Kicked Out with My Daughter Ch. 01


The day that my wife kicked me out; changed my life for the better. It happened on a Tuesday, after I had gotten home from work early, tired and hoping to spend time with my family. That day I had not expected to be accused of cheating—something which before that day, I would have never done—and then to find myself stuck in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere with my loyal daughter who would never leave my side, as she had always been Daddy’s little girl.

“Don’t come back!” My wife screeched from behind me as I walked out the front door. I pulled my keys out of my pocket, and unlocked my car as my wife stood at the door yelling obscenities. She suggested that I shove several sharp objects in my rear.

“Daddy, what’s going on?” I heard from behind me as I pulled open the car door, and dodged my cellphone that my wife had thrown in my direction, shattering the screen. “Why is mommy yelling?” I turned to see my eighteen year old daughter Amanda standing there.

“Young lady get in the house now, don’t you dare talk to him!” It seemed to be my daughters turn to be yelled at. She gave her mother a look of disgust—embarrassed that the neighbours were staring at us from their windows—and turned back to me.

“Why is she mad at you?” She asked.

“You listen to your mother young lady.” That’s all my wife had to do to push her away, treat her like a child. My daughter had only let me treat her that way, acting angry when her mom or a grandparent talked down to her. Instead of going inside, my daughter climbed into the passenger seat, always a Daddy’s Girl.

“If she thinks I’m putting up with her crap she can forget it.” My daughter crossed her arms, and stared straight ahead. Louder she said, “In case anyone forgot I’m legally an adult, and I can do whatever I want.” Hearing her refusal my wife let out a scream, and slammed the door. I don’t think anything could have gotten my daughter to leave the car seat in that moment, and thinking back on it I’m so happy that I have such a loyal Daughter.

I started the car, and backed out of the drive way, then headed in the direction of the highway. I didn’t have any destination in mind, other then driving away from the fight, and out of the city, because all the good hotels were probably full thanks to spring break.

The silence was broken as we left the city limits. “What did you do?” My daughter asked, her voice a whisper with a hint of tears.

“I didn’t do anything, but she thinks I cheated.”


I pulled onto a side road, and put my car into park. I put my face into my hands for a minute, wanting to scream, but I didn’t scream because I didn’t want to upset the beautiful girl that sat beside me. “I had underwear that wasn’t hers.” I turned to look at my daughter in her school outfit, she was wearing a white dress shirt thin enough to see her blue bra, tie, and a plaid skirt that was small enough to see her underwear if she bent forward, or was above you on the stairs. I suspected that whatever member of the all female teaching staff that selected their outfits had been horny, and attracted to young girls, when they made their decision. Despite my disgust with myself, every time I saw her in her school uniform I silently thanked god for it while I was hard and full of shame.

“Whose underwear was it?” She asked, not realizing the answer.

“I was planning on confronting you about your choice of underwear, the underwear which I found in your closet with other things.” My face turned red, I felt stupid blushing like a teenager while being a grown man. No father wanted to have a conversation like this with their daughter, no matter what unholy thoughts they might think about her.

“Oh shit.” Her face went red as well and she looked away from me.

“She doesn’t know about your toys, I wasn’t about to say anything to her about them in the first place and stopped trying to explain when the yelling started, I tried telling her the underwear was yours, but she believed what she wanted to believe.”

“Dwaddy I’m sooo sowie. It’s okay, I can tell her they’re mine, I don’t want mom mad at you.”

“Don’t bother, I don’t care what she thinks at this point. She decided to tell me she’s been cheating, while accusing me of the crime. What a fucking hypocrite.” I slammed my palm against the wheel making her jump. She reached over to me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her chest against my side and causing her skirt to ride up a bit, she cried silently wetting my shirt with her tears as my own tears fell on her head. The warmth of her body caused my dick to harden despite the bile reaching my throat at the knowledge that despite her being my daughter, my babygirl turned me on.

We sat in silence for a minute holding each other, and when she didn’t say anything else, and finished crying, I let her go and put the car into drive. “Let’s just find a place to sleep for the night.”

Some background information about my wife and daughter. Before the accusations I loved my wife, but my daughter had always been the one with Escort bayan the body type that I liked, which probably was why I was attracted to her despite how wrong it was. Most would have found my wife attractive. My wife was skinny, no curves, but had big breasts. She had always been naturally thin, and with double d’s she turned heads. I never liked that kind of body though, I preferred the body type my daughter had, curvy with smaller breasts. I only like the type of thin girls get when they exercise a lot, since my daughter was naturally bigger and a cheerleader, she had a thin muscular body with curves that would make men drool. With chubby girls I guess I can like bigger breasts but small handfuls have always been my preference. The only time I like naturally skinny girls is if they also have absolutely tiny breast, or even non at all, and flat butts. I could never explain why I am this way, I just am. I also find girls who are chubby beautiful, despite how others may feel.

So before all this happened I loved my wife, but I didn’t marry her for her body. My daughter on the other hand, not only had a kinky and dirty mind, she had the kind of body that drove me crazy. Of course living with a young woman with the right kind of body was going to turn me on, even if she was my daughter. I spent a lot of time thinking thoughts about her that disgusted me, going as far as to sometimes picture her while having sex with my wife.

After the third attempt the light on the card reader finally turned green, and I pushed open the door. My daughter followed, and then the door slammed shut plunging us in darkness. “Shit did you see where the light switch is?” I asked.

“I think it’s over there,” I laughed when I heard her arm fall to her side. “Yeah I guess pointing doesn’t help.”

She slowly moved forward, and I heard her hit the wall. I walked forward trying to help when suddenly I bumped into her, my crotch poking her butt. We froze for a moment when she pushed back unexpectedly, and her skirt somehow pushed up. “Oh Dwaddy! Careful you don’t knock me over.”

On instinct I wrapped my arms against her so she didn’t fall, and I could swear I felt her grind against my crotch as her breath quickened. I almost swore when I felt myself harden from her young butt, yet I pulled her closer, my dick pushing against her hard enough that she had to have noticed it. “Um, I think I feel the switch Daddy.” There was a click, and the room filled with light. For a split second I could’ve sworn in a court of law that she had a hand between her legs and was moving it, before my eyes shut against the light.

“You can let me go now.” She pulled away from me but I kept my arms around her. “Uh Daddy?” My eyes finally opened, and I saw that one of my hands had slipped inside her shirt, and rested over her bra. A wave of revulsion hit me, I let go of her, and backed away to look at the room as my face fell.

“I told him two beds, there’s not even a chair, just a fucking twin bed.”

“One bed’s fine.”

“No Babygirl, I’m not having one of us sleep on the floor just because the owner can’t listen.”

“Can’t you just sleep with me tonight. We drove for two hours to find a decent hotel, and I’m tired from school,” as she said this she was giving me a look I couldn’t resist, wide eyes and pouty lips making a frown that was making my dick throb in the pants.

“I don’t know babygirl, aren’t you a little to old to be sleeping in the same bed as your father?” I made a weak attempt at an argument while in my mind I picture myself doing disgusting things.

“Aww I’m never too old for you Dwaddy, I’ll always be your little girl,” she said, despite having before told her mom she was now an adult and could do whatever she wanted.

I stared at her for a minute unsure, meanwhile I could swear she was pushing out her chest. “Fine, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if you slept with me,” I said.

“Yay!” She shouted.

I sat down on the bed trying to use my hands to cover my boner, and watched as she turned on the bedside lamp, and turned off the room lights. To my shame I stared at her skirt wondering what she was wearing underneath, my curiosity not coming from a fatherly place. “Guess that’s what you get living in a vacation town on the Tuesday before spring break,” I said.

“It’s bad enough that you and mom might break up because of me, I can’t believe she would kick you out without listening to your side of the story,” she said as she came back toward the bed.

I grabbed her hands and pulled her to me. She stood in front of me, looking down into my eyes. “If anything happens, it’s not your fault. Don’t ever think that. Let’s just sleep.”

“Okay Daddy,” and that’s when she started to unbutton her shirt.

I covered my face, and turned away. “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready for bed?”

“By taking your clothes off?”

“Well it’s not like Mom let us take any clothes with us, and I don’t want my one clean pair to smell.”

“But I shouldn’t see you naked.”

“You’re Bayan escort my dad, what’s wrong with sleeping naked?”

“It’s not right.”

“Well too bad, I don’t wanna be wearing smelly clothes.” I turned back to look at her.


She resumed unbuttoning her shirt. “Aren’t you gonna look away?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” I blushed but did not turn my head. She continued to unbutton her shirt while making eye contact with me, revealing her blue bra.

“Well then you better look away now before I get under the blankets.” She pulled down her skirt before I’m able to do anything.

“What the hell? Where’s your underwear?”

“I didn’t wear any today.”

“We can’t sleep that way.”

My daughter moved onto my lap. I tried to push her off, but she was stronger than me thanks to my many hours doing office work, and she forced me back against the bed. I was painfully aware of the heat that was radiating between her legs, and against my cock. “Daddy there’s nothing wrong with this, you’re being ridiculous,” she reached behind her back, “and I never wear underwear in bed. My bra would make me sore doing that,” her bra fell away to reveal her c cup breasts. “Your turn to change Daddy,” she climbed off of me, and slipped under the covers.

I stood up, and felt something moist at my crotch. I looked down to see that there was a wet spot on my lap from where my daughter sat. I turned to look at her, but she had her back to me. I pulled off all my clothes except for my boxers, and climbed into bed.

She turned to face me, raising an eyebrow. “You’re keeping your underwear on?”


“I know it’s a free world and all, but I’m your daughter so I don’t see the need for clothes.”

I remained silent, and she shrugged. “Whatever, goodnight Daddy.”

I turned off the light, and darkness settled over the room. In the distance I could hear music. Unsure what the proper way to sleep in a situation like this was, I gave up, and just wrapped my arms around her. In response she pushed her butt against me, and as she inhaled I could feel her breasts pressing against my left hand while my other hand touched her stomach.


“Yes sweetie?”

“Would you do anything for me?”

“Yes, why?”

She turned around, and faced me. “If I asked would you?” She paused not finishing the thought.

“Would I what?”

“Forget it, never mind.” She turned back to stare at the distant wall.

“No, tell me.”

“It’s not important. Just go to sleep. I was thinking something stupid.”

“Fine.” I closed my eyes and pushed against her. Despite how close I was to her my boner finally went soft, so it was less awkward to be close to her.

She slowly breathed in and out as we lay there listening to the sounds that surrounded us. My head was spinning a million miles per hour as I thought about recent events, including my wife’s shocking confession. The last thing I planned on doing today was to be in a bed almost completely naked with my nude daughter in my arms. At the realization that there was a young naked girl against me I felt myself start to harden again despite her being family.

I bit my lip trying to ignore it, but it seemed that fate had different plans that night. As my cock hardened I felt it find the hole in my boxers, and pushed itself free only to find itself trapped between my daughter’s butt cheeks.

“Fuck.” I moaned as I tried to shift away from her. At the same time she pulled forward, down, then back. For my best guess I would say she had hoped to move her back against my crotch—though it was more likely the worst, she was trying to turn me on—but instead she only managed to bring her pussy against my cock.

“No Daddy!” She moaned as my head slid between her lips. She tried to pull away but my head just slid against her pussy lips and it triggered her wetness.

“Sorry honey I didn’t mean to do that. I’m trying to pull it away.” Instead my cockhead slid in an inch, penetrating her. This time not by accident, but to my shame on purpose having thrust forward slightly.

“Dwaddy no! That’s my no no spot. Pwease stahp! I don’t like where this is going Dwaddy! You’re in my cunny!” Despite her protests her juices and cream were pouring from her cunny and sliding onto my cock.

“Fuck.” I moaned. I’d gotten past the point of caring about the taboo of the situation. I’ve had blue balls for the past two months as my wife had been dealing with “chronic headaches.”

“Daddies sorry babygirl, he’s just so horny.” I slid in another inch, and felt her tighten around me.

“Dwaddy that’s enough.” She tried to push me out, but instead I’m sucked deeper inside, and compared to my wife my young daughter felt like a vacuum.

I slowly forced myself deeper, unknowingly taking my daughters virginity. Inch by inch I slid into her tight wetness as she screamed. “Stahp right now! Pwease Dwaddy!”

I started thrusting too far gone. Her pleading only made me thrust faster. She was moaning Escort even while she begged me to stop, the way she begged though only turned me on more.

Then as I pounded into her harder and faster than I would’ve with my wife, her pussy clamped down on my cock. “Oh fuck Dwaddy don’t stahp, pwease don’t fecking stahp.” She shook against me, and I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight against me.

“Yeah you like that? You like being Daddy’s little slut?” My hand grabbed her throat, and I applied a little bit of pressure while my other hand reached toward her clit, and started rubbing in circular motions.

“Oh god you’re so big. Yes Dwaddy! I wanna be your slut. Fuck me like you’re mad at Mommy! Fuck me like she was watching!”

I replied by squeezing her neck cutting off her breath and causing her to squeal with joy and squeeze my cock harder with her tight cunt as I pushed myself deeper inside her. I touched her cervix on each thrust, and on each thrust I gave her neck a tighter squeeze bruising it, but she just kept on moaning. My hand on her clit brought her to another two quick orgasms when I finally felt myself reach the edge.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum.”

“Oh god pull out. Shit pull out Dwaddy.” She clawed at the bed sheets trying to drag herself away from me, but once I had said I was gonna cum she started cumming again squeezing my dick like a vice. “I’m not on birth control. Mommy found it, and made me stop taking it. She threatened to tell you if I didn’t stop,” and with that my wife once again screwed us as my daughter’s pussy refused to let go. I tried to pull back, but I’m trapped between her tight lips, and only a couple inches came out.

“Fuck it.” I moaned as I pushed back in, and as I pressed against her cervix I let my load blast against her womb while my hand involuntarily squeezed her neck, making her head spin and causing her to cum even harder.

“Fuck me Daddy!” She screamed as we both shook with pleasure.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I’ve woken up on my back with my daughter lying against me, and kissing my mouth.

“What time is it?”

“It’s still night Dwaddy. Oh thank you for that Dwaddy, it was amazing. Thank you for not stopping when I said no,” her tongue slid into my mouth, and I tasted her spit. She tasted like a ripe strawberry. Her voice was raspy and her neck was covered in bruises. I gently touched it, feeling how swollen my hands made it. She let out a purr as my fingers touched her throat.

“I’m sorry about that babygirl,” I said embarrassed that I had squeezed her so hard.

“Don’t be Daddy, I loved you choking me, it made me cum so much harder, and now everyone can see what you did to me,” she said in her raspy voice, my penis twitched when she mentioned people seeing her bruises, but it did not harden.

“Please tell me your still taking birthcontrol,” I replied.

“Sorry Daddy, I was telling the truth.”


“There’s something else Daddy.”

I looked into my daughter’s eyes, heart beating fast. “What?”

“I’m ovulating Daddy.”

It took a second to sink in, but then all at once my dick swelled up, and poked her in the stomach. “Oh Dwaddy! Did that turn you on?” She wrapped a hand around me.

My only response was a moan.

“Oh Dwaddy it does turn you on.” Then she slowly slid herself onto me. She was even tighter sitting on top of me.

“Fuck did I hear you right? You’re ovulating?”


“Oh god I’m going to hell, that’s so hot.”

“Glad to hear you like it daddy.” She slowly slid up and down on my rock hard dick.

“We need to get you some pills, find a place that sells plan B.”

“Or we could not.”

“What? Sorry I think I misheard you.”

She leaned forward kissing me then she put her mouth against my ear. Her hot breath tickled. “I said we could not do anything. We could let nature take its course, and stay here for a couple weeks while letting Mommy worry. Then if I’m pwegnant you take me home, and pretend to wape me in front of her. We’ll wait to see what she does, then I reveal that I asked you to impregnate me, and that we are fucking with her.” I started trying to thrust in her but she sat back, and stopped me from moving. “Mmm you like that. No one would believe Mommy either. We could rub it in her face every day by fucking as my belly grows. Once the baby comes she won’t be able to kick you out because she can’t be on her own with a daughter who just gave birth. Someone will need to look after our love child, and someone else needs to be making money for the family.” She started bouncing up and down on my cock. “Once you come home every night you can fuck me in her old bed to remind her who’s the woman of the house now, and she’ll sleep in my room. You’ll get my tight pussy every night, and she’ll have a crying incest baby to take care of. You like that sound of that Daddy?” Her slow movements had driven me crazy, and all I could do was moan is response. “Good Dwaddy.” She kissed me then picked up her pace.

After an hour of teasing she finally let me cum while she collapsed against me because of her own orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her as she whispered in my ear. “Tomorrow you’re having pussy for breakfast and I’m having a nice hard Daddy sausage.”

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