Karen , Her Brother Ch. 02


DEAR READER: this is the second installment about Karen, her horny brother and I. I’ve been reading stories on Literotica for a while now, having a good time most of the time. So I thought, it might be nice to put in my own two cents. So here it is. Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing it. Still, since this is a pornographic story, lets not take this all too serious. We’re all here to have some fun, right?

The day after Karen had told me about that one time her brother fucked her out of pure lust, we were doing the dishes in my kitchen. I’ve got a nice three-room apartment in the centre of Amsterdam, but I guess you don’t want to hear about that.

Actually, I was still very curious about the event that took place between Karen en Peter a few months ago. So, while I was drying the dishes I asked her: “Tell me Karen, how did it feel to be fucked by your own brother?”

Karen looked at me and said: “Hey, I thought we went over this already and you were cool with it. It was only a one time thing, honey.”

“I know, and trust me, I doesn’t bother me that much. He’s your brother, you love each other…”

Karen was still a bit surprised by my way of seeing things, but grateful nonetheless. “Thanks for being so understanding, hon.”

“That’s okay. Besides, I always get a hard on thinking about him and you fucking each other. It makes me horny as hell,” I told her while I pressed my crotch into her butt.

“I can feel that. Okay, what do you want to know?”

“Just tell me how it felt.”

“It felt… wonderful. I mean, yes I like cock and especially big cocks that stretch up my cunt as much as possible. Cocks like yours,” she said with a smile. I gave her a small kiss on the lips for that one and pressed my dick a little harder against her ass. I know she likes stuff like that a lot. And she has a great ass for it too.

“Hmmm… press harder… yesss…. Where was I?”

“Your brothers cock in your tight cunt.”

“Well, because it was my brother fucking me that night, I felt especially sluttish. I mean, he just grabbed me from behind and basically pulled me onto his cock. He ploughed away in such a pace, I could hardly keep up with him. Don’t forget you and I hadn’t had sex for over two weeks, since you were out of the country at that time, so I was horny as hell.”

She was right. I was out working on a film in France at the time, and I wouldn’t be back for another two weeks if I remembered correctly. What Karen told me, got me so hot. I pulled up her skirt, en pulled down her underwear. I looked at her lovely buns. I got down on my knees while she was still standing at the kitchen sink, with her hands in the soapy water. “Tell me more,” I said in a demanding tone.

“Oh, god, I get hot just thinking about it.”

“I can see that,” I said. I pulled her buttocks a little bit apart and saw her already soaked cunt lips and her beautiful little brown star. I just loved the sight of it: that lovely ring of dark skin, just around her asshole. I also loved the sweet smell: a combination of her soapy ass and cunt juice. If they would ever sell that in bottles, someone would be rich. I neared her ass and started to lick the outside of her asshole.

“Oh, yess Robert, please, go on… suck it. Use your tongue on my little hole.”

I disengaged for just a moment “Please Karen, tell me more.” And then put the tip of my tongue in her ass.

“Oh-oh, all right. Hold on…” She put her hands on the side of the counter just to keep her balance. “So, while he was fucking me hard, I just wanted more. I was so hot; I just wanted him to cum inside of me. I needed to feel his sperm, my brother’s cum. I felt like a dirty slut for thinking it, but at that moment just did not care. And I don’t think I really had a choice, cause he had me in a firm grasp. He was holding me just above my ass, shoving me on his dick and pushing me back and forth over the carpet.”

I put two fingers in her soaked cunt at that moment, and she let out a low moan. I scraped her sensitive clit with my fingernail and then she came.

“Yessss, Oooh, I am cumming!!” she screamed, her voice echoed through the room.

I wasn’t finished with her yet, and kept on sticking my tongue in her ass. I fucked her with the tip of my tongue, enjoying the taste, and her story. Not surprisingly I had a hard on that was about to rip through my pants. “Go on, tell me more… I thought you weren’t on the pill in those days by the way.”

“No I wasn’t. I was ‘between pills’ sort of speak and yes, we fucked unprotected.”

“Peter could have gotten you pregnant…” I said wondering.

“I guess so. Thank God that didn’t happen. Would have been a hell of a story,” she laughed. “Let’s move to the couch for a moment, hon.”.

We moved to the sofa escort in the living room. Karen zipped her skirt and threw it on the floor. Her underwear was still stuck around her left ankle and she removed that too. Then she sat down next to me, sitting on one leg, with her foot touching her pussy. Her lips were standing open a little bit and I could see her wetness inside.

I pulled out my dick and started to stroke it. “Let me help you with that,” Karen said and put her hand around my cock. She had a special way of stroking me. This time she used a lazy slow stroke. She knew it would take a long time to make me cum that way. Apparently she had a lot more to tell…

“You took a pretty big risk, letting him cum inside you” I panted.

“Maybe, but I took a bigger chance afterwards….”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, since the rabbit is out of its hole, I might just as well tell you the whole story.” Her grip on my dick got tighter while she said this. It felt wonderful. At the same time I was wondering what the hell she was talking about. Last night she told me her brother only fucked her that one time and that was the end of that. Was there more to add I wondered.

“Listen, Rob. I haven’t been totally honest with you. Just hear me out, okay. And let me explain. Then judge me,” she said while still stroking my dick. It is always hard for me to think straight when she’s doing that. A fact she took advantage of.

Karen resumed her story. After her brother filled her up with his load, they kissed. He went to his room, and she went to hers. She sat down on the bed with her back against the wall, to recover from her heavy orgasm. Peter’s cum was still drooling from her slit. She scooped up some and got a taste. She loved the taste of his cum. Actually, she likes all cum. Karen is a real cumbucket if you’ll give her the chance. Then, Peter knocked on her door. “Can I come in for a second sis, I think we need to talk.” First Karen thought about covering up her body, but then figured since he just fucked her a moment ago, it didn’t really matter. “Sure, come in.”

Peter stepped into her room. He only wore a boxer short and a t-shirt. He was also carrying a small digital photo camera. Seeing her naked body stopped him in his tracks. “God, you are so fucking hot. Robert is one hell of a lucky guy.”

“I guess you got lucky too, tonight.”

Pete smiled and sat down on the chair across from the bed. “You’re cunt is still drooling.”

“And you are still hard…” Karen smiled while she saw the tent in his shorts.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Listen, I don’t feel guilty for what we just did. As a matter of fact I loved it. I loved fucking you.”

Karen didn’t reply. She was starting to feel a little bit self-conscious about her nakedness.

“Karen, you are my sister. And I love you.”

“I know that, silly.”

“Don’t get me wrong here. I am not in love with you, just love you…”

“Like a brother. As I do you. So what’s the matter? What are you trying to tell me, Pete?”

She noticed the camera in his hand, and the idea dawned on her. She knew Peter had this photo fetish. He made pictures of the girls he fucked and collected them in a scrapbook. She actually found the book once. Seeing the pictures of the naked girls got her hot and she masturbated in his bedroom while she looked at them. Peter always made more than one picture. But he always took one of the dripping cunts he had filled with his seed. And he wanted to take a picture of his sister’s pussy.

When I heard this, I had to laugh a little bit. I was also very curious about this collection of his. Karen was still stroking me and picked up the pace a little bit. I was getting closer to my orgasm and she knew it.

She continued her story: Peter asked her if he could photograph her cunt and the thought that she would be one of his lays got her really hot again. There was one problem however. Her pussy was dried up at that point because all his sperm had leaked out.

Karen was still horny. “Okay, listen. I am still as horny as hell. It will be two weeks at least before Robert gets back from his gig. And we already fucked each other once this evening. I need your cock in my cunt once more, Pete. But we have to promise each other that it will only be this night. A night of fucking each other’s brains out.”

Pete agreed and loved the idea of fucking that tight cunt of hers once more.

“I think we gotta hurry, because Jeanine might come back within the hour,” Pete said. Jeanine was their sister, and she was out with some of her friends. Pete was the oldest one, 28 years old. That might be too old an age to still be living at one’s parents, but actually Peter moved back in after the break up with his bursa eve gelen escort fiancé a while ago. Jeanine was 25, and Karen was the Benjamin of the bunch, only 24 years old. She still had her bedroom at her parent’s house, but was spending most of her time at my place anyway. Jeanine however was sort of the wallflower of the family; we all guessed that she would live with her parents for a long time. Although Karen and Peter were close, Jeanine and Karen weren’t. Peter couldn’t really stand her that much either. And the thought of them being caught by her, wasn’t really appealing.

“Well, then. Let’s do it. Come here and put your dick in me, fast,” Karen said excitedly.

When I thought about her brother fucking her twice, I couldn’t hold back my orgasm. My dick spurted my cum, like it was a volcano. My sperm landed on Karen’s hand, and some on my thighs.

“Wow, this story really makes you hot doesn’t it?” she said while she took my tool in her mouth to clean up. Her velvety soft mouth around my dick felt great. She really knew how to clean up, my Karen.

“So you guys fucked twice that night?”

Karen let my cock drop out of her mouth and started to lick the sperm from my thigh.

“Yes, I am sorry I didn’t tell you this before. I was afraid it would be too much for you.”

“Are you sure you only fucked twice?”

She straddled herself on my legs, my half erect cock against her cunt lips and said, “So far, yes.”


“Kiddin’ honey. It won’t happen again. I promise,” she said with a pout lip. She took my half erect tool and pressed it against her clit. I became hard instantly. She impaled herself on my cock and started to ride me.

“You know what, you might as well finish your story. I like to know everything…”

“And so you shall,” she said panting. She was soaking wet. I could tell that the memory of the fuck-fest with her brother and the fact that my dick was filling her up at that moment made her extremely horny.

She continued narrating while we fucked: Pete stepped out of his boxers and tore off his t-shirt. Then he literally jumped his sister. He lay between her legs and pointed his dick at her entrance. He pressed the head against her labia.

“Come Pete, fuck your little sister. And fuck her hard, because she needs it.” Karen kissed him, her tongue swirling around in his mouth. Pete pressed the head of his dick into her wet cunt, but only the head. Then he pulled out, repeating his movement. He put the head of his dick just a little bit in her cunt. He felt her lips sucking him in. He couldn’t hold out no more and pushed the rest of his dick straight in to her cunt.

“Ooh yeah, you totally fill me up. I can feel your dick pressing against my cervix.”

Pete fucked her like a madman. Pounding his dick into her soaking wet slit, pressing her against the wall. She opened her legs wider, so he could go even deeper into her. She lay her feet onto his shoulders.

“Ooh, yeah. I love your tight cunt Karen. I love fucking your brains out.”

“Me too, brother. Me too.” Karen felt a new orgasm raving inside her body and grabbed Pete’s ass tightly.

Karen was screaming out loud. She felt her brother’s cock being buried deep inside her and hoped this fuck would never end. She loved the sight of his dick disappearing into her cunt, only to reappear covered with her juices. She never felt so much love for her brother as she did that day.

Pete started to lick her left nipple and sucked hard on the little thing.

“Oh, Pete. Suck it. Suck it, baby. My nipples are so sensitive…oooh, aaah.’ Another orgasm came and went and she was still building up another big one.

While Karen was telling this, she went up and down my shaft in a raving speed. Her tits bounced up and down, and I could feel that I was getting close to filling her up with cum. The thought of her brother doing the same thing to her little pussy, made me delirious with horniness. “Yes Robert, fuck me just like Peter did.”

I grabbed her, threw her on the couch, I pulled her legs apart violently and pounded my dick into her. She laid the same way she did that night on the bed, while her brother was fucking her.

Although it was hard for her to talk because her body shook because of my pounding, she finished her story quickly.

Peter pinched both her nipples, which took her over the edge. Karen had a hell of an orgasm, which lasted for at least three minutes. All the while Pete still fucked her, while she shivered from the orgasmic waves that were splashing over her. Pete finally said:

“Yess, hold on, I am cumming. I am going to cum…”

“Yeah, yeah, fill me up Pete! Put your hot seed into my womb!” And that’s bursa görükle escort just what happened. Pete pushed in one last time and started to spurt what must have been the biggest load he ever produced, into his sister’s womb.

Karen held on to his back, while she felt his sperm filling her up. It felt nice and warm. And it just kept coming and coming.

“Ooh God, sis, this is great. This is the best fuck I’ve ever had….”

Peter kept his dick in her cunt until it shrunk to a smaller size. Then he slowly pulled out, not really ever wanting to leave the nicest pussy he ever fucked. His dick was covered with his own seed and her juice.

“Quick, get your camera, before it’s all gone,” Karen said. Pete got his camera and shot a few nice pictures of her pussy dripping with his seed. When I heard that I decided I definitely must see that scrapbook of his. While he was snapping away, Karen heard someone move in the hallway. During their fuck the door got a little bit ajar and now there seemed to be two peering eyes. But Karen wasn’t sure what she saw. Her brain was just fried by being fucked by her older brother. Karen looked down at her soaked pussy, then back to the door. There seemed to be no one there.

Pete finished shooting pictures. He gave her a long passionate kiss. She looked one more time at his dick and decided that it was not a good idea to ever do this again. Though it had felt lovely, she still rather fucked her regular boyfriend instead of her brother. (Thank God.)

When Karen finished her story, she must have had a dozen of small orgasms already and while I listened I fucked her cunt hard. Now I couldn’t hold back and while I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth – I came. Very loud.

“AAAAAAAAHHRGHH!” I screamed. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock while I filled her up with my sperm.

“God, Karen. That was definitely the hottest story I’ve ever heard.”

Karen gave me a kiss. I pulled out my dick. Her pussy lips were all red by the hard fucking we did and this gave a nice contrast with the white seed spilling from her void.

“Robert, I love you. I love you so much. Thanks for understanding,” she smiled. We kissed once more.

“I am glad you told me. Now, are you sure this was the last of it?”

“Yeah. We’ve never fucked again. I promise.”

I sat next to her on the couch and felt exhausted.

“I am wondering about one thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“This happened three months ago. What made you decide to tell me now? Why not sooner and why at all?”

Karen suddenly got off the couch, holding a hand against her pussy so she wouldn’t leak any sperm on the carpet. She went to the toilet, left the door open and sat down. I heard her pee starting to flow in the toilet bowl.

“Sorry, I just had to pee so badly.”

I loved watching her pee. I loved everything about her. She took some toilet paper en wiped clean her cunt lips. “There are two reasons while I told you this.” She flushed the toilet and walked back into the living room. She sat next to me on the couch and crawled up to me. She laid her head against my chest and looked deep into my eyes.

“So tell me why,” I asked her again. “Okay, first of all. I think our love is strong enough now for you to know. I was afraid you might freak out, but somehow had the feeling it would be okay to tell you.” I smiled. I loved her vote of confidence.

“Secondly, I was afraid you might find out anyway. You see, Jeanine caught us doing it that night. I didn’t know for sure, but apparently she did. She got home. I guess Pete and I made a lot of noise, because she heard something while coming up the stairs. Now you know her bedroom is next to mine. She heard noise coming from my room and since she is always been a Nosey Parker, she couldn’t help but take a little peek to see what was going on. She saw Pete fuck me on the bed and even saw him taking pictures of my dripping pussy.”

“Fuck,” was all I could muster.

“Fuck indeed,” Karen said.

“So what happened?”

Karen gave me a long kiss and then laid her head on my chest. “The little bitch didn’t tell me at first. Actually she acted like nothing was going on. Pete and I went our ways. Actually I stayed out of his way deliberately for a while because I needed some time to think about all that happened. Like I said, I didn’t want it to happen again. And when you got back it didn’t have to.”

I started to caress her nipples out of habit, but I felt her immediate response. Her nipples got hard as rocks.

“Three days ago, she told me she saw what happened and she threatened to tell you if I didn’t do something for her first.”

“She blackmailed you?”

“Yeah, she did. Fucking bitch. Ooh, that feels good honey. Please a bit harder.” I pinched her nipples a bit harder. Then I moved my right hand down her stomach and started to play with her pubic hair.

“What did she want you to do?” I asked curiously.

*** She told me what happened next. I will tell you that story later.

To be continued.

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