Justin’s Secret Ch. 03


The dull, painful throb in his head woke Justin up from his dead to the world slumber. His mouth and throat were dry and all he could taste the drink he was so fond of the night before — it made him almost gag. ‘How could something so nice be so disgusting the following day’, he thought. With a low groan of discomfort, he somehow lifted his head from his pillow, spying on a cup filled with water on his bedside table.

He almost moaned in pure delight as he grabbed it, treating his parched throat to the whole cup of refreshing liquid, wondering why it was there in the first place.

Memories flooded back from the previous night and he narrowed it down to Jason or Brent putting it there. He briefly remembered Jason coming in to help him to bed, but as soon as his head hit the pillow Justin was asleep.

He put the cup down on the side of the table and slid his legs out of his already unbuttoned jeans, throwing them onto the floor and taking in his new comfort with a sigh. Despite his headache, Justin got up and went to the bathroom, quickly locating his toothbrush to his mouth to get rid of the terrible taste of vodka. Once done, he couldn’t have made a faster journey to his bed, snuggling back into its warmth.

He checked his phone, not thinking anything of it, and the comfort of being back in his covers was soon drained away with guilt. There were a bunch of texts, voice mails and miscalls from Brent after Justin had sent him the very misspelled message just consisting of ‘I’m going back’ that Jason had told him to send. Jason also told him to say who was escorting him home to avoid worry, but being in the bitchy mood Justin was in, decided to make his best friend think he went by himself.

The texts and voice mails were all Brent completely freaking out. Justin almost cried when he read them — Brent had gone out looking for Justin and everything, judging by the text that said ‘where are you now? I’m coming to find you. This isn’t funny.’ Justin felt horrible — sick even, as he looked over to Brent’s bed to find him sleeping peacefully. Justin wondered how he could’ve done that to him, make him worry so much that his little drunk friend was wondering around aimlessly in a rough neighborhood alone. Just for a silly comment.

Justin then did all he knew what to do when he was upset, and left his own bed, climbing into his best friend’s one for a cuddle. He heard Brent stir in his sleep, and he prayed he hadn’t woken him up, but Justin knew he had when he felt him stretch.

“You’re a fucking asshole.” Brent mumbled sleepily as Justin made himself the little spoon and interrupted his sleep, but pulled him in closer with his arm anyway.

“I’m so sorry.” Justin continued, sensing the lightness in his tone but feeling terribly guilty nonetheless. “Jason walked me — it wasn’t just me by myself.”

“Jason, huh?” He asked, not sounding fully with it still.

Justin nodded, his cheeks hurting with the smile that brought out. He hadn’t really thought about it yet, worrying over Brent and all. “Uh yeah, I guess.”

“Mm, talk later.” Brent grumbled before closing his eyes and making himself comfortable for more sleep.

Justin did the same, but wasn’t able to fall asleep. He was too busy trying to remember details about the previous night, and cringed at a lot of them.

He hadn’t stopped talking the whole way back to the dorms, and vividly remembered asking Jason if he was gay, getting just a laugh in response. He also remembered calling him sexy, and recalled shamefully that he’d given Jason the details on certain guys he’d been with previously. He even remembered asking for his number at his doorstep (and grinned because he’d gotten it), but the thing that stood out most is that he remembered telling him he had a huge secret only Brent knew.

Justin suddenly felt uncomfortable even though he was in his major comfort zone. He didn’t mind the other mortifying details — they could easily be laughed off, he even got Jason’s number but the fact he’d said he had a secret made him wonder if he’d given anything away or if Jason had gotten it out of him and he couldn’t recall.

Interrupting his thoughts, Justin’s phone buzzed. He sighed heavily, reaching out to it, simultaneously feeling grateful his headache was fading.

‘How’s the head?’

“Oh my God.” Justin whispered out loud. “Oh my God.” He repeated, louder than the first time, but quiet enough not to wake Brent a second time. He’d never felt so excited and nervous in his whole life, but he tried to keep his cool as he typed back a message.

‘It’s alright actually! Thank you for walking me back 🙂 sorry if I was annoying or anything ha’

Justin was over the moon, feeling sick to his stomach all because of butterflies. He was actually texting his crush — he’d never been so glad to have gotten completely mortal.

Almost immediately, he got a text back, making him bite his lip in pure happiness at the fact he was getting quick replies.

‘Good. it’s no prob. You were fine, it was really funny. Pendik Fetiş Escort hope you and Brent are okay x’

“Good God.” Justin mumbled to himself, laying down on his back and putting his phone on his chest. Getting a text from Jason was enough excitement for one rough morning, let alone another and a kiss — he felt almost pathetic but he couldn’t help it. He was finally getting what he wanted.

‘Oh good! Yeah we’re fine, it was the drink that was the problem.. x’

A few minutes passed after that message had been sent, and Justin’s eyes were glued to the screen, wondering doubtfully if the stud was going to reply. Whenever his message tone went off, Justin squealed quietly to himself.

‘I assumed that;) I’ll see you in psychology Monday then 🙂 x’

Justin almost cried, out of sadness or happiness he didn’t know — it felt like Jason was ending the conversation with that comment.

‘Yepp x’ He replied bluntly, knowing that whenever he was short with a guy they usually came running after him instead of trying to drop him. He knew how to work boys, wrap them around his finger, but with Jason he really didn’t know. He’d never had a romantic interest in someone before, so he didn’t know whether his techniques with sexual interests would have the same effect.

He didn’t get a reply from Jason after that, but he continued to stare at his phone, becoming more heartbroken with every minute that passed.

“This is the part where you reply asking me out.” Justin grumbled to his phone, dropping it onto the floor with full intentions to hurt Jason through it somehow.


Monday came too quickly for his liking, but Justin was still excited for his first lesson, which was his first on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s too. He hated that he only had it three times a week, but it did make him look forward to Monday’s which he ruled out as a plus.

“Are you going out tonight?” Justin asked hopefully as he applied his foundation with a brush, seeing his friend emerge from the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

“You’ve been asking me that every night since we got here.” Brent laughed, removing the towel around his waist to dry off the rest of his body.

Justin shrugged, swiping the brush across his face, making sure to make it as natural as possible. “Just wondering.”

“Do you have someone coming over?” Brent asked in a curious tone, pulling on his underwear, catching Justin’s eyes in the mirror.

Justin flushed red through his makeup. “No.” He mumbled adamantly. He wished.

“Who is it?” Brent gushed with a knowing smile, coming up beside him. “Have you met someone?”

“No, Brent.” Justin only blushed harder.

“You have! You’re red.” He stated, smirking now, playfully pushing his friend. “Come on, why don’t you tell me about these things? Who is it? I can go out if you need me to.”

Justin gave up, his shoulders slouching, sighing in defeat. “Could you please?” He asked so quietly Brent wasn’t sure he heard.

“I knew it!” He concluded loudly, still pushing for answers. “Who? Is it that Mark guy?”

“No!” Justin snapped, grimacing. Mark was a very bad experience, one he never wanted to repeat, no matter how many times the boy texted him for another chance. He felt sick at the thought.

“Sorry, I forget with all these guys.” Brent laughed. “Who then?”

The smaller boy completely slumped into his chair. “If I tell you will you stop pestering me?”

“Of course — that’s why I’m pestering.”

“I just need…” Justin sighed, pretty sure his makeup was close to melting off with the amount of heat his face was radiating. “An hour or two alone. Maybe even three, actually. Is that too much?”

“What? Alone?” Brent asked, both sounding and looking confused. Justin met his eyes in the mirror and raised his eyebrows, and suddenly the larger male had burst out in loud, almost obnoxious laughter.

Justin sighed. “Brent…” He whined.

“Sorry, sorry…” He wheezed as he composed himself. “I just — really, yourself? Three hours?”

“I haven’t been able to do it properly since Tuesday! I am so…” Justin stressed but then gave up, putting down his makeup and brush. “I’m going to be late.” He decided even though he had ten minutes, wandering to his bed to pick up his bag and phone. “Just please try and go out or something, in the nicest way possible.” He couldn’t look his friend in the face as he spoke, pretending to look for something.

Brent was laughing through a promise to go out for some time tonight while Justin was walking through the door, mortified as anything. How embarrassing was that, he thought, his face still red as he kept his head down and walked to class.

Though, his morning definitely picked up as he saw Jason there too, already sitting in the same seats as Wednesday as arranged. He almost swooned, smiling wide, but tried to tone it down as he walked over and sat.

“Hey, you’re early.” Justin exhaled, like he was breathing out his stress from the morning.

Jason smiled, Pendik Gecelik Escort making Justin almost swoon all over again.

“Stressed?” Jason asked as he took his books out from his bag.

Justin followed, taking out what was needed. “Uh, yeah, Brent and stuff.” He shrugged, putting his bag on the floor.

“I thought you two were okay — did you argue about Friday?” Jason asked, sounding like he genuinely cared.

Justin looked to him and smiled small, wondering how someone so… Jason could actually be so nice. “Nah, just… it’s nothing. Don’t worry. How was your weekend?” He asked, hoping to change the subject.

“Don’t try and change the subject.” Jason laughed lightly. “Are you still pissed at him?”

Justin loved it when he swore, pinching his thighs together tight. “No, not at all. He was just teasing me about something, that’s all.” He hoped he wouldn’t have to say anything more than that, but he had a feeling Jason was intrigued.

He was right, watching him cock an eyebrow in question. “Oh? Like what?” Justin was going red again, thinking back to it. “You’re blushing.” Jason snickered.

Justin covered his face and whined, the red worsening. “Shut up…” He scolded playfully with a light laugh. “You’re just like him — won’t give up when you want something.” He laughed a second time, taking his hands from his face and staring down at the desk in embarrassment.

Jason snickered. “That’s right. What was he teasing you about?”

“I am not telling you that. I can’t.” Justin laughed, loving how easy they could talk. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Oh, go on…” Jason encouraged.

He then sighed dramatically, looking away from his crush. They were both guys right? Normal guys talk about this stuff, he thought. “I just… I… need some privacy tonight so I asked him to go out and… yeah.” Justin paused, his face flushing increasingly red, trying to avoid the topic by coloring in a corner of his page with a pen.

“Well that explains why he asked me to go out on a Monday.” Jason snickered, looking down at his phone. “Do you have someone coming over then?”

“Oh, uh, yep.” Justin laughed nervously. He didn’t want Jason to think he was a whore, but he also didn’t want to tell him the core reason, so he went with it. The fact he was also going out with Brent tonight made him so jealous — ‘of all people why did he pick Jason’, he thought, ignoring the fact it would be because they were pretty much best friends.

“Yeah, the privacy kind of sucks here.” Jason added. “You’re lucky you know Brent — I don’t really know my roommate, it’s so awkward, let alone the privacy part.”

Justin shrugged. “Brent and I are close but I cannot talk to him about guys and stuff — usually other guys can with each other so it’s not all that when it comes to privacy.” he explained, forgetting that it was his crush he was talking to. It just felt normal, and it was nice.

“Oh, why not?”

Justin smiled — he’d never had anyone that had actually paid attention to him like this other than Brent and Becca. It felt even better considering who it was.

“I dunno — there’s just something that makes us different in that… area.” He explained awkwardly.

“Because you like guys?”

“Uh, yeah, that.” Justin mumbled. “Enough about me though — in all seriousness how was your weekend?” He asked with a laugh, referring back to his previous question.

Justin was pleased that even once the lesson started, the conversation between the two didn’t finish. Anytime they could, they were talking, and had been told to quiet down twice during the lesson. Justin was completely over the moon by that, and refused to think about the secret between his legs potentially holding him back until the lesson finished.

After Justin got the same clap on the back as last lesson and a ‘see you tomorrow’ with a smile, his own grin faded as he walked to Brent’s class. Luckily, the two boys had similar breaks, and Justin had an hour and a half to talk about what was bothering him.

“I don’t know — what if it turns into a thing? I’m praying it does but…”

“I’ll talk to him tonight.” Brent said, flopping back on his mattress. Justin followed, copying the exact same thing he did when he last had class with Jason.

“We couldn’t stop talking. It made me so happy — maybe I could just play myself off as a massive, frigid prude?” Justin opted, thinking about that possibility.

Brent snorted. “What, and if it does happen, not have sex the whole relationship and hide such a big secret? He’d have to know Justin.” He almost scolded, finding that Justin even thought about it ridiculous. “It’d be wrong to hide something that big.”

“I know.” Justin groaned. “It probably won’t even happen — but it’s the same with anyone.” He huffed. “Anyone I date I’m going to have to tell them first. I can’t…” Justin stopped before he started getting emotional, not wanting to ruin his makeup. “I want him so badly.”

“I know you do.” Brent mumbled sympathetically. Pendik Genç Escort “I’ll talk to him tonight.”

“Don’t make it obvious.” Justin huffed again, crossing his arms. “I haven’t even made out with someone! I am so hopeless.”

Brent furrowed his eyebrows, trying to hold back a laugh. “You’ve never kissed anyone?”

“Oh shut up, like you didn’t know.”

“I didn’t actually.” He said in a matter of fact tone. “I didn’t think I knew an eighteen year old that hadn’t made out with someone but there you go.” Brent snorted.

“I’ve given head!” Justin pushed him playfully, trying to will his blushing cheeks away.


A few hours later into that evening, the only noises consuming the room was the low, consistent hum of Justin’s toy, and the moans that were also consistent that were exiting loudly from the boys mouth while he circled the toy around his clit.

He’d had himself going since Brent left, which was half an hour ago, and had been on the edge within the first five minutes but he hadn’t allowed himself to cum yet. He found it was more fun that way — his whole body was so sensitive, anything could set him off, but he wouldn’t let it because he enjoyed the pleasurable torture.

Once he felt he was too on edge, he pulled the toy away with a gasp, waiting a moment before plunging it back into his hole with a moan. He’d repeated this so many times already, each time the feeling of pleasure increased by a million as his body was getting more and more sensitive each passing second.

“Oh.” He sighed, pushing the small, purple vibrator against his clit again. He’d gotten the toy with his sister who was a year older than him who, like Becca, knew everything about what boys he’d gotten with, but like Brent, knew just about everything else. Though embarrassed at the time, he couldn’t be more grateful now, not realizing pleasure could be that good before using it.

He laid his head back, lazily and lightly circling his clit, and started to think about Jason, like he always did. He imagined him in all sorts of scenarios, his favorite being Jason’s head between his much too willingly spread legs. He imagined scratching down the stud’s broad shoulders, letting Jason fuck him for all his worth, as if that’s only what Justin was there for — his pleasure and a rough fucking.

Shortly after that, he decided it was time to get himself off as he couldn’t take it anymore, and got up from his bed to fetch a towel from the bathroom. He placed it on the already small wet patch on the bed he’d tried to avoid, and sat his ass down onto it, getting comfortable.

He pulled his flexible legs spread as wide apart as they could go, and quickly started pushing the vibrating toy in and out of his core. A series of loud, failed at being silenced moans escaped from his mouth as he flew over the edge fast.

“Fuck fuck fuck! Oooh, Jason!” He almost screamed, pulling the toy out and pressing it hard against his button. His head lolled back, his mouth creating a perfect circle as he whined and moaned through his orgasm.

Two small jets of clear liquid shot from his pleasure center, matching his bucking hips, landing on the towel, creating a mess but immense pleasure for him. Justin wasn’t sure on the whole concept of it, but he Googled it and found most guys found it hot, so he didn’t really mind — plus it made the orgasm feel so much better.

It wasn’t over there, though. Being capable of cumming at least three times without becoming sensitive or satisfied meant that Justin could keep going, which is what he did and exactly what he’d needed all this time. Without a pause for breath, the vibrator went back to it’s job almost immediately, as Justin attempted to satisfy himself in the two and a half hours he had left. He spent this time thinking about having his way with Jason in all sorts of positions, and came a total of five times before he was spent with twenty minutes to spare before Brent was back.

With a loud, long outtake of breath, the toy fell from his hand and onto the bed. His chest heaved up and down as he laid there, waiting to recover. His thighs were sore from being parted so far for so long, but it was worth it.

‘Just showering up, thanks for going out, it’s appreciated.. xx’ Justin wrote out after his breathing returned to normal, sending it to Brent. He checked the time, and it was just coming up to half eight.

‘It’s fine;) make yourself pretty, me and Jason got beers, 20 mins xx’

Justin’s eyes widened. Jason was coming back to the dorm, he fretted, not even bothering to text Brent back as he almost ran to the shower. Not even bothering to wash his already clean hair, he was out in five minutes, rushing to put on just a shirt and sweat pants that he knew emphasized his great ass. He was still exhausted and his limbs were still like jelly — he’d hoped to just throw on some underwear, but now he needed to not look like a mess.

“Fuck.” Justin mumbled, spying on the mess on his bed, and sensing the smell still lingering in the air.

Finding the fact his vibrator was still on the bed was more important than doing his makeup, he quickly cleaned it and put it away in it’s hiding place. He took care of the towel, and sprayed the drying wet patch with his favorite scented deodorant. He’d change his sheets later.

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