k**napped by daddy bear


k**napped by daddy bearI work for for the water department, and it is common for me to have to enter residences to conduct checks. One summer day, I was making my rounds through a slightly scetchy neighborhood. On warm days we are allowed to dress comfortably, so I was wearing shorts, a tshirt and hiking boots. I knocked on the door of a large older home in poor condition. A shirtless, hairy man with a weightlifter’s build of about 55 answered the door. I told him I needed access to his basement, and he seemed put out. He told me this was not a good time, and I explained that this was the only time I would be in the area. As I stood in the door way, he was looking me over in a way that pinged my “gaydar”. I’m a bit of an attention whore, so I don’t mind when a furry muscled-up mature hottie is checking me out. I am a serious bicyclist, and my muscular legs look good in the shorts and hiking boots I wear. “Just a minute, I have to go downstairs to put my dog away”. He returned a moment later, and pointed me to the basement door. As is often the case, I was left to search for the right room in the huge basement on my own. I began opening doors in my search. That was when I heard what I thought was a muffled moan coming from behind a door. I opened the door, and there was a man handcuffed to an overhead pipe. He was gagged, and naked except for a cock ring, and tall black boots similar to motorcycle cop boots. He looked my way, and said” help me” through the gag. I figured the best thing I could do was to pretend that I didn’t see him, then call the police when I got out of the house. Then, before I could turn around something hard came down on the back of my head. I went down to my knees, the room spinning around me. I fought off u*********sness, and struggled özvatan escort back to my feet. Then I felt a powerful hairy forearm tighten around my neck. I passed out, going limp in the big man’s arms. I don’t know how long I was out. During this time he had stripped me down to my bikini briefs and hiking boots, and tied me up to the overhead pipe. My wrists were tied together, then tied to the pipe. My legs were spread apart, cuffed at each ankle. When I came to, the first thing I was aware of were hands gently stroking my thighs, then caressing my cock and balls through the thin fabric of my briefs. Even in my semi conscious state my cock began to stiffen in response, and a soft moan escaped my lips. But this ended abruptly when I became fully aware of my surroundings. I tried to yell, but all that came out was mmmphh! mmmphh! , I was gagged like the man I saw before I was knocked out. I wondered where he was now. “Sorry about the bump on the head. I would have extended a more conventional invitation to stay awhile, but I hate rejection”. It was the shirtless muscle bear. “Besides, I think it’s important to establish my dominance early on in the relationship. Knocking you out, and tying you up covers that pretty well, don’t you think?” “You have a pretty hard head, I was surprised when you didn’t black out from me clocking you. You didn’t have much fight left in you though, the sleeper worked instantly. You are a hot little man, I got to say having you go limp in my arms gave me instant wood. Maybe later we can play some breath control games” he laughed a sinister laugh. I was more alert now, and I began to struggle, but it was no use. My wrists were tied too tight. He walked behind me. “Relax, don’t waste your energy. I do enjoy watching you flex, though”. He said as he caressed my shoulders, then ran his hands up my arms squeezing my muscles until he reached my wrists, when he lightened his touch to fingertips tracing down my forearms. I am slightly ticklish, and this actually caused me to breath a little heavier, and made the hair on my arms stand up. “Ooh, you like daddy’s touch” as his fingers made one more pass through the hair on my forearms. Then, while still behind me he kissed my neck. I could feel a days worth of razor stubble on his broad chin. Then I heard his zipper. He first took off his jeans, then he pulled my bikini briefs slowly halfway down my thighs. Then his fingers slid up the back of my thighs to my ass cheeks gently until they found my hole, and gently circled it. I felt a pleasant twinge, as my dick began to stiffen slightly. Then he slapped my ass cheeks once, hard enough to bring an involuntary moan from me. I started to tense up, knowing I had no say over what may happen next. He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered “be a good boy for daddy”. He once again kissed my neck, as he pressed his naked body against mine. As frightened as I was, the feel of his broad, hairy chest against my back combined with the whiskers against my neck were intoxicating. Then he pressed his thick, hard cock into the hairy valley between my ass cheeks, grinding against me. I began to breathe hard, and my cock was fully stiff. I couldn’t believe that I was reacting to this situation with an erection. Then he reached around me to grab my penis. The hair on his huge arms tickling my tender sides. I moaned through the gag, unable to contain my arousal “mmmph”. The precum was oozing from the throbing head of my dick, as his huge hand roughly stroked me. My hips began to slowly buck in rythym. “No, not yet, boy”, as he stopped pleasuring me. “Me first, gonna see how that boy pussy feels wrapped around dad’s cock”. Fear once again cooled my blood. Even though I couldn’t see how big his cock was, as he rubbed it against me, I could feel how thick the shaft was. “I like your body, boy and I don’t want to break it, so I’m gonna use some lube”.After briefly sliding a few lubed fingers up my hole, I felt the hard, fat head of his pole pressing against my tight ass. “Relax, boy it will hurt less”. He pushed it in head deep, “umphh, oummph” I moaned through the gag. The pain was intense. “So nice boy” as he kissed my neck roughly while cradling my still hard dick in one hand, pinching my nipple with the other. Just when I recovered from the first two inches of his massive dick, he drew back and plunged the rest into me. The pain was beyond what I could take. A high pitched, almost feminine moan escaped me, the room seemed to darken, and I fainted. I don’t think I was out long, because when I came to, he was standing in front of me wiping off his still hard dick, and I could feel the cum dripping out of my stretched out hole. It cooled as it ran down my leg. “There, there, don’t be embarrassed about fainting like a little schoolgirl, next time you’ll take it like a man, right?”I was exhausted from all the abuse, I looked at him pleadingly. He approached me, and pulled off my gag. I took my first deep breath in a while. The he kissed me, showing me that his tongue was just like his cock. My erection returned immediately. This smelly, hairy ape of a man had just knocked me out, k**napped and ****d me, and yet his kiss brought me to full arousal. He reached down and grabbed my hard dick, I whispered “please, sir”. He turned around, and said ” if you are a good boy, I will let you come tomorrow” Then he left…..

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