Josie’s Initiation


It was almost 5pm – New Years Eve, snow falling gently outside as I looked from my office window, here on the 15th floor. Far below, what appeared to be a huge colony of ants scurrying about, desperately trying to finish the last of their New Years shopping, before trying to avoid the chaos on the freeways. One more appointment, scheduled for 5.15, and then I could join them, before heading home. To Josie.

Josie was my daughter.

Just eighteen, and typically precocious. Outwardly innocent and demure, though I sometimes wondered just how far she had gone, on the few dates that I knew about. I wasn’t even sure if she was still a virgin.

Since her mother left us 6 years ago, there had just been the two of us. Given the choice, Josie had decided to live with me, something I was truly grateful for, as the break-up hadn’t been too amicable. Her love had helped me cope with the lonely days and nights. It hadn’t been easy being a single dad, but we had managed, and developed what I truly believed to be a close and loving father/daughter relationship.

Over the years she had grown into a beautiful young woman. Small, with short brown hair, and a lovely figure. She had also inherited her mother’s large breasts. One day, she would make some lucky man very, very happy. I had wanted her to go out with her friends tonight – it was New Years Eve after all, but we had begun a tradition after her mother left, where we spent the evening together, playing silly games and watching videos, just the two of us, every year, and sweetie that she was, she refused to leave me on my own.

Because it had been New Years Eve when her mother walked out on us.

Six long years.

And I hadn’t slept with a woman since then. I’d dated a few times, well-meaning friends setting me up with single women, widows, divorcees………..but I never seemed able to relax with them. It was almost as if my ex-wife had sullied me for any other woman.

The phone rang. It was my secretary, Elizabeth, telling me that my last appointment before the holidays had called to cancel. I quickly grabbed my coat and keys, and left the office, wishing Elizabeth a Happy New Year.

The elevator seemed to take forever to arrive. I just wanted to get home to my daughter.

Yet I have a confession to make.

These last few weeks I have been thinking depraved thoughts of my own daughter.

What kind of man must that make me? And yet I couldn’t stop myself. It wasn’t made any easier by Josie walking around the house in her underwear, completely at ease with her body, and the fact that I was in the room. We had simply reached that comfort level where such displays were commonplace. Though I had to admit to getting an erection several times lately.

The first time it happened, I leapt from my chair, quickly excusing myself, telling her that I had an important business call to make. In reality, the sight of her in a transparent rose pink matching bra and pantie set had proved too much for me. It had been a cool night, and her nipples were hard and pushing outwards through the flimsy material, her dark aureolae plainly evident. She had been completely unaware of the effect it had on me. I escort bayan had to take a cold shower, all the time berating myself for my perverse thoughts.

Deep down, I now secretly looked forward to each time she paraded herself like that before me. I had learned to hide my erection by now, and guiltily enjoyed my sinful thoughts as I looked at her, her sweet naivety causing her to be unknowing of the way her father lusted after her.

By the time I pulled into the drive, I had reached a decision. Tonight I was going to risk everything by taking matters into my own hands. I couldn’t go on like this. I only hoped that she wouldn’t hate me for it.

My heart was racing as I opened the door.

“Josie?” I called…………….”I’m home!”

My sweet girl walked out of the kitchen towards me, throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a quick kiss. “Hi Dad!” she said………..”Ready for our New Years Eve night in?”

If only she knew……………..

She was wearing a knee-length brown checkered flirty skirt, and a tightly fitting soft pink angora sweater with a high neck, and brown loafers. The sweater accentuated her breasts to perfection, and even as she kissed me hello, I felt their softness pressing against my chest. “C’mon” she said, “I’ve built a real fire for a change – I thought it would put us both into the New Year spirit!”

Her infectious joy was contagious, and I quickly took off my coat and followed her into the lounge. A roaring log fire greeted me, as Josie place a chilled glass of wine into my hand.

“Relax dad” she said, “I’m just gonna grab a shower and then we can settle down with a video – why don’t you pick one out for us?”

Images of her naked in the shower flooded through my mind. Like most women, she never exactly rushed when she showered, so I knew that she would be in there for some time. And one thing we never did was lock the door when we bathed; we had never seen the need.

Dare I?

Dare I go up and spy on my own daughter in the shower? Although I had seen her in her underwear several times, I had never seen her totally naked. My penis twitched at the thought; I was going to do it.

I gave her five minutes, then crept slowly up the stairs, my heart pounding. Easing open the bathroom door, I glanced quickly inside before my courage deserted me. The shower cubicle was made of clear glass, and Josie had her back to me, water cascading in rivulets down her smooth skin as she bathed. She hummed quietly to herself, lost in her own thoughts.

Her ass was sublime. So soft yet so desirable. As she shampooed her hair I glimpsed her naked breasts for the first time, their fullness jiggling gently as she massaged her scalp. Oh God – they were everything I had ever imagined! Large, beautiful, and firm, and capped with the most glorious set of nipples I had ever seen. I ached to take them into my mouth – my cock throbbed with forbidden lust for her. I silently implored her to turn around a little so that I could see that sweet little pussy.

Eyes shut, still humming quietly as she enjoyed her self-ministrations, she turned toward me. I almost panicked there and then, but my heart eased a little as I noticed altıparmak escort her eyes were still closed. And then I had a shock………..

Her pussy was shaved!

Either she wasn’t as innocent as I had always believed, or she shaved herself for hygiene reasons. Whatever the reason, I was mesmerized by the sight before me.

Not wanting to risk discovery I eased the door shut, and made by way downstairs, what I had just witnessed at the forefront of my mind. Fifteen minutes later, she came downstairs, dressed once more in the clothes she had worn earlier, completely unaware of the fact that I had watched her.

The evening passed in a blur. We never ate a full meal on New Years Eve, much preferring to just nibble on snacks as we watched videos together. Josie liked to sit on the couch with me, and always seemed to end up snuggled into me. I had my arm around her shoulders as usual, her arm circling my waist. Yet tonight I was intensely aware of the pressure of her breasts against my chest or arm. If her arm slipped a few inches, she would have felt my erection – it just wouldn’t go away.

Although Josie didn’t drink (as far as I knew) when she was out with her friends, she had always enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine with me on New Years Eve. And usually by the time she was on her third glass, she was giggly, and almost flirtatious. As I got up to pour us another glass, I stopped by the window, looking out on the wintry scene. The snow was coming down more heavily now – a virgin white carpet covered the lawn and the drive.

Josie came to see what I was looking at, slipping her arms around my waist, as she lay her head on my shoulder. “It looks lovely when it’s like that doesn’t it Dad?” she said, “and then it all turns to a dirty slushy mess……….”

Her words were becoming a little slow and heavy, the wine tiring her……….

“C’mon Princess” I said, taking her hand and leading her back to the couch……..”Why don’t you take a little nap for awhile?”

She stretched out on the couch, smiling sleepily………”I guess I could use forty winks” she admitted.

Almost immediately, she fell asleep. I sat on the floor by her head, stroking her hair, confused thoughts cascading through my mind. I watched as she drew her legs upwards, her skirt rising above her knees. I sat there, not believing what I was actually contemplating doing………….

The room was warm, thanks to the roaring log fire – I got to my feet, and made my way to the foot of the couch, unfastening her loafers, and taking them off. My hand gently caressed the sole of each foot….the sheer nylon felt so good against my fingers. She wriggled her toes deliciously as I stroked her pretty feet……….

I’d reached the point of no return.

If she awoke now, our close relationship would be ruined forever.

Gently taking hold of her calves, I straightened her legs out. The skirt she wore was fairly loose – my heart thudded loudly in my chest as I took hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted it slowly, pushing it gently back towards her waist. Little by little my virginal daughter unwittingly revealed her body to me. As the skirt reached mid thigh I was mudanya escort very surprised to see that she was wearing a pair of white hold up stockings, the tone of her skin coloring contrasting dramatically with the color of the hosiery.

Finally, I rested the skirt over her stomach. Josie was wearing white panties with a frilly ruffle, that appeared to go all the way round. Surely she could hear my heart pounding? I bent over her – and placed my face as close to her sweet young pussy as was possible without touching it. Was it my imagination, or was there a hint of womanly arousal emanating from those pristine panties? I had to find out……

The panties she wore were of the loose-legged variety………gently slipping my finger beneath the soft material, I pulled one leg to the side, and got my first close-up view of my daughter’s smoothly shaven pussy. My cock was like an iron bar in my pants; I had to slip my hand inside to make myself more comfortable.

Quickly glancing at her innocent face to check she still slept, I knelt on the floor beside her, mesmerized by the beautiful thing before me. It was now or never.

Keeping my eyes on her face, I softly reached out a finger, and traced the length of her slit. Each gentle stroke of my finger caused her pretty pussy to open itself to me, like an orchid in the first morning dew. I jumped back, alarmed as I heard her sigh, her thighs falling open. Yet she still seemed to be asleep. Her pussy shimmered in the firelight with tiny droplets of moisture coating her outer lips. Now her legs were open to me, it was so, so easy to slip a finger inside her………

She was very, very wet………..

I watched as she absently began to caress her breasts through the pink sweater, no doubt dreaming of some guy she liked.

I was lost in what I was doing, alternately fingering her, and tenderly stroking her hard little clitoris. When I next looked up at her face, she was watching me through half-closed eyes……………..

I leapt to my feet…………..

“Josie! Oh God! I’m so, so sorry Angel!” turning to rush from the room in shame…….

“Dad! Wait!!!!!!” she said, stopping me in my tracks…………”It’s OK………..I’ve been awake since you lifted my skirt – I wanted you to do it; I still do……….”

“But I’m your Father! I shouldn’t have done it!” I whispered.

“Listen Daddy, I know that you’ve been wanting to touch me for the last few months, and to be truthful, I’ve led you on by teasing you when I walked around in my undies………..and I know you came and watched me in the shower earlier”

I was amazed by this sudden turn of events – had my daughter really deliberately led me to this? If so, then maybe she actually wanted me to make love to her……..

“Princess – tell me something – are you a virgin?”

“Yes Daddy” she replied, “all I’ve ever done is given a guy a handjob, and let him feel my breasts, but nothing else. I know that you haven’t made love to another woman since Mom left us, and I could think of no better New Year present for both of us, than for you to take my virginity. Will you Daddy? Please?”

“It’s wrong sweetheart – if anyone should ever find out………….”

“It will be our secret Daddy, I promise – I want you to teach me the difference between sex and making love” She climbed from the couch and came into my arms, hugging me close to her………….”Please Daddy? Please be my first?”

If this was going to happen then I was determined to make it special for her.

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