Just Across the Hall Pt. 06


It had been a wonderful evening with Lonnie.

We had gone to dinner and then dancing at a club called DANGER ZONE with friends.

When we got home, Lonnie could hardly control himself. As soon as I closed the door he was on me. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck. I loved how his body felt against mine.

Then his hands went to my breasts. My nipples hardened as his tongue traced along my neckline to my exposed shoulder.

I pushed back against him, feeling his hard cock against my bottom. I ground into him, gyrating, letting him know I wanted him right then and there.

Lonnie’s hands went to the front of my harem pants. I reached up and back, putting my hands on his neck. We swayed slowly like that, dancing with no music.

Then he slipped my cropped top off and undid my bra. My bouncy boobies stood proud. He fingered my pink gumdrops and then cupped my beauties in his strong hands. He was gentle as he massaged me and kissed me. I loved seeing the contrast of his dark skin with my almost creamy complexion.

Then Lonnie slid his hands down my torso to my narrowed waist and then to my hips. His fingertips slid into the waistband of my harem pants and he pulled them down. I slid out of them.

This was how Lonnie liked me, naked except for pretty panties. And these were very pretty, extremely sexy, black lace panties.

I knelt and unzipped his slacks. I pulled them down and off. Then I kissed the head of his black beauty through his underwear. I slid my pink fingernails into the waistband of his boxer briefs and pulled them down as well.

His cock fell out and I took it in my hands. I flicked the tip and then wrapped my lips around it. Lonnie put his hands on my head. I bobbed back and forth, swirling my tongue along the length of that magnificent black cock.

Lonnie put his hands under my arms and picked me up effortlessly. I reached down and held his cock as he carried me to the bedroom.

What followed was a glorious fucking.


Were you able to hear the angles sing over my screams of ecstasy?

After Lonnie had cum for the second time we lay there, our hear rates calming, our breathing returning to normal. My bottom was buzzing and my heart was happy.

I drifted off like that, snuggled up to my man, my hand on his softening cock. My eyes closed and I entered the land of dreams.


I entered a familiar looking space. I suddenly realized I was walking through the locker room of my old high school. I passed by a row of mirrors and saw I was the age I am now.

It was eerily quiet.

There were no voices, no laughter and no sounds of slamming locker doors. I only heard the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I was naked and had no idea where my clothes were or how I’d been transported back to Kennedy High.

I walk past row after row of lockers and benches.

I call out but my voice echos into nothingness.

Then I hear voices. Girls’ voices!

OH MY GOD! I was in the girls’ locker room!

I quickly cover myself with my hands and try to find a place to hide somewhere far from the voices which suddenly seemed to be all around me from the shadows.

I near the end of the locker room by the entrance to the showers. I press my back into a corner. The voices get louder. The voices get nearer. I try to slow my breathing. My hands are clamped over my crotch in case I’m discovered.

What could I say? How could I explain a situation I didn’t understand?

Suddenly three cheerleaders were standing in front of me.

I had no idea where they’d come from or who they were. They were just shadowy outlines. They began to walk towards me. Getting closer and closer. I started to be able to make out facial features.

The three girls looked vaguely familiar.

With no retreat possible, I pressed my back harder against the wall.

There was a white girl, a black girl and an Asian girl. I remembered their faces from middle school and high school. I remembered they hated me. I could still hear their teases and taunts. They were all grinning at me now. I felt like a mouse cornered by three cats.

“What do we have here?” one asked.

“Looks like a man,” the second one said.

They see what I am covering between my legs.

“More like a boy,” one mocks, “A little boy.”

I try to speak but I have no voice.

“Looks like some naughty little boy was hiding in the locker room trying to get a sneak peek of girls changing their clothes.”

“Is that right, Naughty Boy?” the third voice asked.

“Oh my God. He’s naked,” the first voice said.

“Ohhhhhhh,” the second voice said, “He’s a pervert. A pervert naked Peeping Tom little boy.”

They all laughed. I tried to explain, but in this dream I had no voice.

Someone pulled me out into the center of the room by my hand. I am naked and vulnerable. The cheerleaders circle me and begin to taunt me. I don’t know what to cover. I put one over my butt and the other stays covering my crotch.

“Maaaaybeee,” the second voice says, “He’s Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort naked because he was just about to play dress up and we interrupted him.”

They all burst out laughing again.

“Is that it, Naughty Boy? Were you hoping to find some cute girly clothes to put on? Were you going to play dress up?”

“Looking for some pretty panties to slip into?”

“I think he’d look cute in panties.”

“Cute cotton briefs! With pink, yellow and blue flowers!”

I remembered one of them in cotton briefs with pink, yellow and blue flowers. We were in the lunch room. There was laughter.

Was I remembering that right?

“Briefs?! Ewww. Not pretty or cute enough for that sweet doll. Think again.”

I couldn’t believe this conversation was taking place.

Then one of the voices asked, “How about some bikinis? Or boy shorts?”

“I have some ruffled boy-shorts at home.”

“Does us a Helluva lot good now, Doofus.”

“Bikinis it is then!”

They weren’t really going to make me put on bikini style panties, were they?

They all laughed again. Then they started chanting.





I shake my head ‘no.’ I try to speak but only a faint whimper escapes my mouth. I am trapped.

“Well, it is the girls’ locker room,” the third said, “I’m sure we can find something for our little pervy panty-boy to wear.”

They started to walk around me. They were studying every inch of my body. Someone pinched my butt. Someone flipped the back of my hair up.

“He’s so petite,” one says.

“And cute.”

“No muscles. A nice slender frame,” another said.

The third chimed in, ” A little flat, though.”

“Chest or butt?”


That laughter again.

“BOY BUTT!” they all shouted.

It became a chant.




“Well, girls, looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

A bright light shone down on me. I felt like I was on the center stage of a show starring only me. The light was blinding and I squinted to see. I could only make out shapes and shadows now. I was frozen by some unseen force. My hands were at my side and I could no longer move my arms to cover myself.

“Not much between the legs,” the second voice said.

I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach.

“I’ve seen bigger weenies on the babies I sit for,” the third mocked with a chuckle.

“I think it’s kinda cute,” the first one said, flicking a fingertip against the head of my small penis.

Even fully erect my unimpressive member was barely 5 inches.

One of the shadowy shapes stepped closer. I could make out her shape now.

It was the Asian girl. It was Deborah. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform. She was one of the three who had tormented me since middle school.

She gripped my penis and started to stroke it. It grew but when it reached its full potential, Deborah stopped. She looked into my eyes.

“Awww,” she said, looking at the other two, “I think that’s it. That’s how big it’s going to get.”


They all laugh.

“We could make it bigger,” one said.

“What fun would that be?” the other asked.

“I think,” Deborah said, her pointer finger aimed right at my penis, “I think we should make it…cuter.”

I felt a tingling sensation between my legs like I had to pee. It began at the base and shots to the tip of my erect penis.

A pink glow covered my crotch.

The three of them were staring at me…at my crotch.

Deborah wiggled her finger and the tingling in my dick got more intense. Then I felt a strange vibration, and when I looked down to where they were all looking, I saw, to my horror, my penis was shrinking.

4 and a half inches.

4 inches.

3 and a half inches.

I screamed but nothing comes out.

I pleaded to them with my eyes.

I watched as my cock got smaller and smaller. It’s barely there any more.

3 inches.

2 and a half inches.

2 inches.

Finally the tingling stopped. The pink glow fades. I am shocked to see I now have a little baby cock. No bigger than the tip of my finger. It’s surrounded by a perfect triangle of light brown hair.

“Awwww,” the second shape says as it comes closer.

It’s Aiesha, the black girl with the dreads who was not only a cheerleader but captain of the field hockey team.

“It’s adorable.”

She flicked it with a long, purple and pink fingernail.

“It’s like a little clitty,” the first shape said stepping besides me.

I see it’s Samantha, the girl who was always chewing gum and twirling her hair. She’d hated me since 4th grade when I…

Oh my God.

Ever since I lifted up her skirt in front of everybody in the cafeteria. She’s been wearing silly, little girl underpants with pink, yellow and blue flowers.


“LITTLE Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort CLITTY! LITTLE CLITTY!


“This is fun!” Samantha squealed.

“Let’s see what else we can do,” Aiesha said.

She stepped right up to me and extended her left hand. She closed her eyes and whispered something under her breath. I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

She extended her pointer finger. She touched my left nipple.


She touched my right nipple.


The tingling returned. As did the pink glow. This time though the warm sensation was under each of my nipples. I felt a tightness in my chest.

Aiesha took a step back and they all grinned at me.

I looked down and saw my areola grow pinker and rounder. My nipples became longer and pointier. Then my boy breasts began to swell. A little at first like the breasts of a little girl. Just points, really.

In a mocking baby voice, Samantha said, “Awww, little itty bitty titties.”

“They’re so cute,” Deborah said, smiling.

The swelling continued. I had the breasts of an adolescent girl. They were rounder and more obvious as breasts now. I was a solid A Cup or more. The tingling intensified.

Deborah leaned in and blew onto my left nipple and it becames erect. The wonderful reaction it caused went through my entire body, even to my little baby cock.

“Not too big,” Samantha said.

“Something cute,” Deborah suggested, “To match his petite frame.”

Finally the tingling stopped. The pink glow faded.

I felt a heaviness on my chest.

Aiesha put her hands on my shoulders and turned my body to the large, full length mirror which had magically appeared to my right.

I saw my reflection and was shocked to see two perfectly shaped breasts.

“Perfect!” Samantha said.

“32B?” Deborah asks.

“That’s what I was shooting for,” Aiesha says, her arms folded, giving me a once over with her eyes.

Samantha stepped closer. Her hands reached out. She cupped my new breasts in her hands. She squeezed them gently.

Oh my.

She let them drop and they bounced. She pinched a nipple and I squealed. She leaned forward and blew on my right gumdrop.

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip. There was a new sensation between my legs and it seemed to connect my pink gumdrop nipples to the pink head of my tiny clitty…dick…my cock.

“His hair! Do his hair!”

“His butt! Do his butt!”


The chanting, the taunting, began again.




Their voices started to blend and echo in the emptiness of the locker room. Samantha, Aiesha and Deborah began to dance around me, holding hands.

A strange wind began to blow through the cavernous locker room.









Strange sensations surged through my body. The air in the locker room became still. The pink glow began to form again.








The room was spinning. I felt as if I was in the eye of a hurricane.

The three voices became one. The pink glow filled the room. I felt a 1000 little lightning bolts shoot through me. The pink glow encircled my body.

I began to levitate. I was now hovering above the tile floor and started to spin slowly. I felt dizzy. It was like I was on some insane amusement park ride. All I saw was flashing lights.

The one voice has now become a chorus of girl voices.





And then! There was nothing.

The crazy ride stopped and I dropped to the ground.

My new breasts bounced.

The voices have stopped. I could hear only the dripping of a faucet. The pink glow had dissipated.

It was perfectly still. The three shadowy figures were gone.

It was just me and the pretty girl staring back at me.


I raised my left hand to my face and the pretty girl raised her left hand to her face. I smiled. She smiled.

I studied her face. She had a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. There were some freckles dotted across the bridge of her button nose which crinkled a little when she smiled. Her thick lashes flutter like butterfly wings.

I ran my fingers through my hair. She ran her delicate, perfectly manicured nails through her gorgeous, blonde, shoulder length hair with its silky waves.

I placed my hands on my chest. She cupped her 32B breasts in her small, girlish hands.

I gasped. Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort

I turned slightly, studying my entire body.

She turned her curvy body and I saw her perky breasts, flat tummy, hips and smooth, coltish legs.

I didn’t know who the beautiful 18 year old girl was in front of me was, but she could have been my sister. Heck! She could have been me!

Then I glanced between her…my legs!



I’d been transformed into the sexy image of the perfect cheerleader!

Samantha, Aiesha, and Deborah hadn’t made me all girl though. They’d left a small reminder. They’d left me my shrunken baby…cock…they’d left with my new clitty.

I saw a pile of clothes on a bench in front of a row of lockers. I walked over and, with each step, could feel how my now rounder girl butt swayed from side to side.

I picked up the first item of clothing. It was a pair of girl’s panties. They were pink, lacy and satiny. They felt wonderful in my hands. I stopped to admire my new nail color for just a second.

These were my panties. I knew they will fit me perfectly. I stepped into them and pulled them up my smooth legs.

Oh myyyyyyyy.

They felt scrumptious against my bare skin. I smoothed them out over my ass. I loved the sensations that gives me.

I looked down and saw there was hardly any bulge at all in the front of my pretty pink panties.

I then put my matching bra on like I’d been doing all my life. I adjusted the left strap and then admired my reflection in the mirror.

In my panties and bra, with my long hair, I made quite the pretty girl. I smiled at myself.

“All the boys would want to date that girl,” I told myself.

“And fuck her brains out with their hard cocks,” another voice whispered.

She was gorgeous. I loved being that girl.

I picked up the yellow Spandex spankie panties and put them on. They were tight and covered my panties. I pulled a wedgie out from my two perfectly shaped butt cheeks. The front of my spankie pants were completely smooth. I had no bulge at all!

The next item was a short, yellow and black skirt. It was a cheerleading skirt! I stepped into it and zipped up the side.

Suddenly I got an urge.

I twirled. I kicked up my left leg. I saw flashes of bright yellow from under the black and yellow pleats of my short skirt.

The top was tight against my breasts but there was still some bounce. I put on my little white socks with the yellow pompoms on the back. Then I put on my sneakers. I noticed how my feet seem smaller now.

I looked back in the mirror and decided I need to do something with my hair.

“Pigtails?” a voice asked.

“You’re not in the eight grade,” another voice said with attitude.

“A ponytail then,” the first voice said.

I fashioned my gorgeous hair into a high ponytail and held it with a black and yellow scrunchie.

The sweater I picked up had a cartoon yellow jacket on it. I slid it over my head and into place. I checked my hair again. It was perfect!

And damn! Did my boobs look great!

My soft, pouty lips were now coated with a bubblegum pink which made them look cute and sexy. I batted my eyes and felt the weight of my thick lashes.

I blew a kiss to my reflection and we both giggled.

Past, present and future are swirling around me now. Genders were blurred. My mind was racing.

I like…I love…the pretty girl I’d become.

I pick up my pompoms and start walking out of the locker room. My boobies bounce. My bottom swishes to the left and to the right. I can feel cool air on my upper thighs as my short skirt rises and falls. I can see glimpses of my spankie pants and my sexy, round girl butt.

I feel so happy, so content. I feel so utterly girlish and pretty. I swish my butt a little more.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to my yard,” I said, giggling again.

From somewhere I can hear a crowd roar.

Then I hear a deep voice.

“Well, what do we have here, boys?” the deep voice asks.

“Looks like some pretty, little girl has gotten herself lost,” another says from somewhere in the shadows.

“All by herself in the boy’s locker room,” a third says.


NO! That’s not right!

I was in the girls’ locker room! I was in the girls’ locker room because…I was…a girl…now…

“She sure is pretty,” the first voice says.

“Look at those legs!” the second voice growls with a sexual tone.

“And that ass,” the third says.

I suddenly feel like a fairytale character lost in the scary, dark woods surrounded by wolves.

“Check out those pink lips,” the third voice said, “Just imagine all the things she can probably do with those.”

I feel fingertips under my skirt. They flip it up and a hand spanks my butt. Then it squeezes my cheek.

I feel butterflies in my tummy.

“DAMN!! That is one bouncy little bubble butt!” the second voice says, “Imagine all the fun we can have with that.”

I am surrounded again.

I drop my pompoms and when I bend to pick them up a hand smacks my butt. It stings.

Then I see three shapes come forward out of the fog that dreams create.

It’s Bryce, Antoine and Mikey!

They played football and basketball at my old high school. I forgot how good looking they were. They were always so….dreamy.

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