Jack , Jill Ch. 03


“I’m gonna take a shower,” Jill said when she finished licking the cum from my lips and chin, which had gotten there while we were kissing after my morning blow job. I soon heard the water in the shower running and I became lost in thought.

I lie there in bed and began reflecting upon the first two weeks of our three week vacation with the folks away. I could hardly believe it. My hum-drum little sister had transformed herself into a raving sex machine whom I was fucking at will, and when we got caught by our older sister, instead of ostracizing us, she sits and masturbates while watching us. Amy had been back two more times last week, after she got off work. Both times she had stripped naked and masturbated continuously while watching Jill and I suck and fuck our brains out. She even brought a couple of her own toys with her; one of those little “pocket rocket” vibrators and a six inch dildo. But she was very reluctant to get too near either of us. I couldn’t read Jill. She had gotten pretty good at talking dirty to Amy during our sessions. So much so, that I only got a word in here and there. At first, it was to get Amy more and more turned on so she wouldn’t be pissed at us, but now I began to get a small feeling it was to entice Amy into joining us! The things Jill said to Amy while we fucked sounded more like an invite than a commentary. But as I said, I couldn’t read her. Later that afternoon, Jill and I were out by the pool, and I decided to bring up the subject.

“You know, Mom and Dad will be home next weekend,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” she answered sullenly.

“That’s really going to put a restriction on the activities,” I said.

“Don’t remind me. In another five or six weeks, we’ll both be going back to school too. I don’t want to miss any of that time not being able to fuck you.” Jill’s language had become brazen, yet nonchalant.

“Me either,” I answered. “I was thinking about that this morning and I might have come up with a possible solution.”

“What is it? Tell me!” Jill said excitedly.

“You may not like it, and if you don’t, that’s okay,” I told her.

“Jack, if it means getting to fuck you, I’ll do almost anything.”

I smiled at her. “Well, if we could somehow get Amy to become ‘more involved’ in things, maybe we could her to make up excuses to have us over. What would you think about trying to get her more involved?”

“You mean, try to get her to join in with us?” she asked.

“Well, maybe not all the way, or maybe not even with both of us. Maybe just you, maybe just me. I don’t know. I just get the feeling the hotter we get her, the more she’ll be willing to do to keep things going,” I said.

“Well, that stands to reason,” she agreed.

“So, what do you think?”

Jill started to giggle and said, “I was thinking something along those same lines, but wasn’t sure how you’d take it. Haven’t you noticed how I’ve been talking to her?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Indeed I have and that’s what really got me going on this whole thing.” We both laughed.

“I guess we should just play it by ear, but I think we could try spicing things up a bit to help her make her decision,” Jill said. The next time Amy came over, we decided to turn up the heat.

We didn’t have to wait long. Amy came over the next day, arriving around two o’clock that Sunday afternoon. She carried with her the now-familiar black velvet, drawstring bag containing her dildo and vibrator, and a bikini in one hand. She acted a little frustrated and anxious while we sat in the living room and talked, as well as while we laid around the pool. I think she was actually very horny and couldn’t wait to get things started. We finally went inside a couple of hours later, when my cock had formed a mountain in my swim trunks from checking out both of my sisters in their skimpy bikinis.

This time we went up to our parents’ bedroom, something we hadn’t done before. They had a king size bed, and the room itself was larger than any of the other three bedrooms. It also had an attached bathroom with a huge tub. Amy was the first one out of her clothes and was dragging a chair over next to the bed while Jill and I kissed and disrobed.

We broke our kiss and Jill turned to look at Amy. “You want to see me suck his big dick?”

Amy nodded slightly and Jill smiled as she dropped to her knees in front of me. Jill took my hard cock in her mouth and began sucking while Amy rubbed her pussy. Soon though, we heard the familiar hum of her vibrator. Jill and I had grown accustomed to Amy’s pattern of moans and groans, and we could tell she was already nearing orgasm. I watched as Amy threw her head back and began to shake all over while her juices squirted from her puss. That sent a jolt of electricity through my body and my cock twitched as I shot a load of jizz down Jill’s throat.

“Tastes so yummy,” Jill said as she cleaned my dick off.

I helped her up and kissed her deeply before I lowered hatay escort her to the bed and crawled between her legs. I started eating Jill’s sweet pussy, and soon Amy was at it again. After just a few minutes, we recognized Amy’s impending release. I raised my head from between Jill’s legs and looked over to Amy.

“Amy, are you gonna cum?” I asked her.

“Yes, I’m gonna cum again,” she moaned. This was really the first words Amy spoke during our sex play.

“Come over here and squirt on Jill’s face,” I told her.

“Yes! Squirt your pussy juice all over me, dear sister!” Jill encouraged her.

Amy just sat there and looked at us for a few seconds, as if trying to decide what to do. Then she slowly got up and walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed on. She got up and sat on the edge of the bookcase headboard above Jill’s head. I scooted Jill down a foot or so and went back to eating her pussy. When I heard Amy’s unmistakable cry, I popped my head up in time to see her squirting all over Jill’s face, neck and tits. Then it was Jill’s turn to lose it. She let loose with a flood of juices that coated my face.

“Mmm, Amy, you taste so good,” Jill moaned. “Jack, come up here and taste Amy’s sweet juice off me.”

I moved up and began licking Amy’s pussy juice from Jill’s tits. “Delicious, sis,” I said with a smile.

Amy was plastered against the wall panting. I got up on my knees and rolled Jill over, then brought her hips up until her knees were under her, and shoved my throbbing cock into her tight, wet, hole. Jill yelped but started fucking me right back. Amy had reached over on the table next to the bed and grabbed her dildo, and now had it shoved up her pussy and she held the little vibrator against her clit. I was fucking Jill pretty hard, and our hips were making a loud slapping noise every time they came in contact.

Then Jill shocked even me when she asked Amy, “Amy? Wanna see Jack fuck me in the ass? How about it, brother? Wanna fuck your little sister in the ass?” Amy just sat with her mouth wide open in disbelief. I was in the near same condition. “Jack, see if you can find something to use in the bathroom,” Jill instructed me. I snapped back to reality and slowly pulled my cock out of Jill’s dripping pussy. I practically ran to the bathroom and searched the medicine cabinet, finding a small jar of Vaseline. I returned to the bedroom with it and knelt again behind Jill. I put a glob of the grease on Jill’s anus and greased it and my fingers. Then I slowly began to insert a finger into her tight butt. After a couple of seconds, I felt Jill’s anus relax and my finger slid all the way inside her. Jill moaned loudly and arched her back.

“Oh, Amy! His finger is in my tight little ass. Slide another one in, Jack.” I pushed another finger in Jill’s ass and wiggled them around. “Oh, yeah! Now he’s got two fingers up me, Amy. It feels so nice. I can’t wait to feel his big cock in my ass. Put your cock in my ass, Jack. I want to feel you in my ass. Oh, yeah!”

I pulled my fingers out of Jill’s ass and greased up my rock hard dick. When it was well lubed, I pressed it against Jill’s backdoor and slowly began to push. “Oh god, it’s so big! Amy, Jack’s cock is so big! Oh, I feel the head going in! Ah! Ah! Oh, yes! He’s sliding deep up my ass, Amy. Our brother has his cock in my ass and it’s so good! Oh, yeah! Don’t stop, Jack! Slide your big cock all the way in my ass! That’s it! That’s it! Oh, yeah! Amy, Jack’s cock is all the way in my ass.” This was Jill’s commentary as I slid my dick in her ass.

Once it was all the way in, I paused to let her get used to it. When she was comfortable with it’s size, I slowly began to pull it out. I withdrew all but the head, then slowly slid back in. “He’s fucking me in the ass nice and slow now, Amy. But soon, he’ll be banging my ass hard,” Jill told her sister. Amy had her dildo shoved in her pussy and was rubbing her clit with her vibrator. Amy’s eyes were closed, and Jill looked back over her shoulder at me and motioned for me to move up with her. Jill began to scoot up the bed on her hands and knees, with me still inside her ass following, until her head was between Amy’s thighs. Then Jill reached up and withdrew the dildo from Amy’s open cunt. Feeling one of her friends being taken from her, Amy opened her eyes and looked down to see Jill licking her pussy juice off the fake dick. “Mmm, Amy, you taste so good. But right now, I want a cock in my ass and one in my pussy.” With that, Jill reached between her legs and shoved the dildo in her pussy. “Oh, yeah! Both holes filled at once! That feels so fucking good!” Jill screamed.

Amy came and squirted Jill partially in the face. That set Jill off. She ground her ass hard against me and shoved the dildo almost entirely in her pussy. When she regained her composure, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and licked it clean. She looked back at me and winked. Jill put the blunt ığdır escort end of the dildo in her mouth and scooted up farther on the bed. Leaning forward, she began to push the dildo inside Amy’s dripping gash. Amy’s eyes flew open as she felt the fake dick enter her. She looked down momentarily as Jill began fucking her with the dildo her mouth. But then she just threw her head back and closed her eyes without saying a thing.

After several minutes of this, Jill removed the dildo from Amy’s cunt. “Amy? Do you want me to lick your pussy?” Amy was nearing another orgasm and could only moan. “I want to, you know. I really want to taste your pussy. Would you like that, big sister? Do you want your little sister to lick your pussy?” Amy was panting and moaning and groaning as she neared her release. “Please, Amy. Let me lick you,” she begged.

Finally, Amy shouted out, “Oh shit, yes! Lick my pussy!”

I almost came right there. Jill smiled and scooted all the way up on the bed. I continued to fuck her ass as I watched her slowly lower her face towards Amy’s snatch. Jill’s tongue darted out and flicked Amy’s clit. Amy jumped and gasped. She did it again, with the same result. Then Jill licked Amy from her ass clean up to her clit. That did it. Amy came and Jill dove in to lap it all up. She kept flicking Amy’s clit, and Amy would jump and another orgasmic wave would pass through her. It was too much for me, and I felt myself getting ready to blow.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

“Cum in my mouth!” Jill shouted.

I pulled out of her ass and moved around to stand beside the bed. Jill leaned over and held her mouth open just inches from my cock while she jerked me off. I came with a powerful blast, shooting my hot load in Jill’s mouth and all over her face. When I had finished spraying her, Jill looked up to Amy.

“He tastes so good. Would you like a taste, dear Amy?”

Amy looked down at the cum covered face of her younger sister and slowly ran her tongue over her lips. I continued stroking my cock and it remained hard, as I watched Jill climb up and gently kiss her sister on the lips. It was just a quick peck, but when Jill pulled back, there were a few strands of cum still attaching their lips. Jill moved in again, and this time, Amy did not resist Jill’s tongue when she felt it pressing against her lips. This was too much for me. I moved back around behind Jill and shoved my cock back up her ass.

“Oh!” Jill screamed as she broke the kiss. “He’s in my ass again, Amy. He must like it in there. This time, I think I’ll let him cum in my ass.” Amy reached her arms around Jill’s neck and brought their lips back together once more in a very passionate kiss. I was pounding Jill’s ass hard, and seeing the two of them kissing like that, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt my orgasm build, and announced that I was going to cum. I exploded in Jill’s ass, flooding her with my hot seed. Jill cried out and bucked her ass beneath me. After she caught her breath, she spoke to Amy. “Oh god, Amy, he just came in my ass. I’ve got our brother’s cock and cum in my ass!” That pushed Amy over the edge one more time, and she came while kissing Jill.

After that, we all just collapsed on the bed and rested for about half an hour, barely moving. Finally, I asked if everyone was still awake. When I heard both Jill and Amy groan, I told them I could use a hot bath and was going to run the water in the tub. I got up and went into the bathroom, where I began filling the big tub. I poured in half a bottle of bubble bath and took a pee while I waited for the tub to fill. When it finally did fill, I turned the water off and stuck my head back in the bedroom.

“The water is ready. If anyone cares to join me, there’s plenty of room.”

I disappeared back into the bathroom and stepped into the large tub. The water felt wonderful on my body as I sank down into it. I had been soaking for about five minutes when Jill came in. Without hesitation, she stepped into the tub and sat down next to me. Another five or so minutes passed when Amy came in. She looked the situation over and hesitated for just a moment. Then she just smiled and stepped in the tub with us. Jill sat on one side of me and Amy was on the other. We didn’t say much at first, just laid our heads back over the edge of the tub and soaked. I felt Amy’s leg lightly touching my leg, meanwhile, Jill was stroking my cock under the water.

Unbelievably, it started to grow, and soon the entire head was sticking out of the water. Jill then broke the silence. “Doesn’t Jack have a big, beautiful, cock, Amy?” Amy looked over, smiled, and nodded her head. “I’ll tell you, it feels so awfully good in my pussy too. And tonight was the first time I’d ever had it in my ass, and it felt great there too.”

Amy blushed then nodded. “It looked like it felt pretty good to you,” she said.

“Oh, it does. Look how big it gets, and these big balls have so much ısparta escort cum in them. I just love sucking and fucking this cock. In fact, I don’t even want any other cock except this one,” Jill informed her sister. “But any time you want to borrow him, I’d be willing to share him with my own sister.”

There it was. The offer had been made. Now all we could do was wait for Amy’s decision as to how far she wanted to take things. “What do you think, sis?” Jill asked Amy. “Look, he’s already big and hard.” Amy hesitated. I don’t think she was ready to take things that far. “That’s alright, sweet sister. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But I can’t let this piece of man meat go to waste.” Jill rolled over to straddle me, then grabbed my cock and guided it inside her. Amy sat right next to us as Jill bounced up and down on my cock. After a few minutes, Jill leaned over and Amy actually leaned in and they kissed once more. I saw Jill reach her hand over and knew she was finger fucking Amy beneath the water. Jill continued bouncing on my cock while fingering Amy, until she had made Amy cum twice, herself twice, and now it was about to be my turn.

“Here it comes,” I groaned.

“Amy? Would you like to jerk him off all over my face?” Jill asked. She got off me and I stood up. Amy slowly reached her hand out and grabbed hold of my cock. She started stroking it slowly, then picked up speed. She pointed it at Jill’s open mouth, and I could feel myself ready to explode. And explode I did. I began shooting thick jets of semen in Jill’s waiting mouth as Amy jerked my cock. Then, all of the sudden, she pointed my cock at her own open mouth. I shot three, thick spurts of cum in Amy’s mouth and the rest landed on her face. I thought I was going to pass out, and had to sit on the edge of the tub. Jill and Amy then leaned in and kissed, swapping my cum back and forth. We sank back into the warm water and just soaked for another twenty minutes before getting out and drying off. Amy couldn’t spend the night with us because she had to work the next day, so she dressed and left after having dinner with us.

Jill and I talked about the events of the day later that evening. We were both sure our plan would work. We also both thought that the next time Amy came over, with a little coaxing, she would fuck me.

It was three days before Amy came back over. We wasted little time before going upstairs to our parents’ room again. We knew Amy had to be very horny by now, but it surprised both Jill and I a little when, instead of pulling a chair over by the bed, Amy just joined us in the bed. She watched intently as Jill sucked my cock, moving right down to within inches of the action. After a short while though, Amy was reaching out and replacing Jill’s pumping hand with her own. Amy stroking my cock while Jill was sucking on it produced an almost instant orgasm for me. I came mostly in Jill’s mouth, but she removed her mouth from my dick so that some of my cum ran down the shaft of my cock onto Amy’s hand. Amy brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean.

“Would you like to clean him off?” Jill asked Amy after they had kissed. Amy smiled a wicked little smile, then lowered herself down to my lap. She planted small kisses all around my cock, then began to slowly work her way up my half-hard dick. When she reached the tip, she slowly opened her mouth and took my cock inside. She began sucking and licking my cock up and down, cleaning off the residual cum. I instantly got hard again. Amy giggled a little and continued until my cock was clean. Jill rolled Amy over on her back and dove between her legs. She began eating Amy out, and within minutes, Amy had a very wet orgasm. I got up and moved around behind Jill and was pounding her pussy. She began her usual commentary, telling Amy how big I was and how good I felt, in between licks of her pussy. When Jill had a mind-numbing orgasm, and continued with her dirty talk to Amy, Amy shoved Jill aside.

“Enough already!” Amy shouted. “All I’ve been hearing is how great he feels. I’m ready for some cock! Get over here and fuck me!”

I dislodged myself from Jill’s pussy grip and moved over between Amy’s legs. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I shoved my cock into her wet pussy.

Although not quite as tight as Jill’s, Amy’s pussy felt almost as great. She gasped as I sank my cock balls deep into her, and began making a little chirping noise when I started fucking her.

“Oh god, he does feel great,” Amy moaned.

“I think I should get some compensation for loaning him to you,” Jill said. She got up and swung her leg around so she was straddling Amy’s face. She slowly lowered herself to Amy’s mouth, and Amy quickly began licking Jill’s hot puss. I was pounding Amy’s pussy vigorously, and could soon feel the cum rise from my balls.

“Amy, I’m gonna cum soon. Where do you want me to cum?” I asked her.

“Cum inside me,” she told me. “I want to feel it.”

I continued slamming into her until I felt my release. With a loud grunt, I emptied my balls inside my older sister’s hot box. She moaned against Jill’s clit, which sent her over the edge. Jill’s honey splashed on Amy’s face and tits, and I quickly felt Amy’s pussy grip my cock tightly.

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