Jamie Ch. 02


Jamie and I continued our late night teasing and play for about two months. It became almost an every night ritual. One night she stayed with a girl friend and once my wife was up late and interfered with our fun. Other than those two nights, we met in her room on schedule.

I had almost forgotten what it was like to cum so much. My wife and I had settled into a twice a week routine many years ago, and even that had become predictable and mundane. I was excited now and I found myself walking around with a hard on like I had years ago. It felt good to be vital and alive.

Now that I had become more aware of Jamie’s sexuality, I saw her in a very different light. I couldn’t look at her now without seeing her as a sexual woman. No longer was she my little girl of years ago. At first this bothered me, but I rationalized that my love was still the same as before as a parent. The feelings I had were nothing more than lust and desire, just as I would feel for any young woman that I had access to.

We restricted our play to late at night until IT finally happened. One afternoon, my wife was shopping and Jamie came home from play rehearsal. I was alone in the garage, organizing things, when she drove up and came in to see what I was doing.

“I’m just putting tools away,” I said as she came up to me.

She laughed and said “Well, I know one tool I don’t want you to put away.”

I laughed back and teasingly rubbed my crotch. She stood in front of me and reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans. My cock pulsed as she continued to squeeze and stroke it slowly through my clothing. I kissed her forehead as encouragement, and she unzipped my fly and reached in and continued to stroke my cock.

My jeans were getting tighter and she soon pulled my cock out. She held it in her hands and watched as it throbbed and jerked from the excitement. She maraş escort held her palms together around my cock and slowly moved them up and down, then she gripped my cock with one hand and started to stroke faster as her other hand cupped my balls.

I stood humping and pushing my cock at my daughter as she worked on it with her soft hands. She watched my cock intently as the veins popped out and my cock head became a darker pinkish purple. My cock was hard and hot in her hands.

She leaned down closer, and I thought she was going to lick or start to suck it, but she simply spit on my shaft and into her hands, and with them thus lubricated, she started to stroke faster and faster. I moaned as she looked into my eyes, and smiled.

“Oh, Daddy, I think you like me doing this, don’t you?”

“Yes baby.”

Her hand slammed up and down, with my cock gripped and sliding inside. I grabbed the table I was leaning against. My balls feel hot and I knew I was about to really empty them.

“Oh yes, baby, jack that hard cock for daddy.”

My words seemed to excite her as much as they did me for she switched hands and pumped harder until I groaned and my body stiffened. She stopped stroking and rubbed the head and squeezed my balls as I shot my cum into her waiting hand. She slowly stroked my cock as spurt after spurt of cum shot out and then she milked the drops out so patiently.

When my cock was softening in her hand, she reached for a shop rag and started to wipe her hands and then cleaned my cock off. She patted it dry and placed it back into my jeans, zipped them up and kissed my cheek, before she went into the house.

I wanted more of that.

Later that afternoon, I was in my bedroom dressing to meet my wife downtown for dinner. I came out of my bathroom, naked.

Jamie was sitting on the bed. mardin escort

I started to cover up as a reflex, then I realized it would be a little hypocritical, under our current situation. I continued to gather my clothes and get ready as if she wasn’t there, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that she was looking at me.

I felt that recently familiar pang of excitement.

“You better let me get dressed, young lady.”

“Go ahead, Daddy, don’t pay any attention to me.” she said as she spread her legs, teasingly.

She was wearing shorts and a halter top. It was obvious that she didn’t have a bra on, and her nipples pushed out against the flimsy material. The legs of her shorts were wide, and I could easily see the crease where her legs meet her crotch.

My cock started to rise.

She stared at my cock, and her hands slid under her shorts and I could see them pressing against her pussy. At that moment I knew I had to have her.

I went to the bed and moved her hands away. I unsnapped her shorts and grabbed the legs and pulled. She lifted her ass and they slid off.

Without hesitation, she pulled her thong off and threw it on the floor. She sat up and raised her top and removed it also. She sat there naked.

Her tits were round and full. Not huge, but very firm and more than a handful. Her nipples were stiff and stood out about a half inch. Her areola was pink and slightly puffy and was about a silver dollar size.

Her little pussy was trimmed and had a small patch of short hair. Her lips were pink and her labia were slightly folded. I could see a tiny gap between them, as I leaned down to kiss her pussy.

She lay back and slid down on the bed. Her legs were splayed apart and I crawled between them. I placed my fingers on her lips and opened her up, so I could slip my tongue between mersin escort them.

My tongue licked up and down her slotted opening. It darted in and out, like a serpent’s, flicking and licking and reaching as deep into her sweet pussy as it could go.

She bend her legs at the knees and I pushed my shoulders against her ass as I pressed my face against her wet pussy. My lips kissed and sucked her juices and my tongue found her clit and teased and flicked it, circled around it slowly and then pulled it into my lips.

I sucked her hard little clit and felt it throbbing between my lips. I loved her pussy with all of the care i could give it.

She moaned and groaned and I felt her pushing up against my face, urging me on. Her hands on the back of my head pushed me down harder against her hot open pussy. I didn’t need and encouragement as I feasted on that sweet pussy.

“Oh Daddy. I am going to cum again,” she cooed.

I sucked and flicked and licked and probed her harder and faster, my arms under her legs held her to me. I wanted to eat her little pussy as long as she could stand it.

She rocked and humped my face and I held her tight, unwilling to let this prize escape me. My cock jerked and pulsed under me, wanting to join this party, but it would have to wait. I wanted this pussy just to eat and play with.

She thrashed around and bucked and humped me and climaxed again and again, and all too soon she collapsed and fell back on the bed, exhausted. I gave her pussy one last soft kiss and then moved up to lie next to her.

She was silent, as she lay there, her legs still open and her wet pussy shining in the light. Her lips were swollen and dark pink.

She was so beautiful, innocent yet wanton, pure yet whorish, woman yet almost childlike. My daughter – my new lover.

I dressed and left her to sleep. My mind was filled with the pleasure we had just shared and thoughts of the days ahead with her excited me beyond any I had ever had.

I leaned down to kiss her before I left. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too baby.”

next…we go further

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