Kate’s Room Ch. 02



“You know Kate, I need to go back to Sydney to recover from you.”

“Too much energy for you, hehehe,” she laughed at me.

It was early Saturday morning. I stood at the end of the king size bed in my hotel room in central Manila, staring at the gorgeous Filipina lying in the bed in front of me. She was naked, stretching out over the white crisp cotton sheets, jet black hair spread out over the pillow she was resting on. I worked with Kate’s sister and was in the Philippines for a fortnight to help ready my company’s new retail venture. We had met at a bar and I had been immediately attracted to Kate. The feeling seemed to be mutual, if the sounds of her cumming this morning were any guide. She was beautiful, softly spoken, caring. And hard to keep up with in bed — full of energy, relentless in her desire. I was smitten.

However, this love fest was living on borrowed time. I was halfway through my stay and had to return to Sydney the following weekend. It made both Kate and me sad, but I had just told her that I had agreed to a two-year contract to help manage the company. A visa had to be sorted out, but in a few weeks I would be back.

“Yeah, I need to give my cock a rest after the punishment you’ve metered out just now. I’m a broken man…can you give me a month off?”

Kate laughed and threw a pillow at me.

“Hehehe very funny. Poor Matt, tired out after one night. You’d better rest when you return to Sydney, once you come back here, I won’t let up on you.”

All said with her beautiful smile, showing off her bright white teeth and full, plump lips. But I knew her intent was real.

“Okay boss will send my cock to boot camp when I am home. Come back fighting fit, ready for battle.”

“Good answer.”

I looked at her again, sprawled on the bed. She had one caramel coloured leg uncovered, the sheet was bunched around her round breasts, their thick dark brown nipples jutting out. She watched me gaze at her, then looked away.



“I am coming back. You know that don’t you.”

She nodded, but I wasn’t sure she believed me. I laid back down on the bed and took her in my arms. She snuggled into my chest and closed her eyes. All I could hear was her soft breath. I watched her chest rise and fall until one by one we fell asleep.


Two hours later we woke. Kate looked at the clock and cried out.

“I need to go, I’m late!”

I was still sleepy but managed to turn and look at her.

“Late? For what?”

“Going to my parents. Marygrace and me. Bus takes hours.”

She lifted herself out of bed and went to the bathroom. Kate had a quick shower, dressed and was ready to leave. She came and sat down on the bed next to me and took my hands in hers.

“We stay overnight, cannot see you this weekend.”

That was not what I wanted to hear.

“I recover then.”

“Yes,” she smiled at me, “hands off until I see you again.”

“Which is when?”

Kate stared at me. “Tuesday.”

“Tuesday! What happened to Monday?” Now I was confused.

“Training Monday and Tuesday. You know what happens first night.”

Kate had been accepted for a job in one of our new stores and was beginning training on Monday and Tuesday. There was a group dinner planned that first night. I’d be deprived of her luscious lips, sensitive nipples and gorgeous pussy for almost three days.

“How can I cope for another three days?”

Kate reached out under the sheet and took hold of my flaccid cock. I winced as I felt her hand cover it and squeeze.


“Looks like you need some rest, hehehe,” she said.

“Okay, maybe you’re right. But call me?”

“Sure.” Kate bent over me and kissed me. Our mouths opened slightly, I felt her tongue hesitantly touch mine. I closed my eyes and put my arms around her, drawing her close. We kissed, stroking each other softly. After a while, Kate broke off the kiss.

“Sorry, I have to go. Talk to you soon.”

With that, Kate moved from the bed and left the hotel room. All of a sudden I was back to being alone. Absent mindedly I stroked my cock as I thought about the last week and how a meeting in a bar had led to incredible sex and a job offer. It was going to be a long wait until Monday night.



A chaotic day. The sort of day when you must grit your teeth and just get through it. Suppliers not delivering when they said they would, a couple of key staff ill, some problem in the Sydney office that I tried but couldn’t help from 6,000 kilometres away. To top it off Kate was in training for the next two days. We had managed a quick call in the morning, Kate and her sister Marygrace travesti porno had returned from seeing her parents and had had a good time with them.

Further frustrating me was the knowledge that Kate would be attending a team dinner at the end of the first day, so I wouldn’t see her at all. So my mood wasn’t great. My COO Ken realised something wasn’t right and at 5 o’clock told me to clear out. I took his advice and went for a walk back to my hotel. On the way I walked past a small park and stopped there, thinking some flowers and trees would do me good.

As I walked along the manicured pathways, evading joggers, I thought about the week ahead. Still so much work for the team to do, but we were on track. That was a positive. And the situation in Sydney could wait for me to return, so no need to fret about that now. That left Kate. One more week, only a handful more times we could meet. I wanted to make those times special, to show her I cared. I knew what I wanted to do and decided to visit one of the local shopping malls. I had something I needed to buy.

A few hours later and I was back in the hotel, getting ready for bed. As I turned the bedsheets down, my mobile phone rang. It was Kate. My heart started beating faster.

“Hi, how are you,” I answered.

“Good,” she replied, “happy to hear your voice.”

“I didn’t expect you to call, how was the team dinner?”

“Okay, but it’s a long day. I’m back home now, ready for bed.”

“Mmmm, me too. Just got under the sheet.”

“Lucky you, have air conditioning. Too hot here, no clothes on, Matt.”

I swallowed hard, my cock began to twitch.

“Why would you tell me that?”

“Tell you what?”

“That you are naked.”

“Wondering if that does anything to your beautiful cock, hehehe.”

It did. The thought of Kate lying naked on her bed, legs spreadeagled as she played with her clit caused my cock to stand straight and hard from my stomach.

“You make me hard.”

Kate laughed.

“I know I do. Play with your cock, Matt, tell me what you are doing.”

“Mmmm, my cock is hard, beads of pre-cum at the top of its purple head. I have my fist around it and am stroking myself slowly.”

“Mmmm…keep going.”

“I am thinking of what it would feel like to be inside you right now, fucking every inch of your gorgeous pussy.”

“Mmmm…now you make me wet.”

“Play with yourself, Kate, tell me how wet you are.”

“I rub my clit softly, think of you inside me. Fingers are sticky, Matt.”

I had a vision of Kate sliding her fingers over her clit, the repetition causing her arousal, making her wet. I imagined her moving her fingers inside her pussy, then lifting them in the air, seeing them coated in her sticky pussy juice. She would move her fingers slightly apart so I could see the strands of stickiness coating her fingers. A surge went through my body.

“Want to lick them clean, Kate, then fuck you.”

“Yes, yes.” I could hear her panting as she was masturbating. I was in a good rhythm myself, pre-cum lubricating my cock, orgasm was getting closer.

I could hear a soft buzzing noise. Her clit vibrator, she was getting close as well.

“Cum for me Kate. Think about my cock plunging in and out of you, me sucking your nipples.”


We lapsed into silence at this stage, both of us focused on our own pleasure. I continued to play with my cock, rolling my fingers over the head and the sensitive ridge. Precum was leaking out of the tip and my relentless wanking started to make it foam. I felt my balls contract and knew I would cum very soon, although I could edge myself to hopefully orgasm along with Kate.

“Are you close?”


A minute later, I could hear Kate begin to moan. The vibrator was doing its work. I continued wanking my cock, moving my hand up and down my shaft quickly.

“Cumming, Kate, cum now.” I spurted lines of cum all up my belly, groaning as I did so. Kate heard this and began to orgasm, a couple of wails coming through the speaker. I let her recover before I spoke.

“Kate, you okay?”


“Good, so good. I like when horny Kate wants to play.”

“Mmm, me too. But horny Kate is now sleepy Kate. Thank you Matt.”

“Thank you for calling, that was great.”

“You’re welcome, need to sleep. Sweet dreams.”

“Sweet dreams, Kate. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, take care.”

“Take care.” With that our call ended. I turned off the lights and was soon fast asleep.



Kate was still in training, but I managed to get in contact with her during the day. We agreed güzel porno she would meet me for a drink at the hotel after work. For the first time since I had been in Manila, the day dragged on and on, I found my mind wandering during meetings. I imagined being with Kate, seeing her smile and laugh, touching and holding her. By six o’clock I had enough and went back to the hotel.

I showered and put on a t-shirt and shorts. Now refreshed and comfortable I wandered down to the hotel bar and waited for Kate. She arrived after I had been waiting for twenty minutes, nursing a cold beer. She sat down next to me, a huge smile on her face.

“Why the big smile?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“No reason. Happy, I guess.”

“Me too. How was the training?”

“Interesting, I learned a lot.”

“Happy for you. It’s going to be a good change for you, Kate.” I ordered her a juice and we sat at the bar. Kate drank hers quickly, placing the empty glass down on the bar. She looked at me and smiled.

“How was your day, Matt?”

“Okay, I guess. Thought about you a lot.”

“Oh, all good I hope.”

“Yes, all good.”

“Want to make your day better than okay?”

I wondered what she meant.

“How would you do that?”

Kate smiled again at me and held up a small bag.

“Want to play? I have little things to show you. In the bedroom.”

The tingling in my groin started to change my day from okay to good. As I grabbed Kate’s hand and walked her towards the lift, I thought maybe today goes from good to great.

Inside the room, Kate threw the bag on the bed. She turned around to face me and put her hands around my neck. I’m average height for an Aussie, 5′ 9″, but I was a few inches taller than Kate who was petite, with a curvy, fuller figure. I bent down and kissed her proffered mouth, our tongues dancing together. As we continued to kiss, my hands began to roam, down her back, over her beautiful bottom. I reached up to take one of her breasts in my hand when she broke off the kiss and stepped back.

“No, Matt, I know what you want. Not yet. I have a little show for you to get you in the mood.”

I looked at her, a little annoyed. I just wanted to take her onto the bed and fuck her. Why should we wait?

“Okay, what do you want to do?” I asked, peeved.

Kate motioned towards a chair near the bed.

“Sit there. Don’t move. It will be worth it, I promise.”

I did as she asked and sat down, facing her as she stood next to the bed. In a slow, languorous move, Kate lifted her blouse over her head. She was braless, her lovely breasts and fat brown nipples jutted out at me. Next, she peeled her leggings down her legs. Kate was wearing my favourite panties of hers, purple briefs with pink trim. The colours looked wonderful next to her caramel skin and moulded against her gorgeous bottom.

“You like?” she asked. As if she didn’t know the answer. She could see the crease in my shorts as my erection grew. I pointed to it as I nodded. Kate laughed and walked towards me. As she reached me, she spun around, bent over and put her backside into my face.

“You like?”

I groaned.

“Yes, you know I do. Stop teasing me and fuck me,” I complained.

Kate laughed again.

“Oh the show is just starting, Matt. Sit back and relax. Take off your shorts so your cock can get some relief.”

Kate was enjoying this. I wished I was going to. I removed my shorts, my cock springing free. Kate looked down, approvingly.

“So you are happy to see me.” I grunted in response.

Kate resumed gyrating her bottom in front of me, then began to slide her purple panties down her legs. Stepping out of them, she reached over to the bed and pulled something from her bag. It was another pair of panties, which she began to put on, all the time hypnotically moving her backside back and forth in front of me. This time she wore a pair of light grey bikini briefs, with a pattern of small white flowers. After several more bottom gyrations, she turned around. Bending over, Kate held her breasts in my face.

“You like?”

“Mmmph,” I said, mouth full of nipple. Now the day was moving from good to great.

Kate reached down and grabbed my stiff cock. Running her hand up and down its length, she squeezed the tip. Her soft fingers felt exquisite, but they only lingered around my member for a few seconds more. Time for another panty change. This time it was a pair of pink French cut with purple trim.

“Very sexy, lots of your gorgeous arse on display, Kate,” I said staring at her.

“Typical man, what about the panties?” she asked, slapping my cock in annoyance.

“Ow, anal porno that hurt!”

“Panties, Matt?”

“Err…yes, very sexy, suit you,” I replied.

Kate nodded her head. “Better, thank you.”

She lifted a leg and placed it on the chair next to my legs. Slipping a finger inside the cotton briefs, she began to finger herself. I joined in, slowly stroking my cock.

“You wet already?”

“Mmm, yes.”

“Didn’t take you long.”

“No, never does hehehe.”

I leaned forward and kissed her tummy.

“So sexy, Kate,”

“Mmmm,” she replied, fingers still moving across her clit.

A couple of minutes later and she stopped masturbating, holding her fingers out to me. I opened my mouth and carefully sucked them dry, licking the sweet pussy juice from them. Kate groaned.

“Last change, Matt. Don’t move.” It took a lot of effort not to. Kate stepped back from the chair and changed into another pair of panties. Facing away from me, she pulled them up and then knelt on the bed, crawling towards the pillows. I could see a red pair of briefs, which disappeared as she leaned back on the pillows. She turned around. Kate laid back on the bed with her legs crossed. She slowly moved her legs apart, spreading her thighs wide all the time staring directly at me. She knew I wouldn’t be looking at her face as her panties came into view.

“Do you like this pair, Matt?” she asked.

I nodded in agreement. Kate’s last choice was a pair of bright red, crotchless panties with a small white bow on the front. With her jet-black hair cascading over the pillows, her round, wide eyes scrutinising me, she looked drop dead gorgeous.

“Yes,” I croaked, my throat suddenly dry.

“But Matt,” she said, reaching her hand between her labia and spreading her pussy lips. “I think there’s something missing.”

I had to agree with her, and it wasn’t the small scrap of cloth that she was referring to. I quickly pulled off my t-shirt, knelt on the bed above her and thrust my cock into her waiting pussy.

“Good boy,” Kate panted, “you know what I was missing.” She threw her arms around me, locked her knees around my bottom.

“Fuck me, Matt, fuck me like you’ve never fucked a woman before.”

Looking down into her deep brown eyes, I raised myself on my elbows and began to push in and out of her pussy. Kate reached a hand behind my head and pushed it down, our lips locking. Our tongues slid frantically over each other as I sped up my rhythm, our thighs slapping together. Kate was aroused, her pussy slippery as my stiff cock plunged into her with ease.

After several minutes of silent fucking, I could feel myself getting sweaty, our movement warming us. I wiped Kate’s forehead as droplets of sweat started to bead on her brow. Her eyes were now closed and she moaned, arching her back and pushing her hips forward to take more cock.

I lowered my head and took an ear lobe in my mouth, whispering to her, “good, Kate, feels so good.”

“Mmmm, we fit together,” she replied, now rubbing her clit gently as I continued to thrust inside her warm, wet vagina. We kept this pace going for a few more minutes, French kissing with my hands stroking her caramel skin. I was conscious of my size compared to Kate and asked if she wanted to change position to cowgirl. A quick switch and soon Kate was sitting astride me, grinding her pussy over my cock. She flicked her long hair over her shoulders and bent down to kiss me.

“Now I fuck your cock.”

“Mmm, please.”

Alternating between grinding and lifting her pussy up and down my cock, the feeling was heavenly. I looked up at her, Kate’s pretty face focused on her gyrations. She caught sight of my gaze and smiled back at me.

“Fill me with cum,” she murmured.

A couple of minutes later and I was ready to oblige.

“You want my cum?”

“Yes,” she gasped as she rubbed her clit.

“Inside?” You sure?”

“Yes,” Kate panted, “I take a pill, we’re okay.”

With that news I grabbed hold of her hips and began to thrust upwards. Kate threw her head back as her orgasm hit, fingers frantically sliding across her clit. I felt the cum surge from my balls up to my cock head and explode inside Kate’s pussy.

“Cumming,” I panted. She moaned as I continued to move up and down inside her. Looking at her pussy lips sliding down my still hard cock, I could see foamy white streaks on her lips as my cum began to drip down. Kate’s orgasm ended and she re-opened her eyes, smiling down at me.

“I came. So good.”

“Me too.”

Kate slowly moved off my cock and laid her arms back on the bed. Her legs were wide open, and I could see my cum on her bright pink pussy.

“Thank you, gorgeous,” I said. Kate leaned back over me and gave me a quick kiss.

“Thank you Matt, now I can’t stop smiling.” In truth, neither could I. The day had moved from okay to good when I had met Kate, then to great after mind blowing sex. What would Wednesday bring?

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