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Kitty decided she needed a personal excursion to temporarily escape her life in rural Idaho. Having heard of a goth convention in a smaller city in eastern Kansas, and knowing I lived only about an hour from where the event was held, she forwarded me a message about it, attaching a topless picture showing her holding a sign over her bare tits: “Let’s meet.”

I’ve seen other pictures of her naked from various angles as we’ve conversed quite a bit online, and she’s seen pictures of me from a vacation to Virginia. Sure it’s possible she was showing me fake pictures, clouding my imagination with falsehoods, but ponder for a moment how many women would send a “fake” picture featuring a women who was larger in frame. Now, mind you, she wasn’t obese, but slim she certainly was not.

The restaurant where we’d agreed to meet was a travel plaza truck stop outside of the event city just off the interstate. It was a Saturday late-morning, but the traffic around the travel plaza reminded me of my morning commutes to work in Kansas City. The truck stop parking lot rivaled the parking lot of Bass Pro or Cabela’s parking lot during a weekend sale — the only available parking spaces meant exercise would be involved.

Standing next to my car and peering around the other stops at the plaza, a sea of cars, trucks, and RVs told me that no matter where I went, waiting would be a requirement. Disconcerted, I navigated through the sea or maze of cars and vehicles and into the building.

This truck stop was both a convenience store and a restaurant under one roof. Navigating through the crowd in the convenience store, trying my best to make it to the restaurant, I noticed the restaurant crowd was nowhere near what the parking lot alleged. Indeed, when I approached the hostess, I was seated immediately at a booth next to a window while letting her know I was waiting for Kitty. When the waitress arrived, I informed her of the same while ordering coffee and letting my iPhone occupy the time while I waited.

Not long did I have to wait before my phone started ringing with Kitty’s picture showing on the screen. My heart jumped momentarily, but after taking another sip of coffee, I answered the phone to Kitty telling me she’d just arrived and wanted to initiate a game of “cell phone Marco Polo”, and I’m pleased to say that I eventually lost.

I stood when Kitty approached the table and motioned her to sit down. She left her black jacket on and riding open, revealing a low-cut t-shirt underneath, giving a wonderful view of her cleavage that left it difficult to not stare periodically. Her dark brown hair rested on her shoulders, hanging loose and providing a frame for her seemingly innocent face.

When the waitress arrived, we ordered a late breakfast (“and coffee as well for me”, Kitty noted) and started in on conversation. Occasionally she would smile, allowing me to catch a glimpse at a hint of gold behind her lips. “What the?” I asked, peering closer at her lips, reaching to her chin. She smiled wider, opening her mouth slightly and that’s when I saw the fangs.

Later in the conversation, Kitty’s voice turned to one of mild disappointment. “Let me confess,” she began, taking a sip of her coffee, “there isn’t a convention out here.”

I sipped my coffee, “I know.” I turned myself so I was sitting in the booth instead of reclined against the wall. “I searched for it after you sent me the e-mail.”

She brought the coffee cup to her lips, tilting it enough that I couldn’t see her lips moving, her voice a little lower as she asked, “Why didn’t you say something?”

I raised my cup off the table. “Well at first, I was a little miffed,” I sipped my coffee and set the cup down, “simply because I don’t like being lied to. I could have canceled, but I wanted to meet you. Shame you wore those fangs for nothing.”

Silence crept into the conversation, with several sips of coffee transpiring before Kitty interrupted it. “So what shall we do then?”

* * * * *

The full moon against the cloudless obsidian sky above cast a bright light over the open Kansas countryside, the perfect night for a midnight, moonlight stroll along the gravel trails of the virtually treeless park outside this small town. It also seemed to be a nice way to finish out a day with Kitty spent traversing various shoppes and having seemingly endless conversations in restaurant booths.

About a mile down the trail, we encountered a set of benches. Kitty sat on a bench and I sat next to her, wrapping my arm around along her waist, pulling her in close. We sat talking for a short time before Kitty stood up before me and stretched herself out. I stood up next to her and stretched as well.

“So shall we?” I asked, motioning down the trail.

Kitty pushed me back onto the bench before Escort Esenyurt taking off her jacket and tossing it next to me. Before I could muster even a syllable, Kitty was on her knees going for my belt, my cock growing interested in what she was doing. My jeans were next, and with a swift motion pulling my jeans and underwear toward my knees, my hard cock was exposed and Kitty was completely uninterested in showing it any mercy.

I looked down at her as she looked back up at me. I couldn’t tell if her pupils were dilated from the low light or the lust running through her veins. She wrapped her hand around my cock, pointing it to her face like an unwrapped Popsicle, and looked to my face again. She smiled, her golden fangs glinting in the moonlight and standing out against her lips.

Kitty wrapped her lips around the tip of my hard cock, sliding my full length into her mouth. Gliding her teeth lightly along the top of my dick, I could feel her fangs along the side of my cock. Was my cock just big enough to fit between her fangs? She slid my cock back out of her mouth, gliding her teeth and fangs along its length, sending an unending shiver through my cock, into my loins and up my spine.

Holding my cock in her hand, she gently nudged one of her fangs into the slit on the tip of my cock, but even as gentle as she was, she couldn’t avoid giving me a slight tinge of pain which was helped only by my sheer lust for her. As she drew her fang away, a glint of light caught the bead of precum the fang drew from my cock, stretching out as she pulled back. The bead broke, clinging as a drop to her fang. Looking me deep in the eye as the drop glinted in the moonlight, she ran her tongue along her lips very slowly, savoring whatever taste my cock left behind before catching the bead and taking it away.

In a swift motion Kitty lifted her t-shirt and bra together off her body, tossing them onto the bench with her jacket, exposing her breasts to the cool midnight air. Her pale skin seemed even more so under the moonlight. Her nipples stood out seeming rock hard against her skin. Her tits were large enough that she was able to take them in hand and hug tight my cock between them, completely embracing it in her cleavage. The heat from her lust radiated from her tits into my hard dick, making me harder still and bringing me almost to that breaking point.

She looked up at me, her tits wrapped around my cock as if their purpose was to keep it warm, and she just smiled, letting her golden fangs shine in the moonlight. I leaned forward and touched her chin, lightly kissing her fanged lips before motioning her to stand. I went to my knees and targeted her jeans, getting them loose and pushing them along with her black panties to her knees. I motioned her toward the bench, and before she sat down, she found her jacket and laid it out along the bench’s wood planks. I took off my jacket and tossed it next to her clothing before dropping to my knees at her feet.

Trying to get her jeans and panties off over her shoes was definitely an exercise, thankfully not one in futility. Bathed in the moonlight of that clear night, her skin was creamy as milk as she sat virtually naked on the bench. Her legs slightly parted, her clit floated as a small strawberry in the cream of her pussy’s shaved pale skin, perked by the cool air and her hot lust.

Kitty sat forward and motioned me to my feet as she reached out and wrapped her hand around my hard cock, which I had momentarily forgotten was still exposed. She wrapped her lips around and drew it into her mouth, her teeth and fangs riding its length like a rail. She seemed so expert with her tongue and lips that holding back from cumming down her throat seemed like a difficult venture that with each pass only became even more so.

I took advantage of a moment when she seemed to stop for air, dropping down on my knees, kissing her gently on her lips before nudging her back against the bench. When I spread her legs further, her musk of sex cast its scent into the night air and the juices peeking from her pussy’s lips glinted in the moonlight. I looked up across her body and into her eyes as she took her large tits in hand, the nipples between her fingers, giving them a hard, firm massage. She sank as best she could into the bench, and wrapping my arms around her legs, I pulled her to the edge of the bench’s plank.

Her pussy was like the side of an ice cream sandwich as I licked my tongue between her lips and up toward her clit, flicking her clit like it was a small dollop of ice cream dragged along by my tongue, then taking in what had gathered on my tongue and savoring the taste before going back for more. And like an ice cream sandwich, one pass was certainly not going to be enough, as I wanted to make sure I Escort Avcılar reached what I could with my tongue, going back for as many passes as it took.

I took her small fruit into my mouth, licking and sucking it like I was cleaning away the coating of sugar from a gumdrop. Like can happen when sucking on a small fruit, periodically I would need to lick around her fruit to clean up juices that seemed by some circumstance to be oozing out.

Sucking on her clit, I slid my fingers between her moist, slick lips and into her pussy. Kitty almost jumped from her seat. Did my fingers turn cold before they entered her warm cunt? She suddenly grabbed my hair and closed her legs, leaving me no choice but to pull my fingers out of her until she let go of my hair and released my head from the tight vice grip of her legs. With another opportunity, I continued with only my lips and tongue, sucking and licking at her clit and keeping my fingers away.

Kitty moaned steadily each breath into the night air while I took my time to savor her pussy. Suddenly her moans disappeared, her breathing went shallow and her legs tensed up. I wrapped my arms around her legs and held them apart, diving my face further into her pussy and sucking harder at her clit harder. Moans alternated with silence and held breaths, each moan seeming a little louder than the last. Suddenly she grabbed my head, pressing my face into her pussy as she let out one long, loud moan and threatened to drown me in the juices that flowed from her pussy.

When her moans and shallow breaths subsided along with the force on the back of my head, I pulled away and took several breaths of air, trying to not pass out. Looking at Kitty, she appeared to have collapsed back against the bench, her breathing seeming labored, her face practically without expression.

I rose to my feet, my hard cock standing out in the night air. I gave it a couple rubs while looking down at Kitty, who seemed a drunk kind of tired as she looked back up at me, her tits in her hands, her milky skin almost glowing in the moonlight. I offered my hand to her. She either seemed reluctant to take it or she just had that much strength momentarily sapped from her. I pulled her to her feet and turned her around. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in close, the heat from her body almost making me sweat under my clothes. I took her tits in my hands, and while they were larger than others I’ve had the pleasure of holding, I could corral them as her hardened nipples poked between my fingers.

I motioned her forward and Kitty climbed onto the bench, her knees resting on her jacket as she leaned over the back. She looked over to me, giving me another smile, the glint of gold on her teeth letting me know she was ready. I walked up to her ass, pushing my pants down about to my knees. Taking my cock in hand and rubbing it a couple times, the tip glided between her lips, coating my cock with her oozing juices before sliding into her.

Her pussy was like a glove to my cock, fitting around it almost perfectly as I slid into her, gripping it from the moment of entry. Warm and very slick, even though her pussy felt tight around me, I could slide into her cunt without any difficulty, both of us letting out a satisfying moan as I pushed my cock balls-deep. Kitty’s pussy swallowed the entire length of my cock easily and hungrily.

Methodically I slid my cock back out of her pussy, drawing it from its warm room of sex till her pussy lips were kissing the tip of my cock, then pushed back in deep, hard, fast. With each hard thrust into her pussy, a loud moan echoed from Kitty’s mouth into the night. I worked into a rhythm of steadily fucking her tight, warm, slick pussy, allowing her to feel the entire length of me over and over. Kitty moaned steadily as I fucked her, holding her hips somewhat steady as she announced her pleasure (“Oh God!”, “Keep fucking me like that”) to whatever wildlife wanted to listen, periodically peering back at me over her shoulder.

It was impossible for me to hold back on any moans, groans and grunts her sweet pussy was milking from me, and it was growing more difficult to hold back from cumming as I pushed into her pussy. Several times I thought I was going to explode while inside her, but I held back as best I could until I felt her grip tighten around my cock as her orgasm built to its exploding point and her reflexes caused her pussy to clench around my cock. To keep from exploding into her, I had to pull out of her pussy, and contrary to her loud moans and screams (“Damn it”), I had no intention of leaving her hanging.

I dropped to my knees and positioned myself under her as best and quickly I could, getting my face to her pussy and wrapping my lips around her clit, diving my fingers deep into her pussy. Immediately her cunt clenched onto my fingers as I sucked intently at her clit. The intensity fueling her orgasm churned until it broke free of her in spectacular ways. If I had been standing in front of her when her orgasm hit, my hearing would likely have been compromised as she broadcast her lust to the world around us.

Not content with having her cum just once at that point, I plowed her pussy hard and deep with my fingers while sucking at her fruit like I was trying to take it from a branch with only my lips. When the second wave hit, I thought her pussy would snap my fingers from my hand, and the announcement she sounded had to have been heard by others, even if they were miles away.

Pulling my fingers from her pussy, they were completely glazed in her juices which I coated onto my cock. Peering up across her body as her stomach moved in and out like bellows with each breath, I slid myself from below her and maneuvered behind her. I leaned over her, putting my hands next to her arms on the back of the bench as she leaned over it, leaning my cock in to her pussy until its tip was just touching her pussy lips. A few maneuvers of my hips and the tip of my cock was ready to go spelunking in her pussy.

I leaned down across her, kissing her neck before whispering in her ear, “We’re not done yet.” She turned her head and let her lips playfully touch mine, then parting her lips and gracing my lips with her tongue. Letting our tongues get acquainted beneath the covers of our lips, I jammed my cock deep inside her pussy, forcing her juices to ooze from between her moist lips and drizzle down the contours of my scrotum. Kitty moaned deep and loud against my lips, breaking our tongue’s playful embrace only to whisper, “Fuck me”.

I took hold of her hips, steadying myself and standing straight behind her, stirring my cock in her pussy as I worked back up to the rhythm. Moans were plentiful from both of us, and occasionally a groan, grunt, or playful expletive seeped out into the night. So slick and so warm and wet her pussy, I had to work to keep from exploding inside her. An orgasm crested over her body, and her pussy grabbed a firm hold of my cock, seeming unwilling to let go. It was just too much, the bite of my orgasm became too strong to hold back.

“I’m gonna cum,” I pronounced with a loud groan, pulling my cock from her hot, wet pussy and into the cold air, rubbing my dick with my hand to keep that feeling and the warmth in my cock as the bite died away slightly.

Kitty turned herself around, sitting down onto her jacket. She took her tits in hand and brought them together, creating a shelf with her large boobs before announcing with a strong moan what seemed obvious, “Cum on my tits.” Jerking my cock, I brought it to her chest, pointing toward her tits. Looking down at Kitty’s eyes, she looked back up at me with a smile on her lips, waiting patiently as a moment or two passed before my cock erupted in a milky flow onto her chest. Both of us moaned our satisfaction as the warm jizz hit her milky skin, thickening quickly in the cooler midnight air like lava hitting the ocean.

We both giggled like teenagers for a moment before she let her tits down and grabbed for my cock. Taking it in her mouth, she used her teeth and fangs to tease my cock into giving up whatever cum it hadn’t, my knees feeling like they would give way under me with the intense sensations shooting through my loins. After Kitty released my cock, I reached down and pulled my pants back up around my waist and secured them, then settled onto the bench next to her.

Kitty leaned back as well. Looking down at her tits, seeing my cum coating her cleavage, she scooped it up in various passes with her finger, seeming to savor it each time as she licked it away and swallowed it down until she was confident she’d gotten it all off her chest. She reached over to her clothing and found her panties. Rubbing her pussy first to prime it again, she took her panties and gently stuffed them into her pussy. She dug through the clothes again, finding her bra and t-shirt and quickly put them back on.

Sitting there half-dressed, near naked from the waist down, Kitty pulled her panties back out of her pussy. She said virtually nothing as she found her jeans and got them over her shoes and, standing up, pulled them up around her waist, hiding her bare pussy and ass from the moonlight’s gentle kiss.

Taking a deep cleansing breath of the cool night air, Kitty grabbed both of our jackets and offered her hand to me, pulling me from the bench. She handed my jacket to me, then pulled my head down to hers, her tongue leading her lips to mine, wanting to renew its acquaintance with me. Our tongues danced with each other beneath the veil of our lips and briefly out in the open moonlight before leaving each other once again.

Kitty looked up at me, peering deep into my eyes before stuffing her panties into my jacket pocket. “Take my panties as thanks for tonight. I really needed this.”

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