Lady Eleanor


I had always had a thing for my neighbor Eleanor; she was in her late fifties but had an incredible body for a lady more than twice my age. She stood around 5’8 had legs that went up forever an ass that was big and round and her breasts had to be at least DD’s.

One day as I was sneaking around my parent’s room I went to my favorite spot, my dad’s plethora of porn he had stashed in a box deep in his closet. As I tore through the various magazines I came to the conclusion that he must have stopped purchasing the magazines after he met my mother because the dates on the porn stopped at over nineteen years ago. I found one with a girl on the cover that kind of reminded me of my neighbor but at a much younger age and took it to my room.

As I leafed through the mag I came to the spread with the cover girl. In big bold letters it said “Lady Eleanor. It had to be my neighbor and my cock throbbed as I looked at the pictures and though much firmer Eleanor held the same bodacious body now that she did way back then. Turning from page to page I slowly stroked my cock as I stared at her beautiful hairy bush and tight ass. The way she opened her cunt lips splaying it like it was a butterfly on display had my cock oozing precum. I put the magazine down on my favorite picture, she was bent over at the waist with her head turned looking at the camera, legs slightly apart and her hands were pulling her ass cheeks apart.

As I stroked my cock faster and faster I imagined her asking me over and posing for me just that way now. The thought of coming in behind her and sliding my cock in that altyazılı porno wet pussy or tight ass sent me over the edge and my cock erupted sending wads of cum all over my floor.

I cleaned up my mess and hid the magazine in my room for future jerk off sessions then took a shower and headed outside. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw Eleanor out in her back garden bent over pulling weeds. The images of her in the magazine swept through my mind and I felt myself getting a hardon. I called over to her and said hi and asked if she needed any help. She graciously accepted and I hoped the fence and went over to her. When I got right in front of her she looked up, the lump in my pants was right at her eye level and her gaze seemed to linger there for a few seconds.

Eleanor showed me what she wanted me to do and I went in front of her on my knees and began to pull weeds. From my spot I had a perfect view of her ample bosom. Her cleavage made a deep valley and her fullness was almost spilling out of the low cut top. My cock twitched each time I looked at the older woman. It didn’t go unnoticed to her either; she had caught me staring on more than one occasion. After we were done she asked me in for a beer and I followed her into her house, the whole time I stared at her ass as it swayed too and fro.

I washed my hands and sat at the kitchen table and gawked at the beautiful mature lady as she made chit chat. Then she hit me up with a question that left me speechless for a few seconds.

“Brad I couldn’t help but notice the way you have been staring at me all afternoon. Not türkçe altyazılı porno that I mind, it makes this old broad feel good but I was curious to why you would?” She asked.

Without even thinking about the consequence I answered her. “I saw you in a magazine today, from when you were younger. I can’t get the images out of my mind.”

“Oh my I almost forgot about those” She giggled. “I take it you liked what you saw?” She asked.

I didn’t even realize what I was saying when I blurted it out. “Oh God yes, I came so hard stroking my cock I thought I would pass out.”

“Mmmmm, that is sweet Brad but surely you like the younger me. I mean an old broad couldn’t do that to you now.” Eleanor said.

“Are you kidding you look better now!” I answered. With that Eleanor stood up and removed all her clothes and posed for me. When she turned her back to me and bent over just like my favorite shot in the mag I thought I might cum in my pants. She even pulled her ass cheeks apart.

I dropped to my knees in an instant and ran my tongue from her pussy to her tight puckered asshole. She moaned as my tongue ate her up. I licked her until she started shaking with her first orgasm, her cum left my face shiny with her juices.

I quickly got undressed and put my cock at the entrance to her cunt. In one swift movement I shoved my entire rod deep inside her. She moaned as I based my cock inside her. I couldn’t believe how tight this old chick was as I slammed my cock in and out of her. Her cunt gripped my cock as if it was hanging on for dear life. I was so turned hd altyazılı porno on from the whole scene.

First here I was in my neighbor’s kitchen fucking the shit out of her, also the fact she was an ex pinup girl sent me over the edge. I felt my nuts tighten as my cum started shooting out of my cock. Exhausted we fell to the floor to catch our breath. I gently stroked her body as we lay there and felt my cock get hard again.

“Brad could you do something for me please?” Eleanor asked.

“Sure anything you want!” I answered swiftly.

“There is one thing I have never done and would love to try.” She said.

“That is?” I asked.

“I would love for you to take my ass virginity. I never had a cock in my ass and I think it is about time I did!” She said as she got up on all fours and pushed her ass out to me. I could not believe the luck I was having as I grabbed my pole in my fist and guided it in to her virgin hole. Inch by inch I fed her my cock. She told me to stop a couple of times as I pushed forward so she could get used to the feeling. It didn’t take long until I was balls deep in her tight asshole.


As her orgasm tore through her body it cause her asshole to tighten up so much for a minute I thought she might tear my cock right off but the tight grip and her hot words sent me over the edge and I responded by flooding her anal cavity with the most cum I had ever shot in my life.

Finally done we lay on her kitchen floor kissing passionately. “Thanks for making this old broad feel young again.” She said. I told her anytime she needed to feel young I was just next door.

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