Just an Experiment Pt. 03


Mike was seriously considering that he liked to be used anally. He liked when Jack fucked his ass and even enjoyed it more when Brenda dominated him. After an interesting few days, Mike now believed he was bi-sexual. He was going to continue to fuck women and enjoy forbidden sexual acts with men.

There was nothing wrong with enjoying sex with either men or women. Mike realized he had a real taste for cum. He loved the sweaty taste of it. He liked to feel a big cock in his mouth. He loved to feel warm balls in his hands while he sucked a dick.

He also loved to have his cock sucked. He liked having his dick sucked by Jack. Jack knew how he liked his own dick sucked. The experience was amazing. Jack would take his entire cock into his mouth and swallowed it. Mike never came so much. Jack loved cum too. He was so hot and horny when Mike came down his throat. It really made Mike horny thinking about it. It really made him hard.

Mike realized he loved having Jack fuck his ass. Feeling his big dick enter his most secret spot and open up his anal cavity felt amazing. He wanted Jack to fuck his asshole again. Mike wanted to try to fuck his ass too. He was ready to have anal sex and be the giver instead of the receiver. He was looking forward to give Jack pleasure.

While Mike was thinking of these thoughts, he grabbed some baby oil and poured in onto his cock. He moved his hand up and down his shaft. He was thinking about cocks and balls. He imagined Jack’s cock high inside of his asshole while he jerked his big dick. His fingers pulled his cock fast. He was moving his hand so fast up his big pole.

After about fifteen minutes of jerking off, he came all over himself. He swiped his finger down on the cum to take a taste. He liked the taste of his salty, sweaty come. He couldn’t wait to go to work today. After his shift, he was going to see Jack. He was hoping to have more fun with him.


Mike was excited to get to the end of the day. He cleaned about twenty rooms in his shift. He got another surprise when he cleaned one of the rooms. Two young women were in the sixty-nine position. They never moved and just ate at each other’s cunts while Mike cleaned the room.

Mike was hard and horny and wished they would have said something to him. He would have loved to get in the middle with them and fuck their cunts. But, they never looked up. They just were slurping and drinking each other’s pussy juices. It was hot to watch them. They didn’t seem to care. He loved all the people masturbating in their rooms, while he walked inside to clean.

Lately, there was a lot of naughty behavior happening Beylikdüzü escort at the motel. Mike thought people liked to be doing things when he walked in. They probably wanted to get a rise out of him. It was becoming very familiar to him. He was starting to see all kinds of things at the motel. If he was having a good day, like when he met Jack, they might ask him to have sex with him.

It was finally the end of his shift. Mike was hoping that Jack was inside of his room. He knocked on the door and a voice called out and said to come in. Mike walked inside and was greeted by Jack.

“Mike, I was hoping you’d come back. You look great.”

“Hey. I told you I’d be back.”

“Were you thinking about my cock? I missed your ass.”

“Yea. I was missing that big juicy cock of yours.”

“Get over here. I want you.”

Jack walked towards Mike and helped him off with his clothes. Jack was just in his boxers and Mike pulled those right down. Both men grabbed each other’s cocks and played with their dicks. They shared a deep and passionate kiss.

Both men stood in front of each other. They had their hands on each other’s cocks. They rubbed the two cocks together and jerked off. Their bulbous heads were rubbing together. Pre-cum was dripping from both of their pricks.

“Is this sword fighting?”

“Rub yours on mine. It’s hot right? Fuck!”

“You’re a lot of fun, Mike. Bend over. I want to taste that sweet ass of yours.”

Mike got on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Jack spread his buttocks together and spat on his asshole. He moved his tongue in and out of his tight hole. And smacked his ass cheeks.

“God! I love that. Fucking hell.”

Jack grabbed onto his hip and continued smacking his buttocks while he tongued fucked fast into Mike’s asshole. Mike was moaning and groaning while he played with his own dick.

“Get into my ass! I need your cock! Fuck!”

“You want this big dick fucking your tight hole? Say it!”

“Fuck me now! Take my ass! I need your big dick!”

“I want to feel my dick inside of you. I want to come inside of your asshole.”

“Do it now!”

Jack rolled a condom onto his dick.

“Stand on the bed!”

Mike stood on the bed and they shared a passionate kiss. He went back on his knees and teased Mike’s asshole again with his tongue. Mike was moaning and jacking off while Jack continued to lick his asshole.

“Put your dick inside of me!”

Jack placed kisses along his back and all over his neck. He pushed his cock slowly into Mike’s asshole and fucked him gently, while kissing Beylikdüzü escort him tenderly. Mike’s fingers continued to pull on his erect and throbbing cock. He was enjoying Jack making love to him. It was slow and tender.

Jack was fucking him with more power each time. Both men moaned out while Jack fucked him good.

“Fuck that feels good,” Mike screamed.

Jack helped Mike jerk his cock while Jack continued to thrust his dick faster inside of his asshole. Mike was making grunting noises while getting fucked good and hard. They were both pulling on Mike’s very hard cock.

“I’m going to come! Jesus.”

Mike backed up into Jack’s cock and started to really move his ass. Jack just watched as he moved his asshole hard into his dick.

“You’re so tight.”

“It feels so good.”

Mike felt Jack’s nuts slapping against his asshole. The thrusts became faster and deeper.

“I’m going to explode!”

“Get on your hands and knees again!”

Mike moved back onto the bed. Jack removed his condom and tongued at Mike’s asshole. He slid two of his fingers up inside of his ass.

“That feels so good. Jesus, Jack!”

Jack played with his own cock while Mike cooled down from all the pleasure. He moved his hand up and down his hot and hard shaft.

“I want to fuck you now,” Mike announced.

“I was hoping you’d want to. Here’s a condom.”

Mike took the condom from Jack and rolled it onto his dick. He grabbed Mike and they passionately kissed while Mike played with Jack’s cock. Mike got onto his knees and opened his mouth wide. He wanted to give Jack pleasure. He couldn’t wait to taste his dick. His mouth was salivating for his cock.

Mike took as much of Jack’s cock into his mouth. He played with his warm balls while he blew him.

“Put your fingers inside of my asshole. That turns me on,” Jack mentioned.

Mike grabbed Jack’s hip and pushed his fingers into his asshole while Jack thrusted deep inside of Mike’s mouth. He was fucking his mouth. Mike made all kinds of sucking noises while giving Jack head. Jack was moaning and needed to get fucked.

“Fuck my ass! I want you now!”

Mike helped Jack stand up. Jack went on his hands and knees. Mike spread apart his buttocks and spat down on his asshole. He tongue-fucked Jack and slowly pushed his cock into Jack’s asshole.

“You’re so fucking tight. It feels amazing on my dick. Shit!”

Mike picked up the pace and fucked Jack’s asshole. His ass felt incredible. Mike kissed Jack’s back while he thrusted in and out of his asshole. Jack was moaning and groaning. Mike put Escort Beylikdüzü his hands around Jack’s cock and played with his dick while fucking into his tight hole.

“Fuck! Oh God! Your ass feels amazing!”

Mike was kissing Jack deeply. Their tongues danced inside of each other’s mouths while his dick thrusted in and out of Jack’s asshole. Mike was loving fucking his ass. It was great because Jack loved it. Most women would never let you fuck their ass so much.

“I need to come. Jesus.”

“Come down my mouth. Put that fat dick into my mouth again.”

Mike pulled out of Jack’s ass. He took his condom off. Jack went on his knees and wrapped his lips around Mike’s cock. Mike screamed while he blasted Jack’s mouth with a pile of his cum. Jack drank it all down and stood up and kissed Mike. He spat some of his come into Mike’s mouth. Mike smiled at Jack.

“Fuck! That was so hot. You’re so sexy, Mike. God I love fucking you.”

“You’re not so bad yourself. I’ve always liked women until I met you.”

“I’m here for a few more days.”

I’d love to have a threesome with you. Do you have any friends?”

“You want to have sex with two guys? That’s hot Mike.”

“Why not? I’d love to get my ass fucked and suck another guy off.”

“That sounds super sexy. Do you know anybody who would like doing that?”

“Nobody knows that I’ve been with a guy. I do have a butch lesbian friend that would fuck us with her strap-on cock.”

“That’s kind of sexy. Bring her along next time. I’d love to fuck a butch girl.”

“Not sure she’d let you fuck her. She’d definitely fuck you.”

“Sounds hot. Bring her along next time.”

“Maybe I will.”

“I have to go to bed now. I have an early meeting tomorrow. Bring your friend over and will have some fun. Perhaps we should stay somewhere a little nicer when you bring her over. How about drinks at a club and then will have a little naughty fun?”

“I may have to bring my other friend Wendy along. Her girlfriend is the butch lesbian. I’ve fucked Wendy a lot. Brenda will only come out if, Wendy is there too. They both are a lot of fun. You’ll like them.”

“Set it up! Here’s my phone number. Text me and will meet up somewhere tomorrow night. I haven’t had any pussy in a while. My girlfriend broke up with me a few months back. I’ve just been experimenting with guys lately.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow after I set it up. It will be a lot of fun.”

“Looking forward to it,” Jack announced.

Mike got dressed and left the motel. He wondered if Wendy and Brenda would want to meet Jack. He was hoping they would. He was hoping that Brenda would like to dominate both himself and Jack. He’d have to butter Wendy up. He was pretty sure he’d be able to talk her into it. Brenda would do anything that Wendy told her to do. Jack was hard just thinking about Brenda and her strap-on cock.

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