Kissing Cousins



This is the story of how a young man was aided in learning proficiency in some of the most pleasant activities in life.

Since I, Paul Adams, am the principal character in this story, I probably should explain why I was as sexually unsophisticated as I was.

My parents, both well to do professionals, married rather late in life and I was an ‘Only Child’. This resulted in my leading a very sheltered life with very proper private tutors. No friends not selected by my parents, no unauthorized reading material, nor any other of the normal sources of juvenile ‘Carnal Knowledge’.

I had been given the ‘Biologically Correct’, Facts Only, instruction on sexual reproduction, accepted sexual practices, venereal diseases, and very little etc.. This resulted in some inhibitions and shyness (almost fear) in the presence of females anywhere near my own age.

Shortly after my birthday, both of my parents were killed in an automobile accident while returning from a convention. Pending probate of the estate, I went to live with my Father’s younger sister, who had been appointed the executer of my parents’ estate, as well as my guardian, until my twenty-first birthday.

Aunt Grace has two daughters, Ann, a very athletic redhead, and Edy, a year younger, with a honey-tan complexion and blond hair. Edy’s birthday, half way between mine and Ann’s, was only a month after I arrived. She often joked that I was an advance birthday present

Life in this house is very easy going and not at all strict, the only enforced rule being that one must keep their room neat and clean. You also had your share of housework to do. Since I was used to a more formal lifestyle (without the housework), I felt rather uncomfortable for some time.

The first several months I was quite withdrawn. And to be honest, almost scared, around the two very lively girls with their almost constant innuendoes about the boys they knew and dated. I very slowly integrated into the routine of the family, and after about eight months, finally attained full integration.

This is the story of that rather sudden integration.


I had picked up a bad cold, and after a third night of restless coughing, Aunt Grace came into my room and made a quick check for fever (I didn’t have any). She then called for Edy to bring in some decongestant chest rub that she prescribed indiscriminantly for all cold symptoms. When Edy arrived at my door, I was quite surprised, almost shocked, to see that she was wearing nothing but a very thin nightshirt. I was even more shocked when Grace told Edy to rub the salve over my chest and back since she was late for an appointment.

Normally I slept nude, but had been wearing an undershirt the last few nights. Being able to see Edy’s nipples and Pubic hair through her almost transparent nightshirt, I had a full erection making a small tent in the covers, even before Aunt Grace left the room. As they both seemed to ignore it, I did begin to relax some, but not too much. Edy quickly pulled my udershirt off over my head and pushing me flat on my back, began spreading the ointment. Since she could not easily reach all of me while standing on the floor, she climbed on the bed and straddled my hips, with what had been a subsiding erection pressing through the covers into her crotch.

As she continued to rub the salve over my chest she calmly asked “Have you ever been in bed with a girl? I’ve watched Ann with her boyfriend a couple of times, and she seemed to like it a lot. Would you like me to get in with you?”

When I stammered out my embarrassed “No . . . Yes” Edy quickly stripped off her negligee and squirmed under the covers.

Before I could even get an arm around her shoulders, she had a firm grip on my cock. “This is almost as big as Joe’s (one of Ann’s boyfriends); I hope it doesn’t hurt too much going in cause it is going into me right now!” Without any more warning Edy rolled over me and, guiding the head of my cock into her vagina, slowly sat up to force it into her. As she engulfed the full length of my rigid cock she moaned, “Good-good-I-like.” Then when she was fully seated and my balls were pressing against her ass she began a slow squirming motion that acted to move her clit back and forth over the base of my cock; it also moved my cock in her vagina. Soon we were both gyrating our hips wildly as Edy kept moaning; “so big . . . deeper.” After about thirty seconds my balls began to tighten and my cock started feeling as if it were expanding even larger. Then, as it became almost painful, my cock began throbbing and a gob of cum shot into Eddy, the first shot followed by several more of smaller volume. When Edy felt the cum jet from the end of my cock against her cervix, she too reached climax and I could feel the contractions of her vagina trying to suck my cock even deeper into her as she moaned, “IN. IN. DEEPER. More.” Edy continued to rock her hips over my rapidly softening cock for several Escort bayan seconds before falling forward over my chest. “That was the best climax I’ve ever had. Not even Ann’s vibrator ever got me off like that. How soon can you fuck me again?” Along with her question, my shrinking cock slipped from Edy’s vulva, releasing my load of seamen to dribble from her vagina over my balls.

“As soon as we get all this sticky goo washed off of us, and you get me hard again.”

“Well, lets start washing.” She purred, rolling off me with my cum still seeping down her leg.

As soon as the basin water was warm, I rinsed off Edy’s legs and very gently wiped the last dribbles of cum from her vulva; she then rinsed off my balls, belly and cock which although quite limp was still enlarged to almost it’s full length. She also washed off the small amount of chest rub cream she had put on me before practically raping me.

“This is still large enough to feel good but I’ll have to get some starch back in it. What do you suggest?” she asked while leading me back to the bed with the soft leash she wouldn’t let go of.

“Well, you could try putting on a splint, or maybe blowing it up like a balloon?”

“I think a splint might hurt going in me. Let’s try the balloon method. Ann says that’s what she does when Joe has trouble getting back up. Of course he helps by doing the same to her. They call it a 69.”

“I’ve read of oral sex, both singular and simultaneous. OK lets try it.” By this time we were back on the bed, and suiting actions to words Edy turned around and straddled my head as she began to lick at the head of my cock. I pulled the pillow under my head and began to investigate Edy’s vulvar region with my tongue. Since I had never actually performed orally, or to be truthful, any other sex acts before, there were a few minor problems. She was giving me instructions on which parts of her cuntal area were most receptive to my lapping. I had to caution Edy about keeping her teeth away from the head of my cock.

I knew that she had watched Ann and Joe, and I had read all the ‘medically correct’ sex manuals that my parents had given me, but in actual practice I was still a virgin at giving oral sex. Edy had previously taken care of my other virginity that morning.

As we were both fast learners, very little time passed before Edy was face fucking herself with my cock while I, having located and identified it, was alternately licking and sucking at her clitoris.

Since the female genitals ‘recycle’ faster than the male, Edy had actually climaxed once and was building toward another before my cock had fully re-hardened. By the time I was approaching my climax, Edy’s third was also immanent.

“I’m going to cum soon. Edy,” I moaned into her cunt.

“Do it. I want it. I’m coming too!” she moaned back and the extra vibration of her voice tipped me over the edge to shoot my second load of sperm into her mouth. My cum squirting over her tongue triggered her climax and both of us almost passed out from the intensity.

After the climax subsided, Edy still continued sucking at the head of my cock between comments like “That tastes good.”, Or “It’s going limp again. Needs more starch.” I, too, continued lapping at her clit and its surroundings.

We soon stopped the post climax teasing of each others organs, and Edy turned around to cuddle up, mumbling into my shoulder, “Don’t have to wash off this time. We swallowed it all.”

Then, as I kissed her forehead she fell asleep. I too dosed off quickly. It could not have been long before I was awakened by a very gentle kiss on my closed eyes. Thinking that it was Edy, I didn’t open my eyes but jokingly complained, “Not again. I won’t get it up for at least another hour.”

To my surprise it was not Edy, but Ann, who calmly answered, “If you want any lunch, you better get out of bed. It’s almost noon and Edy is setting the table now.”

My eyes opened to a most beautiful sight; Ann, with her bright red hair falling over her bare shoulders wearing only a bra and panties. At this sight of suggestive future activities, my cock began to swell and stiffen.

“After lunch.” She almost commanded as she watched it growing. “Come on and eat. You are going to need all your strength this afternoon.” Then as she rose and walked to the bedroom door she added, “Edy and I have been planning what we are going to do to you as soon as you’ve eaten and the dishes are washed.”

All through lunch I kept looking at the two beautiful bodies sitting across the table from me. One I had already fucked and gone ’69’ with. The other I knew had already planned the sexual activities we were to perform this afternoon. Both commented on my erection, which refused to subside even as we washed up the lunch dishes. When we finished the cleanup, Ann asked us to come into her bedroom, “My bed is wider than the twin size in your rooms, and we are going to need all the room we can Bayan escort get.” As Ann removed her panties, the bra having come off as we were walking to her room, she told me “lie down on the bed and I’ll show you what I want you to do to me.” Then as she knelt next to me, “Edy can watch. Again.” She began kissing me on the lips slowly dragging her tongue over my chin, neck, and chest till she reached one of my nipples. She licked all around and over my nipple for several seconds then dragged her tongue over my chest to the other nipple and repeated the process several times.

I had known that a woman’s nipples were sexually sensitive, but was surprised at the way my whole genital area tightened as Ann licked and gently sucked mine. As she continued working at my nipples, she also began a very light caressing of my side and belly with her hand. The caresses started at my breast area and slowly moved lower till she was final caressing my balls, having bypassed my cock.

As soon as her hand reached my balls, she began moving her head lower on my body licking and kissing all the way. Ann never gripped my cock or even fondled the shaft, tho she did caress all the rest of my crotch area and balls. Her licking paused at my navel, and my cock and balls really tightened up when she began to tongue fuck it.

By this time, the leakage of preseminal fluid from my cock had formed a small puddle on my belly just below my navel and, as she continued to tongue fuck my navel, she pinched some of it off my belly and spread it gently over the head of my cock. This contact with my cock nearly set off my climax, and from the jerk it gave, Ann knew I was on the edge of coming. “Pretend this is my clit!” Ann instructed as she placed her lips over just the head of my cock and without sucking began swirling it around her mouth with her tongue.

The second time around, I felt that almost painful pre ejaculation tension in my balls and moaned; “I’m coming, Ann! Don’t stop!”

Just as my cock began to throb for ejaculation, Ann began gentle suction and took as much of it into her mouth as she could. Since this was my third ejaculation of the day, the volume was not great, and ended quickly. Ann did not stop sucking when I quit coming, but continued to suck and lick the head of my cock till it was as limp as it could be, shrunken and very soft.

“That is the way a woman likes it.” Ann commented as she sat up beside me. ” NO grabbing; no gripping; no hard suction. Just soft gentle stimulation all over. Edy can use my vibrator again while you do me the way I just did you.”

As Ann lay out on the bed beside me, I looked over toward the dresser where Edy was indeed using a foot long vibrator at her crotch.

“I hope the batteries don’t go dead like they did last time.” Edy replied as I began to kiss Ann. The residual flavor of my cum on Ann’s lips and tongue was much stronger than it had been in Edy’s cunt when we went ’69’ that morning, probably because Ann hadn’t rinsed her mouth as Edy had her cunt. We kissed and tongue dueled for about a minute before Ann began to press my head toward lower targets.

I made a detour to Ann’s ear lobes on the way between chin and cleavage. “That’s good too.” Ann moaned as I very gently sucked at one lobe, then licked over her throat to the other. I was at the same time softly brushing her nipples with the palm of my hand. I kept my hand caressing Ann’s body about a foot ahead of my tongue and playfully tickled at her navel while gently nursing at each nipple for ten to fifteen seconds each before switching. Ann enjoyed my nursing and caresses for almost five minuets before again urging my head lower. She let me tongue fuck her navel, and caress her mons, only a few seconds before pushing my head to her crotch moaning; “Eat it! Suck my clit! Now! I’m ready!” My tongue had barely worked between Ann’s labia and begun to lap at her clit when her whole body began to shudder with her climax. “Suck me! Don’t tease it! SUCK ME! HARD!” then with a shudder and some squealing, Ann came hard enough that her muscle contractions even caused her to squirt about a teaspoonful of piss in my face.

We both lay quietly on the bed for several seconds, listening to Edy as she squealed through her climax on Ann’s vibrator. I then went into the bathroom to rinse my face and empty my bladder. I could hear Ann and Edy talking as I dried off, but could not understand what was being said over the sound of the tank refilling. Both Ann and Edy walked into the bathroom just as I was leaving.

“Go on back to my bed.” Ann instructed.

“Think sexy thoughts.” Edy added.

I complied with both directives while listening to feminine giggles and other talk that was not loud enough to understand. By the time both girls returned to the bedroom my cock was almost fully erect and oozing lubricant.

“I get fucked and Edy gets sucked this time.” Ann informed me as she and Edy climbed onto the bed together. Escort “Hold his cock straight up so I can sit on it.” Ann told Edy.

“Can I use my tongue to spread around some of that lubricant leaking out of it first?”

“Ok, but just spread it around. Don’t start eating him.”

Edy quickly gripped my cock, and per instruction, just licked around the head spreading my lubricant and her saliva evenly over the full crown. Ann watched the action as she straddled my knees. “That’s enough Edy. Hold it up for me.” Edy reluctantly sat up and held my cock still as Ann moved over it and very slowly impaled herself, moving her hips in a slow rotary motion. Edy maintained her grip till Ann’s crotch began pressing her hand into my balls.

“Now me!” Edy purred as she quickly straddled my face. Ann continued moving her hips in that slow rotating motion as Edy used both hands to spread her labia so I would have no difficulty finding her clit with my tongue. Since both girls were doing most of the work except for keeping my tongue stuck up in Edy, I relaxed and enjoyed the very pleasant sensations at both ends.

Since I had already climaxed three times, and most of my attention was on keeping Edy’s pubic bone from breaking my nose, both girls climaxed several times before I was even beginning to feel like I might. In fact, there were several moments when I wondered if I might even lose my erection. After almost ten minuets my balls began tightening up and the mussels at the base of my cock began that cramping that precedes ejaculation. I mumbled into Edy’s cunt that I was going to cum. I don’t think either girl heard me. And I don’t think Ann even felt the jerking of my cock as it dribbled out the very small amount of sperm that lubricated her massive climax. Edy also passed out following the last of several almost continuous orgasms. I wasn’t in any better shape and also lost consciousness.

I don’t know how long we slept in the tangle of arms and legs that we were in when we passed out, but I heard Grace talking to someone when I woke up. I carefully extricated myself from the tangle, trying not to wake either Ann or Edy, and moved to the top of the stairs to hear better, and to find out if she was on the phone or if someone was actually there.

She was on the phone; “-and bring the ‘DEPO’ kit. — Yes it’s for Edy; she finally made it with Paul. — When I got home all three were in Ann’s bed and it looked like they had really enjoyed each other. — No, they’re still asleep. – — Ok, about eight thirty. See you.” As I turned back toward the bathroom to wash up, I almost bumped into Edy “Mom and I set you up this morning. Things have been a bit cramped with you not really being part of the action around here.” Then taking my hand, she led me to the bathroom purring, “The family that showers together really lives.” We were just finishing our showers when Ann slipped into the stall and asked; “Which of you wants to scrub me?” Without answering I turned the water back on and Edy reached for the soap and wash rag. Ann got scrubbed and rinsed very thoroughly with all the loving caresses that Edy and I had given her, and each other, while we had our shower. Ann had also brought a douche-bag into the shower with her, and after rinsing out what little of my cum was still in her, helped Edy do the same. “Edy, has Mom given you any birth control pills or will we need to get a ‘morning after’ from Jim?”

“No pills. Mom said that she’d give me the M.A. if Paul and I made it this morning, and get Jim to give me a DEPO shot.”

“OK. We don’t want any abortions.”

“Who is this JIM?” I stupidly asked, not wanting to be left out of the conversation.

“Mom’s best boyfriend. He was a medic in the Air Force, and now is a co-pilot on one of the international airlines. Since he gets overseas about once a month he’s able to keep us in medications not readily available over the counter. He gives the DEPO shots to both Mom and me, and gave Mom a small supply of RU486 for Edy if she ever found a boy she wanted to let fuck her.”

“Most of the boys at school are too eager and from what other girls say about them . . . well, I don’t want that kind of pawing over.” Then giving me a quick kiss as she headed to her room to dress, “You didn’t paw a bit. You were just what I needed.”

“You follow instruction really well too.” Ann added as she too went to dress. “Better get some pants and a shirt on. Meals are formal when Mom is home.”

I followed instructions, and even put on under pants and shoes.

Grace had supper started when we finally got down stairs. “Get the table set for six. I called Jim and he and Joe will be here for supper. Edy – you know where I keep the ‘Pills’?”

“Yes. Should I take it before or after supper?”

“Take it now. After supper Jim will give you the DEPO shot so you won’t need pills that can be forgotten.”

The last statement was immediately followed by the door bell. “I’ll get it.” I called as I was just getting off the stairs. When I opened the door Joe, Ann’s main boy friend, was talking to a man who appeared to be in his early forties and was carrying what looked like a doctor’s bag. The man was a stranger to me but Joe seemed to know him.

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