Jack and Jeannie


It all started innocently enough, but things haven’t been the same since.

I’d spent a couple of years in the Navy with a guy we’ll call “Jack” – we were stationed in the same command and had become friends, but had drifted apart once I got assigned to a ship on the other coast. Jack and I had cruised chicks together, worked in adjacent shop spaces, lived down the hall in the barracks – the usual stuff that you do when you’re in your twenties and on your own for the first time. But we’d never done anything that might have raised eyebrows, or anything else. We were, after all, in our twenties, and on our own for the first time, and besides, I hadn’t even considered wandering from the straight and narrow yet, as I was having way too much fun chasing (and catching) women.

As often happens, we stayed very busy, and gradually drifted apart as the years passed, going from occasional phone calls to occasional letters to just an annual card during the holidays. It was the way of the world, and though regrettable, I didn’t think much of it, and I doubt if he did, either.

After two tours I got out of the navy, and settled down in the last city I’d been stationed in. It was near enough to my home town that I could see my family when I wanted, but not so close that they’d be dropping in on me unexpectedly, and it had a far better social life than the one-horse town I’d grown up in. It also had some amenities that were only becoming popular, or even acceptable, then, and I began to explore other aspects of myself. This was, of course, before deadly diseases were as commonplace as they are now, and even so, I was (and still am) very careful. Jack stayed in, and the last I’d heard from him he’d gotten several promotions, and was well on his way to wearing khaki and digging himself into the early grave of middle-management.

So I settled down, went through the usual variety of shallow relationships that tend to make up the life of many guys in their late 20’s, and did some (relatively) basic and innocent experimentation. But I hardly ever thought of Jack any more.

Until one day, when I got a phone call from Jack, telling me he’d been assigned to a ship that was ported near my new home town. I thought that was great, as I’d settled in pretty well in my new home, and knew a few places where the music, beer and ladies were very likely to bring back memories of our ‘glory days.’ So I gave him directions on how to get to my place, and we made plans to get together the next Saturday afternoon.

* * *

Saturday I spent some time in the morning getting all of the clutter and laundry out of the way, doing the dishes, even vacuuming – the last impression I wanted to make, especially to someone who probably still held regular inspections, was of someone who’d let himself go without oversight as so many guys do when they get out. But I was still surprised when Jack showed up at my door – he wasn’t alone.

“Hey, Mike,” he said, pulling the very cute blonde woman standing next to him close, “I’d like you to meet my wife, Jeannie.”

The SOB had a grin across his face you could park an Aegis Cruiser on, as he knew I’d never married, and had assumed that he was also the sort that would never settle down until he was forced to. And I must admit, I was surprised, but not shocked. Jack’s background was even more staid and traditional than mine, and Jeannie appeared to be the sort of woman who could catch any man she set her mind on.

I guess it’s time for some description: I’m medium height – about 5’10” and slender (150 pounds) – used to be downright skinny, but time catches up with all of us. I’d added a bit of hair at the back so you could tell I wasn’t navy any more, but it was apparently pulling the rest back – my hairline had receded about a quarter inch for every inch of hair I’d grown. Jack had taken a more traditional navy route, and while keeping his hair had gained a small, but noticeable, belly. He was an inch or so shorter than me, a touch broader in the shoulders, Beylikdüzü escort and while neither of us had yet picked up substantial amounts of grey, he was slightly ahead of me there – one of the reasons I’d gotten out was the killing stress that military service can put on you. Jeannie was tall for a woman, being about 5’7″, and nicely curved (somewhere between a B and C cup, and full in the hips without being ‘broad’) without being flabby or absurdly endowed. Where Jack and I were wearing jeans and polo shirts (a sure sign of the times), Jeannie was wearing a knee-length cotton sun dress with the top two buttons undone, tantalizing me with a dynamite silhouette from the bright summer sun, and the occasional glimpse of nicely rounded flesh. Her strawberry blonde hair reached just below her shoulders, and her amber eyes added a sparkle to her ready smile.

Anyway, I invited them both in, and after asking their preferences went into the kitchen and grabbed three cold beers and chilled mugs from the ‘fridge.

It didn’t take long before the three of us were hitting it off as though no time at all had passed. It turned out Jeannie was a woman from Jack’s previous command, working in the same field, and her ‘war stories’ were similar enough to allow all of us to have a lot in common from the start.

Anyway, time raced past, and after a while we’d sat around the coffee table, had a couple of beers each, and polished off a bowl of chips and salsa when Jack gave her a funny look, and excused himself to visit the ‘head.’ When he left the room, Jeannie was up wandering the room, looking at the photos that were framed on the walls. One was a collage of various old navy buddies (including Jack), while three more were of various ‘significant’ ladies I’d known in the years since getting out of the navy. She quizzed me about each of them, and completely caught my attention when, commenting on the last, she said “this one looks like she must’ve been great in bed.”

I was a little bit thrown, but our conversation had touched briefly on my varied flings and romances, and she had indeed picked out the most physical of the three woman.

“Yeah, she was very enthusiastic” I said.

“Did you ever do anything … kinky?” she asked, arching one eyebrow.

I had to hesitate. We had indeed, but it’s not generally accepted to discuss such things. “It all depends on your definition of ‘kinky’ I guess” was what I finally settled on.

“You know: Whips and chains, groups, animals .. that sort of thing.” And all said with a straight face.

“Ummm… I’ve never really connected pain and pleasure, the more scatological kinks just gross me out, and animals … eeewwww.” She just grinned, and nodded, as though I’d passed some sort of test.

“So that just leaves … groups.” She giggled a bit as I felt the blood rush to my face (and lower extremities). “Hey, that’s OK – I understand.”

“Understand, hell – she’s an instigator!” The voice came from the hall, where Jack stood in the doorway, completely nude.

I boggled a bit, but could not completely resist glancing down. Jack was definitely ready for whatever happened. Though not exactly hung like a porn star, he was nicely above average. “ummm…” I began, and turned to Jeannie just in time to see her sun dress fall to the floor, revealing the fact that there was nothing (well, no clothing) beneath it.

Reaching out, I tentatively cupped one breast, and when she smiled and pressed her breast more firmly against my hand, tickled the nipple with my thumb, then turned to Jack. “You sure about this?” I asked. He nodded, and I almost tripped over myself in my haste to get to the sofa.

I had my clothes off in record time, with both of them helping, and then turned to take one warm nipple in my mouth as Jack knelt between his wife’s legs and began to tongue her clit and labia. She reached down with her right hand, and grabbed my cock, which had gotten more than half-hard, and rubbed and stroked it, urging it Beylikdüzü escort to full size, and uttered a pleased moan when she found she could barely fit her hand around its girth.

With a smile and a kiss, Jeannie leaned down on the couch and began to lick and nibble at the head of my cock, which had finally reached its full eight inches, and I tickled and twisted her nipples, and nibbled at the base of her neck and earlobes when she came back up to where I could reach them, while Jack did his level best to find her G spot with his tongue.

Jeannie gave a stellar effort to suck all of me into her mouth, which was very good, but only managed to get the first half of my cock into her mouth, and her tongue action was really superb, but after a few minutes, she began to get frustrated and even more aroused. “I’ve got to have that in me!” she said, and eased up from Jack’s now thoroughly moist face. Standing, she nudged me to slump down on the couch, and carefully lowered herself onto my cock, one inch at a time, clearly savoring the feeling. Jack had gotten her extremely wet, and she slid down my length readily, but she had amazing muscular control, and her warm wet pussy felt stunningly tight around my hardness. Watching her settle onto me, Jack came around to the side and, settling down with one knee on the cushions, leaned over to suck on her nipples as he reached down to twiddle her clit

This put me in a very interesting position. I looked up at them, and then down at him, and mentally saying “what the hey”, twisted my head around, and licked gently at the head of his half-hard cock.

Now Jack had clearly been enjoying what we’d been doing, but hadn’t been expecting to be fully engaged so soon. His cock jerked to attention, and I twisted my torso a few degrees and took him all the way to the root in one swift move. He hesitated a little bit, which called Jeannie’s attention to what I was doing, but rather than backing off as I’d feared he’d do, he moved forward a bit to give me better access, and intensified his finger action on her clit.

I was more than a little bit pleased by this, as was he, and his cock quickly grew back to its full length of just over 7 inches, and just as I took a second breath and took most of it deep into my mouth, Jeannie finally settled all of the way down, taking all 8 of my inches into her.

It was heaven! Her warm, moist, tight pussy riding up and down on my cock kept me right on the edge of ecstasy, while I did my best to match her rhythm, bobbing on Jack’s hard cock, taking it deeper every four or five strokes, and licking and sucking deeply on the head and glans the rest of the time.

“You’ve done this before!” Jack exclaimed.

“Once or twice” I replied, letting his cock slip free, and licking up and down the length of the shaft.

“You screw really well for a …” Jeannie trailed off, gasping a bit, as I twisted my hips a touch, and drove deeper into her, shifting my hips to rub my pubic hair against her clit.

“A queer?” I said, licking at Jack’s balls. “Not hardly. I’m just … flexible.” And I lifted my head a few extra inches, and took his cock all the way to the root, which required getting him past my gag reflex and into my throat.

“Jeez!” he gasped to Jeannie – “you have to learn to do that!”

“I have to learn to do what?” she gasped, and then began to shudder with an oncoming orgasm. The muscles in her pussy clamped tight around me, and her legs spasmed around my hips, and I only kept from cumming myself by concentrating on the task at hand, and paying strict attention to Jack’s cock, which I again took all the way into my throat, while rubbing my tongue along its underside, trying to coax another reaction from him.

“I think we both have something to learn” he said, backing off as she came down from her orgasm. I let his cock slip from my mouth, sucking the moisture from it, and sat up a bit to mouth her tits as she rode me to another shuddering orgasm.

Once she’d settled Escort Beylikdüzü down from her climax, he lifted her off of my rock hard cock, and they headed to the bedroom. “This is going to require more room than your couch, I think” he said, grinning, and I got up to follow.

In the bedroom, we sprawled on the bed, and she grinned at Jack. “Coach me” she said, and began to lick and suck her way up and down his cock. Taking a cue from his raised eyebrows, and a tilt of his head, I lay down on my side and, lifting her upper leg, dove into her snatch face first, thoroughly licking her juices from her puffy labia, and then lapping deeper and wider, alternating between getting my tongue as deep into her as my cock had been, and licking around and through her slit, concentrating my attention on her clit, just often enough to keep her off-center and thoroughly aroused. My cock had just begun to soften when I felt a furtive touch on my cock, and Jack began to lick and suck at the head.

Though not practiced or expert, it was obvious he was doing his best, and trying to figure out exactly what worked and what didn’t, as well as taking occasional cues from Jeannie, who would sometimes come up for air often enough to give him some direction or advice, and then go back down on him, doing her level best to find the trick to deep-throating him. He tried several techniques he’d recently felt, but had a very strong gag reflex, and couldn’t take more than about 5 or 6 inches into his mouth. Occasionally he and Jeannie would trade comments and advice, and his technique gradually improved from a clumsy fumbling to a more assured licking and sucking, but his few attempts to deep-throat me quickly caused him to gag and stop sucking.

“Don’t worry about it” I advised him – it’s a trick, and not one you absolutely have to learn,” and then went back to finding just the right combination of swipes and licks and nibbles to push Jeannie’s buttons, as she and he both settled down to determining exactly what worked really well, while still doing their best to extend the sensation as long as possible.

Jack settled back to doing a workmanlike job until I finally managed to bring Jeannie to a series of rippling orgasms, during which she nearly bit his dick off in her enthusiasm. A couple of times, he found very successful moves and combinations, and I told him what worked and didn’t, but tried my hardest (as it were) to numb myself below the waist, and hold back from cumming too soon.

After a while, we changed to a more stable formation, with me on my back, and Jeannie atop me doing a 69, while Jack, his curiosity and desire to experiment with fellatio sated, got on his knees behind her, and alternately fucked her doggy style and fed me his cock, moistened with her sweet juices. The combination of my tongue on her clit and his cock drove her to orgasm after orgasm until he began to twitch. Taking the initiative, I nudged his hips back and took his cock into my mouth just in time to get a sizable mouthful of cum pumped into me. I began to swallow, but the experience was too much for me, and I started orgasming myself into Jeannie’s hot, wet mouth.

“Hold it!” I burbled around the mouthful I already had, and twisted around on the bed to kiss Jeannie deeply, allowing my load and Jack’s to mingle on our tongues, and we both swallowed as much as we could of both loads.

Once we’d come down from our mutual orgasms, I did my best to clean up both Jack and Jeannie, licking both of them clean, and teasing their still sensitive flesh just enough to make them flinch, while they cooperated on licking all of the left over cum off of me. (It turned out that while Jack finally learned some enthusiasm for sucking cock, the taste, or perhaps the idea of cum in his mouth was one he didn’t learn to savor.)

I only saw the two of them once after that, as he soon went out to sea, and neither of us felt comfortable with her coming to the house without him being there, or with my going to their place while he was out at sea, and he was transferred out of town only a year later when he put on Khaki, and the fleet found a better use for his (military) skills, but I still look back fondly on that episode, and look forward to my next opportunity to match it.

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