Jacob, what a wonderful brother.


I’m 19 and Jacob is 23. He’s my half brother. We never really met or knew each other well until about a year ago and from that time on, I knew we were going to get along great. His dad and our mom moved in together after a long time of separation and Jacob and I have our own wing of the house basically. Our mom and his dad decided they would need their privacy and that we got along well enough to share a side of the house. Our side of the house consist of 1 HUGE ass bathroom, a kitchen, a small living room, and 2 bedrooms. Along with another small room that is painted a really hot red.. We call it the make out room because there’s a padded bench along one wall and we threw a ton of pillows and a few blankets in there, along with an extra mattress. So sometimes when people stay the night, we play truth or dare in there or the guest sleeps there but it’s not very often that we have people over. Anyway, I’m sure you wanna hear about the dirty stuff huh?? Well ok.Well one night Jacob, our mom, Chris{Jacobs dad} and I were out by our pool in our pool chairs talking and having a good time. Everyone istanbul travesti except me was drinking. Although, Jacob shared a few drinks with me now and then when the “adults” went inside. Well, the night was cooling off a bit and I wasn’t wanting to go back into the water and then freeze my ass off. Jacob had the same thought, I think ,because we just sat by the edge of the pool and dangled our feet in the water. Jacob got up to go get ANOTHER beer and I sat there waiting for him to get back.. I hate being only 19 sometimes.He came back over and sat down again but this time he was facing me and he was DRUNK. I mean, I’ve seen him get pretty shit-faced before but this was ridiculous. Mom and Chris came out a few minutes later to tell us goodnight and that they were going to “bed.”I got up and Jacob started to follow me but he fell into the pool and took me with him.. I wasn’t very happy because the water was cold but then we were wrestling in the pool because he kicked me on “accident” and I pretty much attacked him for that one. When we finally got out of the istanbul travestileri pool, he let me put on his t-shirt that was laying on his chair so we could hang out for a bit longer. As we were sitting in our pool chairs, we talked about everything and learned a lot about each other.Well, we were both pretty tired and decided to go to bed so he walked me to my room and we said our goodnights and he went back to his room. Or so I thought. I layed in bed for a while and I couldn’t get to sleep and I ended up deciding to finger myself and have a nice orgasm before bed. I started getting really into it, moaning a little louder than usual and even moving my hips, grinding against my hand as I did. I was getting close to cumming and started moaning louder when I heard something at my door. Jacob was standing at my doorway, which I had forgotten to close completely. He was moaning too and that’s when my eyes traveled down his amazing body, realizing that he was rubbing his dick. I smiled and continued fingering myself and moaning, as if I didn’t ever realize travesti istanbul he was there and I started moaning louder and louder and I heard him allow himself to get louder too. As we both neared orgasm, I really got louder and he was moaning at about a normal level but I was almost screaming, so he could be comfortable and moan as he pleased.The next morning, we both walked into our living room in our underwear and neither of us dared to mention what happened last night. Of course, he still didn’t know that I knew he was there. But ever since that night, I had wanted to fool around with him. Do anything I could with him.So, I conjured up a plan. I was going to talk about the night he caught me masturbating in detail with someone, tell them that I wanted to fool around with him and then leave my laptop on the kitchen table so he would be sure to see it and Jacob being Jacob, he would read it!So I got on Lush, conjured up a conversation with someone and told them my whole story. What Jacob had done when he caught me masturbating and what I wanted from him. Then I went into the kitchen a few minutes before Jacob was to return home from work and sat my laptop on the kitchen table with the chat window open in perfect view. Then I heard his car in the drive way. I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower and “accidentally” left my light pink, silk p.js in the living room, on the couch.

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