Janey’s Birthday Present

Big Tits

It was soon to be Janey’s 20th birthday, and I was struggling with what to get my baby and lover that would set this one apart and make it really memorable. I had already gotten her one present, by getting a vasectomy so we could fuck whenever we wanted without worrying about her getting pregnant. I had asked her again and again over the month prior to her birthday as to what she wanted, and her response was always “I have you as my lover, what more can I want.” This answer was not helping me.

I thought about all the things we had shared, both as father and daughter and as lovers, thinking of what would Janey want. As I pondered our time together, I remembered how excited Janey would get when we watched porn videos with two women doing it. I also thought about how often she had commented about wanting to have a lesbian or 3-way encounter sometime in her life. The idea sunk in, this is what I would get her for her birthday.

Luckily, just down the street was a woman who I believed could help me with my idea. I had helped Vianne with some computer problems she was having, and in so doing found her PC to be filled with pictures of lesbian sex. On top of that, she was a beautiful black woman. About 5’10” tall, her skin was a wonderful dark brown, and I was betting her measurements at around 36c-26-38. The question was how I would approach her.

I decided the direct route would probably be best. I called Vianne up and said I wanted to see if her computer was still working OK and to see if she could help me with a special need. Vianne told me to come over so I could run some diagnostics and to talk over the favor I was wanting. A couple of hours later, there I was, sitting in front of Vianne’s computer as it was defragging when she asked “So Keith, what is the ‘need’ you have?”

I ask, “Vianne, are you a lesbian?”

She looked at me intently, then answered me quietly, “No, I’m bi-sexual.”

I smiled, “That’s great. I’m really happy to hear it.”

She looked at me like I was nuts. “I’m so glad you approve, Keith. But why the interest in my sex life?” asked Vianne.

I said, “Vianne, you know my daughter Janey. Well, her birthday is coming up in a couple of days, and I want this one to be really memorable since she is turning 20. I’m pretty sure she’s had thoughts about having a lesbian encounter, but I don’t think the friends she runs with would be the right ones to introduce her to this experience. Do you think that you would be interested in her?”

Vianne looked at me carefully for a second, and then smiled herself. “Keith,” she said, “I think Janey is very sexy, and I’d love to do it with her. I just can’t believe that her own father is lining up some woman for your daughter to have sex with. Why?”

I said without hesitation, “Because I love her,” not wanting to have her figure out what I really meant by that.

We decided that she would come over to the house the next night (the eve of Janey’s birthday) to see if I was home, and then find a way to seduce my baby. Now, I had to make sure that I was somewhere to watch the fun without either of them knowing it. After all, if I was going to all this trouble to have this occur, siirt escort I wanted to have some fun with it.

The next morning, after Janey had left for work, I set up a couple of small video camera’s in the living room of our house, with them transmitting to my office in the basement. When Janey got home, I told her I had a ton of work to do and that I shouldn’t be disturbed. I then went down to my office and watched on my monitor. About an hour later, the doorbell rang. When Janey opened it, there was Vianne standing at the door, wearing a plunging neckline shirt and some very short shorts. If Janey didn’t find her sexy, then I was taking her to the doctor. Vianne asked if I was available, and Janey said that I wasn’t. Janey then asked if there was something she could do for her.

Vianne smiled and said, “I bet you can. I’m having trouble with my computer downloading stuff from the internet. Can I show you what I’m doing and see if you can give me any pointers to make it easier for me?”

Janey said “Sure, come in and we’ll try it on our computer.” With that, Vianne walked in and followed Janey to our home computer in the living room. Janey got the PC up and running, then Vianne slid into the seat with Janey right beside her and quickly typed in a URL. I switched the view on my monitor from one camera to the other so I could see what they were looking at. I peered closely, and saw that it looked like the site Vianne brought up was a site concerning inter-racial lesbian stuff. Vianne quickly typed in her password and the full site was up.

Vianne turned to Janey and said that when she was trying to download a couple of short movies, her computer was getting hung up. “Do you mind if I try it here, honey,” Vianne asked. Janey moved a little closer to the screen and said sure, go for it. Vianne clicked away and the movie downloaded. She started the movie as two very hot and buxom women were in a frenzied 69. Vianne and Janey intently watched them lick and suck each other’s pussys for many minutes until both the girls on the screen came loudly.

Vianne and Janey sat back a bit, and then Vianne asked, “Can I try one more?” Janey looked at her, nodding her head as she said “Oh yeah.” Vianne clicked on the next feature. Again, the movie started, and the screen filled with hot lesbian sex. As Vianne and Janey watched, Vianne moved her hand onto my baby’s back. She leaned over to Janey and said that she was so sexy that she should be making these type pictures.

Janey looked at her, “You really think so?”

That’s when Vianne made her move. She cupped Janey’s face in her hands, and drew her in for a long, passionate kiss. I could tell that Vianne and Janey were sucking on each other’s tongues, as my baby moved her hands down and started playing with Vianne’s tits through her shirt. Vianne broke their kiss and ripped open my daughter’s shirt. “I don’t think you need this on, or this bra.” And with that my baby was nude from the waist up, her 40D tits aroused and ready. Vianne then stood, and took off her own shirt. I was amazed; her tits were perfectly round, with dark, hard nipples. She grabbed her right tit in her hand, sinop escort and moved toward Janey. She stood next to her, and started rubbing her hard nipple on Janey’s equally excited breast. They then started kissing again, as they rubbed their tits harder and harder into each other.

Janey then grabbed Vianne’s hand and led her over to the couch. She sat her down and looked at her, I switched cameras again and watched as Janey undid her jeans and slid them down her legs. “Do you like my shaved pussy, Vianne? Does it turn you on,” Janey asked her.

“Oh yea girl, it turns me on. In fact, I think I’ll give it a taste,” and with that Vianne lifted my baby’s leg over her shoulder and buried her face in Janey’s wet cant. I could tell that Vianne was doing a good job, because all Janey could do is hold on to her head as she writhed and moaned, begging Vianne to suck harder on her pussy. Vianne had one hand cupping Janey’s ass for leverage, as the other is pulling on Janey’s right nipple, making it redder and redder by the second. All of a sudden, Janey started shaking hard – and I know what that meant…my baby was Cumming. I watched as Vianne lapped up Janey’s hot juice, which I was sure is flowing heavily.

Vianne moved Janey’s leg off her shoulder lay back on the couch and removed her shorts as she did so. As Janey was catching her breath, she stared down at Vianne’s sexy body. Vianne laid back and opened her legs wide. “Now girl, it’s time for you to taste my sweet black cunt. Get your face over here!” Vianne ordered. Janey did as she was told, and moved her mouth down to Vianne nicely coiffed pussy. I watched as my daughter starts to lick all around Vianne’s muff, then Vianne told her to stick her tongue in as deep as she could. I hear Vianne grunt as my baby worked her long tongue deep in the dark pussy, “Yes Janey, fuck my pussy with your tongue. Make me cum all over your face.” Vianne was working her own tits hard as Janey kept the pressure up on Vianne’s cunt. I could see Janey starting to suck on the hard clit she had then found, and Vianne was responding in kind, wriggling all over the place and telling my baby what a good cunt-sucker she was.

It is here that I realized that I was missing a golden opportunity. So I striped off my clothes and head upstairs. I got into the living room, and the scent of these two women’s pussys was amazing. Just as Vianne was cumming, I walked over to my baby’s backside. I started to rub my cock across her ass, and I heard Janey say “Hello lover!”

Vianne eyes opened wide, “Keith, what the fuck are you doing!?!”

I said, “Vianne, what I didn’t tell you is how I love my daughter.” And with that, I shoved my 9-inch cock into my baby’s tight cunt.

Vianne moved Janey’s face up and looked at her, “So, that’s how your dad knew what you wanted. Well, happy birthday girl. Now, get back to sucking my hot cunt.” Janey started lapping at Vianne pussy again as I attacked her own hot hole. Janey grabbed one of her swinging tits and squeezed it tightly as I fucked her harder and harder…shoving her face into Vianne’s pussy.

Vianne looked at me, “Well Keith, at least I know şırnak escort what goes on in this house. Are you going to at least fuck me before I go tonight?”

“Of course Vianne, it will be my pleasure,” I said smiling. I reached under my baby and started rubbing her clit as I piston her pussy faster and faster. “Oh baby, daddy’s going to fill your cunt!” Seconds later, I did just that while Vianne is again cumming all over Janey’s mouth. Vianne and I then both released Janey. She lay back on the couch, relaxing after all that fun. I look at my baby and said “Janey is this a good birthday present?” “Oh yes daddy, it is,” she said.

The next thing I realized is that Vianne is sucking my half-hard cock into her mouth. I looked down at Vianne, and she stopped for a second to say “How else am I going to get this cock in me?” She then went back to sucking on my dick, getting it back to attention quickly. I looked down watching this sexy black woman work my dick like a pro, jerking the base as she sucked harder and harder. I looked over at Janey, and it looked like she is taking mental notes as she watched Vianne suck her daddy’s big dick.

I kept looking back and forth between Vianne sucking my cock and Janey who had started fingering her pussy again. I pull Vianne off my dick and told her “If you want me to fuck you…lay back and open your legs wide. I’m ready to pound you.”

She smiled at me and says “Well it’s about fucking time!” Janey got up from the couch and motioned for Vianne to lie down. Vianne quickly lies down, opened her legs and started playing with her nipples again. I got my cock between at her opening, and started to rub my cockhead over her lips and her clit. Janey got on her knees and start sucking on Vianne’s tits. I then plunge my cock all the way up Vianne’s pussy and started the fuck she so wanted.

I pumped Vianne’s pussy in long, strong strokes…letting my cock almost completely escape her pussy then shoving it all the way back in. My hot daughter continued to alternate her sucking between Vianne’s hard tits and all the while Vianne kept saying how much she loved the attention we were giving her. Then, Vianne grabs Janey and says, “You need to be sitting on my face, and it is your birthday after all.” Janey didn’t need another request, and she got up on the couch, facing me, and straddled Vianne mouth. I watched Vianne start licking and sucking Janey’s cunt again and again as I continued my assault on her pussy with my dick.

Janey looked at me as she started to enjoy Vianne’s attention to her pussy and says “Daddy, please suck my tits while you fuck her.” I gladly grabbed my baby’s big tits and start sucking and playing with them as I fucked Vianne harder and harder. “Oh yea daddy, get me hotter…make me cum on Vianne face,” Janey groaned. I feel Vianne’s pussy starting to tighten around my cock as I pump faster..faster…faster still. Suddenly, both Vianne and Janey let out loud moans as they both started cumming hard. Their sounds send me over the top again, and I spewed my load deep in Vianne’s pussy. We all collapsed onto the couch, trying to regain our breathing from the lovely birthday present.

Vianne looked up and says “Well, I hope we are going to do this again sometime.”

Janey looked at me for permission, and I say, “Anytime you two decide you want this, I’m here for you both.”

Janey smiled and said, “OK, tomorrow morning! That will make it a really happy birthday!” And it did.

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