIT….THE GIRLFRIEND! “Is this going to be a problem?”

She was still smiling, so it couldn’t be too bad. “No, we’re not exclusive. Pretty steady, but not exclusive.”

I felt better about that. “I didn’t want to cause a problem….”

“We’re good.”

“So what is this competition tomorrow?”

“She got me into body building a while back. I was a bit overweight and it trimmed me down. I just sort of kept going with it to keep my weight down. It’s still a fight with the last few pounds though.”

“You look wonderful just as you are.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you saw all the other girls… in fact, why don’t you come see me tomorrow?”

“You really want me there or do you just want to keep an eye on me?”

She smiled at me, “A little of both.”

I looked at her for a second. “Well that’s an honest answer at least.”

“Well I’m sure you would just hate to see about a hundred women oiled up in skimpy bikini’s and flaunting their bodies.” The server about dropped the plates hearing that, making both of us grin.”

“Well when you put it that way I might be convinced.”

“And what else would it take to convince you?” she asked as she leaned forward giving me a nice look at her lace bra.

“In a perfect world?” She nodded to me with a mouth full of lobster. I took a quick bite of my fish, “You in a dress, without the lingerie.”

I thought she was going to choke on me. “Serious?” looking down her dress. I just smiled at her taking another bite of my fish and glancing between her face and her tits. “This is the only dress I own, and you bought it for me.”

“So we pick another one up, no big deal.”

She took another bite of her lobster thinking about it and looking down at her dress. “You really like seeing me in a dress?”

“Well actually I’d prefer you out of a dress.”

She stopped mid bite wide eyed, then kept chewing with a smile. She took a few more bites….”OK.”

We finished our meal, and after a quick bathroom run we were off. For this trip I chose a nice dress shop, maybe I can make it up to her for earlier. We found a nice young sales girl and she escorted us back to one of the large changing rooms. You know the ones with a raised platform and a couple of nice chairs at the edge, the walls covered with mirrors. “Are you looking for anything in particular?”

She waived to me. “My lady friend is a lovely body builder needing a dress to show off her figure, no lingerie needed.” That made her blush, but didn’t say anything. She gave the sales lady her size, and she went to get a few possibilities.

She sat down next to me a bit fidgety. Looking around at her self in all the mirrors. The sales lady came back in with an arm load of dresses. The first two were evening gown elegant, but the third was perfect in my opinion. “I would love to see that one.”

It was a royal red halter dress. The skirt looked like it would be a mid thigh. She stepped up to the platform with the sales girl, looking into the mirrors at me with her back to me. The sales girl helped her with the zipper and she shrugged her dress down looking me in the eye in the mirror. I saw the dress fall, and it took me a minute to realize there was no bra or thong. She was worried until I smiled at her looking at her hard nipples giving her a thumbs up.

The sales girl wasn’t even fazed at her being naked under her dress, but she was impressed at her body, eyeing up her thighs and belly. She helped her into the dress and pulled it up over her head, tucking it around her firm tits with a little more than casual contact. She fastened a light gold Escort Antalya chain between her tits on the front and held the long chain in her hand for the back looking at me. I shook my head making both girls smile. The skirt came just barely to mid thigh showing quite a bit of leg.

She turned back and forth looking at herself in the mirror and watching me watching her. When the sales girl was turned away I gripped my hard cock in my pants making her gasp. “Do you have some low heal shoes that would go with that?” She nodded and left to get them.

She turned to me cupping her tits to let her nipples poke out. “They look delicious.” and made like I was trying to look up her skirt. She shook her finger at me as the sales girl was coming back in. She laid the shoes down in front of her, and stepping into them just made her calves look even better. From down on my chair I could almost see her pussy. “We’ll take the whole package.”

She turned to me smiling again, stepped out of her shoes, lifted the halter over her head, then let the dress fall enough to step out of it and hand it to the sales girl who took everything off to be bagged up. She walked to me totally naked, her pussy lips glistening, put her foot up beside me, ran a finger through her pussy, and brought it to my lips for a taste. She was stepping back up to the platform to get her dress as the sales girl came in with the dress bag and shoes. A few minutes later and we were headed out to the van. The only real down point was in getting a towel out from behind the seat, and realizing why I had taken to keeping a few in the van.

She looked at me grinning the whole trip back. I kept asking her what, but she would just grin and shake her head. We got back to the apartment and I got another surprise. She hung the dress bag inside the door and turned to me to unzip her dress, nothing unexpected there. But then she turned to me and let the dress drop to the floor, picked it up and hung it beside her new one and proceeded to get something to drink and sit back on the couch as if she was fully dressed, not bothering to cover or hide with a big grin on her face to boot.

“So what happened to the shy woman that covered up even in her bra and thong?”

“I gave her some time off. What me to go get her?”

I started to walk over to her, doing my best to look her in the eye but not succeeding very well. “Not really, but there could be a problem with her being gone too long.”

She looked a bit concerned, “What’s that?”

“I may not be able to control myself from reaching out and touching and playing with you while she’s not here.”

She grinned, leaned back with an arm on the back of the couch thrusting her firm tits and nipples out. “I can live with that.” And took a slow drink of her juice.

I sat down beside her, still fully dressed and just within reach. “You sure, after what I did earlier?”

She was still smiling….so far so good. She looked me in the eye after putting her glass on the end table. “It was a bit intense, and I wouldn’t want to do that everyday, but I asked you to stay knowing you were hurt.” Then she flexed her arm, “And you still think I couldn’t have stopped you.”

I reached out to touch her arm, feeling the hard muscle behind the soft skin. Raising goose bumps as I did, but she kept her arm up. I watched my fingers go along her, tracing the outlines of her well defined muscles up to her shoulder. Along her neck to her jaw. I looked up to her eyes quickly and saw her watching me looking at her body with a smile.

She lowered her arm as I ran my fingers down into her cleavage seeing her nipples stand up hard. Running my fingers as softly as I could around and under those firm globes. Seeing them rise with her sharp inhale as I cup first one and then the other, reaching up to roll her nipple between finger and thumb when I cup the far one. She must have been holding her breath. I heard her hiss through her teeth as I tugged a nipple.

I brought my hand back closer and cupped and tried to lift the closer one, but she was so firm it was merely moving it around. The little moan told me she was enjoying my attention. I began to lean forward to her nipple, and looked up at her questioningly, getting a slight nod I continued to my destination. I kissed my way from the side to her nipple, but no longer had to hold her tit when she wrapped her arm behind my head leaving it free to go back to that other delicious globe and kneed and play while I nibbled.

Her breathing was getting deeper as I enjoyed her nipple, tugging and playing with my teeth then sucking in as much as I could and bathing it with swirls from my tongue. I pulled back a bit and laid her on the couch as I kneeled on the floor in front of it, getting her to scoot over to lay out completely.

She reached for my shirt buttons, but I stopped her. “This is for you.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to look and touch.” And then bit her lip with a grin.

I backed away out of reach and pulled my shirt out of my pants while kicking off my shoes, one of them going flying making her giggle a little. I unbuttoned it with her watching, doing my best bad imitation of a strip tease. She just snickered at me, so I cut the strip tease and just dropped my slacks and boxers earning a nice grin.

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