Kanesha Ch. 01: The Auctioneer


This story is intended for adult audiences only. All characters found within are above 18 years of age. This is the first story in a series centered on the heroine Kanesha Connors. Ms. Connors is based on a Lit Chat friend of mine and this story was written with her help and approval. Enjoy!


The brunette auctioneer slammed her gavel down on the large mahogany podium on the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” She said loudly trying to bring the raucous room to order. “Welcome to Stone’s Auction House on this rainy night! My name is Kanesha Connors and I will be your host auctioneer for the evening.”

She paused as the crowd gave her a healthy round of applause. She smiled and enjoyed their positive attention. She stepped from behind the podium and gave the crowd a flirty smile and bow. This gave the bidders sitting at the booths and tables a healthy look at her cleavage shown off in the dark navy cocktail dress she’d chosen to wear with the deep V cut in the front. She eased back up slowly enjoying teasing the crowd and did a slight spin in her nude colored heels. Her dress was extremely short and suitable for such an exclusive BDSM club.

She beamed with a bright grin as she moved back behind the podium. Behind it her short 5’1 frame was mostly concealed even in the heels she wore. “Let’s all calm down a little.” She said coyly with a devious grin. “I’m not the one being auctioned, let’s save that enthusiasm for our merchandise. Speaking of which…” she paused. “Bring out our first item!” She opened her hand swinging to out to her side pointing to the stage.

Two burly men dressed in solid black shirts and slacks drug between them a lovely redhead. The woman shuffled her feet quickly trying to keep up as shackles and chain were locked around her wrists and ankles. She wore a simple white tanktop and white tight shorts that cling to her hips and showed off all of her silky white legs.

“What a lovely sight…” Kanesha exclaimed clapping her hands together as the men raised the woman’s wrists and locked them to the auction post in the center of the stage. “Bidders, if you will please locate the club sponsored tablet at your table. This device will be used for our bidding as well as receiving any information on our items for sale.”

The men finished and left the stage as the redhead struggled slightly in her restraints. Kanesha walked over to the woman slowly after grabbing a few items from under the podium. “This is item number: 732” she said uncapping the sharpie marker she held. She traced the numbers 7-3-2 down the woman’s left thigh as she continued to speak. “We will begin the bidding at $1,000. As I’m sure you’ve read 732’s length of slavery will consist of 3 months, please factor that into your bids.”

Kanesha stepped back and turned to the crowd. “Some of our regulars will know that as the bidding increases we will display more of the value of 732. We may even put her through her paces if the bidding reaches those levels…” she paused for a dramatic effect. “Bidders you may begin…” a bell chimed signaling the beginning of the sale.

Kanesha turned back to the redhead as the process started. Each bid raised the price by only $500 so she had time to toy with the lovely redhead before her. She moved close so the microphone wrapped around her head could pick up her quiet conversation.

“732… you are new to our auction aren’t xslot you?” Kanesha said bringing a hand to her flat tight belly.

“Yes ma’am…” the woman replied. “I have some student loans I need to pay off and I just finished nursing school.”

“I’m sure your not the first coed to use her body to pay for her college.” Kanesha said sliding a hand under the bottom of her top. The redhead shivered feeling Kanesha’s fingers slip higher and higher under her top. “Many a stripper and whore has funded a degree.” Kanesha stopped as her fingers reached the woman’s left breast.

“Mmmmm what are you? B cups? So fun and perky. And I can feel how hard your nipples are? I bet your dripping ready for me to strip you. Once the bidding reaches $10,000 is when I get to show the crowd what’s underneath.” Kanesha said licking her lips as a *ding* on stage signaled a stop to the bidding.

“Perfect timing! We’ve reached $10,000 and reached the first level of her display.” Kanesha said spinning back to the crowd. “This hot piece of ass is melting under my fingers. Let’s see if the open air of this room can cool her off.” She spun back to cheers from the crowd.

Kanesha moved her hands to the thin shoulders of the tank top and pulled firmly. The fabric was thin and tore easily down the middle like it was designed to do. The pale freckled chest of the woman came into clear view as Kanesha pulled downward tossing the torn garment to the floor.

“Such lovely pink nipples!” She said “I have to have a taste.”

Kanesha moved in and took the woman’s left nipple between her lips and sucked firmly. Her hands meanwhile slid to her hips and under the elastic of the tight white shorts. Kanesha pushed them down slowly sliding the fabric over her tight ass and down her thighs. She let the fabric go as it dropped further pooling around the woman’s ankles and cuffs.

“The carpet matches the drapes.” Kanesha giggled as she slid one hand down the woman’s flat stomach to rub her neatly trimmed pubic mound. The redhead moaned again as Kanesha’s fingers slid to her clit and toyed with it softly. “Bidders my begin again…” was the last thing Kanesha said before her lips locked on the right nipple of the redhead and began to suck.

Kanesha toyed with the bound slave sucking and teasing her body as the bidders raised their bids. She wanted to put on a show for the audience. She wanted them all hard or wet wanting to buy this redheaded slave. Her mind went to the man who’d hired her for this event, Mr. Trent Stone. She thought for a moment how she wanted to bring this slave’s top price and how it would please him. She sucked harder as she slipped a finger into the moaning woman’s pussy.

The redhead gasp as Kanesha finger slid up to the first knuckle, she pushed deeper and felt the tight wet walls of this future slave’s pussy grip her finger. “I can say that this hot little slut’s cunt is tight, wet and aching to be wrecked..” Kanesha toyed with her as the display behind them ticked higher with the woman’s rising price.

The redhead began moaning and grinding her hips into Kanesha’s hand trying to fuck the fingers slipping back and forth inside her. Her eyes closed as she tossed her head back in wanton lust. Kanesha saw this as an opportunity to push her over the edge.

The bidding stalled just short of the $20,000 needed to have Kanesha do something new with xslot Giriş the climaxing redhead. The woman moaned loudly as the *ding* sounded again signally the end of the bidding. Kanesha let her ride her fingers a little longer before slipping them out and moving to the podium.

“SOLD!” Kanesha exclaimed slamming the gavel down several times with a wide smile satisfied with her first sale as the club’s new auctioneer. “Take her away and prepare her for Ms. Thomas who is the highest bidder. Let’s hope 732 enjoys her new Mistress.”

Kanesha watched as the guards unlocked and pulled the now naked redhead backstage. “We will have our customary break for a half hour or so and I’ll be back to sale our next item.”

Kanesha walked off the stage passing the guards and cages holding the nights items for sale. She barely gave the slave meat a second glance as she dropped down some steps and turned out a door to the main lounge. She’d already decided to make her way to Mr. Stone’s booth and get an assessment of how she’d preformed.

Mr. Stone was seated in the back left booth in the large room and seemed to be enjoying a mixed drink. Kanesha had known Mr. Stone for several months now after he’d been a client of her ‘real job’ company for the same length of time. The pair had hit off the working relationship rather quickly and at Mr. Stone’s insistence Kanesha had submitted to his continual advances.

She had to admit the forwardness he’d shown bringing her to his private club on their first date months ago was astonishing but somehow he’d gambled correctly and the evening’s events were right up Kanesha’s alley.

Mr. Stone was five or six years older than the 29 year old Kanesha. He was average in height with a rather athletic build. The image of him shirt less came to her mind as she neared his table. She also had to admit he was sitting on his finest asset and Kanesha had more than once threaten to take a bite out of it.

She could see his bright blue eyes lighten up seeing she was coming straight for him. She watched him brush back his brown hair with beginning streaks of grey. He slid out from the booth like a true gentlemen and offered her his hand.

“Have a seat. You’ve earned it my pet.” He smiled helping her into the booth. He motioned for one of the club waitress to bring Kanesha a drink “The usual?” He asked

“Yes…” She replied as the waitress neared the table. He met her and whispered the order into the naked blonde waitress’ ear. Kanesha took a long look at the woman who wore the metal wrist and ankle cuffs that were customary items in a club slave’s attire. She watched the metal chain hanging between the blondes ample bosom that connected to the matching metal collar around her neck.

“Not wanting me to talk to the help.” She said sarcastically as he slid into the booth beside her.

“No, more like I don’t have the available staff to handle the 30 minute cunnilingus session you made our waitress do last weekend.” He said back to her giving her a peck on her cheek.

“Oh? Well I wasn’t your auctioneer last week. I would only have time for a twenty minute session tonight.” She smiled sliding her hand into his lap. “Where is that slut you had selling last week anyway? I never liked her anyway, far to easy on the merchandise.”

“That ‘slut’ as you call her is upstairs working on our clubs accounting. xslot Güncel Giriş It helps to keep a CPA on staff. You filling in for her may only be temporary if you can’t sell fresh meat at a higher price than that first woman.” He spat back as his hand slid to the front of her dress sliding inside to feel her firm right breast.

“We both know she’d never sold that redhead for more than 10k.” Kanesha mumbled through gasping breath at his hand sliding against the pale flesh of her breast. She felt his fingers pinch and tease her nipple testing it’s hardness.

“That may be the case.” He said as their drinks arrived and both of them slid their hands to take the beverages. “I am pleased you were willing to try your hand at auctioneering.”

They both took a healthy swig of their drinks before he continued. “Seeing you on stage with the slave was quite arousing.”

“I’m glad it was as arousing for you as it was for me. If I didn’t have to go back on stage in 15 I’d make you take me to one of the private rooms for some playtime.” She said sliding a hand back to his lap.

He smiled feeling her small soft hands stroke his thick member though his dress pants. “We don’t have too busy an auction agenda tonight. We’ll find time to satisfy that urge.” He said sliding his own hand up the inside of her thigh.

The pair toyed with each other’s bodies as they finished their drinks. Mr. Stone rose several minutes later and let Ms. Connors out of the booth. She made her way to the ladies’ restroom to touch up her makeup as a pair of spying eyes followed her every move.

She was reapplying her lipstick in the mirror when the door opened and in walked a naked club slave. Kanesha glanced at her in the mirror not recognizing her.

“Are you supposed to be in here?” Kanesha said not hesitating applying her makeup.

“No miss, but I had to see you. I have to tell you. You’re not safe, not in this club.” The black haired slave whispered close behind her. “There are members of the club that want nothing more than you dressed like me or sold on the block and he can’t always protect you.”

The woman’s words sent a shiver up Kanesha’s spine causing her to stop what she was doing. Kanesha turned quickly to face her but as she did the door opened and another slave entered.

“178! What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be in here.” The nude blonde waitress from Kanesha’s table exclaimed. “Hurry back to your tables or all of us will get whipped for it.” The blonde said grabbing her arm. “Apologies Ms. Connors please forgive myself and 178. She’s very new and doesn’t know all the club rules yet.”

“That’s quite alright.” Kanesha replied calmly looking at the brunette who wouldn’t dare make eye contact now. Her words had stirred up and it unsettled Kanesha’s mind.

“What did the girl mean she’s not safe? Who were the members the Slave was talking about and what did they plan to do with her? Could Trent protect her or was he part of a conspiracy that might lead to her loss of freedom?…” her mind raced standing there as the two club slaves made an exit.

“Ms. Connors… Ms. Connors…” the blonde repeated standing at the door trying to bring Kanesha out of her haze. “It looks like they are ready for you on stage. You’re wanted on the auction block.” The naked blonde said standing at the door pulling the brunette behind her.

Kanesha snapped out of it but the final words of the club slave imprinted in her mind. “You’re wanted on the auction block. You’re wanted on the auction block.” Seemed to repeat over and over in Kanesha’s mind as she made her way back to auction off the next future slave.

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