Julia’s ‘BIG’ Adventure


Dear Readers,

For something a little different, I thought I’d offer you all a little piece of genuine autobiography. I leave it to you to decide whether or not it warrants a place alongside my other submissions. From my perspective, it rates as one of my most memorable and erotic experiences, and to a certain extent, provided me with the inspiration to begin writing erotic fiction. Those readers familiar with my stories will doubtless recognize certain crossover details and themes. At any rate, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Though I live in Canada now, in the Spring of 2001 I was finishing a two-year stay in Japan where I had worked as a ‘hostess’ in a cocktail bar. Contrary to what you might think, it was not prostitution. The bar was a place where wealthy Japanese men could come and talk to, and flirt with, Western women. If you could stand pouring drinks, lighting cigarettes and engaging in mind-numbingly boring conversation, you could make a very great deal of money. In the two years I was there, I only ever had a physical relationship with one of my ‘clients’.

I am a Brit by birth, though a Canadian citizen since the age of twenty. I’m twenty-seven years old, 5’3″, 120 lbs., with sandy brown hair and brown eyes. Though in truth I would say that I am not especially beautiful, I do have, I believe, a fairly attractive figure; a distinguishing feature of which has usually factored into my stories. I am relatively ‘top heavy’. Growing up in England, between the age of fifteen – a year before I wrote my ‘o-levels’ – and eighteen, I went from wearing a respectable size 32C bra to a whopping 34DD. Although I’m comfortable with my body now, that wasn’t always the case – my teenage years were a bit difficult, what with all the unwanted attention, and it took me a long time to overcome being so self-conscious about my breasts. I frequent a gym on a regular basis to keep myself trim and toned and my tummy flat.

In March of that year, a girlfriend and fellow hostess of mine – a Canadian I’ll call Caitlin – and I were celebrating our imminent return to Vancouver with a trip to the beaches of southern Thailand; a little well-deserved R & R before heading back to begin new chapters in our lives.

Caitlin and I decided that as a last treat to ourselves we would splurge and stay at the deluxe luxury resort at Bang Tao Beach on the island of Phuket. I had been to Thailand before, but never in such decadent surroundings. It was really beautiful, and Thailand was always such a refreshingly friendly and laid back change after sober and conservative Japan.

The guests of the resort were predominantly European – Germans, Swedes, French, etc. – so most of the women went topless at the beach. One day, I think it was our second day there, Caitlin and I were in our favourite spot on the beach, and, since it seemed to be the norm, sun tanning without our bikini tops. Although I was the one with the big boobs, Caitlin is to my mind an incredibly attractive woman and looks fantastic in a bikini. She’s blond too, which made her that much more appealing to Antalya Escort Japanese businessmen. Between the two of us, we garnered a fair bit of attention from the single males on the beach. We were happily lying there relaxing and soaking up the sun when Caitlin spotted two men approaching our spot. They stood near us for a while, apparently deciding where they were going to put down their beach towels. They were both nice looking and nicely built, but what Caitlin and I kept giggling conspiratorially about was their attire: they were both wearing these incredibly skimpy thong swimsuits that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Furthermore, one of them looked as though he had a grapefruit stuffed into the front of his thong!

They kept looking in our direction – while trying to appear as though they weren’t, of course – then chose a spot quite close to us. They hadn’t been there five minutes when the obviously more out-going (not to mention well-endowed) of the two started chatting with Caitlin and I. His name was Aaron. He introduced his friend Eli to us – they were both from Israel. Aaron looked quite young while Eli looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. According to Aaron, he was a bouncer in a nightclub in Netanya (near Tel Aviv) that Eli owned, though to look at Aaron, although fairly tall, was quite a bit slimmer and more fine-featured than any bouncer I’D ever encountered. Although Aaron seemed to enjoy staring at my breasts, I did wonder at first if they weren’t a gay couple – more mature Eli picking up the tab for his younger, well hung ’employee’. As it turned out, that was not the case.

We spent the rest of our time at the beach that afternoon happily chatting with them. They were both very cute and so friendly – and seemed like a pair of very ‘fit bits’ to the two of us. For both of us, it felt like it had been ages since we’d had the pleasure of a good shag with a decent-looking Western male! They both had short dark hair and lovely smooth bodies. Aaron was about 6′ tall, slim, but with very broad shoulders. It worked out well, too, because while Aaron seemed much more interested in me, Caitlin was sending out signals to me that older (Eli was twenty-nine while Aaron was just twenty-three), more soft- spoken Eli was more to her liking. In the end, our group conversation seemed to almost split into two groups of two.

I confess that I couldn’t stop stealing glances at the impossibly large bulge in the front of Aaron’s swimsuit. Perhaps fittingly, he seemed equally fixated on my big boobs. As discreetly as I could, I made a couple of comical ‘Oh my God, do you see what I see!’ faces at Caitlin, who had a difficult time suppressing a fit of giggles each time I did.

Having never been with a well-endowed man before, my take on the eternal debate about a man’s size is that, although the source of most of a woman’s pleasure is for the most part clitoral and not vaginal, a big penis remains for some women (and surprise, I count myself among them!) a visual turn-on and the source of great curiosity. Antalya Escort Bayan

That night, Caitlin and I arranged to meet the two of them at a disco in the town of Patong. I remember Caitlin looked so amazing in her short short sarong miniskirt and blouse. I wore a tight white t-shirt and Capri pants. We got to the disco a little early and had a chance to enjoy a drink together and discuss our date strategy: since we both agreed that a little mindless sex was in order and since we were all staying at the same resort, the plan was that if things went well, Caitlin would bugger off to our suite and I would head off to Eli and Aaron’s with my ‘boytoy’. We were quite the naughty pair that night, to be sure!

The two of them showed up, looking like a right pair of lookers and we spent several hours chatting and drinking and dancing. Aaron was such a good dancer that I remember giggling to myself, Oh God, maybe he IS bent after all!

We had a great time, none of us drinking too much – besides, we perspired so much dancing that we’d have probably sweat it all off anyways. I kept touching Aaron more and more, trying to send out the right signals without being too aggressive. He didn’t seem to mind. I was feeling pretty randy by about midnight and asked Aaron if he wouldn’t rather head back to his suite. He was quick to answer in the affirmative and the two of us left – I found out later that Caitlin and Eli stayed another hour before heading off to the room she and I shared.

Aaron and I had a glass of wine on the balcony until one of us, I forget who, initiated a good snog session. For a younger lad, he was certainly a good kisser. Things got pretty amorous pretty quickly and he was soon groping my breasts. Horny as hell, I kicked off my platform sandals and peeled off my t-shirt and pants and stood there in just my bra and panties. He seemed to be pleased with what he saw, saying he loved busty women. By this time the bulge in his loose-fitting trousers looked f**king HUGE. This I had to see. I sat him down on the edge of one of the two double beds, undid his belt and slipped off his pants and bikini underwear. Girls, without a word of a lie, I could not believe how large this boy’s penis was! It was absolutely HUGE – and quickly getting bigger! I can only imagine the expression on my face at the time – no doubt Aaron had seen it before other woman he’d been intimate with. He knew what he had, but – kudos to him – hadn’t let his good fortune go to his head. I was absolutely gob smacked and pretty intimidated by his size initially, to the point where I thought it was a no go and that sex was out of the question.

Eventually, I did a silly not to mention extremely risky thing – this being Thailand and Aaron being basically a stranger – and gave him head without a condom. I was just seized with the moment, and truth be told, I love giving men head – especially one’s with cocks the size of Aaron’s! Pumping the shaft with both hands was not a problem, getting much at all of his erection into my mouth WAS. I Escort Antalya stopped things short before he came and asked whether or not he had a condom. I doubted anybody made them BIG enough to fit someone like him, but was surprised to discover that indeed they did. He grabbed a packet from his bag. But before he put it on, I told him that in order be able to handle a guy his size that I was going to need plenty of natural lubrication, not to mention possibly copious amounts of KY! Even though just giving a man head makes me super wet, I thought it never hurts a girl to ask 🙂

Happily he was quite eager to return the favour and gave my little clit a good oral pleasuring which resulted in a lovely orgasm.

By that time I was pretty revved-up and wet so I told him to grab the condom. He rolled it down almost the entire length of his magnificent shaft – don’t think I’d ever actually seen the END of a condom before! Of course I asked him if he’d ever measured it (haven’t ALL guys either named or measured their penises at one time in their lives?). He claimed it was nine and a half inches long when erect and from what I could see, I had little cause to doubt him!

The moment of truth finally happened. Right away he felt different, and I credit that to the incredible thickness of his cock. Then it just kept coming and coming until I topped out and it pressed against my cervix – which was fairly uncomfortable. Overall though, it felt quite marvelous, and for any woman who might be reading this, all I can say is don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! In my opinion, every red-blooded female should have the opportunity of experiencing a nine plus-inch penis at least once 🙂

He was very sweet about taking it easy for the first while and went very slowly; so much so that I finally had to grab his butt with my hands to encourage him to pick up the tempo. It was when he started to really pound it home that I thought I might faint. Oh my God, did he ever feel enormous! It started to get a little uncomfortable, so I told him to try entering me from behind – my personal favourite actually, since you get the deepest penetration and the guy can massage my clit at the same time (twice the fun!). That felt really amazing, and less like he was in danger of banging my ovaries out! With Aaron rubbing my clit while he stroked his XXL-size manhood into me I had another orgasm. He came soon afterwards, and after flushing the condom down the toilet, came and lay down with me for a good snuggle. His poor spent penis still looked huge to me in its flaccid condition laying as it did against his thigh.

In the end, it was a fantastic sexual experience – and odds are one I’m not likely to duplicate anytime soon, though I’m not sure how common men of Aaron’s size really are. To be honest, he was a bit TOO big. I was pretty sore the next day and even had a little spotting, and although we spent another three pleasurable days f**king like mad, I’m not sure I’d want my long-term companion to be quite as well-endowed as he was. But then again … 🙂

One last noteworthy detail: for the benefit of my intensely curious friend Caitlin, or any other future girlfriend who might doubt the volition of my ‘big fish’ tale, I got Aaron to pose for a snapshot in all his glory – my little keepsake from my nights in Thailand with Mr. Big?

— Jane C

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