Journal Extracts Ch. 17


FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009.

When Max B arrived at our house he told us that thanks to his contacts in the business he’d managed to book a hotel in Lesbos for the week after next.

“Plenty of sex and nude sunbathing,” he told Marie.

“Oh lovely!” She exclaimed. “John always drags me off to dreary hotels or self catering places in this country to look at boring old castles.”

“I thought initially we’d leave hubby here and go away on our own, so I haven’t booked a room for him. I’ve since decided it will be useful to take him along to carry the bags and deal with all the boring bits, booking tables and transport etc. I’ll find him some cheap backstreet place to doss in. We’ll use the wimp as our servant.”

Marie laughed as he picked her up and headed for the bedroom.

“Come up with us,” he instructed. “Today you’re going to lick my balls while I fuck your wife.”

I’ve recently learned that it was through his role as General Manager of the old and historic Hind hotel in Wellingborough, that Max B first met, or rather saw, Marie. My wife had accompanied me, albeit reluctantly, to a Rotary club dinner which was being held in one of the function rooms; Marie’s hates that sort of thing, hence her reluctance. Although I hadn’t seen Max B that night, in fact I was hardly aware of his profession back then, he’d seen us, particularly Marie. He fancied her immediately, describing it as lust at first sight.

In the marital bedroom, a room I’m rarely permitted to enter these days, Max ordered me to strip and lay across the bed. While Marie knelt above me he pushed a pillow under my head, thus raising it. Staring up at my wife’s vagina I had hopes that she might stimulate my penis with hand, or wonder of wonders, her mouth; hopes that were quickly dashed however.

“I don’t suppose you want to suck hubby’s cock while I’m fucking you?” Max asked.

“Ugh no. It would be like sucking a shrivelled up little slug!” Marie exclaimed disdainfully. “Can’t we cover it up; it’s quite off putting to think that years ago I had the horrible little thing inside me.”

“Of course,” Max laughed, clearly finding her comment hilarious. “He can wear your knickers.”

They were both laughing then, as I pulled her lacy white knickers on, Marie’s laughter increasing when Max said impulsively, “He can wear stockings and suspenders too.”

I was embarrassingly erect while Marie enthusiastically fastened the suspenders, finishing off by dressing me in one of her bras.

“Great, now the wimp looks the sissy he is. I think we’ll keep him in feminine clothes, at least in private. It clearly excites him,” Max said, running his finger the short distance along the outline of my erection beneath Marie’s knickers.

“Been some years since this cock’s seen the inside of your wife’s lovely cunt, hasn’t it?” he taunted, having learnt a lot about us from Joe, and I nodded glumly.

“Right, back on the bed with you in the same position as before.”

I resumed my position across the bed and this time when Marie knelt over me, Max took up a position standing at her rear. After fine tuning our respective positions he was ready. Stooping slightly, his balls squashed against my face, Max ordered me to lick and suck his penis, lubricating it ready for entry to my wife’s vagina.

“Not that Marie’s ever ready cunt needs any lubrication,” he added.

With Max directing it downwards I licked all round the glans of his penis before accepting it reluctantly into my mouth, aware of the odious creatures gloating laugh as I did so. Despite Marie’s obvious impatience he was in no hurry, merely stimulating her anal opening with a finger while pushing his penis slowly in and out of my mouth. It seemed, to me at least, that I was sucking the bastard’s penis for an age before he suddenly straightened up a little and transferred it to my wife’s vagina.

“Oh yes yes, lovely,” she cried, pushing back against it.

I stared up experiencing both awe and envy as Max’s penis was fully engulfed by Marie’s vagina.

“Now get on and lick my balls, wimp,” Max commanded, his penis beginning to drive in and out.

I hesitated and he reiterated his order, adding that he’d thrash my buttocks with the cane if I refused. Normally I’d relish a caning, I’ve grown to love the pain and humiliation involved, but as my buttocks are still very painful from last nights thrashing I don’t really fancy another just yet.

So it was that while Max fucked my wife I licked his balls, not an easy task with them jiggling about. The stimulation clearly excited Max because he quickly came, pulling his penis from Marie’s vagina as he did so and forcing it into my mouth.

That way we both received his semen, he said, although it seemed to me that I had the lions share. With the odious creatures penis filling my mouth I had no choice but to swallow the hot cream that spurted down my throat. After licking the last drop from his penis I was ordered to do likewise to my wife’s vagina.

“Should be xslot a treat for you,” Max said. “You don’t very often get that close to it.”

“Do I have to put up with his tongue just there?” Marie complained.

“Just this once. Then I’ll send him away while we settle down for a long session of fucking.”

So it was that I licked the globules of semen and her own juices from in and around my wife’s vagina, vaguely aware of Max telling her that he was going to make me wear knickers all the time in future.

The full import of his words were brought home to me later in the evening when, acting on his instructions, I had to assemble all my underpants and make a bonfire of them in the garden, having first doused the heap in petrol to ensure a swift conflagration to avoid annoying the neighbours. Every last pair of my underpants went up in smoke, Marie saw to that.

“Good, your not worthy of male clothing, female underwear is more in your line. From now on it’s knickers only for you and at council meetings I shall expect you to wear stockings and suspenders beneath your trousers,” Max said.

“What if someone spots the outline of the suspenders?” I appealed but he merely laughed and said I’d have to be careful, wouldn’t I.

“Remember, I shall check to make sure you’re wearing them,” Max added.

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2009.

When we arrived at the Hotel Max and Marie went inside leaving me to follow with their luggage, the taxi remaining so as to take me on to my own, more downmarket, accommodation later. Two trips were needed before all their luggage was inside but of course my work didn’t end there.

“My man will take our bags up if someone will show him the way,” Max told the receptionist. “While we have a look round.”

I picked a couple of the cases up again and a porter was about to do likewise with the other two when Max told him to leave them.

“My man can make two trips once you’ve shown him to our room.”

With that he took Marie’s hand but paused to say, “When you’ve unpacked our bags Perkins, join us in the bar and I’ll give you your instructions for tomorrow. We won’t need your services any more today so take the evening off.”

“Very good Mr. Bayes,” I replied, remembering to use the style of address he’d instructed but inwardly seething over his condescending manner towards me in public.

Having unpacked their things, developing the inevitable erection whilst handling my wife’s underwear, I sought them out in the bar. They sat side by side in animated conversation, Max with his hand resting on Marie’s thigh, and I automatically sat down next to them.

“What are you doing Perkins? Remain standing, don’t forget you’re my manservant,” Max admonished me. “And don’t look at my new wife like that,” he added when I glanced at Marie.

“Sorry,” I muttered standing up, embarrassingly aware of people listening to my reprimand.

“He’s new to the job and still needs to learn his place,” Max told them.

I hadn’t been keen on them playing the role of recently married couple enjoying a belated honeymoon, and my annoyance increased when Max said, “You can go now. My wife and I will probably have an early night followed by a long lie-in in the morning so you needn’t report for duty until mid-day.”

He squeezed Marie’s thigh and winked at the people at a nearby table.

“We all know what you’ll be up to,” a guy commented, provoking ribald laughter from the others, both Max and Marie joining in.

So it is that I’m writing up my Journal in the room Max booked for me in a rather rundown part of Molyvos. My room overlooks a yard containing bins overflowing with rubbish, the attendant smell drifting up to my window, and there’s a cacophony of noise from the kitchen below. It’s hot and I’ve stripped down to my undies, a brief pair of white knickers trimmed with black lace, one of the many pairs Marie has bought for me since Max introduced the ban on me wearing male underwear. I’ve brought a couple of books to read and there are some historic sights I’d like to see, if my duties allow that is, as I’m expected to be at Max’s beck and call all week.

Now I’ll have an early night having just masturbated while imagining the sort of things Max will be doing with my wife.

MONDAY, JULY 13, 2009.

Annoyingly, when I arrived at the hotel they’d already left and I experienced a particularly humiliating encounter with a guy I assume to be the manager. He clearly didn’t know who I was and so the first humbling experience was introducing myself as Mr Bayes manservant.

“He instructed me to tell you that as they won’t need your services today, you can take the day off and do whatever it is your sort does in your spare time,” the rather pompous manager said dismissively.

Inwardly seething, not only about the way I’d been belittled but also annoyed that had I known sooner then I could have utilize the day more productively and arranged an excursion, I left the hotel. At least I was able to have a xslot Giriş look at the Byzantine Castle which Marie certainly wouldn’t have been interested in if we’d been here alone.

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2009.

At least they were still there when I arrived at the hotel this morning, although my day turned out even more humiliating than yesterday.

It seems they spent yesterday soaking up the sun on a beach dedicated to nude, as well as clothed, sunbathing and that’s where they were heading today. I was ordered to do some shopping before joining them there.

“You’ll enjoy seeing Marie and the other women in the nude,” Max told me.

After doing their shopping I popped back to my hotel and exchanged the pink knickers I wore under my shorts for bathing trunks before finding my way to the beach. They were both lying naked on a towel, Marie with her legs apart plainly enjoying the many admiring glances she received. Such behaviour would have been unthinkable six years ago, back in the days when she was shy and reserved.

“You might as well join us for a spot of sunbathing Perkins,” Max said after inspecting the shopping.

Slipping out of my shorts and top I lay on the none to smooth sand, Max making it very clear that there was no room on their towel for me, and felt very conscious of my thin white body compared with the bronzed and muscular torso’s surrounding us.

“Get those trunks off Perkins; no one else is wearing any.”

I looked at him appealingly, embarrassed enough by my spindly body and certainly not keen to display my genitals.

“Come on Perkins; don’t forget I’m your boss.”

Having no choice I slipped out of my bathing trunks and quickly lay down hoping no one would notice the smallness of my genitalia in comparison to all the magnificent equipment on display.

“Look everyone, my manservant’s got the smallest cock in the UK.”

Inevitably though, Max drew their attention to my penis. “On your feet Perkins, walk about and let them all have a good laugh.”

With my face on fire, and not from the sun, I walked amongst the sunbathers and my embarrassment deepened when I developed an erection at the sight of the naked females.

Amidst the laughing I heard a female voice say, “My three year old son’s got a bigger cock than his,” setting off another loud burst of laughter.

Completing my circuit of the beach I noticed a smiling Marie move her legs wider apart in a deliberate tease. I found myself staring hungrily between them, even humiliating myself further by automatically dropping down on one knee for a better view.

“Don’t tease the servant Marie and you Perkins; keep your eyes off my wife’s cunt. It’s not for the likes of you.”

By this time most of the others had resumed their sunbathing activities and probably didn’t notice me cringe at Max’s proprietary use of Marie’s marital status. I sank back on the sand glad to take up a less noticeable position, Max leaning over on his elbow to make one final whispered jibe. “I hear it’s nearly six years since you last had the pleasure of Marie’s cunt, is that right?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

Laughing, he said “I can have it whenever I want,” gleefully rubbing salt into the wound by adding, “And I’ll be having plenty this week and for years to come. Marie’s your wife in name only; from now on she’s mine and will be spending her nights in my bed.”

When I accompanied them back to the hotel, burdened with all their equipment, Max told me I could take tomorrow off.

“That’s very magnanimous off you Mr Bayes,” the manager commented on overhearing him.

“I like to give my staff a bit of free time, good for morale,” Max beamed at him. “Anyway we fancy I spot of outdoor lovemaking don’t we my love, so he’d just be in the way,” Max squeezed Marie’s bottom meaningfully.

“Yes,” she giggled excitedly, the manager joining in Max’s ribald laughter.


I’ve used the day well with a visit to the Petrified Forest and Sigri castle. The castle proved to be a Turkish fort built in the days of the Ottoman occupation. Not a great deal to see but the views from the battlements were stupendous.

The Petrified Forest was even more interesting, particularly the museum, so it was a day well spent.


However, when I went to their hotel this evening Max admonished me for not being around. Reminding him that he’d given me the day off I protested to Max that he couldn’t expect me to be at his beck and call.

“Why not, it’s what you’re paid for Perkins,” he barked.

Well, I nearly exploded at that because of course he’s not paying me a penny. In fact it’s me who’s paying for their hotel and my own grotty back street dump, plus all the bills incurred during the holiday. However I could hardly reveal the truth in the crowded bar, the humiliating truth that I’m actually the husband of the woman sharing his bed, as that would really show me up.

So it is that I hung my head and xslot Güncel Giriş apologised through gritted teeth, Max plainly enjoying himself by belittling me in front of other people.

“Due to illness the hotels short staffed so I offered the manager your services, only to find you’d vanished,” he reprimanded me sharply. “Now you’re here go and see if your services are still required.”

Having no choice but to do as he said I went in search of the manager and for the next couple of hours or so was given a succession of menial chores to do, the most humiliating of which was cleaning Max and Marie’s room and changing the bed linen.

It was while in their room that I did something of which I feel almost too ashamed to write in my Journal. Picking a pair of Max’s soiled underpants up from beside the bed I impulsively slipped my shorts down, wrapped the underpants round my penis and masturbated, sniffing the crotch of a pair of my wife’s knickers while doing so! It was an act I’m now deeply ashamed of and glad that neither of them will know about.

THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2009.

The manager, who I think is of Scottish origin, was again on duty in reception when I arrived at the hotel this morning, due presumably to the ongoing staff shortage. Anyway he seemed far less aloof today, which proved to be a bit embarrassing. After telling me that I was to join Mr and Mrs Bayes at a particular section of the beach, he went on to say, “Your boss has certainly got some stamina; apparently his new wife doesn’t leave him alone. She wants it all the time,” he winked.

“According to my staff, they’re fucking morning noon and night, even more than most newly weds,” he continued, adding as though in explanation, “the wife’s very noisy while he’s giving it to her.”

I remained silent but his next words, had he have known it, did nothing to lessen my sense of humiliation.

“According to Mr Bayes his wife’s first husband was useless in bed and only had a tiny little cock, so I suppose she’s making up for lost time. She’s certainly getting plenty this week.”

Hopefully the manager put my glowing face down to the sun rather than the humiliation I was suffering listening to his belittling description of myself.

I experienced a certain amount of difficulty in finding them, the area of beach I’d been directed to being a bit remote. It didn’t however take me long to realise why they’d chosen it. I didn’t immediately see Max but Marie was lying on their beach towel flanked by a couple of naked men. Looking to be in her element my wife held a penis in each hand while the guys sucked her nipples. One of them ran his fingers through the luxuriant bush of Marie’s pubic hair while the other probed her vagina.

There were a number of people scattered about watching, amongst who I now saw Max, chatting to a couple of women I discovered to be the guys wife’s.

“Ah Perkins, I hope you’ve brought the things I ordered.”

“Yes sir,” I replied deferentially, handing him the bag.

“Good, you can go now. This part of the beach is adults only.”

“Aw Max, let him stay. I want another look at his cute little dick,” one of the women, plainly Americans, drawled.

“You heard the lady Perkins, get your kit off.”

Again I had to face laughter and ridicule when my manhood was revealed, Max plainly enjoying my humiliation at the hands of his new friends.

“You can stay and maybe play with your little boys cock while watching us adults enjoying ourselves,” he said in a condescending tone, grinning complacently as well he might, with one of the women now licking the end of his penis while the other did likewise to his balls.

However, I turned my attention back to their husbands, one of who had his face between Marie’s thighs while she sucked the others penis.

“I’m going in!” the one performing cunnilingus suddenly exclaimed. “Turn her over.”

On her tummy Marie raised her buttocks eagerly as the guy directed his very erect penis between her thighs. It was an incredibly arousing sight and we all watched closely as with his hands bearing down on my wife’s shoulders, her rump high in the air, the guy fucked her lustily.

He was good at it, drawing back until it looked as if his penis must slip out, only to drive in again at the last minute. Several people where taking pictures, including Max, while I could only kneel on the sand watching in awe and envy, the guys penis drilling in and out of my wife’s body. It was a very erotic and athletic performance which drew a worthy round of applause on completion.

Marie turned over on to her back, smiling up at the guy who had just fucked her, before turning her attention to the second guy who had stood patiently waiting.

“Come on then,” my randy wife said, spreading her legs invitingly.

On top of her in a flash, his buttocks rose and hung there momentarily before sinking down, drawing a joyous shout from Marie.

“Go on Todd, really give it to her,” one of the women, his wife, shouted as the second guy began fucking Marie.

And he did. Urged on by his audience the guy’s buttocks pounded up and down between my wife’s thighs at an awesome speed, Marie’s piercing shrieks and yells delighting the two American women.

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