Knock, Knock…


(* Please note that I am not native english-speaking person. I’ll do my best what I can to contribute in english, Thanks.*)

Her name was Lisa and she was married to Tim.

She was an attractive young woman, 27 years old, red-headed with nice C-cup breats. She has performed well in school and university and had a nice career in a well-known Bank. She was also very happy married to Tim whom she know from earlier.

But all the money she was working with couldn’t satisfy her. So she made the decision that more money wouldn’t increase her life-happiness but a child would.

As she wanted the best for herself, she wanted also a healthy baby. But if you see 2 nice pairs of shoes which one shall you take if you can buy both?

Take them both, and with this thought in mind it all started…

Tim used to go golfing. He had a buddy (Mark) there, he also had a beer with. Lisa knew him, because he used to stay at their home one night.

To prepare her husband for what was upcoming she used to drink wine with him and watch some nice porn between 2 men and one woman on their flat-screen.

Lisa: “I’d love to get the attention of two males. It makes me feel so comortable and sexy”

Tim: “It aroused me to, I don’t know, I’m bit curious but also jealous if I imagine…”

Lisa: “Imagine what?”

Tim: “Imagine this would happen to us”

They agreed that they wanted to find out about their feelings.

After some time has been gone, and Lisa has noticed that her next fertile period would be next weekend, she brought the subject up again.

A glass of wine, some cock-sucking, a nice threesome movie and her beautiful body were her arguments to get Tim started.

He send Mark a message that he should come over next weekend, spending his time with both of them at their house.

Lisa was following the talk with a glance in her eyes. The next days till friday she was almost always wet.

Mark showed eryaman escort up on Friday. After closing the house door, the seduction began.

Instead of kissing him on the cheek, Lisa gave him a kiss on his mouth. Tim felt a bit uncomfortable about it but, he was a friend of both of them, it wasn’t outside, so stay cool he thought.

They sat down on the couch and talked a bit. Lisa cuddled in Tim’s arms, kissing his neck like a sweet little cat. Mark on the other side of the couch was touched on his legs by her feet.

Mark’s heart was beating. He wanted this woman and now she was resting her feet on his legs. The kiss before he still had in mind.

“I think my feet could get some massage, you don’t mind Tim, do you?”, asked Lisa Tim.

Tim thought, well, maybe she wants to explore her feelings and said that it would be ok.

Mark massaged her feet and toes, touched her skin. His hand was bit going up to her ankles.

“Please kiss me honey. Could you give me a massage of my neck? I never had the chance to get two massages at once, please”, Lisa said.

Mark took off shirt so she was sitting there with bra and skirt.

Her breasts were well-visible and she noticed the glance of Mark as well as Tim did.

Her neck was massaged and her feet. It was quiet, she moaned from time to time. Both guys had rock hard cocks now. And all three of them wanted more.

“Please also massage my wades, Mark, would you?”

“Hmm, it feels really good. I can’t tell you what feels better, the massage of my legs or my neck”

Mark was curious about how far he could go and he slowly pushed his finger along her leg up. She liked it with pressing herself near to him.

Tim wanted to stay in action and positioned his middle finger inside her buttom-hole and draw a line from there to her breast.

Mark continued to go up on her inner tighs. His fingers came finally to her pussy. He softly touched her there. Tim’s eryaman escort bayan hand were now on her breasts, while Mark probed her pussy with his fingers.

He smelled the heat of her and started to push his tongue inside her and ate. Tim and Lisa kissed meanwhile and it looked like they don’t stop as long as Lisa got eaten. Tim could feel her shivering with his tongue as she spasmed lightly.

But Lisa had enough now. She rolled off the couch and said: “It’s my turn now”

She opened their trousers and gave both dicks a nice blowjob. But she wanted them both inside their mouth, their dicks touched and as long as it was inside her mouth both Mark and Tim were fine with it.

She took one cock in each hand and led them to the bedroom. “Boys, boys, they follow my voice” – she thought.

There she layed herself on the bed, the back of her towards them.

“Come both to me, each side one of you”

Tim and Mark layed near to her, Tim in front of her and Mark behind.

All of them were naked now. She layed on leg over Tim’s and said: “Cuddle with me, please”

She was kissed and discovered by four hands. Once she kissed Tim once she kissed Mark. Alternating between them, subconsciousness testing them.

She felt the tips of their cocks pushing against her pussy, her butt. Both males started to rub their genitals over hers.

She took one hand between her legs and put Tims cock inside her pussy. “Come and get me to down their, Mark”

Mark pushed also inside her.

Now she had them both were she wanted it. Two hard dicks of two men she wanted, 4 balls full of cum, some more time to let the bomb explode, she thought.

Both guys were now very close to her, kissing and caressing her and fucking with slow pace. But the increasing heat of them increased their movements.

She could feel alternating their dicks and pushing at the entrance of her womb.

Mark and Tim got more and more escort eryaman into it and they wanted to fuck her now so bad. Both of them layed their hands down on hipps and tried to pull her closer to themselves when thrusting inside her.

Their heads were now close to hers and both moaned in her ear. Sometimes she kissed one of them.

But the heat inside her was too much now. “Honey” she said.

“I love you Lisa” Tim instantly replied.

“Who of you can fuck me better?”

Instantly she got kisses all over her faces.

When getting her mouth free again, she said:

“I’m on my fertile days now, rush your semen inside me, fill my womb, I want you both compete for me inside my body”

With that Mark and Tim stopped thinking. They were only feeling the need to breed. Like pure energy was running through their venes, the competitive situation has done to them.

Their dicks touched inside her, their glanses rubbed over each other, both of them occupied by trying to trigger her orgasm when cumming first.

Tim cummed first, quickly followed by Mark. Their semen was shot out, divided but close to each other in their balls, now mixing when leaving the glans.

An ocean of different sperm formed in her, two cock head pushing quickly in and out, removing and adding semen. She orgasmed as well, waves going through her body sucking all the sperm up to her womb.

They moaned from the insides of their soules. It sounded physical and animalistic, their brains were fireworks.

All three of them experienced the pure reproductive needs. The males with the sperm competition and cockfight inside her, the female with the arousing moment of different sperm which her body will choose which one is the best to fertilize her.

After they calmed down, they stayed there for a while. Semi-errect.

But the weekend was still long. And now both Mark and Tim tried to get as often as possible between her legs.

Like Tim was preparing breakfast and Mark used this chance to fuck and cum inside her. When finished she sat down on Tim letting him cum inside her.

The breakfast was very talkative and they renew their energy for the next Double Pussy Penetration.

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