Kathryn’s Mystery Lover


Kathryn sighed with relief as she looked at the clock. Five ‘o clock. Finally. It was Monday, and it sure felt like one. Kathryn was the newest lawyer at Stillman-Rossi. The law firm was loftily perched on the top floor of the ritzy Michaelson building. At first, Kathryn had been ecstatic to get a job there. It was the most respected law firm in the city. But after a few months, her female co-workers still had not warmed up to her. It was a problem that Kathryn faced in every facet of her life. Men loved her, women hated her.

She was beyond beautiful. Kathryn had modeled as a teenager, and no one in the city would ever forget the billboard for the new lingerie store that had been about to open. It showed Kathryn modeling their products. Unfortunately, she was still in high school, and a controversy led by the local school boards followed. Kathryn never knew what the big deal was. It wasn’t as though she was nude on the billboard. Even with all the controversy Kathryn was hailed as the next big supermodel. With her long, blonde hair, pouty lips, and wide brown eyes that seemed to stare into the soul of anyone who looked at the billboard, no one could keep their eyes off of it.

And now, years later, fresh out of law school, and blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime in getting an internship, and later being hired by Stillman-Rossi, she still couldn’t shake the stigma of being the girl on the billboard. Kathryn had fought like a wildcat throughout college to get recognition for her brains, and not just her looks. It was the same here at Stillman-Rossi.

As Kathryn walked to the elevator she thought about how great a cigarette would taste after the day she had. But after the hell she went through when she quit smoking, Kathryn didn’t entertain the idea for long. Instead, she decided, what she really needed was a good fuck. She would go home, she decided, put on her sluttiest outfit, and go out. Getting laid wasn’t a problem. There was always a decent-looking guy ready to satisfy her. It was just a matter of making time for it. Tonight, she would definitely make time for it.

The elevator opened, and Kathryn stepped into it, followed by six or seven of her co-workers. As the elevator descended, more people joined them on every floor. Then, somewhere between the eleventh and twelfth floor, the elevator stopped rather suddenly. If not for the crowdedness, Kathryn and everyone else surely would have fallen to the floor. The lights went out in the elevator, then. This was very strange. The elevator had stopped before, but Kathryn had never seen the lights go out along with it. She stood calmly among the others, and waited for the inevitable restart of the elevator. Kathryn felt a twitch in her nose. Someone is wearing about five squirts too many, she thought disgustedly.

Kathryn’s mind didn’t stick to perfume for very long, however. A person bumped into her from behind. “Excuse me,” She said coldly. Couldn’t people just stand still? She wondered. Her eyes flew wide open, in the dark, then. Something was moving gently up the inside of her thigh. It was a hand, she was most sure. The hand continued its upward journey, and began to caress her firm ass. The nerve! Kathryn wanted to shout. But her righteous half was overcome by the half that needed a dirty, nasty fucking. Kathryn gasped as what could only have been an erect penis beneath pants pressed into her ass. Her gasp couldn’t possibly have been heard in the large elevator, though, with the dozens of people who must all have been talking at once. Between her penchant for sex in public, and the amount of time that it had been since she’d been fucked, she felt no inclination to stop the person behind her.

Kathryn’s thong was pulled to the side at this point, and without thinking about it, she widened her stance a little bit. The fingers of the hand that had been caressing her ass, probed their way into her moist crack. Kathryn was sure that the person behind Antalya Escort her felt great satisfaction at her wetness. The person’s fingers found Kathryn’s clit, which hadn’t been touched, except by herself, in far too long. Had it been three months? The person behind Kathryn, rubbed at her clit slowly, methodically, it seemed. The finger quickened, and then slowed each time Kathryn was about to cum. She felt dizzy with pleasure, and only briefly wondered if anyone could hear her heavy breathing which she tried hard to conceal.

The finger brought Kathryn so close to climax that she felt the urge to scream out in pleasure, but the finger retreated quite suddenly then. Kathryn’s cunt was begging to be filled. She fought the urge to fill it with her own fingers, and pump them in and out until she came long and hard. But Kathryn waited, sure that the person behind her would fulfill her needs. It was a blind faith, unlike Kathryn. But in the dark, with a pussy aching for cock, she felt she had no other choice.

Kathryn strained, trying to hear what was going on behind her. She would have turned to face the person, but knew it wouldn’t do any good. Kathryn heard a sound, a crumpling sound, which she decided was the unwrapping of a condom. It turns out she was right, although it could have been pretty much anything. As the person behind her unrolled the condom, she stuck her ass out eagerly.

Kathryn felt her skirt being lifted, and held at her waist. Her thong was pulled to the side once again. She felt the cock between her ass cheeks, as it slid its way to her pussy. The person behind her put his hands on her waist, and with one, solid thrust the prick was all the way inside of her. Kathryn arched her back so that she would fully feel the massive cock. She could tell that it was huge. In all of her experience, not too many men filled her quite so impressively. The hands from her waist traveled under her shirt and bra, and fondled her round tits urgently. The big rod slid in and out of her snatch, slowly, just as torturously as the finger had done. Kathryn leaned into the hands, which supported her nicely, as her first orgasm ripped through her. She had been so close that the first one came quickly and roughly.

The hands left her breasts then, and returned to her waist. The fat prick pulled out almost all the way, and teased the mouth of her vagina briefly before rubbing on her extremely sensitive clit. At the same time, Kathryn felt warm air tickling her ear. The person behind her blew gently into her ear, something that always nearly drove her over the edge. Kathryn felt a second orgasm creeping up on her, and she wanted that incredible prick inside of her when it hit her. “Just fuck me!” She whispered, almost inaudibly, yet insistently.

The person behind her wasted no time in complying with her request. The hot cock slammed into Kathryn’s pussy with unexpected force. It thrust in and out of her powerfully, the hands pulling at Kathryn’s waist in such a way as to maximize the force. She didn’t last long. Her second orgasm began shortly after he began the powerful thrusting, but it lasted for what seemed like ages to Kathryn. Her knees grew so weak with the orgasm that she knew she wouldn’t still be standing without the powerful hands that held her small waist firmly in place. Kathryn could feel her vagina pulsating fiercely, the incredible feeling washing over her entire body. Just as Kathryn was about to hit her powerful climax, she felt the hands squeeze her waist much harder than before. The prick was pressed all the way into her and held there.

Kathryn could feel the body behind her trembling as the final wash of her climax hit. They came in the same instant, and when it was over the cock was gone, and the body behind her was, too. Kathryn heard a shuffling behind her amidst the voices which had neither ceased nor quieted during all of this. Her breath was drawn raggedly, as she Antalya Escort Bayan tried to catch it. Kathryn’s pussy still thumped in the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm.

Five minutes later, the lights came back on, and the occupants of the elevator cheered. Kathryn felt flushed and wasn’t quite breathing right yet when the elevator moved again. The elevator stopped soon after it began, at the eleventh floor. After being in the dark for over half an hour, everyone piled out and took the stairs the rest of the way. Kathryn carefully inspected her company as she headed down the stairs with weak legs. She focused on the four lawyers from her firm that had been in the elevator with her. Kyle McLloyd, David Kinze, Larry Higgins, and Mel Davidson.

They were her prime suspects, Kathryn decided. She considered the possibility of each of them as she went down the stairs, and continued to do so as she walked home, and all night as she sat at home, pondering what had happened.

Kathryn wanted more. Whoever this man was, she wanted to fuck him again. The idea of a man with the balls to fuck a woman in the dark, without her permission was a big turn on to Kathryn. After her many one night stands with idiots from bars, and her several long-term relationships with dull intellectual guys, this man of guts and brains was extremely intriguing to Kathryn.

The next morning Kathryn went to work with a certain bounce in her step. She looked good today. Even better than usual today. Her silky blonde hair, which she usually wore up, to convey professionalism, cascaded down her back. Her lowcut blouse revealed just enough of her deep cleavage so that she would be irrisistible, without quite being slutty. And her skirt was short. The shortest she was allowed to wear at work in fact. And the slit up the side helped her to showcase her long, slim legs even more effectively. Kathryn enjoyed all of the men who stared after her lustily as she walked to work. She winked at a couple of them just for fun.

By lunchtime, Kathryn had approached Larry and Mel. Neither of them acted any differently towards her. She was fairly sure that she’d be able to discern some differnce in the person that had fucked her the day before. At the corner deli where Kathryn often took her lunch, she bumped into David, and ate at the same table as he did. She was quite sure it wasn’t him after a lunch of him asking Kathryn what she thought would be a good anniversary gift for Laura, his girlfriend. As Kathryn opened the door to her office she was sure it had to be Kyle.

On Kathryn’s desk was a box. A gift, it would seem, for it had red wrapping paper, and a big, blue bow. She sat down at her desk, certain that it must have something to do with yesterday. It had to. Kathryn put off opening it for suspense. She leaned back in her chair, and fingered her clit as she went over the events of the day before in her mind. She didn’t care about anyway walking in on her at that moment. Kathryn rubbed her clit furiously, causing herself to cum very, very quickly. While her breathing was still uneven, she lifted the lid off of the package.

Kathryn didn’t know what to think. She had absolutely no clue what to think, in fact. It was a big, strap-on dildo. It was so realistic! Kathryn didn’t make the connection until she picked up the card with the fancy handwriting on it. “Kathryn, It was fun yesterday. I could tell that you enjoyed this guy, so I thought you might want to keep him. I call him George. Love, Dane”

Kathryn felt a fury boiling up into her face. Dane Reynolds! How dare she? Kathryn fumed. How couldn’t have mistaken this for the real thing? Kathryn reprimanded herself. She felt like such a fool. She wasn’t going to let Dane humiliate her like this! Dane Reynolds was the next youngest female lawyer at Stillman-Rossi. She had given Kathryn nothing but a hard time since she’d started, and now this!

Kathryn burst Escort Antalya into the office marked Dane Reynolds, and slammed the box down on Dane’s desk, “How dare you?” shouted Kathryn. Dane smiled at her contentedly, her mischievious blue eyes shining like crystal from behind her reading glasses.

“You made it pretty easy for me, Kathryn,” Dane replied in her rich, confident voice. Kathryn just looked at her. Dane wore a low-cut blouse equal to her own. Her breasts larger than Kathryn’s, although not God-given. Dane’s hair was a few shades darker than Kathryn’s and was worn in big, seductive waves. She had the same problem that Kathryn did, in having the men love her, and women hate her.

Dane stood up. She was quite a bit taller than Kathryn. “Why don’t you put it on and give me a taste of my own medicine. She walked slowly over to Kathryn, “I’ve been very naughty, Kat,” No one had ever called her Kat, but the way it sounded when Dane said it, made her want to do it. Kathryn had always wanted to have sex with another woman, but never had the guts to actually go after it. And while she would have like the first time to be consensual, getting back at Dane sounded fun. Kathryn wanted to see her squirm.

Kathryn slipped off her thong, and put it on. Dane was already sitting on her desk with her legs open, exposing her sweet, clean-shaven pussy. Kathryn wanted to taste it. She wasn’t sure where this urge was coming from, but she wanted to taste that pussy. Any anger she felt for Dane was pushed away. Kathryn knew this could be her only chance to taste a sweet little cunt like this one.

Kathryn undid the buttons on Dane’s blouse, and then the front-hook on her over-burdened bra. Dane’s tits dropped slightly when they fell from the bra. Kathryn took one in her hand, and fondled it. She then took a nipple, and sucked hard on it. Kathryn licked it tenderly then. She could see why men liked this.

Dane’s hands touched Kathryn’s breasts as well. Each of them became wet as they sucked and fondled one another’s tits. Dane laid back on her desk, then, “Come on Kathryn, fuck me,” Kathryn knelt on the floor, instead, though. She licked Dane’s slit from bottom to top very slowly. Dane gasped, and sat up a little, eager to watch Kathryn licking her pussy. Kathryn sucked on Dane’s clit gently, glad to hear that she was making Dane moan. Kathryn nibbled on Dane’s labia, licked her clit, and drove her tongue into her pussy, savoring the taste of her juices. Kathryn wondered if she tasted the same. Dane pressed her pussy into Kathryn’s face, as Kathryn brought her closer and closer to climax.

When Dane began to tremble, Kathryn stood up quickly, and shoved the fake prick into Dane forcibly, just as had been done to her. Kathryn was delighted to feel the pressure of the dildo against her clit. Kathryn used her hips to push it into hard. She could see in her eyes that Dane was trying with everything in her hold back her orgasm. Kathryn did the same.

Kathryn put her finger on Dane’s clit, and rubbed it rapidly. Dane began to tremble uncontrollably. Kathryn knew she was beyond the point of no return. Dane wrapped her legs around Kathryn’s ass, and ground her hips into Kathryn, pushing the rubber cock all the way into her, and keeping it there. Neither one of them could resist any longer. Both women shook and trembled and enjoyed each other.

Dane sat up with the cock still inside of her, and said calmly, “You are a great fuck Kathryn.”

“You too, Dane,” Kathryn said, breathlessly, “Whether you’re fucking me, or I am you, you’re a great fuck.”

“Why don’t you keep your little toy in your desk, and maybe next time I’ll see how you taste.”

Kathryn walked out of the office with a smile on her face, with the package in her hand. Kyle walked up to her and asked, “Is that package for me, Kathryn?”

“I don’t think you want this package, Kyle,” Kathryn replied with a smirk.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” He asked her. She wondered if he could smell the scent of sex on her, or if he just took his cue from her sexy clothes. She didn’t care, her appetite had been whetted, and the more sexy co-workers she fucked the merrier, Kathryn decided.

“Sure,” She answered.

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