Kate part 1


Kate part 1I started working a new job as an IT manager, over my first week my attention was drawn to Kate, a beautiful, blond giggly girl, 21 years old and a body to die for and a sense of humour to envy. She was about 5ft 5, wore the shortest skirts, vest tops showing her huge tits and always black tights.I am a happily married, in my 50’s, k**s well grown up now, I have been with my wife for 30 years and love her very much, although we are still pretty good in the bedroom area, I have started to yarn for a bit more adventure. There are a few things my wife refuses to do, I sound a bit ungrateful but I’m not getting any younger, and I do have a bucket list.So……, my first proper encounter with Kate was helping her with an Accounts project, we had a meeting to discuss some issues, at the end of the meeting I told her I was on holiday Monday so I would ‘see you next Tuesday’, at that she giggled, I was perplexed at her response, so said, erm yeah ‘see you next Tuesday’ again, once again she giggled, I had to ask why she thought balçova escort this was funny, she saidYou know, C U next TuesdaySorry I said, I don’t see what’s funny.She pulled me to hear ear and saidC U next Tuesday, you know CUNTHearing her say that word certainly gave me a twitch downstairs, I could feel her breath on my ear and she was not quick in pulling away from me.The weeks went on and every time we meet at work she would give me the greatest sexy smile you could wish to see; this girl is for the taking I kept thinking to myself, those black tights, my mind would imagine her soaking wet through her panties and tights and sucking her wetness.We set a meeting to washup the project, all the meeting rooms were booked so we set it up in what we called the Prayer room, this was a single office, no windows and a lockable door, one seat and a single desk, used for personal stuff, or managers to use for stall bollockings. On the morning of the meeting I was a little excited, just spending half escort balçova an hour in her presence, smelling her aroma and watching her lovely smile. We meet in the corridor on our way to the meeting, we entered the room and Kate sat in the one and only chair, I sat on the desk. She started saying how well the project had gone and thanked me for my hard work and how she had got a pay raise for what she had implemented. She carried on saying she was so pleased she would like to thank me in a special way which she hoped I would enjoy. My mind went into to overdrive as to what was about to cum. She stood up from her chair, walked to the door and locked the door, walked back and sat back down. With out speaking she put both her hands on my thighs and started to rub her hands up and down them. After a minute my excitement was showing with the bulge in my trousers. Her hands got closer to my bulging cock, until she was rubbing the bad boy through my trousers, I leaned back on the desk with my hands balçova escort bayan behind me. She undid my belt, buttons and zip, I lifted my arse as she pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles. She took my now hard cock in her little hand and started to up me off, I tried to pull forwards and gain access to her I imagined hot wet snatch, but she pushed me back saying softly, its my time of month, this is just the start, relax and enjoy. I did think of an ambush on those fucking great tits but decided to sit back and enjoy. By now she started to lick the tip of my hot cock which I am sure gave me another inch on the size. As she then pulled me into her mouth I was in heaven, she started to speed up her pace, bobbing up and down on my cock, this won’t take long I thought. I was not wrong, I could feel the fire in my balls raising, she was sucking and swirling her tongue on my cock head, it felt amazing. I felt a finger start to probe my arse hole, which took this to another level. That was it, I exploded into her mouth, shot after shot, after shot, she swallowed the lot, then gave me a final clean-upWith that Kate stood up, adjusted herself and said cant wait till next time, then you can return the favour.This Is my first story, total fantasy, part 2 is well in my head, comments welcome, thanks

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