Jamaican Holiday Ch. 02



After breakfast we took a tour of a rum distillery, then lunch and a suck-and-fuck. After a nap, I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach.

“The CO beach?”


“Uh, I guess so. But I’m not getting naked!” I was disappointed, but said that whatever she felt comfortable with was fine. I noticed, though, that she put on a two-piece suit.

At the beach she picked out an empty spot. I offered to oil her up and she lay on her belly while I did her back and legs. After a while we went swimming. The water cooled us off then the sun warmed us. As we were warming up — and making out a little -,the Couple and the Big Black Guy (BBG) (as I called them in my mind) walked by, saw us and set up about 10 yards away. We returned their greetings and watched them, laying on our bellies.

The husband removed his clothes, then his Wife’s towel, revealing her lush, nude body. Then he removed the BBG’s wife-beater and dropped to his knees to remove his shorts. As he did so, BBG Big Black Cock flopped out into his face. (Jaye gasped) He paused a moment and reached for it but BBG said something and he scuttled on his knees to his Wife.

She stood facing us with her legs spread while her husband oiled her ankles, then calves, finally spending a long time massaging her thick thighs.

As he started toward her crotch, BBG again spoke. The husband scuttled off and the Wife dropped to her knees, keeping them widespread and putting her hands behind her head.

BBG walked over to her, his Black sausage almost touching her face. The Wife leaned slightly forward and kissed it.

Jaye let out another gasp.

BBG knelt down and started oiling the Wife’s back. Slowly. Sensually.

Jaye let out a low “Oh Hell! Oil my back, B!” It wasn’t a request. “And take off your suit!”


“You want me naked – why shouldn’t you be, too? You’re not embarrassed are you? You shouldn’t be, my stud!” she teased.

While I stripped off my suit she removed her top. I started to oil her shoulders, working down to her butt.

“Just my shoulders and back.”

I realized she wanted me to mirror BBG and concentrated on where I thought his hands were on the Wife.

The Wife was watching us and said something to BBG, who looked at us and grinned.

He continued on down her back to her buttocks, his Big Black Cock bumping against her thigh. Now and then he would deliberately rub it against her thigh, and it would twitch and seem to grow, causing Jaye to gasp each time, as if it were her being caressed.

Working on her back, I periodically leaned forward and did the same with my cock. Jaye would give me an “Mmmm” but her eyes stayed glued on the Black man and white woman in front of us.

I couldn’t see his hand on the Wife’s butt but suddenly there were Black fingers emerging between her legs. Then back under, then out again, as he was obviously massaging her pussy. She moaned and wobbled and he grabbed a large pillowed breast to steady her. Jaye let out a moan as well.

I tried to do her butt by slipping my hand under her bikini bottom, but it wasn’t working.

“Do you want to take your bottom off?”


Now BBG shifted to oiling the Wife’s shoulders and down her chest. He stopped and looked at us then started rubbing the oil into her lush breasts, then stopped again and looked at us expectantly.

Jaye let out another “Aw Hell!” and pushed herself up facing them, placing her hands behind her head, spreading her knees, and pushing out her chest to mirror the Wife.

“Go ahead, B!”

With an internal mental cheer, I started on her shoulders and then her breasts. BBG and I were Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort in control now, rubbing our ladies tit flesh. He would jiggle one at me, I would respond, then I would grasp one of Jaye’s long nipples, which were rock hard now, and give it a pull and twist, and he would copy me.

The Wife’s eyes were closed and she was breathing through her mouth. Jaye was also breathing through her mouth, her chest getting red and mottled, but her eyes were fixed on them.

As his hand reached the Wife’s pussy again, he grabbed her by her crotch and rubbed his Black cock against her thigh. She let out a moan.

I did the same to Jay, grabbing her bikini-covered crotch and rubbing myself. I was hard instantly, although not near the size of BBG.

Now BBG started to directly massage and finger the Wife. I tried to copy but the suit was again in my way.

“Don’t you want to take it off?”

“No! Slide your hand in!”

I knew why she didn’t want to take her bottom off: as I stroked her crotch I could feel her engorged clit sticking out like a small cock, tenting her swimsuit bottom.

Evilly, I nodded my head to them to indicate they should look down and stroked her mound with my fingers spread so that the bulge showed even larger and squeezed it with my other hand. She moaned “Please don’t!”

Then I slid my hand inside her bottom, stroked her pussy lips to separate them and plunged a finger into her pussy.

Jaye let out a wail and snapped her knees shut. Gasping for breath she grabbed a towel and started back to the resort, still topless with her long nipples pointing at the sun

“Let’s go!”

I tried to catch up to her but she was moving out, leaving me to worry if I had gone too far.

Back at the cabana I found her leaning over the dresser, shuddering and sobbing. I took her in my arms and held her.

“I’m sorry if I pushed you too far, baby.” More tears.

“You didn’t push me too far, B. I wanted to — I wanted to go even further! But I was –am — too scared! What if they laugh at me and call me a freak?”

“They won’t, Jaye. You are beautiful! And here, on that beach, with those folks, I am positive is the last place in the world anyone would call you a freak. Relax, go with it — or not. Whatever you are comfortable with. Just don’t stress out over it.”

She had regained some control now. She sniffled and looked up at me.

“Gawd it was erotic, wasn’t it?”

“Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like it!”

“You’re sure they won’t laugh at me?”

I knew from the question that she had already decided to go back.

“I’m positive!”

“Then make love to me B, I’m so horny I’ll explode!”

I pushed her onto the bed. She immediately pulled her legs up to her chest to give me access to her gushing pussy, and I began lapping her juices and swirling my tongue around and sucking her swollen dicklet.

The Big Bang that followed was, as she said, one for the record books. I hopped on and sank my rock hard cock into her. She was so wet there was very little friction, so I rammed into her harder and harder. She grunted and moaned with the pounding but kept urging me on. In a few minutes I was cumming so hard I was afraid I’d have a heart attack. We were both wiped out and slept until dinner

We looked for Paul and Sheila again at dinner and asked if the invitation to go to the Z’Club was still open. They said yes and we talked for a bit, finding out that they had been here twice before, had arrived this trip the same day we had, and had seen us around.

At 9:45 we met them at the poolside bar. They were in their mid 30s, blond, Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort tanned and fit, from California. He was wearing the male uniform for the resort – a Hawaian shirt, shorts and sandals. She was wearing a brief bikini top which showed off her gorgeous breasts (“Fake!” according to my wife) and very short skirt which showed off her toned legs.

Jaye was wearing her usual lightly padded bra under a knit beach cover up outfit consisting of a boat neck top with ¾ sleeves and an ankle length skirt. I was wearing the same as Paul.

Wednesday Night – The Zebra Club, 1st night

The club was a 10 minute walk along the beach in the moonlight, on the edge of a small village and well off the beaten tourist lanes, down an unpaved track nestled in the palms.

It was mostly a large three sided shack with a bar and some tables. Out the open back was a beaten down dance floor flanked on two sides by more tables and barely illuminated with a string of Christmas light bulbs. There was a steel band and a boom box for music.

The place was pretty full, and it had an interesting mix: mostly Black Jamaicans, but with several tables of white tourists. We sat at one populated by folks I had seen around the resort. Paul and Sheila were well known to them. And then there was a third group: white women in scanty outfits with Black men and a few with Black and white men, – the latter mostly middle-aged, although there were a couple of young guys – who seemed to be buying drinks for the Blacks. There was no interplay between this group of whites and the other tourists.

Whatever the dynamic, the beer was cold, the drinks strong, and the music great. The Calypso dancing here was very different from what the resort put on — sort of a “Dirty Dancing, Caribbean Style”. Lots of grinding of crotches and grabbing of various body parts by both sexes.

We ordered drinks and watched the show on the dance floor. The Black girls generally wore tube tops, halter tops, or bikini tops with mini-skirts or shorts and were shoeless or in sandals. The Black Men wore wife beaters or T-shirts and pajama bottoms or shorts. Their dancing together was sinuous, sensuous, and with an animal energy, crotches grinding and hands sliding over each other.

The whites generally stayed with what they learned at the resort and looked a little silly, but some of the whites — usually women — tried to copy the natives.

Paul and Sheila were in the latter group and doing it well — particularly after 2 or 3 drinks.

In any event, Jaye was having a ball. We danced several numbers together, trying to copy the locals — much to their amusement. Eventually I had to quit and sat down to watch.

Jaye is a natural dancer with a super sense of rhythm and the music and rum drinks were really loosening her up. Several young men stopped by to flatter her and offer to teach her “Jamaican style,” but she turned them down even though I could tell she wanted to continue dancing. Sheila teased her, telling her to lighten up — this was just dancing. Jaye answered that it was obvious they thought — or were hoping — every white woman was there for sex. Sheila giggled and shrugged, “Of course! Some are just kids trying to get laid, but most of the men here make their living that way! They are called “Renti!” But their interest is real — and real hard — even if it’s not for your brains! Go with it or not, but have fun! You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!” And with that she grabbed the arm of an athletic young Black man and headed for the dance floor. As soon as they got to the middle, Sheila melted into his arms and started grinding her tits into his chest and Kadıköy İranlı Escort her crotch into his groin. The action was so hot that one of her grapefruit-sized boobs popped out. She let him put it back into the bikini top in the middle of the dance floor and continued with her dry humping.

Jaye sat there surprised for a minute, but Paul and I were cracking up, both at Sheila’s comments and the look on Jaye’s face. It was kind of like watching Samantha and Charlotte in “Sex and the City.”

Finally, a young man with a lythe, well-cut physique, dread locks and a goatee shooed off the floaters, introduced himself as Samuel, and, looking Jaye firmly in the eye, told her that HE would teach her to dance. She looked at him for a minute then at me. I told her to go, it was just dancing, and she might as well learn it right and besides, the booze was getting to me.

Internally, after watching the mixed couples all week, the shenanigans on the beach, and Jaye’s question at dinner the previous night, I wanted to see my wife with one of these Black men — what it would look like and how I would feel.

They danced the first dance side by side with him showing her the moves, not even touching. The second dance they assumed a “normal” dance position with about a half-arm’s distance between them, again going through the motions but not touching. The third dance, the band picked up the beat some and he pulled her close to him and put both hands on her ass, telling her to do the same to him. Her head only came to his muscled shoulder so his crotch was pressed into her belly. They started to grind, she hesitant at first, he with natural authority. As the song went on, Jaye’s natural rhythm picked up the beat, but she was a little clumsy.

At the end of the set, they returned to the table. Jaye was flushed and out of breath. I ordered fresh drinks while we got to know each other and Samuel complimented her on her dancing. “Thank you Samuel, that was great but I feel so clutzy. It’s like I can’t move out there.”

“It ya clothes, pretty lady. Ja got on too much. Ya legs can’t move. Why don ja tuck up ja hem into ja waist so ja legs can move?”

Jaye did so, the tucking revealing her entire leg and thigh to her waist.

Just then the band started again. She grabbed Samuel’s hand and they were off to the dance floor. More grabbing of asses and now her breasts through the fabric, and occasionally I could see Samuel’s Black hand on my wife’s bare thigh and disappearing under her skirt.

This time she was better, but they returned after two dances.

“I’m still too hot and confined!”

Samuel called a waitress over “Girl, take da pretty lady to de back and help she wid she costume!”

Jaye looked at me for a minute, unsure, and then thanked him and said the outfit was new and that it was time we should be going.

Back in our cabana, I stripped her naked, pushed her on the bed and started eating her.

“Did you have a good time tonight?”

‘Mmmm, yes! Better than I thought I would.”

“I did, too”

As she climaxed, I slid into her wet pussy and caressed her hair as I stroked in and out,

“I thought you looked sexy out there tonight dancing with Samuel. The contrast of his Black skin on yours was really hot. I thought you looked beautiful and I was very proud of the way you moved. You are a hot sexy Momma!”

“Thank you! You weren’t jealous?”

“Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then why should I be jealous? I’m the one having sex with you, not him!”

My orgasm built as I replayed the evening in my mind, especially Samuel’s Black hand sliding under my wife’s skirt to grab her panty-clad crotch. When I was done, Jaye licked and sucked me clean.

As we drifted off to sleep thoughts kept running through my head: Had he felt her clit? Was it hard when he touched it? She hadn’t reacted when he did it or mentioned it later. Why not? What would they look like naked together?

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