Joanie Gives In


Several years ago, I started seeing this older woman. Her name was Joanie. She was single and never married. She only had sex with one guy who she saw off and on for more than 20 years before he moved out of state.

Joanie was 52 years old and stood 5’4″ tall and weighed 136 lbs. She had medium length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body was curvaceous but her breasts were definitely her best feature and were a 36 dd.

Joanie was overly flirtatious when I met her. She worked in a flower shop and was extremely kind and helpful when I came in her store.

“How can I help you?” She asked.

“I need an arrangement.” I told her.

“Okay. Is this for your wife?” She asked.

“No, no. I’m not married.” I told her and laughed.

“Oh! Then they’re for a girlfriend then.” She added.

“Yeah. Uh-huh.” I told her.

She opened one of the coolers and picked some roses.

“No red roses.” I told her.

“Okay. Not in love then?” She inquired.

“Uh, no. Definitely not. Just…” I trailed off.

“Oh, I see. Making up for being an ass.” She said to herself.

“What was that?” I asked her.

“Oh nothing, I was just remembering an old fling.” She said nonchalantly.

She went back over to the cooler and opened the door and looked at the many different flowers inside.

I was facing her as she perused her selection and watched as her nipples grew erect through her blouse and bra.

She picked out several different flowers and looked at me and smiled. “See anything you like young man?” She asked knowing full well that I was gazing at her breasts.

“Uh-huh.” I said distractedly.

She moved closer to me and her right hand cupped her right breast and traced over the nipple.

I got an erection and licked my lips and then looked up at her and she smiled.

She then closed the cooler door and went behind the counter and started to put the flowers together in a vase while I wandered the store and processed what had just happened.

“She’ll like these since they kind of resemble an open vagina and they smell wonderful. I’m sure they will make her wet, but probably not as wet as I am right this moment. I could finger myself here and you wouldn’t even know it and spread my wetness on the vase. Oh the things I could show you.

I’m all finished up when you are ready.” She told me.

I moved back to the counter.

“What was that you were saying?” I asked her.

“Oh, nothing, nothing.” She said as she rung me up.

I looked at her and I thought I saw that her face looked flushed.

“Why don’t you write down your number in case I have any questions about these.” I told her.

“Oh sure. My name is Joanie and here is my number.” She said.

And I left her store.


A few days later I was back in her store again. I had broken up with my girlfriend Susan for the second time, but I didn’t tell Joanie that.

When I came in the store, Joanie was wearing a cream colored blouse that was only open to the first button.

“Back so soon. I guess the flowers weren’t such a hit then?” She asked.

“No, no. Nothing like that. Well maybe. I need a bigger arrangement this time Joanie.” I told her and jutted my crotch in her direction to see if she got the hint.

She looked down briefly and smiled and then turned and walked into the back room for a minute and when she came back out, something was different about her.

She then went over to the cooler and opened the door. I got a good look at her then and realized two things. First she wasn’t wearing a bra and second her blouse was now unbuttoned so that I could now see her generous cleavage.

It only took a few seconds for her nipples to grow erect and they pushed through her blouse with ease. I was hard instantly.

I then did something that I’ve never done before. I moved closer to Joanie. With her hand in the cooler her blouse opened and it exposed her full breast to me. So while her hand was inside the cooler picking out flowers, I moved my left hand up and moved it inside her blouse and cupped her tit.

Joanie froze and then looked at me. “Mmmm. Your hand is warm and feels lovely on my breast. It’s nice isn’t it?” She said.

“Uh-huh.” I responded.

I thumbed her erect nipple and then lightly pinched it.

Joanie moaned, “Mmmm.” and said, “You’re making me wet.”

The door chimed and I looked at the door and saw a woman enter the store. She looked right at us and smiled and then walked back out of the store. And when I turned back to Joanie she was still picking out flowers only my hand was not on her tit and her blouse was buttoned up to her neck.

Weird. Did I just imagine this whole thing?

Joanie took the flowers in her hand and walked behind the counter and put them together in another vase. I didn’t notice that she was saying anything this time. She wrapped it up nice and I paid for it and left the store and went back to my apartment.


A few days later, I was back in the flower shop.

Joanie was wearing a pair of jeans and a burgundy blouse. She was wearing a bra that made her breasts almanbahis adresi jut out in front of her.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she smiled. “Hello John. Nice to see you back so soon. I’ll be right with you.”

She walked into the back room again so I browsed the shelves of cards.

Joanie emerged a few minutes later and walked over to me. Again something was different about her. I tried to focus on her face this time and almost succeeded too.

“How did your girl like the last arrangement?” She asked me.

“It was great. She really liked those tulips you added. They were so full and spread open and smelled wonderful.” I told her.

“Lovely. Some of the same again?” She asked.

“Definitely.” I told her.

Joanie walked over to the cooler once again and opened the door and the cool air came out and that’s when I saw that her blouse was open down to her navel. She then turned away from me and when she turned back her tits were now in front of her open blouse. Her nipples were easily an inch long and begging for my touch.

Joanie looked at me and said, “Go on. Touch them.”

But I withdrew my hand and stepped away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Joanie. What if someone comes in and sees?” I asked her.

“Perhaps you’re right John.” She said seriously.

She then went over and locked the front door and turned off the open neon sign. She then walked over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back room. She then faced me.

I looked at her like a deer in the headlights.

She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. But I removed them.

“What’s the matter? You grabbed my tit the last time you were here, but now you don’t want them?” She asked me.

“That really happened?” I said numbly.

“Of course it happened. My friend Alice witnessed it too. So what are you waiting for?” She asked me.

“I uh, um, I.” I mumbled unintelligibly.

Joanie then took off her jeans and panties. She held her panties up and showed them to me. “Look how wet the crotch is John? I’m soaked. Been that way since you jutted your crotch at me.”

She sat back on the chair and opened her legs. She opened her large meaty lips with her fingers and everything was glistening inside. Her clitoris was as big as my thumb and I watched as she slipped a finger inside her vagina.

“Ohhhh, yeah.” She groaned and then removed it and wiped her wet finger on the chair seat.

“I want to lick you.” I told her.

“But I’m already wet John.” She told me.

“Yeah you are, but I still want to lick you.” I told her.

“Yeah, well I don’t like that.” She frowned.

I then opened my pants and pushed them and my boxers down to my ankles and stood back up. My dick was hard and curved up like a banana.

“Oh yess. You have a big one! Come here and put it in me.” She groaned.

“Only if you let me lick you first.” I told her.

“Not gonna happen.” She said unhappily.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really John.” She said.

My erection grew limp and I pulled up my pants and left her store.


About a week later, I got a text from Joanie.

Joanie: Hey John, what are you up to?

John: hi Joanie, just hanging out

Joanie: yeah? you want to come over and have sex with me?

John: yeah I do, but only if you let me lick your pussy.

Joanie: you still hung up on that?

John: yeah, I am. but I guess you don’t want to get fucked enough yet.

Joanie: I am more than wet

John: oh well, it’s your loss

And then silence.

Every few weeks we have the same text exchange.


Susan and I get back together.

One day she asks me…”Hey sweetie. You ever think about having sex with another girl?”

“I have. Yes. Why, have you?” I tell her.

“I have been recently. Ever since you made me suck you after you had been inside my pussy.” She told me.

“Hmm, that surprises me.” I tell her.

“Why does it surprise you sweetie?” She asks.

“Well for starters you broke up with me about it. Remember?” I reminded her.

“Yeah, well that was then. I made a big deal out of it, but after doing it I found that I kind of liked it.” She said.

“You did?” I asked.

“Well kind of. It was a little gross at first. But once I got past the fact that it wasn’t my discharge or my period, I didn’t think it was all that bad. I then saw how turned on it made you each time I did it and now I love it. I really do. I’ve actually been fantasizing about another woman while I lick my juices from your dick and find that it is making me wetter.” She offered.

“Yeah, well every pussy tastes different pumpkin.” I confessed.

“It does? But you told me differently.” She asked.

“Yeah, well, I lied.” I told her.

“You bastard! You just wanted me to compromise my morals?” She yelled at me.

“I did. I admit it.” I told her.

“Well it worked sweetie. But now oddly I want to taste another woman even more now.” She grinned.

“Buzzzzzzzz.” My phone vibrated.

I checked it and frowned.

“What? Who is it? Is it almanbahis adres that florist you told me about?” Susan asked me.

“Yeah it is. She wants to have sex but she won’t let me lick her pussy.” I told her.

“She won’t? Why not?” Susan asked.

“She said that she’s wet enough and doesn’t need me to do that.” I told her.

“Hmmm. That is strange. Why don’t you let me give it a try?” She said.

“Knock yourself out.” I told her and handed her my phone.

Joanie: Hi John, what are you up to?

John: Not much, just playing around

Joanie: oh yeah? What are you playing with?

John: something big and hard

Joanie: Mmmm, I wish I was there playing with it

John: yeah?

Joanie: oh yeah

John: and how would you do it?

Joanie: I’d take it in my hands and stroke it and make it rock hard

John: mmmm, I like the sounds of that. Does thinking about my hard dick in your hands turn you on Joanie?

Joanie: oh yeah

John: are you playing with yourself?

Joanie: I am.

John: How do you do it? Describe it to me?

Joanie: I mash my clit between my fingers and then pull on my thick pussy lips and dip my finger tip inside my vagina and get it wet and rub it into my clit.

John: oooh that sounds hot Joanie. I’d love to watch you close up while you do that

Joanie: you would? why?

John: because I love pussy. I love to look at it. I love to taste it and I love to smell it

Joanie: hmmm

John: how bad do you want to feel my dick inside you Joanie?

Joanie: bad. really bad. I’ll do just about anything.

John: yeah? are you wet for me Joanie?

Joanie: Oh god yes I am. dripping. Literally. My juices are dripping out of me and

John: soaking your panties?

Joanie: uh-huh

John: mmmm

Joanie: I need you in me John

John: yeah? Well I need something too Joanie

Joanie: Tell me, I’m listening

John: I need to taste your pussy

Joanie: Mmmm okay

John: I want to play with your breasts and tease your nipples with my fingers

Joanie: they are yours

John: and I want you to suck my dick to take it deep in your mouth

Joanie: I want that too

John: you can suck me but only after it has been inside your vagina first

Joanie: but why?

John: because it turns me on Joanie

Joanie: I’m not sure that I can do that John

John: why not? It’s only pussy juice. It’s not like I’m asking you to suck me after I’ve fucked your asshole.

Joanie: that’s true. I just have never tasted myself before.

John: You haven’t?

Joanie: No never.

John: Well, there’s a first time for everything

Joanie: True there is

John: my girlfriend Susan used to feel the same as you do now

Joanie: what do you mean she used to?

John: well, we broke up over that very thing. That’s why I got her the flowers.

Joanie: really? And the flowers changed her mind?

John: no, they didn’t. She smashed them on the floor and stormed out.

Joanie: haha, sorry

John: no worries, she came back a week later and apologized

Joanie: and let me guess…you had make up sex and that’s when she tasted herself on your dick?

John: exactly.

Joanie: and what did she think?

John: she wasn’t thrilled at first but now she likes it. she stops in the middle of intercourse after 10 or more strokes so that she can lick her juices from my dick

Joanie: oh my

John: I know! She loves it so much that she wants to have a threesome with me and another woman

Joanie: let me guess…so she can taste another woman’s juices on your dick?

John: not exactly

Joanie: well why then?

John: well, she wants to taste another woman’s pussy

Joanie: ewwww

John: no, it’s beautiful Joanie

Joanie: it is not and that is where I must draw the line John

John: so you won’t lick another woman’s pussy?

Joanie: nope

John: will you let her lick your pussy?

Joanie: yes

John: huh

Joanie: I really, really want your dick in me John. It has been too long since I felt a man inside me.

John: How long has it been?

Joanie: over a decade

John: aww you poor thing.

Joanie: thanks for your pity

John: well again, I’ll ask you, how bad do you want to feel my dick slamming in and out of your wet pussy?

Joanie: fuck! anything!

John: yeah? even licking my girlfriend’s juices from my dick?

Joanie: ugh! I could be persuaded

John: yeah, you’re not ready yet.

Joanie: oh but I am

John: no you’re not Joanie

Joanie: fuck it! I am!

John: yeah?

Joanie: I said I would do it!

John: yeah and what if I came inside of her pussy.

Joanie: what about it?

John: would you lick my cum out of her pussy?

Joanie: ugh! Nooo. No fucking way.

John: see? You don’t want my dick bad enough Joanie.

Joanie: Fuck! What kind of fucked up man are you John?

John: Goodbye Joanie.

Joanie: No wait! Fuck! I’m sorry alright? I’m sorry. This is just so much to take in.

John: almanbahis adresi so what will it be Joanie?

Joanie: I’ll do it.

John: what will you do?

Joanie: I will lick your cum out of your girlfriend’s pussy

John: You know that you will be licking her juices too don’t you?

Joanie: Fuck! You’re right.

John: But I can assure you that Susan has one of the sweetest pussies I have ever licked.

Joanie: Yeah?

John: Mmm, yesssss

Joanie: Is she there with you now?

John: She is.

Joanie: Give me your address and I’ll be right over

John: Okay. Its 515 Hallow Stone Road

Joanie: Okay, see you in 30 minutes.

John: k bye.


30 Minutes later there was a knock at my door.

Susan answered the door in her birthday suit and let Joanie in.

Joanie came into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“I can’t believe that I am doing this.” She said.

“Stand up and open your blouse Joanie.” I told her.

She stood up and opened her blouse. Susan got to her feet too and looked from me to Joanie.

“This is a first for me too Joanie.” She told the older woman.

Susan then reached her hand in and cupped Joanie’s right breast. “Mmmm, it’s soft.” She moaned.

“Can she touch your nipple Joanie?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh.” Joanie breathed.

“Tell her.” I told her.

“You can touch my nipples.” She told Susan.

Susan gently touched the older woman’s nipple. “Mmmm, it’s so hard and yet so soft.” She told Joanie.

“Go on and touch it harder darling.” Joanie moaned.

Susan began to stroke Joanie’s nipple. She plucked at it with her fingers and flicked it side to side before looking at me.

“Harder Susan. Twist it harder.” I coached her.

“I’m afraid that it will hurt her.” She responded quietly.

“It’s okay darling. John is right. Twist it hard-mmmm. Yesssss!” Joanie moaned.

Susan lowered her head and took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it while she twisted and pinched Joanie’s right nipple really hard.

“Fuccckkkk!!!” Joanie groaned.

Susan looked up at Joanie and said, “I want to taste you now.”

Joanie removed her skirt and drenched panties and sat back on the couch and Susan got on the floor in front of her.

“I’ve never done this before Joanie, but I really want to.” She told the older woman.

Susan pushed up Joanie’s legs and splayed them open and using her fingers she opened the woman’s meaty lips. Everything was wet and Susan looked back at me and I took a picture with my phone.

Susan pressed her face against Joanie’s open pussy and she wiped her nose, lips, chin and cheeks with Joanie’s leaking fluids. She then looked back at me and I snapped another picture.

She inserted a finger inside Joanie’s sopping slit and Joanie moaned, “Mmmm.”

Susan then moved her lips up and began to nurse on Joanie’s large clit. She flicked it side to side with her tongue as she remembered how I licked her. She really got into it and I took another picture.

I got behind Susan and entered inside her vagina. She was so wet that my dick slid right in no problem. I fucked her hard and deep and each time I did that, her face mashed hard into Joanie’s pussy and that made Joanie moan.

I looked up at Joanie and said, “You want to suck me now?”

Joanie nodded her head in the affirmative and I withdrew from Susan’s soaked slit and then got on the couch and hovered my hard cock in front of Joanie’s mouth. It was shiny with Susan’s wet juices and for the longest time, Joanie did nothing.

Susan looked up and said, “Suck it. Suck it now! Do it!”

And Joanie opened her mouth and took my dick into it. In my dick went to the back of her mouth and then into her throat. Joanie took my nine inch cock inside her mouth like it was nothing until her nose was buried in my pubes. I then withdrew my dick and she began to swaddle it with her tongue.

I pulled out of her mouth and she said, “Can you fuck me now John?”

I looked down at her and said, “Not yet.”

I pulled Joanie onto the floor. I replaced Susan between her legs and Susan got up and straddled Joanie’s face. I then started to lick Joanie’s pussy.

I inserted a second finger inside her wet vagina and began to twist them in and out and swatted her clit with my tongue tip. I then pursed my lips around her large clit and flicked the pearl beneath her clit hood mercilessly while she humped my face.

Within and matter of minutes I had her cumming and it was such a big one that she pushed Susan off of her face and bellowed, “I’m CUMMMIIINNNNGGG!!!!!!!!” And her juices began gushing out of her vagina.

Susan captured it on video while I caught most of her secretions in a large ziplocked baggie that I had laying nearby.

Joanie was spent and laid there while Susan and I fucked like rabbits until she had a powerful orgasm. Her pussy gripped my cock in a vise grip and I began shooting thick ropes of semen into her cunt. It was pretty incredible!

I pulled out of her sloppy wet pussy and Joanie licked our juices from my dwindling erection.

Susan then straddled Joanie’s face and I videoed my semen as it dripped out and went into Joanie’s mouth. She drank it all and then I watched as the women swapped it back and forth several times. Joanie then swallowed it and by that time I was hard again.

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