Jenny Ch. 02


That night, only the second night since Jenny had come into my life, we made love, slowly, passionately, without the animal lust like our first time, but with our hearts as much as with our bodies. Afterwards, we held each other until sleep took us both. We slept soundly, still holding each other, for 10 hours, not waking until well after daybreak. When we did wake, we still held each other, drawing peace and healing from our embrace. Finally, Jenny had to get up and head to the bathroom, while I laid in bed, stretching contentedly. I heard the toilet flush, followed by the shower, and must have drifted back off to sleep. I awoke once again with Jenny, now dressed, kissing my lips.

“Get up, sleepy head! I am hungry! You get in the shower while I make us some breakfast.” While she headed downstairs, I made the bed and moved into the bathroom. After my morning rituals, I dressed and headed downstairs to find Jenny in the kitchen, just setting the table with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, juice, fresh coffee, and some grapes that she found in the frig. I looked at the heaping plates full of food, and wondered how we would ever manage to eat all of that. Of course, I underestimated Jenny, who had told me that she was hungry. That old expression of “eating for two” takes on new meaning with her.

While I nibbled away at what looked like a days worth of food on my plate, I watched her devour a much larger plate with relish. When she had cleaned up the last few morsels on her plate, she started looking at mine. After a moment, she shifted her chair over next to me, and began to help me finish. In the end, she ate over half of my plate, all of hers, and was working on the grapes to top it off. Finally, she pushed back from the table, rubbing her belly and sighing contentedly.

“We definitely have to go to the store. I don’t think there is enough food in the house to keep you going much longer.” I said. “I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to find you gnawing on my leg.”

“No promises.” she said. “But if you keep me well fed, you may find me gnawing on other parts of your anatomy. Food is not the only thing I am starved for.” She leaned over and gave me a very wet kiss, with lots of tongue and promise for later. She then stood, and pulled me up to help her clean up the kitchen. In short order, we had the dishes done, the food put away, and were heading into town. As we drove, I asked her about her clothing. As I thought, she had little in the way of maternity clothing, and few things that still fit her blossoming figure.

Our first stop, then, was the local JC Penney store. Our small town did not have a great selection of stores, but I knew that she could find a few things there. She picked out a few basic tops, and some pants and shorts with elastic fronts to allow for her growing belly. She also had to be fitted for bras, as hers were no longer sufficient. When she had the correct size, she picked out several ones in different colors and styles.

Next, she asked me about pajamas. I told her not to worry, as I didn’t see the need for her to wear any while she was staying with me. She beamed happily, and gave me a kiss. I then steered her over to the dresses, asking her to pick out something nice that she could wear for an evening out. She looked through what was available, trying on a few different ones, before finally settling on a dark green sleeveless dress with a scooped neckline. It hugged her body, showing off her curves and pregnant form to perfection, dropping to just above her knees. As she modeled it for me, I had to shift my erection, which had grown uncomfortably in my pants. Seeing this, she gave me a smile that had more than a hint of that feral look from yesterday. I had a brief vision of her dragging me into the dressing room and having her way with me, but realized that those kinds of thoughts would make it very difficult to face the sales lady at the checkout. With an effort, I refocused my mind on trying to get my erection to subside.

When Jenny came out, we gathered her haul and headed to the checkout. The sales lady was very nice, but kept giving us, and especially me, interesting looks. She could not quite figure us out. Was I the doting father providing for his daughter, or a sugar daddy taking care of his mistress? Jenny also noticed, and when I paid the bill, she gave me a hug and a smoldering kiss on the lips, and said “Thank you so much. You are the best!” We then walked out hand in hand, with the clerk grinning behind us.

Our next stop was the grocery store. We got two carts, with Jenny heading off to the health and beauty section while I got started on food. I loaded my cart up with canned goods, meat, fresh and frozen vegetables, juice, and a variety of dairy products. When Jenny caught up, I headed her towards the pharmacy for prenatal vitamins, while I hit the breakfast isle for cereal and breakfast bars. We then wandered the store, picking up various things that she needed, or simply wanted. We finished up Beylikdüzü escort at the produce section, where she picked out a variety of fruit, including bananas, strawberries, more grapes, apples, oranges, and grapefruit. With our carts now fully loaded, we headed for the check out.

Once back home, we worked together putting everything away. She marveled at the pantry, a feature of older houses that has been lost over time. Mine was like a walk in closet off the kitchen, lined with shelves, and space for my small chest freezer. By the time we finished, our larder was quite full.

Jenny fixed herself a light, late lunch, but I was still full from the massive breakfast. I cautioned her about eating too much, as I wanted to take her out for dinner tonight. She was excited about that, and only ate one sandwich, a bowl of soup, an apple, and a few grapes, just to tide her over. When she finished, she came into the living room where I was reading the paper, and made a show out of slowly stripping off her clothes in front of me. She then headed for the stairs, stopping to look back over her shoulder at me, flashing one of those sultry grins, before heading up the stairs. I lost all interest in the paper, and was pulling off my clothes as I followed her up. By the time I reached the bedroom, Jenny was flat on her back in the middle of the bed, with her legs apart, already fingering herself.

“I thought I was going to have to start without you there for a minute.” She said, watching me finish undressing.

I crawled up between her legs, and, supporting my weight with hands and knees, leaned in and kissed her passionately. As or tongues battled, I rubbed my very hard cock against her pussy, drawing moans from her, while she humped her pussy up trying to capture my shaft. I would have none of that, though, as I had other plans. Leaving her mouth, I kissed her neck, licking up to her ear, where I sucked on her lobe. I then began to move down her body, exploring with my lips and tongue, finally arriving at her breasts. I licked and kissed around and between her ample mounds, avoiding her nipples, which she was now trying to force into my mouth. Finally, she moaned and, grabbing my head in both of her hands, forced me to take her nipple in. I obliged, and felt it harden and grow in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it. Her nipples were huge, a particular turn on for me, and I sucked greedily on first one, and then the other.

When I pulled back to take a look, her nipples were now almost an inch long, and as big around as my index finger. These were surrounded by areola that were dark red and a good three inches in diameter. She was now panting, and had the look of a wild animal in heat. I began to kiss my way down over her pregnant belly. By now, she had no doubt what I had in mind, and was moaning and gyrating her hips in anticipation.

When I reached her groin, I licked lightly along her lips, then kissed first one inner thigh, then the other. I wanted to draw this out, teasing her into peaks of desire, but once again she would have none of that. She grabbed my head forcefully, and shoved her pussy into my mouth. With her holding me firm, I began to delve my tongue between her lips, lapping up her juices which were now flowing freely. I ran my tongue up and down the entire length of her slit, exploring her inner lips. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as it would go, swirling it about, bringing more moans.

Jenny was already near climax, so I moved on up to her clitoris, which by now was fully extended. As I had observed the day before, her clitoris was huge, even bigger than her nipples, and I sucked it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Her moans now were near continuous, and nearing record decibels. Sensing that she was there, I attacked her clit with both tongue and teeth, and was rewarded with a scream. She pulled my head painfully into her, and clamped both of her thighs down tight. I could feel her body shaking, and looked up to see spasms moving through her entire body like waves. Her face was clenched, her mouth open, while her scream had lowered in pitch to sound now more like a growl. I couldn’t breath, but continued to work on her clit until I felt her begin to come down.

Finally, I felt her thighs and hands loosen their grip, and I was able to suck in some air. I eased off her clit, but continued to lick her slit, reveling in her fragrance and flavor. It had been a very long time since I had gone down on a woman, and I was taking great pleasure in the experience. I felt her body relax, so I looked up, almost expecting to see her passed out. Instead, I found her looking back at me, that wild look still there. This time, it was her mouth working without any sound coming out. Finally, with what looked to be great effort, she managed to get out two words: “FUCK ME!” she demanded.

I moved back up her body, positioning my cock at her entrance. She reached down and guided my shaft to the mark, and I pushed in slightly, just the head. Beylikdüzü escort I worked in and out, slowly, allowing her juices to lubricate me fully before moving in deep. Before long, I was buried in her, rocking back and forth to put pressure on her clit. She was now moaning again, deep and guttural, while pulling on my hips to increase the pressure on her cunt. I switched to a more circular motion, grinding against her, and was rewarded with another growl as she came again. I continued to grind away, thrusting deeply, while I could feel her internal muscles rippling along my shaft. I leaned in and kissed her, and immediately had a mouth full of her tongue.

As I felt her orgasm subside, I once again changed my motion, now slowly withdrawing until just the head remained inside, then thrusting hard back in to the hilt. With each thrust, I would get another deep growl as she thrust up to meet me. Gradually, I picked up the pace, until I was pounding away with everything I had. I could feel my orgasm approaching, but was holding out for her. I watched her for signs, and saw her color change as her skin flushed. Her nipples rose until they were standing at full erection, and her eyes had once again taken on that wild, feral look, almost as if I was making love to some animal in human form. When her eyes clenched tight, I knew that she was there, so I pounded a few last strokes and then buried in as deep as I could reach as my cock exploded into her, pumping what felt like a gallon of cum into her deepest recesses. We both fell silent with the intensity of our climaxes, which seemed to go on forever. Our bodies seemed to merge into one, whole and complete.

No longer able to support myself, I rolled to the side, drawing her with me. We cuddled and kissed, with me still inside her, and both of us drifted off to sleep. It was some time before we awoke, still cuddling, but both us and the bed were a sticky mess. We kissed deeply, with Jenny giggling to taste herself on my mouth, and then got up to survey the damage. We stripped the bed, tossing the soiled bedding downstairs to be washed, and headed into the bathroom.

Before getting into the shower, I pulled her to me for another deep, passionate kiss. For the second time in two days, I took a shower with a beautiful, pregnant, voluptuous woman. We soaped and cleaned each other thoroughly, dried off, and began to dress for dinner. Jenny put on her new dress, smiling when my cock rose to attention as I watched her move about the room in the form fitting attire. As she applied makeup, trying to hide some of the damage from her ordeal, I got dressed in khakis and a nice shirt, about as formal as I ever get. Finally ready, we headed into town.

I took her to a nice Italian place downtown. Being a Sunday night on a holiday weekend, they were not to busy, so we got right in, very fortunate since Jenny now had that famished look. She ordered the veal, with both soup and salad, while I asked for the stuffed pasta special. The waiter lingered a bit on Jenny’s damaged face, but handled our order without comment.

While we waited for the food, Jenny polished off the basket of bread, followed by the salad, then the soup. With the appetizers out of the way, she was now ready for the main entrée. Once again, I marveled at her appetite and zeal for eating. I realized that she ate like she made love, part wild animal, part sensuous woman, devoting her entire being to the act. I enjoyed watching her eat almost as much as making love to her. As I watched her, I realized that I was quickly falling in love, totally and head over heels. Unlike before, I no longer had any reservations. Whether this lasted a day or a lifetime, I was in for the duration, and would eternally be grateful for whatever time we had together.

She noticed me watching her, and looked askance at the expression on my face. I simply smiled and reached over to pat her hand. We continued to eat, with me smiling and her glowing, neither of us needing any words to communicate how we felt. With both of her cravings now well satisfied, we returned home.

Once home, we changed out of our clothes and into robes, and settled on the couch together to watch a movie. Jenny snuggled up against me, leaning her head on my shoulder with my arm around her. She oozed contentedness, and we enjoyed a nice romantic comedy. When it ended, she stretched lazily, then leaned in for a kiss. I found it amazing how quickly our relationship had progressed, feeling very comfortable with how close we had become in such a very short time. I felt like we had been together forever, yet it had only been two days now. After our kiss, she sat back, and once again studied my face, sensing some change.

“You have been awfully quiet this evening. Are you growing tired of me so fast?” she asked, the smile on her face underlined with worry.

“No, Jenny, I have just been wondering how it is possible to fall so deeply in love in only two days. Right now, I love you more than I have ever Escort Beylikdüzü loved anyone in my life, including Lisa. You have cast a spell on me, Jenny, and now hold my heart in your hands.” I answered.

She studied my eyes, looking for any sign of deception. When she saw none, she buried her face into my chest, crying once again. I held her,waiting for her rejection or affirmation. After a moment, she talked quietly, with her face still buried in my chest.

“I had decided that love was a myth, something that only existed in movies and fairy tales. I thought I loved Jason, but soon found out that I was only using him to escape from my home. I ended up running away from one abusive home and into another. As I sank into despair, I saw no way out, and believed that life was just that way. That is why I didn’t leave Jason when he started beating me, as that was the only life that I knew. I truly believed that everything that happened was my fault, that I deserved the punishment.”

“That last day, when he was trying to kill me, I finally realized that I had to get out, or be lost forever. I didn’t want to have my life end that way, and when the police came and took him away, I was desperate for a way out. When that nice lady officer asked me who to call, I could only think of one name, yours. You were the only one in my life who ever treated me like a person, with respect and dignity. There was no one else, only you. I was afraid to call you, for if you had rejected me, I would have given up and died. When you came to get me, once again treating me with respect and showing real concern, I, too, fell in love. I guess in a way I had always loved you, but when you brought me here, I was helpless, and fell for you that first night.”

She now sat up, and looked into my eyes. “That is why I came to you that first night, crawling into your bed. I wasn’t looking for sex, I just needed to be held, to feel loved. Since that night, everything you have done has only deepened my love for you. For the first time in my life, I feel loved, and have someone who actually likes me for who and what I am. You have cast a spell on me, Josh, and now hold my heart in your hands.”

Joining hands, we climbed the stairs to bed.

Monday was a holiday, and Jenny and I did what most people do on a day off: We slept in. I awoke around 10 to the sound of a car coming up my drive. Cursing quietly, I got up and threw on some sweats. Jenny was still sleeping peacefully when I headed downstairs to see who was disturbing my day off. I opened the front door to see Sarah getting out of her car. I had not seen or talked to her in several weeks, so this was a complete surprise.

I met my youngest on the front porch, giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Sarah, what a pleasant surprise! I am so glad to see you. Why didn’t you call to tell me you were coming?”

“Dad, the last few times we talked, you were so depressed that you didn’t seem to care whether you saw me or not, so I kinda gave up. I decided last night that I would drive down and surprise you, just to see if you were still breathing.” She smiled up at me, searching my face for a moment. “Something is different. What’s up?”

Escorting her inside, I was caught totally off guard. Something was indeed different, but how do I tell my daughter that I have fallen in love with her best friend? I should have thought this out, but really didn’t expect it to come up so soon. As we sat down on the couch, my mind was a blur trying to think of a way to break the news. Sarah beat me to the punch.

“You have met someone, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Is it that obvious?” I replied.

“It is written all over your face.” she said. “I haven’t seen you this happy in years. You have been like the walking dead since Mom left, but now you look reborn, alive. Who is she? I can’t wait to meet her.”

Before I could speak, I heard feet coming down the stairs, and we both looked up to see Jenny, dressed in a robe, come into the room. When their eyes met, Jenny froze, then said “Hey, Sarah, long time no see.”

Sarah sat motionless, her eyes wide and mouth open. Sarah is not one to be caught speechless, so this was a rare moment indeed. Jenny and I both waited for the explosion that we knew must be coming. Finally, Sarah blinked, and responded “Jenny, what a surprise meeting you here. So, you finally got your wish to screw my Dad.” Jenny and I both looked at each other. Sarah at least had a smile on her face, so this was going way better than I could have expected. With her eyes taking in Jenny’s battered face and extended belly, Sarah said “I can see that there is a story to tell here.”

“Sarah, this will take some explaining, so why don’t you and Jenny catch up while I fix us something to eat. Jenny and I haven’t had breakfast yet, how about you?” I said, getting to my feet.

“I ate early, but some toast and jam would be nice, if you don’t mind.” Sarah said, patting the couch next to her for Jenny to sit down. I headed into the kitchen to give the two friends some privacy to catch up on recent events. When I paused and looked back, the two were sitting close together, holding hands, while Jenny quietly began to explain how her life had ended up here.

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