It never should have happened. But it did. I never really expected it but when it did happen; I took the opportunity to make the most of it.

Dinner had been the usual affair of conversation, bullshit, and just relaxation really. The bottles of wine kept coming and we all really just kept drinking them. The walk back to the hotel was a loud mass of people, 6 or 8 in total, all staggering laughing, and leaning on each other.

When the elevator arrived people piled on and then it left. I somehow found myself alone in the lobby with Joanna, the two of us waiting for the next elevator car to arrive. Our relationship had always been professional, she the Senior VP of our partner firm in Louisville, myself the VP in our California location. While professional, the relationship was always friendly though as meetings and conferences usually led to us getting together a few times a year.

Tonight was like any other of those nights where we had all enjoyed each others company and it was time to retire and recover before the next mornings round of meetings and discussions. The only difference was that we both had seemed to drink a bit more than was typical.

When the next elevator car arrived and opened both of us nearly staggered in. Side by side, we both reached for a floor button and our hands connected and somehow entangled. I turned to her and she lifted her hand with mine and laughed. Our eyes met and we mutually pulled ourselves to each other.

Now while I may have been intoxicated, that fact had little to do with my overall desire for Joanna. At 53 her long, lithe frame was firm and curved perfectly. She kept herself in prime condition, her complexion showing barely a wrinkle, her blonde highlighted hair without a streak of gray. Her blue eyes typically sparkling with energy and beauty. Tonight they were twinkling in mischievous desire.

At 41 I was no slouch either, my 6’2″ frame showing only the earliest signs of some flab in the middle, a fact that bothered me through my diet and daily workouts. My dark brown hair and goatee sprinkled with some gray, my blue eyes intelligent and serious.

As the elevator doors slid closed we crashed together against the side wall of the elevator car, pulling our bodies closer, caressing and kissing in a heated passion. As my tongue swirled with hers I managed to reach out and press the button for my floor. As the elevator car rose she lifted her Antalya Escort left leg and I grasped it, pulling her closer to me, letting her feel my rising arousal. I thanked my luck at having the room three down from the elevator bank on my floor.

As the doors slid open on my floor we broke the kiss and I turned, grasping her hand, and guiding her out of the elevator. She giggled as she caught a glimpse of us in the mirror on the wall at the elevator bank, a strand of her hair having fallen from its neat place in the carefully constructed hairstyle on her head, evidence of our passionate embrace in the elevator. I fumbled for my room key and in seconds the door swung closed and we were against each other again, this time pulling clothes from our bodies as we side stepped towards the large king bed in the middle of the room.

As we fell sideways onto the bed her shirt and bra was gone as was my shirt and both of our shoes had been kicked off. My right hand found her firm left breast and caressed it, my fingers playing over her erect nipple, a low moan of pleasure coming from her. As my hand caressed her left breast, my mouth managed to find her right one, my tongue twirling around her nipple. This brought a louder moan.

Soon my mouth left her nipple and travelled lower, across her flattened belly and to her belly button where it managed to elicit a small wiggle as it twirled on her skin. My hands were now at the button and zipper of her jeans which quickly pulled away from her long legs. At this moment I hesitated for the first time and not out of having second thoughts. I had to drink in her image, her beauty that women half her age would be so fortunate to have.

Then her legs opened and came up giving me a view of a beautiful pussy, neatly trimmed and waxed smooth. I was done staring now as my mouth went right to her, tasting the nectar that had been clearly glistening on her pussy lips. Her hands went through my hair and she moaned my name repeatedly in that smooth Louisville accent that just sent shivers through me.

At this point the pace of the moment seemed to slow. We had made it this far, driven by carnal passion and now it was time for what we both knew we would have; a lengthy lovemaking session. We both unconsciously understood the facts of pleasure and be pleasured. We were not going to just turn this into a one sided rutting. We were going to enjoy ourselves. Even Antalya Escort Bayan as the excitement seemed to bring some sobriety back to the situation we both knew that deep down this is what we both wanted to experience with each other and we were going to make it worthwhile.

I enjoyed every bit of her pussy. I licked it, tasted it, twirled it, suckled it and sucked it. I tongued it, teased it and fingered it. I felt and tasted her juices flow through two very satisfying orgasms while she squeezed, pulled and caressed my head.

Then it was my turn. I lay back on the bed as she held my cock in her hand and gently caressed it, stroked it and gently squeezed it. I gasped in total pleasure as her mouth kissed it, her tongue swirled over it, and she nearly swallowed it. My balls were rolled, kissed, sucked and caressed all with the intent of bringing me just to the brink of orgasm and stopping. We both knew what the ultimate goal was here and it was time for it.

She lay back on the bed, legs spread, eyes twinkling, and her hand with mine on my cock, guiding it into her. It was by far not the first time for either of us but it was the first time for us together. It was memorable and as her pussy pulled me in further I had to remark to myself that she was easily in the top three if not the top one of the many different woman I had been with in my life. As I eased my cock fully in her it just fit there, tight, hot and snug. It was one of the most pleasurable feelings I have ever had. From the look on her face it was for her too.

We did it missionary, her long legs locked nearly behind my head. We did it with her feet on the floor, bent over the bed, my hands holding her slim hips as I drove into her. She rode me facing forward; she rode me facing away, each time pushing me further and deeper into her. How I lasted as long as I did I will never know. What I did know, however, was that it was amazing. The last position we were in was missionary again, bodies pulled close together, kissing, panting and both riding up to that final orgasm. An orgasm that we shared, at the same time, grasping at bed sheets, arms, backs, legs, bodies collapsing in spent pleasure.

We lay on our backs, side by side, my left arm across her, her right across me, my left leg intertwined with her right, our bodies’ slick with the sweat of our sex, breath slowly coming back to a normal pace. I stared at Escort Antalya a spot on the ceiling and glanced sideways over at her and saw she seemed to be staring at that same spot on the ceiling. Then she glanced sideways at me and we shared a smile, and then went back to the ceiling.

At this moment I thought I would start to feel the remorse, the guilt of our tryst. We were both, after all, married to other people. I had never, ever done anything remotely close to this in 15 years of marriage. As it turned out it was her first indiscretion as well, yet she too felt no real guilt or remorse. It happened. We were both adults and we could handle it.

I reached down and pulled the bed sheet over us and she turned towards me, threw her arm and leg over me and fell blissfully asleep. I joined her mere moments later.

The next morning I awoke to her smiling at me. We shared a knowing glance and started to move together when we both stopped. In her lovely accent she admitted that we needed to talk. Her hand then wrapped around my morning erection and she informed me we would get to it in a minute we just needed to clear the air and decide what was going to happen.

We both agreed that we could not turn back the clock that we could not act as if this had never happened. To do that would be foolish and only make our working relationship awkward and strained. But we both realized and knew one thing; we loved our spouses. We had families. We were not going to start life all over again with each other. Too much water had passed under the respective bridges of our lives.

We finished talking a few minutes later and ended up in a repeat performance of positions from the night before, both of us again sharing explosive orgasms.

Today we still have an excellent working relationship, neither of our respective bosses or coworkers having the slightest indication that anything had happened between us. We are professional and cordial with each other in every instance.

What we discussed in those last few minutes that morning was our ability to act professionally, work with each other with respect and no resentment, and return to our spouses loving them as much as we always had. We would not go out of the way and form some secret friendship or relationship, with hushed phone calls and lies. What we did agree to do was that at any meeting or conference where we both ended up at we would get together and enjoy each others pleasure. We would not make elaborate plans, just quietly agree to meet at one or the other’s room and spend the night in passion. In the three years since we made that pact we have spent 14 nights together, each one as good as or better than the first.

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